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The Meister Gell Full-Face head guard can withstand more impact than many others. The materials this brand chose to use are better than most. Not only will you get stellar durability you will also get a great level of comfort. Consumers have mentioned that the sizing runs small so, you will need to measure carefully. When you participate in activities like Karate, Judo, Boxing, and other forms of mixed martial arts, keeping yourself protected is imperative. Intense sports like these could lead to broken bones, concussions, and other injuries. This item uses gel to help keep you protected. It has proven itself time and again to be stellar at absorbing impact from hard strikes. Consumers have mentioned that you will still feel it when you have taken a strike but it absolutely won't cause damage. Some pieces of headgear are seriously lacking protection in areas where you need it most. This option gives you full coverage. Another major problem with pieces of equipment like this is the fact that it may limit your field of vision. That won't be the case here. Meister has done an excellent job in the design of this item. You can wear it comfortably without worry of taking an unforeseen punch or kick because of an obstructed view. Overall, consumers are truly in love with this piece of protective gear.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Superior Impact Absorption
  • Durable Genuine Leather
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Solid Construction
  • Comfortable
  • Reinforced Padding
  • Good Chin Protection
  • Trusted Brand
  • Sizing Runs Small
  • No Inner Absorbent Material
  • Limited Adjustability


The Meister brand came to be almost fifteen years ago. Wanting to provide fighters with everything needed to stay safe and comfortable inside the ring or cage, they started producing a plethora of options. Not only do they keep you well protected and supported with items like headgear and ankle supports but they also provide the tapes, clothing, and other protective equipment you need. So, what this means is that Meister can be your one stop shop for all things combat sports related. Putting your trust in this company is a safe bet. They stand behind all of their products and will work hard to ensure you are left satisfied with your equipment and their customer service. Consumers are raving about how great the products that come from this brand are. There are very few complaints associated with them or their gear. When you want the best you will likely find it right here under this brands name.


Meister always uses the best quality materials and that is seen again with this piece of equipment. The outside shell is made of genuine cowhide leather. This offers exceptional durability and a feel that consumers love. It is important to note that caring for real leather is a bit more involved than caring for synthetic leathers. There are two hook and loop closures that are secured with Velcro. It has excellent sticking power. This may seem like an odd comment, however, you must understand that not all Velcro is created equal. Where this item really shines in terms of materials is the impact absorbing gel padding that it uses. There are several layers that will do an excellent job of taking blow after blow. It is very durable and will keep you better protected than standard high-density foam. The only other material you will come into contact with is the stretchy bands at the top of the head guard. These help to provide a good fit and keep your protective equipment in place. Overall, we are impressed with the materials that Meister has chosen to use when putting this item together.


You'll be getting a high level of protection when you decide to make this item your own. As noted, they use several layers of gel enforced padding. It stands up to impact better than your standard foam. We commonly see this type of padding being used in boxing gloves and offer Stellar protection for your hands. So, to see it being used in this product makes us believe that it will also do a fantastic job of protecting your head. One area where head gear is typically lacking in protection is in the chin. This item has excellent protection for your chin. You won't have to worry about an uppercut causing serious damage when you decide to use this item. The ears are another area where we sometimes see protection is lacking. This brand does build up the ears while still offering good ventilation in this spot. You will be well protected all the way around when you are wearing this piece of equipment by Meister.


This item uses a very simple closure method. There are two hook and loop style closures that are held together with velcro. This will give you some adjustability and make it exceptionally easy to take this piece of equipment on and off. Many options that are available today have lacing systems that can be a major burden to get on and off with ease. Consumers are very pleased with the fact that this product doesn't use that type of system. Some may not find this closure as secure as others. We don't believe this will be much of an issue as many people have noted that the velcro used in this item has excellent sticking power. As with all products that this brand produces it is made of exceptional materials that perform better than you would expect. So, we believe this Velcro system will suit most peoples needs for not only training situations but also competitions. It is important to note that you should always maintain your Velcro to make sure it is clear of debris. This will ensure the best longevity of use.


You won't be getting a whole lot of adjustability when you go with this item. Unlike many others that come in a one-size-fits-all, this product is available in a few different sizes. You'll want to make sure where to measure your head before you decide to order. This is especially important due to the fact that this product does not offer much in terms of adjustability. The only adjustability that you will have with it is in the closure system. The velcro straps will give you a bit of room to tighten or loosen as you find necessary. You want to be careful when choosing what size you need as consumers have noted that this product runs small. You absolutely do want your headgear to offer a snug fit but if it is too tight you may experience headaches or a lessened field of vision. Overall, as long as you're careful when picking your size, the fact that this product is not incredibly adjustable should be barely an inconvenience.


Monster has done an excellent job at ensuring this product breathes as well as possible. They have built ventilation in at the ears and on the top of the head. The ability for the crown of your head to breathe and release heat plays a major role in the level of comfort you experience while wearing this piece of protective equipment. It is important to note that consumers have made mention of the fact that the inside is not made of a typical cloth material but is made of the same leather as the outside of it. What this means is that it's not going to absorb moisture and you may be dealing with sweat running down your face. This is, obviously, a bit of a downfall. So, while this product does offer decent breathability levels and airflow some may still find that it is a hot and sweaty experience while wearing it.


Taking care of this piece of equipment is going to be a bit more work than others. This is due to the fact that the outside construction is made of genuine leather rather than synthetic leather. With synthetic leather you can basically clean it with anything you prefer. However, with genuine leather you will need to invest in special cleaners and conditioners to make sure that you get the best longevity of use out of this product possible. Using the correct cleaners and conditioners will also keep your equipment looking and feeling better than ever. Overall, while it does take more time to care for genuine leather it is worth it in the end. Not only does it look and feel great but it's going to last much longer than others in the same category. It will stand up to the abusive nature that comes along with training in activities like boxing and mixed martial arts.


One of the largest advantages that comes with this product is the level of protection you're going to get while wearing it. Obviously, we invest in headgear to keep ourselves protected from issues like concussions and broken bones. Investing in a piece of equipment that won't keep you from these things doesn't do you any good. The gel-infused padding that this option uses will keep you better protected than many others and this is a huge advantage in our eyes. In addition, this product is going to offer better coverage than others. Consumers are also truly impressed with the fact of this product does not limit your field of vision. Most pieces of equipment that are structured like this one can seriously mess with your peripherals. This could lead you to taking shots that you normally wouldn't take. So, as you can see it is an advantage that it will not restrict your view. Overall, these are only a few of the many advantages that come along with choosing to use this piece of equipment.


There are a few negatives that come along with this product. One of the biggest complaints about it is the fact that there is not any absorbent material used to line the inside of this item. This means that any sweat you are producing will be dripping down your face. Obviously, this could be a major problem if you're getting sweat in your eyes in the middle of a training session with your coach or sparring partner. It will be even more of a problem if you are in the middle of a competition. There are really only two other negatives associated with this item and they're pretty small. It does lack some adjustability that we see with other options but as long as you're careful to order the correct size this should not be an issue at all. Consumers have also mentioned that the sizing runs a bit small so you will end up with quite a snug fit. You will want to be careful when measuring to ensure you get the correct size. Overall, as you can see, these are not terrible downfalls but they should be given some thought before you decide you are going to invest in this item.


You'll be getting an excellent product with a fantastic value when you pick this item. As with all items that do have a few downfalls but on the whole it is a solid option that will give you an excellent level of protection. In terms of cost, it is a bit pricier than other options but should fit into most budgets relatively easily. The fact that the materials used are of better quality and it provides you with better protection makes it easy to understand why the price tag is slightly elevated. Taking all of the aspects into consideration that surrounds this product and we feel that it's easy to see why consumers think it is such a stellar value. You've truly will be getting a lot of bang for your buck. It will give you superior longevity of used which means you're not going to have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. Overall, customers are more than happy with their purchase of this item and we firmly believe that you will be too.

Bottom Line

Meister is a brand that we feel is well worth investing in. They always do their very best to give Fighters products that are Innovative, durable, and can help lead them to the win. When you spend a plethora of hours training in the gym, with a sparring partner, on a heavy bag, or with your coach you need to know that your gear is going to be reliable. This piece of headgear will give you the level of protection that you need to avoid sustaining injuries. It offers a comfortable fit even if it's a bit difficult to ensure you're getting the correct size. Consumers have so many positive things to say not only about this item but also about this brand. It helps us at our mind at ease and Trust the fact that their products really are worth the money we would invest into them. Overall, we don't think you can go wrong by choosing this as your daily head protection.