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The Med Spec ASO offers a high-level of support and stability for your ankles. If you have sustained a serious sprain or other ankle injuries a good level of support is needed. Sprains can take a long time to heal. In addition, this can take you away from your favorite combat sport for quite some time. Wearing an ankle brace like this one can help to expedite your recovery. When you participate in fight sports like boxing, Karate, Judo, wrestling, or other mixed martial arts, ankle injuries are fairly common. They are not only painful but can end up being an on-going issue if not properly cared for. As you recover, giving yourself extra stability and support can reduce pain and help ensure you don't reinjure yourself.

If you are training in combat sports it is likely you own several pieces of protective gear. While this is not a belly pad or groin protector, it can absolutely help you avoid injury. An ankle that has been injured is more susceptible to future injuries and this type of brace can help you avoid it. You will have a very structured fit. You will have a decreased range of motion which is great for the healing process of stretched out tendons. This item will take a bit of time to put on and take off, however, it is well worth it. This brace is almost identical to the one you would get from an orthopedist but it won't cost you nearly as much.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Large Size Variety
  • Affordable
  • Great Support
  • Helps Prevent Ankle Rolling
  • Stabilizes Very Well
  • Good During Injury Recovery
  • Great Fit
  • Difficult To Adjust
  • Takes Longer To Put On
  • May Irritate Skin


Med Spec, or Medical Specialties, is a brand that has been around for almost sixty years. In that time frame, they have grown exponentially and now offer a variety of different health-related products to the world. With a focus on helping athletes recover faster and stay better protected, fighters across the globe have put their trust into their products. If you have sustained an injury to your knees, ankles, elbows, or other joints, they have options to help reduce the pain you are experiencing and keep you well supported as your body heals. They strive to keep their prices affordable and are doing a great job. When you need to find medical grade support at a price that is not outrageous this brand's items are a great place to start looking. Overall, athletes and everyday people alike, are more than satisfied with the products they have purchased from this brand. You will not be making a mistake when you put your trust and money into them.


There are several different materials that you're going to come into contact with when using this item. The boot portion of it is made from Ballistic Nylon. It is tougher and more durable than your standard nylon. What this means is that you will get better longevity of use. It also adds to the overall structure and support that this item offers. There is a standard shoelace that covers the entire front of the boot portion. It offers good adjustability and will allow you to find the perfect level of stability and support. There are also two long nylon straps that you will use to wrap a figure eight around your foot and ankle. These each has a large piece of velcro at the ends to secure them to the side of the boot. The only other material you're going to come into contact with is a stretchy elastic band that wraps around the ankle portion after you have done up the figure eight straps. This also helps to improve the level of support you are going to experience. The closure for this piece of the item is also velcro. It is important that you make sure all of the velcro pieces are free of debris to ensure they maintain their great sticking power.


Wearing this item is going to give you a very high level of support. It is structured so that your foot will not be able to move in any direction very much. This can help you to avoid rolling your ankles. If you have sustained ankle injuries in the past, rolling them can happen frequently. This is very painful and can take you away from your chosen fight sport for quite some time. The way this item straps to your ankle and foot makes it feel similar to how it would feel if you were to have a trainer tape your ankles. It is important to note that you won't have quite as much support with this item as you would from having your ankles taped. However, it doesn't take nearly as long. This item actually does a good job of supporting your arches as well. The way the Figure 8 strapping wraps around your ankles and arches will have a very good level of support. Overall, if you have sustained serious injuries or you injure your ankles frequently this could be the perfect level of support for you. In addition, it can help to ease the pain on a daily basis.


This is not going to be the most comfortable item that you have ever worn. It keeps your foot in a structured position which can become uncomfortable over the course of time. In addition, consumers have noted that if you're not wearing tall socks it may rub on your skin and leave abrasions. Obviously avoiding skin breakdown is important. So, you will want to make sure that you are wearing tall socks to avoid this. This item does, however, offer a good level of adjustability which can help to keep you more comfortable. If you notice it's too tight you can loosen it up or vice versa. Making sure to order the correct size will play a big role in your level of comfort while using this brace. As long as you're careful to order the correct size and you wear a taller sock you should be okay, comfort wise, while wearing this item.


We were pleasantly surprised at how many different sizes this item is available in. Oftentimes manufacturers don't give us any size variety and let's face it this is not advantageous. We are all shaped and built differently so a large variety of size options is a major plus. You can buy this brace anywhere from a size extra-extra-small to a triple-extra-large. The best way to make sure you get an accurate size is to measure the circumference of your ankle while wrapping it around your heel. There is an easy to understand sizing chart located on the brand's website. They do offer a size chart based on shoe size, however, if you want the most accurate fit, measuring is your best bet. Both of these sizing charts can also be seen on Amazon. Making sure to take your time when determining size will give you the best fit and most support possible. It will also help to give you a more comfortable experience while wearing it.


Breathability is not at all where this item shines. It is made to offer excellent support and stability to seriously injured ankles. It is not at all made to breathe. Your toes will be exposed, however, you need to be wearing socks with this item. It does help a bit that your toes are not completely enclosed in the heavy-duty material that this item is made out of. While it may be a bit of a disappointment that this product really doesn't breathe and can become quite warm and uncomfortable it doesn't change the fact that it offers an excellent level of protection. Most people do not consider the lack of breathability to be a deal-breaker in concerns to this item. When you are passionate about training whether it be in your home gym or out at the local fight club making sure your ankles can handle the impact of it all is imperative. Breathability, not so much.


You are going to have a great level of adjustability when you go with this item. Basically, every piece of this ankle brace can be adjusted to fit your individual foot. It starts with the laces. Obviously, a shoelace offers a good level of adjustment by simply loosening or tightening it. It runs the entire length of the boot portion of this product and in turn, gives great adjustability. The long straps that will figure eight around your foot are also slightly adjustable. You won't have as much adjustment in this area as you will with the laces. Then there is the elastic strap around the ankle. It is secured by a fairly large piece of velcro that does offer good adjustability. As you can see, this product is basically built to be adjusted. Customers are exceptionally satisfied with the perfect fit that they can find due to all of the adjustable features that this product has to offer.


Obviously, one of the biggest advantages of this product is the fact that it is going to help truly stabilize and support an injured ankle. When you are in recovery from a serious injury like a bad sprain or even a break transitioning out of a boot and into an ankle brace is something you've probably been waiting for for some time. Knowing that this item is going to give you the support you need helps to set your mind at ease and will allow you to get back to your training more quickly. This item is also exceptionally durable. All of the materials chosen in the makeup of it are built to last. This means that even if you need to wear it every day for a few months it will stand up to the challenge. The fact that this item is almost identical to the one that you would get from your orthopedist is another advantage. You won't have to pay nearly as much money for this option as you would one from them.


As with pretty much every item that is available on the market today there are a couple of disadvantages that need to be thought about before deciding if this is the right purchase for you. One major flaw to this item is the fact that it really May irritates your skin. If you wear it too tightly it can cause skin breakdown. Obviously, this is something that needs to be avoided. Wearing a tall sock can absolutely help but it may not solve the problem completely. Another issue that consumers have with this item is the fact that it's a bit difficult to adjust. While it offers a great level of adjustability each piece takes a little bit of time and effort when adjusting. The only other aspect that consumers are not thrilled with is how long this item takes to put on and take off. Honestly, we feel like it's completely understandable due to the fact that it gives you such a high level of support. If you want to get back to your boxing or mixed martial arts classes more quickly you will take the time to apply the right type of braces.


We, as well as customers, feel as if this product is a phenomenal value. You only get one per purchase, however, they are quite affordable. There are multi-packs available but of course at a higher cost. Realistically, every budget will be able to work this in. It will not be a devastating blow. To be fair, the price of an item only plays a small role and it's the true value. When you have sustained a serious injury and your ankle need extra support this item can do that for you. For most people that is invaluable. We strongly believe that once you try this item out you'll be satisfied with the way it supports and protects you from further injuries. Overall, the reviews are consistently good in regards to this item. It offers great quality and exceptional longevity of use. You really are getting a great bang for your buck.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, if you need serious support, this is a great option. Taking the time to let your ankles fully recover from injury is important. Buying the correct braces to do that is even more important. It's true, you could pay a lot more money and get this item from your Orthopedic dr. However, this is equal quality and structured just the same as the ones that they offer. Why not save money for the same results? Overall there are not many disadvantages as long as you are careful. Yes, you will need to wear a tall sock and you need to take caution when measuring to ensure you get the correct size. As long as you do these things you will find this item to be relatively comfortable and very supportive.