MaxxMMA Thai Training Pad Review

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The MaxxMMA Thai Training pad is an excellent size and has stellar reviews from the people that are using it. This item is only sold as a single unit. Most options in this category are sold in pairs as that is how you will train with them. It is unlikely that you will want to work with just one. While this may seem like a let down it is actually more of an inconvenience. The cost associated with this piece of mixed martial arts training equipment is very reasonable. So, picking up a second one isn't really that big of a deal.

The size is well-regarded among users. It is considered to be a professional size and does give you a good amount of striking surface. They use dense padding that will help to keep you and your fighter protected. When you spend long hours training at home or in your local gym, protection plays a major role in keeping you feeling great and working hard. The impact absorption this offers will suit most fighters very well. It is important to note that if you are taking seriously heavy blows you are going to feel it. This pad does not give as much protection as others. It will suit youth, beginner, and intermediate fighters very well. Overall, people are very happy with this training option from MaxxMMA.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Affordable
  • Excellent Durability
  • Professional Size
  • Reinforced Handle
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Easy To Adjust
  • Versatile Use
  • Decent Shock Absorption
  • Single Piece


MaxxMMA is a global brand that has been around for only a short period of time. They offer a pretty vast amount of item options that will keep you comfortable and well-protected during training. Not only do they have options for boxers and mixed martial artists but they also have items that are geared toward those that are into activities like Yoga and Pilates. This brand strives to offer quality options for very affordable prices. They back their items with sound technology and great customer service. Whether you are looking for gloves, wraps, kick pads, protective gear, or other fight or fitness related items you will be able to find them from this brand. Not only that but you will have your choice of several different options in most categories. This can make it very simple to find the aspects you want and need at a price your budget will be happy with. Overall, this is a decent brand that is continuing to grow and expand their lines.


This brand uses a pretty standard set of materials in the construction of this product. The outer material does not have much information available on it. Considering the price of this product we would surmise that the outer is made from synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is fairly durable and much cheaper than genuine leather. It is important to know that while it will give you good durability it is not going to last as long as a genuine leather product. This item also has two large hook and loop style closures that are secured with velcro. They are nice and wide to ensure great sticking power. It also gives you a good level of adjustability. The inside of this pad is made from high-density foam. This is a standard option in this type of product and does a good job of absorbing impact. As noted from consumers this product is decent with impact absorption even though it is not the very best. There is a nylon lace that sews this pad together. Overall, all of the materials are of good quality and built to last.


This pad is going to offer a good level of protection not only to the person using it but also the fighter your training. The foam they use is a thick enough density that it will offer good protection during striking exercises. It will be able to handle punches, elbows, kicks, and knees. Some consumers find that it does not offer enough protection for advanced fighters. If you are delivering extremely heavy blows your trainer is going to feel it if they're using this pad. It is unlikely that you would sustain injuries but it can become very uncomfortable during long training sessions. So, this item is probably going to be best suited for youth, beginner, and intermediate fighters. It is important to note that the padding used inside of this is exceptionally dense which means that your fighter will likely want wear foot and shin protection to ensure they don't sustain any injuries.


The people using this item are very happy with the fit and feel that it provides. You will have a great level of adjustability which will make a secure fit for basically any sized arm. The to hook and loop style straps are quite a bit longer than other options out there which provides better adjustability and an overall better fit. You'll be able to find security and peace of mind knowing this item is not going to slide around during use. In addition, you won't have to worry about being open to injury when your fighter is landing heavy strikes. Due to the simple nature of this design making adjustments is an easy thing to do. Whether you need to do is tighten them a bit or loosen them a bit in the middle of your training session you won't have to struggle with it. People are very happy with how simple it is to find the perfect fit that they have been looking for.


You're going to get a great level of comfort while using this pad. It offers peace of mind and knowing that it's not going to move around and leave you open to injuries that can take you away from your most important training sessions. In addition, fit plays a major role in keeping you comfortable. The way they have designed the straps they won't dig into your skin. They have added an extra piece of material under the area that the strap goes through the hook. This is going to give you a better level of comfort. In addition, the hand grip is padded. When you're holding on to something for long hours it's nice to add a bit of padding. You truly will notice the difference in how you feel after using it for a long time. Most people prefer this style of the pad when it comes to comfort. It is going to provide you with an easy on and easy off option that is quite breathable and had it in all the right places.


They consider this pad to be professionally sized. It offers a decent amount of striking surface for the fighter. It is about 16 inches long and 7 inches wide. This is a very common set of dimensions for this type of training pad. The thickness of this item comes in at 6 inches. Typically, you get two pads per order which would give you double the Striking surface. However, this option is sold as a single piece. If you want to train with two pads you'll have to double up when you place your order. Consumers get very frustrated with these types of items because they can be very bulky while using them. This option has no complaints or comments about it being bulky. This is nice as that won't inhibit your movement while you're using it. This can give your fighter a more realistic training situation that can help them achieve the wind during competitions.


If you are looking for a pad that is truly lightweight, you found it. The specific weight of each pad is not listed, however, the shipping weight for a single pad is only one pound. What this means is that the pad itself weighs less than a pound. So, if you purchased two of them you'll be looking at under 2 pounds. What this means is that you're not going to have to worry about increased muscle fatigue from using heavy equipment. In addition, you will find that your recovery times between sessions are Speedy. Using heavy equipment not only slows you down but impacts every other part of the training process. When you are working with a fighter you need to be at your best and using lightweight equipment can help ensure that this happens. It is important to note that the lightweight nature of this product is why it won't handle advanced fighters very well. Keeping things light also means that you won't get the highest level of impact absorption. This could lead to you feeling sore after tough training sessions.


The aspect that consumers seem to be the most pleased with in regards to this item is how lightweight it is. As noted, keeping your gear and Equipment as late as possible is important in keeping you functioning throughout your entire day. If you participate in a training session after a training session this becomes even more important as it helps you did not wear down. This product is also very easy to take care of. The materials won't need any types of special cleaners or conditioners. You'll be able to choose your favorite disinfecting spray to take care of this product and keep it looking and smelling great. It also offers good durability. When you are going round after round your gear needs to be able to stand up to the challenge. This option will be able to do that nicely.


There is really only one major disadvantage that we can find with this product. Honestly, it's more of an annoyance than a disadvantage. This item is sold as a single pad whereas most others are sold in pairs. This can make the price of this product a bit deceptive. While it appears as if it is exceptionally cheap for a pair of pads you are truly only getting one. Obviously, you'll need to double the cost to figure out if you can fit into your budget or not. The only other thing that could be considered a disadvantage is a lack of information. There are some pieces of this item that are very well explained by others that are shrouded in mystery. It is important for consumers to know as much as possible about an item so the fact that this one is lacking information is a bit of a disappointment. Overall, these are not major disadvantages and people seem to be very happy with the outcome of their purchase.


We feel as if this product is an excellent value. As noted, you are only going to get one her order, however, this is really not that big of a deal. Even when you purchase two pads you will not be breaking the bank. Ordering one is extremely affordable ordering to will still fit into basically every budget out there. These pads are quite affordable especially when you compare them with other options in their class. It is important to know that there are varieties out there that will give you a much higher level of protection but it is likely they will not be at the same price point. So, if you're looking for a mid-level of protection at a price that aims to please this could be perfectly suited towards you. Keep in mind that the value of an item does not only revolve around the price. When you look at all of the different aspects surrounding this item it is easy to see why we have labeled it as an excellent value. The people using this product are in agreeance that it is a very good bang for your buck.

Bottom Line

This is a solid option for many people. You can use this item in your home or during training sessions at your local gym. It will stand up to the constant abuse that training equipment for combat sports requires. It is not going to be suitable for all levels of fighters which may be a bit of a letdown, however, it's going to suit many people just fine. It offers a comfortable grip and an excellent fit. When you decide to use this product for hours you won't find yourself complaining about being uncomfortable at the end of it. Trainers, Fighters, and sparring partners all love the fact that this product is so lightweight. Not worrying about your equipment dragging you down is a pretty awesome aspect. Overall, the reviews on this product are solid. People truly are happy with the performance, level of protection, comfort, and fit the experience while using this item by MaxxMMA.