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The Meister Chain Mesh Duffel is one of the most breathable options on the market today. When you are working hard at the gym keeping things dry and smelling decent can be difficult. Using a bag like this one promotes airflow, quick drying, and reduced odors. Obviously, we can easily see why all of these things are advantages.

If you are participating in sports like boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts disciplines it is likely that you have accumulated a variety of pieces of gear and equipment. This bag offers a spacious design to house all of your training needs. In addition, it is available in two different sizes.

While the design of the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel is very durable, it does lack in structure. Some consumers really prefer this as it makes it easier to see everything in your bag. Being able to find your gear quickly will allow for more training time and better performance. So, as you can see, this is not really a disadvantage at all.

Some people are concerned that the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel is made of mesh and worry that it is going to fall apart quickly. That is simply not the case. The chain mesh is going to give you excellent longevity of use. It is likely that you will get years of use out of this gym bag which saves you time and money in the long run. This is especially amazing considering the price is very affordable

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 2 Size Options
  • Excellent Airflow
  • Very Affordable
  • High-Quality Zippers
  • Thick Tough Material
  • Small Side Pockets
  • Quite Roomy
  • Label Peels Easily
  • Needs Hand Washed
  • Less Structured Than Others


The Meister brand has been around for just over a decade. In that time they have been able to truly make a name for themselves. Not only have their products been featured on popular TV shows but they are also being seen in gyms and home gyms across the globe.

Finding a brand that truly stands behind all of their products can seem impossible. You won't have to worry about that when you deal with this friend. They back all of their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you run into any trouble their customer service department will do everything in their power to make it right.

Maintaining a high level of physical fitness and participating in combat sports requires a variety of different pieces of equipment and gear. When you are on the search for gloves, gym mats, bags, protective gear, hand wraps, glove deodorizers, or other pieces of equipment this brand truly has you covered. You will be able to find everything you need at a price that suits your budget when you look towards Meister.


The Meister Chain Mesh Duffel is made from materials that are built to last. Some people hear the word mash and think that it is going to instantly fall apart, however, this is not the case here. The bulk of this bag is made from this type of mesh and it is going to give you excellent longevity of use.

There really aren't too many other materials that are involved in the construction of this bag. You will have nylon handles that are attached to it. They are also quite durable. Most people find this bag exceptionally comfortable to wear. It has been noted that some consumers find that it slips off of your shoulder.

A common point of contention with gym bags, in general, is the quality of the zippers. The Meister Chain Mesh Duffel uses high-quality zippers to guarantee you won't have to worry about them bursting or breaking when you're on your way to the gym. Obviously, this is a pretty big advantage as you won't have to worry about losing any of your valuable items.


When you choose the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel you are not going to get a whole lot of pocket variety. There is the main pocket that is quite large and will suit most people's needs. Typically, we see other pockets built into this area. This bag, however, is lacking any such pockets.

Meister has provided side pockets for your convenience. They are very small and offer a zipper closure. They will do a great job of holding those small items that seem to get lost so easily in the main compartment of a gym bag. Most consumers find it to be perfect for things like their keys, mouth guards, mouthguard cases, and other small items.

Some consumers wish that there were some other compartments in the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel. As noted, the fact that this product does not have a lot of structure does help to make up for the fact that it doesn't have many pockets. When you set it down on the floor and open it up you'll easily be able to see all of your items. This helps to make the lack of organizational space more acceptable.


More often than not, companies only offer gym bags in one size. We get one better with the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel. The bag comes in two different sizes. which should make finding the perfect fit for you and your routine rather simple.

The smaller size is considered a classic sized duffle bag. It is twenty-two inches long and thirteen inches wide. It has a height of thirteen inches as well. As you can see, this is a decent sized option but may not be big enough to handle all of your sparring gear.

The larger option is going to suit many people very well. It has a length of twenty-eight inches which is quite a bit larger than many other duffle bags. The width comes in at fifteen inches and so does the height. It really is going to be able to hold all of your gear and equipment quite nicely. Some find this option to be bulky but that is not surprising considering the size of it.


With the word mesh in the title, most people would guess that the Meister Chain Mesh Duffle is quite breathable. And the would be correct. If you are looking for a bag that doesn't an excellent job at promoting airflow this could be the perfect option for you. A bag that is very breathable is going to help your gear and Equipment dry out faster than ever.

Many bags use mesh panels to try and help them breathe better. This entire bag is made of a durable mesh that is obviously, going to do a better job in terms of breathability. Not only will your items dry out quickly you will also notice a reduction in foul odors.

I found that you don't even need to take your gloves out of the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel to get them to dry before your next training session. This is only possible with a truly airy environment. If you open up the bag between uses it's going to make things even more breathable and allow your items to dry more quickly than ever.


How you care for your items can play a major role in how long they last. Many people do not want to add an item to their routine that is going to require a lot of care. Obviously, in today's busy world that is pretty understandable.

Taking care of the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel is a bit more involved than caring for other gym bags. You will not be able to simply throw it in the washing machine when it gets soiled or starts smelling pretty terrible. This item is considered hand-wash only. It won't take a very long time to wash it out but it is more of a burden than simply throwing it into the washing machine.

To be fair, the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel breathes so well you won't have to wash it very frequently. It does take quite a bit of time to start building up odors. So, most people can get over the fact that they have to take the time to hand wash this item. It offers great durability and a good amount of space for storage so, the extra care is more of an inconvenience than anything else.


When you're lugging around a plethora of gear and equipment you need to know that your bag is going to hold up. Oftentimes, we spend a lot of money for something that isn't the best quality. Many people have problems with zippers and mesh panels ripping when dealing with items in this particular category.

The Meister Chain Mesh Duffel is more durable than many other options that are available to you. The structure and design of this item are quite solid. It will handle all of your gear nicely. The mesh offers excellent durability and you won't have to worry about it tearing while in use.

As noted, an area of typical problem with gym bags is the zippers. Most brands do not use good quality zippers and they break or burst after only a few uses. There have been a couple of notes of consumers having issues with zipper durability, however, most people feel as if the zippers on this option are much better quality than others.


One of the facets that consumers like best about the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel is it comes in two different size options. It is very rare that manufacturers offer different sizes in their gym bags. Having a couple of options will allow you to find your perfect fit and ensure that you're using a bag that is comfortable to carry around to and from the gym.

Another big advantage in choosing the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel over others is the fact that it is certainly more breathable. Obviously, this is going to help things dry out much more quickly so they are ready to use during your next training session. In addition, it is going to help to reduce the foul odors that we associate with sweaty workout routines.

The fact that this product makes finding your things easy will also work to your advantage. When you lay it down on the floor and open it up it'll be like everything is spread out before you. This is going to save you time and allow you to get to your training routine more quickly.


While there are some disadvantages associated with the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel we honestly feel as if they are more inconveniences than anything else. All of the major components associated with this product are positive. With that being said we do need to take the time to look over the downfalls that come along with owning this gym bag.

There have been many notes from consumers stating that the logo that is attached to this bag peels away quickly. This is especially true if you are washing it frequently. Hand-washing is another issue that consumers have when using this item as they don't want to take the time to put in the extra care. Neither of these things is major disadvantages but they should be taken note of.

The only other thing that consumers don't particularly care for about the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel is that it is unstructured. It does not have an extra piece of material in the bottom to help keep its shape. Some people prefer this, however, others really do not.


You will be getting a fantastic value when you decide to invest in the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel. It is not only durable but is also quite roomy. You'll be able to find the perfect fit to house all of your needed pieces of gear and equipment.

When we talk about value, we absolutely need to discuss the cost. The price tag that is associated with this gym bag is very affordable. Every budget is going to be able to work it in quite easily. In fact, this is one of the more affordable bags on the market which was surprising considering the fact that it offers such good durability.

Overall, customers are very impressed with the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel. There are a few negatives that are associated with it, however, the main components are all well regarded. You'll be getting a bag that will be good for everyday use.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel is a solid choice in gym bags. You won't have to worry about your zippers falling apart or your straps falling off. It offers good construction and a design that is built to last. Durability is an important component for most people when choosing products.

The downfalls that are associated with the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel are minimal. This bag is very convenient and comfortable to carry. It can handle a variety of gear and you won't have to worry about the material being detrimental. It can also help your gear to dry out more quickly so that you can use it again without anything feeling damp.

The reviews on the Meister Chain Mesh Duffel are consistently good. The fighters and gym rats that are using it are really pleased with it on the hole. We believe that if you decide to give this bag of try you will not be disappointed. In fact, we bet you'll go with the exact same option when this one does eventually decide to break down.