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The Meister Ankle Supports offer a bit of compression and support for active people. Whether you are into running, mixed martial arts, boxing, or you simply like to stay active these supports can help you feel your best. Sometimes, when we work out frequently it can lead to sore feet and ankles. This can be due to previous injuries or simply because you are working hard. Adding a pair of ankle supports to your gear can keep you feeling more comfortable and ready to start your next challenging session. This brand offers options for everyone. So, the next time your feet are sore or your ankles feel weak, throw these on and you are sure to notice the difference.

Consumers are impressed by the material Meister has chosen for this option. It offers great stretch and a nice level of compression. In addition, it holds up well to washing. Most people let them hang dry as it ensures this item will maintain its durability. It will help the material avoid breakdown and give you better longevity of use. Another aspect fighters love is how easy it is to slip these on and off. You won't have to worry about difficult straps or laces. Overall, this is a decent option for many people that will give you a bit of support throughout all of your physical activities.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Affordable
  • Helps Improve Ankle Pain
  • Solid Design
  • Good Durability
  • Handles Washing Nicely
  • Available In Youth, Women, & Men
  • Stabilize Ankles In All Activities
  • Sizing Runs Large
  • Limited Support
  • Uncomfortable Thick Seams


Meister is a brand that has been around for almost 15 years. In that time, they have spent their efforts in the designing and improving products that are geared towards Fitness, mixed martial arts, and other combat sports. There are options tend to be quite affordable. Unfortunately, this means that some of them are not as high quality as others you may spend more money on. They do offer a plethora of options that will suit a variety of people's needs. When you are looking for gloves, hand wraps, deodorizers, and other gear and equipment to help you along your path to becoming the best fighter you can bet they will have an option for you. Buying all the pieces you required to stay comfortable and protected during training and competitions can be extremely expensive. So, the fact that their items are affordable is advantageous to those of you on a strict budget. For the most part, customers are pleased with the quality, design, and structure of the items that this brand has to offer.


This brand uses a nice combination of materials that are fairly durable and will keep you quite comfortable while wearing them. These ankle supports are made from a mixture of polyester, spandex, and cotton. these materials offer a good deal of stretch to accommodate a variety of different sizes. In addition, it will handle your washing machine just fine. As noted, you will likely want to keep these away from the dryer as it could detriment the material. They may lose elasticity if you dry them frequently. Your safest bet is to hang them to dry. They are quite thin so drying time is barely an inconvenience. Another nice aspect of the materials that they use is that they are quite breathable. You will be cooler and more comfortable while wearing these supports than you would with many other options that are currently available to you.

Support & Protection

This item only offers a low level of support. They offer a little bit of compression that will help to keep swelling at bay. In addition, they will give you a little bit of support to your ankles and your feet. This item will do a good job of keeping your skin protected. When you are training in Combat Sports that require kicking drills such a is Muay Thai and kickboxing the tops of your feet will be susceptible to burns. When you are striking a heavy bag or grappling down on the mat this type of thing can occur. This support covers the majority of the top of your foot. This will protect the skin underneath from painful Burns and abrasions. Keep in mind that your toes will be exposed to this area is not going to have the same level of protection if you are not wearing any socks. Overall, if you are looking for a small amount of support and a decent level of protection this could be a good option for you.


For the most part, people are very happy with the level of comfort they get while wearing this item. The materials used are quite stretchy and soft. This will lead to a more comfortable fit. When you are going to be wearing protective gear for a long period of time, comfort plays a role in if it is a good decision for you or not. It has been noted by consumers that around the toe opening and the calf opening the built-up material can be a bit of a burden. This is where they are sewn and it can become painful. It causes pressure on your skin and if you are wearing them for long hours could cause detriment. Overall, we are seeing this comment top up, however, most people are pleased with how these fit and feel. Comfort is subjective so, you will be able to decide for yourself once you give them a try. The fact that they're very affordable will make trying them less of a burden if you decide they are not perfect for you.


There is quite a bit of debate over the fit this item provides. What we have found is it if you have average sized feet and ankles you will likely be very happy with the fit. In addition, if your feet and ankles are slightly larger you will also find a good fit. The people that are going to have problems are the ones with small feet and skinny ankles and calves. If you are skinny throughout your ankle and calf you may find that this item does not offer any compression. Obviously, this is a disadvantage. We wear support sleeves like these ones due to the fact that it offers some compression instability. If you find that they are loose, you will be losing out on these aspects and should likely look towards a different pair. This comment has been made enough times from consumers that we have taken it seriously. So, if you're pretty skinny you will likely be unhappy with the fit that these offer and may be better suited to try an option from a brand like Sanabul or RDX.


You will get a good level of breathability when wearing this item. The materials that it is constituted from ensuring this. Cotton is known for being quite breathable. The combination of materials actually helps to improve the level of breathability. In addition, the toe and the heel of this product are cut out. This will help to keep you cooler throughout any and all training sessions. Some people will wear only these supports while training and this is going to lead to the coolest experience. If you are wearing them with socks while you go for a run, obviously, it is going to be hotter because you're adding an extra layer. They do come up a bit higher on your calves than other options which can add a bit of heat. Overall, people are happy with the level of breathability they are getting from this item.


There are not exactly sizes available per se. All of the options come in a one-size-fits-most, however, they are available in youth, women's, and men's sizes. The youth and women's sizes are combined into one. The brand has noted that these will fit a women's shoe size between a 5 and a 9. They also say that they will work for all spiders. This is a bit hard to believe, especially, if your youth fighter has very small feet. You'll want to be careful to ensure there when using this product that it fits well so you're getting the support and compression you are looking for. The men's sizes say that they will accommodate a shoe size between 9 and 14. The consumers using this product have found that if you are on the lower end of this range and have smaller than average sized ankles and calves the fit will not be great. So, these are supports are going to work better for those of you that have larger feet and ankles.


Adding a pair of ankle supports cheer routine comes with some advantages. Light compression is good for everyone that is on their feet for long periods of time. One of the major advantages to this product is it's going to help protect your skin. When you are working on kicking drills that is common to suffer from abrasions or burns. These things can be avoided wow using this product. In addition, it will offer you some support as long as you find a pair that give you a good fit. Supporting your ankles can help ensure that they won't sustain injuries. You will also get a bit of support through the arch of your foot. This can help to relieve pain over the course of time. This option is also very easy to put on and take off. Additionally, you'll be able to throw them in the washer and keep them looking and smelling great for every gym session you decide to wear them in.


There are a few disadvantages that you should consider when deciding if you want to buy these supports or not. The first one has to do with your comfort. Many consumers have noted that the seams of this option become uncomfortable the longer you wear them. They dig into your skin and can become exceptionally annoying. There is also the fact that the sizing runs a bit large. If you are smaller in stature you're not going to find a great fit nor will you have the compression and support you are looking for from this type of item. Only another thing that we have found as a disadvantage is that this item offers only a limited amount of support. That is not uncommon for products that are styled like this one, however, if you need a decent level of support this is not going to be the best item for you.


This item from Meister is a decent value. The price tag associated with them is outrageously affordable. You should be able to pick up several pairs if you find that they are what you are looking for without a problem. Your budget will not be taking a major strike with this item. The reason we say the value of it is only decent is due to the fact that these are not a super supportive option. They don't offer any adjustability and the sizing runs a bit large. This means they are not going to accommodate as many users. There are a ton of other brands available that offer more sizing options and a better fit. Overall, this will be a good option for a lot of people and they are quite durable. It really just depends on the shape and size of your calves and feet. Giving them a try will be barely an inconvenience due to the fact that they are so affordable.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it this is an okay option in the world of ankle supports. The design is very stylish and you can get a color that will suit your wants. As long as you are working with average to large-sized feet and ankles you will likely love the fit, comfort, and support that this product gives you. In addition, you'll get the compression that you've been looking for. There are some downfalls to this piece of gear that should be considered before calling them your own. Obviously, the price and list of advantages work on behalf of these supports. However, for some people, they're just not going to work out very well. Overall, we feel like it's worth giving them a try especially if you know that you are not small in stature. Most people are giving this item exceptionally positive reviews and for the minimal price, it's well worth the gamble to give them a try.