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The Meister EDGE shin guards are an affordable option for those that are into mixed martial arts. They offer a lower level of protection, however, will work very well for a variety of training exercises. If you are working with a heavy bag or participating in a light sparring session they will suit your needs. For those that are advanced fighters participating in sparring sessions with devastating blows, you may want to look elsewhere. In addition, the padding on the shin portion is limited. It does not offer the same level of coverage that brands like Hayabusa and TITLE Boxing do. So, while they will work for some fighters just fine, others will be disappointed.

You will get an excellent fit. They have worked in some features to ensure these guards stay put. There are long adjustable hook and loop style closures on the back of the calf. In addition, they have elastic to secure them to your feet and ankles. The elastic under the foot offers a feature we don't often see. They have added silicone grips to the bottom to help make sure you have the traction you need whether working in the ring or on the mat. Some customers have noted that over the course of time, these grips will fall off. However, while they are there it is a very nice aspect. Overall, people are pleased with this affordable set of guards from the Meister brand.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Bottom Grips
  • Hook & Loop Style Closure
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Good Adjustability
  • Stay-Put While Using
  • Stylish Design
  • Excellent For Light Sparring
  • Durability Issues
  • Limited Coverage
  • Not For Heavy Hitting


The Meister brand came to be in 2006. They started out with only a few items but over the course of time, they have built a strong Foundation to give those that are into Fitness, Boxing, or mixed martial arts all of the gear and Equipment they'll need. They strive to use good materials but still provide you with affordable prices. The consumers that have been using this brand are truly impressed by The Innovation and design of most of their items. If you are on the hunt for gloves, clothing, deodorizers, protective equipment, or other items that are related to fitness and combat Sports they will have an option for you. They offer several different options in each category so that you'll find one that mates not only your wants but also your preferred price point. All of their items come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you purchase from them and you are displeased their customer service team will work with you to make sure that you are well taken care of.


They chose a smart set of materials when putting this item together. The outer material is made from genuine leather. Genuine leather is a fantastic option as it can stand up to the constant abuse that fight training consists of. They then use a high-density foam padding to help keep you protected. They have added a layer of gel on top of the foam padding on the foot. This is going to give you even better impact absorption and protect the bones on the top of your feet. There are three elastic straps that are used on this item one goes behind the ankle. The other two are underneath the arch of your foot. One of them offers silicone grips to help keep your feet firmly in place when you want them to be. They also include two long hook and loop style velcro closures. This is going to give you the secure fit that you desire during difficult training sessions.


On the whole, people are very impressed with the fit of this option from Meister. They offer a decent level of adjustability and as long as you pay attention to this size chart you should have no issues finding the secure fit you've been looking for. The longer hook and loop style closures will allow a variety of different sized calves to be accommodated. You really will have a good amount of play with this option as compared to others. The fit is also a bit more secure due to the fact that they use an additional strap under the foot. This helps to make sure your guards stay in place and keep you protected. There have been notes from consumers that they feel the sizing runs a bit small. This does not seem to be a common complaint, however, it has come up more than once. You'll want to be careful when measuring to ensure you order the correct size and get the perfect fit that is needed to keep you well-protected.


This style of shin guard is going to offer a better level of breathability than others. This is because the majority of the back of your calf will be exposed. This is going to help to keep you cooler and more comfortable as you work through your longest sessions of training. Other styles use a sleeve that you put your foot and your leg down into. These are very hot and typically, don't breathe well at all. As with pretty much every set of shin guards the bottom of your feet will also be exposed. So, if you're not wearing any other items this will also help to keep you cooler. Overall, the style of shin guard is going to keep you cooler than others. They've done a good job of making sure you get a secure fit that stays in place without adding extra material that can be hot and uncomfortable after wearing it for some time.


You're going to be getting a mid-level of protection when you use this item. Consumers have noted that it is not going to work well for heavy sparring sessions. In fact, you are going to feel the impact when taking any level of strike. There are many other brands that offer higher levels of protection. Venum, for example, has some exceptionally protective options available. This product does give you a decent level of coverage. Your shins, as well as your feet and ankles, will be protected. As noted, they've added a layer of gel padding over the top of the foam on the foot of this item. This is going to help offer added protection to the fragile bones in the tops of your feet. Depending on what you want to wear these guards for they will offer plenty of protection. As previously stated they're going to be great during light sparring sessions, during heavy bag work, or when you are just starting out in the world of fight sports.


The fighters wearing these guards feel that they are very comfortable. The fit that they provide stays in place which helps to set a fighter's mind at ease while in the middle of a training session. In addition, the strapping systems that they have used are very comfortable. The straps on the back of the calf are longer and people find them to fit better than many others. The straps going underneath your foot are also comfortable. This is an area that has common complaints about it, however, we aren't seeing any in regards to this item. The addition of silicone grips on the bottom of one of the straps is also a comfort feature. You won't have to worry about your feet sliding out from underneath you which keeps you better protected and more confident while you are working.


These carry an average weight when compared with other shin guards made of similar materials. The pair comes in at just under one and a half pounds. This is not enough to weigh you down. In addition, you won't have to worry about increased muscle fatigue from heavy protective gear. You may also notice that your recovery times are better when you are wearing lighter-weight protective equipment. It is important that we pay attention to how much the gear we are wearing ways. It was surprising to many fighters to find out how much quicker they are when they're wearing less gear. In fact, your performance overall will be positively impacted the lighter your gear is. So, the fact that this option is fairly lightweight is a major advantage. It is important to note that there are options that are both lighter and heavier depending on the level of protection you are looking for and how worried about the weight you may be.


One aspect about this product that is an advantage that you won't find with many other options is the fact that they offer grips on the bottom of the straps. This is like a bonus feature as it's not exactly required but it is extremely helpful. Not having to worry about slipping and falling can help to keep your focus in the right place, on the competition. Another advantage in this item is the fact that you will get better protection for the tops of your feet and in steps. The gel layer will help to cheap you feeling great and ensure you avoid breaking any of the fragile bones in your feet. It is good at absorbing impact. This item is also exceptionally easy to put on and take off. You won't have to struggle with them like you would a pair of sleeved shin guards. There is also the fact that this item offers better adjustability than others. Regardless of the size of your legs, you should be able to find a comfortable fit fairly easily.


Unfortunately, there are a couple of disadvantages that need to be discussed in regards to this item. One of the most critical ones has to do with their ability. Many consumers have mentioned that after a few months of consistent use this item starts to break down at the seams. Obviously, when you are investing in the protective gear you want to know that it can withstand the hard-hitting nature of combat sports. Some people are getting better longevity of use out of this item than others. Another aspect that people are not exactly thrilled about is the coverage area. In the shin, you will only find great coverage on the very front. This can make a blow to the side of your leg devastating and lead to bruising. These are the only two major disadvantages that are being talked about with this item, however, they should absolutely be taken into consideration before deciding if it is the right gear for you.


Weighing out the true value of an item can be exceptionally difficult. This is especially true when an item is going to suit some users very well but others not so much. The cost of this item is very affordable. Most people will be able to work it into their budget and not have to spend any time saving up. This will give you a decent level of protection at an affordable price. If you are an advanced fighter and taking heavy blows from your opponent keep in mind that this may not give you the level of protection that you're looking for. It may be advantageous to look toward other brands. There are also some pretty heavy disadvantages associated with this item. You may not get good longevity of use out of the set of guards and that would be a major disappointment. Overall, you'll want to weigh the good with the bad and that should make deciding if this will be a good fit in your routine or not.

Bottom Line

If you are just starting out in the world of combat sports or you like to take a class once in a while for Fitness these are a solid pair of guards to keep you and your opponent protected. As noted, they're not going to work so well for serious Fighters that have been at it for years. They do offer a stylish design and an amazing fit. This is one of the more comfortable pairs of shin guards that are out there right now. You will be able to get them on and off easily which is appreciated in today's busy world. On top of all of this, they come in at a price point that pleases just about every budget. The review surrounding this item is on the whole, good. We believe that you'll be happy with most of the aspects surrounding this item. They are not going to be great for everyone but they're in excellent fit for many.