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When you spend long hours training in the gym, you can be left with some seriously funky smells. The Meister Glove Deodorizer is the perfect option to freshen up your active and fit lifestyle. While made for gloves, this deodorizer can help in a large variety of areas. So, from gloves to gym bags to shoes you will be able to choose from a variety of fresh scents that will help your gear last longer. You will have a more pleasant experience while wearing your gloves due to the reduction of sweaty gym smell. It is important to note that a plethora of customers have stated that the scent of this product is very strong. It will have a reduction in scent over time but in the beginning, it is exceptionally powerful. Not only do boxers, mixed martial artists, and a variety of sports players benefit from this product but so do the people around you. Your gear will have a better life expectancy when you use this product. When the sweat from your hands soaks into your gloves not only does it smell bad but over time it starts to break down the materials. This product is made to help your gloves dry quickly and in turn enhance the shelf life of your favorite gloves. Overall, customers are very happy with this option and feel it does a great job at keeping their gloves smelling great and drying quickly.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Improves Integrity Of Gloves
  • Good Scent Variety
  • Exceptionally Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Helps Dry Gloves Quickly
  • Awesome Customer Service
  • Very Long Lasting
  • Exceptionally Strong Scent
  • Durability Issues
  • May Cause Eye Or Skin Irritation
  • May Cause Headache


The Meister Brand came to fruition just under fifteen years ago. They offer a variety of clothing, equipment, and gear to help people succeed in their chosen activity. This includes not only mixed martial arts disciplines but also boxers, Fitness enthusiasts, and wrestlers. Basically, if you lead an active lifestyle they offer products to make maintaining it easier than ever. Whether you are looking for gloves, hand wraps, trunks, or even glove deodorizers this brand has an option for you. They believe in providing stellar customer service and it has been mentioned frequently from consumers that they achieve this goal. What this means is that if you have any problems with any of your purchases you'll be able to easily reach out to get it handled. Overall, this brand continues to grow and we are excited to see what types of products they come out with next. All of their items are researched and developed by the brand itself. In addition, it is manufactured by them too so you know that they are paying attention to quality and you will always be getting an excellent item.


You will have your choice of four different distinct sense when you decide to purchase these glove deodorizers. It is important to note that consumers have mentioned on a consistent basis that the smell of these is exceptionally strong. It may permeate the entire room even if you have your gloves stored inside your gym bag. If you are exceptionally sensitive to fragrances this could be a problem. It is also been said by several consumers that if you have sensitive skin you may want to avoid this product. Over the course of time, the scent will back down a bit. You will get exceptionally long use out of this product and it can take quite a while until the sentence starts to become dull. The 4 smells that are available to you are clean linen, Cedar, cologne, and lavender. The lavender scent is the lightest of the group whereas consumers have stated that the clean linen is probably the strongest.


The shape and design of this product are quite large but it will fit well into most gloves. They are roughly 10 inches long and 2 inches thick. It has been noted from consumers that if you have exceptionally small hands you may find that this option is a bit too large. The width of them comes in at 4 and 1/2 inches. They are not only good for your boxing gloves but can be used in a variety of other high-impact workout gloves. The size of them and the shape will also accommodate other pieces of equipment. There is a strap that attaches the two deodorizers and it is fairly long. This is excellent, especially when compared with others. We say this due to the fact that it makes it easy to find a place to hang them. The fairly large size of these gloves does take up a bit of extra room in your gym bag, however, customer seems to be pleased with their size overall.


You will be purchasing an exceptionally versatile glove deodorizer. Not only will they work fantastic on your boxing gloves you can also use them in any other sports gloves. This includes things like your MMA gloves, hockey gloves, and more. In addition to this, you will be able to use these inside your gym bag if you so choose. It has been mentioned by consumers that the scent is exceptionally strong and long-lasting. So, this means you can actually have the fresh scent of these deodorizers throughout your entire room if that is what you want to do. They will keep all of your equipment smelling great. It is important to know the scent of this item is exceptionally strong so if you are sensitive to strong smells you may want to avoid it. Not only will you be able to use it for all of these things you can even slide them into your gym shoes. When you use a product such as this it will increase the longevity of use that you get out of your items. It does this because you are able to keep them dryer which causes less deterioration of the materials.


There are not a whole lot of materials used in the construction of this product. The outside is made of flannel. This makes some soft and porous. Flannel is typically very durable, consumers have noted that they have had some issues with the durability of this product. The inside is stuffed with one of two options which is up to you. You can choose a cedar filling or a linen filling depending on what you prefer. You will be able to easily hang these glove deodorizers. There is a strap connecting the two separate pieces that you put inside of each glove. This is exceptionally convenient as you can hang your gloves to dry overnight. Then you'll simply need to throw them in your bag and you're ready to go for the next day. There is no exact information on the material of the strap between the gloves. It has however been noted that consumers are more than pleased with the materials used and feel that they are much better than average.


This glove deodorizer is designed in a great way. The way they're shaped they're slightly more narrow at the top and get larger as they go down. This will slide easily in and out of your boxing gloves, mixed martial arts gloves, scheme it's, and more. The convenience store app allows good versatility as to where you store your gloves. If you prefer to hang them overnight you will be able to succeed in this with ease. Another important aspect in the design of these is the fact that it makes them very versatile. The shape of this deodorizer will fit well not only inside of basically any glove but also your shoes. If you wear the same shoes in the gym or throughout your daily Fitness routine they can become less than pleasant smelling. With the ability to dry them out quickly and get rid of the odor they will give you a more pleasant experience on a daily basis. Overall, consumers are very pleased with the structure and design that this item has.

Life Span

You will be getting a product that offers exceptional longevity of used when you invest in this one. As previously mentioned, in the beginning, the scent of these deodorizers is exceptionally overpowering. Over the course of a few months it will decrease. Consumers have mentioned the fact that these deodorizers can last over a year many times. There has been several comments made that the decrease in sent is not extreme. And even after a year's time it is still noticeable.It is exceptionally impressive that you can get this type of use out of an affordable products like this one. We do not often find products in the market today that gives us this type of use. Knowing that you'll be able to keep your gloves clean, fresh smelling, and dry is amazing. Not only will they help to do all of the things previously listed they will also extend the life expectancy of your gloves. Over time, sweat breaks down your boxing gloves. Keeping them dry will help them last longer.


Go get some pretty awesome advantages when you decide to go with this product. It offers an exceptional amount of Versatility. You'll be able to keep all of your gym equipment smelling great by using this item. It fits nicely into gloves, bags, and even your shoes. They're convenient to place wherever you choose to hang your gloves for the night. The amount of time in which the Integrity of your gloves stays amazing will be lengthened. This is due to the fact that you will be keeping them dryer. The sweat will not have as much time to break down the materials. When you are working exceptionally hard in the gym, naturally, your equipment is going to get very sweaty. Not having to worry about wearing wet gloves or breaking down your materials is an aspect that consumers really appreciate when using this product. Overall, this product will help keep things fresh, dry, and working as you expect it to.


There have definitely been a few complaints about this product that we feel are important to note. As previously mentioned, the scent is exceptionally strong. This is especially true in the beginning. Due to this fact, people that are sensitive to strong smells may want to avoid using this item as it takes a plethora of time before the sent wears down. Because of the strong scent consumers have noted that it may cause headaches. There have also been reports of eye and skin irritation after using this product in consumers gloves. The only other negative aspects that consumers have found with this product has to do with seam durability. It has been reported that this product may burst at the seams. While this may be frustrating, the customer service department is there to help. You will be able to replace your malfunctioning product easily with a new one.


The value of this product is exceptional. The price tag that it carries is quite low and basically anyone will be able to afford them. Add to this the fact that they last for an exceptionally long time and you are really getting a steel when you decide to go with this product. Not only do they work the way they are intended to they also will fit into your budget with ease. It's nice to know that you can find products that you need that won't take a giant chunk from your bank account. These glove deodorizers are reliable and will keep all of your sports equipment smelling great. Obviously, if you are sensitive to strong smells you're going to want to avoid it but for most people it is the perfect solution to getting their gloves nice and dry between uses and keeping everything smelling fresh.

Bottom Line

These glove deodorizers are going to be a fantastic choice for most people. If you are sensitive to Smells or you have exceptionally sensitive skin you will likely want to avoid it. This is because you may notice some irritation. While this product is extremely strong smelling, in the beginning, it does give exceptional longevity of use. After a couple of months, the smell will slightly wear down but it will still do a great job at keeping all of your gym gear smelling great. Consumers are pleased with how easy it is to use this product. Whether you store your gloves in your gym bag or you like to hang them up you'll be able to do it with ease if you go with this item. Overall, consumers are very pleased with the results that they're getting from using this product.