Meister Elastic & Cloth Forearm Review

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The Meister Elastic & Cloth Forearm guards have a good amount of choices in size. This will allow everyone from youth to adult fighters to find the fit they have been looking for. Some find them to be a bit bulky underneath a Taekwondo uniform, however, for the most part, people are very happy with the secure fit. In terms of size, fighters have mentioned that the sizing runs small and this could lead to a tight fit. This is not truly a bad thing as you won't need to worry about your protective gear shifting around while you are using them. This means you won't be opening yourself up to injuries that are not only unwanted but also unneeded.

Meister has done a great job of designing a product that will keep you protected. The gel infused foam padding is going to absorb more shock than many other options that are out there. So, whether you are working with your trainer, a sparring partner, or the heavy bag you won't need to worry about the nasty bruises or abrasions that come along with fight sports training. This item offers a bit of adjustability that helps to improve the fit. We don't often see that in forearm guards. Additionally, they are a bit more breathable than others. Overall, consumers are pretty happy with this option.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Affordable
  • Decent Adjustability
  • Gel Padding
  • Stay-Put Fit
  • Offers Some Wrist Protection
  • Retains Shape Of Arm
  • Easy To Care For
  • Quite Breathable
  • Sizing Runs Small
  • Difficult To Take Off
  • Non-Moisture Wicking Material


Meister has been in the world of combat sports for just under fifteen years. They stand behind their products one hundred percent. If you find that you are unsatisfied for any reason, they will make it right. They strive to provide fighters with all of the options they need to have successful training sessions and competitions. Whether you are on the hunt for gloves, deodorizers, bags, clothing, or other fight sport related items you are sure to find an option from this brand. Consumers are impressed with the number of options that are available to them from this brand. There are several options in every category and they offer more than just gear for combat sports. They work to keep things reasonable and with a variety of options you will be able to easily find products to fit your wants, needs, and your budget. We believe that this brand will continue to grow and we look forward to seeing what they come out with yet.


The materials of this item are going to hold up well to their care routine and to the high-impact nature of sports like Karate, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing. The outer material is made from cloth that offers decent breathability and is very easy to care for. They use a gel-infused foam padding for the protection that this item offers. Gel products offer higher levels of protection for the user as it absorbs and disperses shock better than simple foam padding. There is elastic sewn into the material at the wrist. This is going to help improve the overall fit that you get from it. They also added a hook and look style velcro closure at the elbow. This will give you some adjustability to ensure you get the secure fit that is required in this type of protective gear. All of the materials can be thrown in the washer and will handle it very well. Consumers are quite happy with the choice of materials that Meister has put into this set of guards.


When you are wearing protective equipment you want to make sure the fit is secure. If it is not you are leaving yourself open to injury. This is due to the fact that poorly fitting items may move around a lot which could mean taking strikes that you normally wouldn't. With that being said, these are exceptionally snug and many have stated that they feel the sizing runs a bit small. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If you have very larger arms you may want to order a size larger than you would think to ensure you get a comfortable fit that is not cutting off your circulation. If you find them to be a bit big, it should not be a major problem. With the adjustable hook and loop style closure at the elbow, you will be able to cinch down the fit to ensure it is secure. Overall, consumers are very happy with the fit they are getting when using this item from Meister.


You will be getting a slightly better level of breathability with this option rather than others. This is because the material that they use offers a good amount of air flow. It is important to note that they do not use a moisture-wicking material so, you may not find them to be as comfortable as others as they will simply absorb the sweat that you produce through your rough routines. The added airflow due to the weave of the outer material will help to keep you a bit cooler. There have not been any complaints from consumers about these being incredibly hot and uncomfortable during long wear and that is a bonus that works in their favor. This type of protection is not ever going to be extremely cool while wearing them. They are made to keep you safe, not cool. Overall, they do offer a decent level of breathability.


This item is going to give you a very good level of protection. As noted, the gel-infused padding is going to do an excellent job in absorbing and dispersing shock. You won't have to worry too much about bruises or other injuries to your forearms when you are wearing this set of pads. Whether you are in a sparring session, working with the heavy bag, or in an activity with your trainer these will keep you free of lumps and bumps. Obviously, when you are investing in protective equipment you want to make sure it is actually going to keep you protected. The maker of these states that they offer wrist protection, however, it appears to be limited. You should not rely on these guards alone for wrist protection and support. You will be able to wear them with your gloves so, you can find extra ankle protection there. Overall, people are quite happy with the level of protection that they get.


This is a pretty comfortable set of forearm guards. They offer enough padding to keep you protected without inhibiting your movement. They are a bit stiff in the beginning. However, over the course of time, these will break-in and feel as if they were made just for you. The padding is going to form to the shape of your exact arm, which will help to keep you more comfortable. You may find these to be a bit hot, however, they are a bit more breathable than others. It has been noted that these can be difficult to take off after you are sweaty. This can be a bit uncomfortable but it is not an uncommon attribute in a piece of protective gear like this one. When you are wearing a lot of gear it can quickly become an uncomfortable situation and the fact that this item breaths decently and is lightweight will keep you more comfortable. You should be able to wear these for several hours with no issues of discomfort.


For many of us, adding another piece of equipment to our routine means adding more time to the cleaning routine that we would seriously like to avoid. This item is exceptionally easy to maintain. You won't have to worry about special deodorizers or disinfectants. In fact, you can simply throw these into the washer and they will come out smelling clean and looking great. It is important to note that you absolutely do not want to put these into the dryer. The padding and material will not handle the heat of a dryer well at all. They could shrink and the padding could warp. What this means is that you will simply need to give them enough time to dry completely before using them again. They are so affordable that buying a couple of pairs will ensure that you always have a dry pair ready to go if your favorites aren't quite ready from the washing the day before.


One of the factors that people love the most about this product is how simple they are to maintain. Simply being able to throw your gear until the washer and let them dry before using them again is a major advantage and a busy and active lifestyle. Another factor that plays into why people prefer these over others is the fact that they offer a bit of adjustability. The elastic band at the wrist is going to suit a variety of different sizes quite well. In addition, you have some adjustability of the elbow. This is going to guarantee you find the secure fit that you are looking for. You won't have to worry about this item sliding around and leaving you open to injuries that you would otherwise not have to worry about. The fact that it stays in place can give you more confidence during all of your training activities. When you are in the middle of a sparring session the last thing you need to worry about if your gear is going to stay put.


There are a few disadvantages that are associated with this item. Two out of three are more inconveniences than anything else. The first inconveniences the fact that these can be extremely difficult to take off. After they absorb your sweat they want to stick to you and it can make it difficult when trying to remove them. In addition to this, the material is not moisture-wicking. It's going to absorb it and this moisture is going to sit on your skin. This definitely plays a role in how difficult they are to take off. The one true disadvantage associated with this item is the fact that the sizing runs small. There are few size options that are available, however, if you have exceptionally large forearms you may not find a pair that is suitable. Most people are able to find a set that fit well, however, for some this can be quite difficult. Overall, as you can see, there are no huge deficiencies related to this product.


We feel as if you'll be getting a truly good value when you decide to invest in this item. You were going to get a high level of protection. In addition, most people are going to be able to find a fit that is secure and comfortable. The cost that is associated with this item is exceptionally reasonable. We were not surprised to see this as this brand really does work to keep things affordable. Anyone will be able to fit a pair of these into their budget with ease. In fact, you could probably buy a couple of pairs to ensure you always have some ready to go before each training session. It's nice to know that this item is not only affordable but it is also durable. It is going to stand up to the rough nature of combat sports quite nicely. Additionally, you'll be able to wash the many times without noticing any detriment to the materials. Consumers are really quite pleased with this option and feel it is a solid investment. We believe that you will agree if you decide to give them a try.

Bottom Line

Gathering all the items you need to participate in combat sports can be quite a burden. Finding the ones that are going to fit your wants, needs and your budget to feel impossible. Looking towards this brand and their items is a good place to start. When you were on the hunt for forearm protection you'll definitely want to check this option out. They are gel infused so you'll get a higher level of protection than many other options are going to give you. On top of that, they're going to fit into your budget much better than many others. The secure fit is an aspect that all fighters appreciate. There are a few downfalls when you start really looking into this item that could be deal breakers, however, most people can get past them fairly easily. Overall, this is a solid choice and protective gear and it will give you excellent longevity of use.