Meister Inner STRYK Gloves Review

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While traditional hand wraps are a good option for many people, some of us are looking for something a bit different. The Meister Inner STRYK Gloves will give you the structure, alignment, and protection that traditional wraps give you plus a little more. They use a layer of gel that will help absorb impact. This will keep your hands and wrists feel better than ever. Our hands have a lot of tiny bones in them. they are very susceptible to breaks and fractures, especially, when you are involved in activities like boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and other combat sports. Meister has done a great job at choosing materials that will stand up to tough and sweaty training sessions. In addition, they offer this great product at a price point that will please just about every budget. You will get better versatility out of this option than you would from a more traditionally styled set of wraps. They are exceptionally lightweight. This means you won't have to worry about them causing you to become uncomfortably hot or weighing your hands down. It is important to note that many consumers find the finger opening to be a bit tight. You will want to be careful when choosing what size you need to ensure this does not happen to you. Overall, customers are pleased with this out of the norm choice in under glove protection.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Extra Wide Wrist Strap
  • Excellent At Absorbing Shock
  • Not A Bulky Design
  • Snug Fit
  • Versatile Use
  • Simple Care Routine
  • Fast On And Off
  • Quite Affordable
  • Tight Finger Openings
  • Tricky Sizing


For just under fifteen years, the Meister brand has been growing t produce stellar gear for fighters of every discipline. They are truly dedicated to customer service. They understand that sometimes mistakes happen with products and the consumer should not be responsible. What this means for you is that if you run into any issues they will handle it easily and nicely. It won't be a major headache. So, when you are looking for clothing, gloves, wrist wraps, protective gear, or other fight related sports equipment this brand has you covered. They do their best to keep things affordable due to the fact that they understand that some budgets are very limited. Using quality gear is imperative in keeping you safe and progressing towards better performance during training and competitions. This brand encompasses the values that we like to see. You will be able to find quality options that fit your budget with ease.


Meister brand did a good job when choosing the materials to create this item. The outside material of this under glove option is made of neoprene. Neoprene is excellent at wicking moisture away from your skin which will leave a healthier environment for your hands to be in. They have also built mesh panels into the design. This will allow better breathability which again, in turn, will keep you more comfortable and cool through the or sweatiest of training sessions. The wrist strap is also made of neoprene. It offers a good amount of stretch and excellent stability. This is an important factor when choosing which traps are going to be the best for you. There are small pieces of elastic around the fingers to help keep them in place. Consumers have noted that they are a bit tight and may become uncomfortable. The only other material that you'll come into contact with is the gel padding located across the knuckles. This provides Stellar protection from fractures and breaks in the small bones located in your hands.


Traditional wrist straps are not very versatile. Basically, you will wear them underneath your boxing or mixed martial arts gloves to provide added support, alignment, and stability. They also help to keep you more protected. This option will take you a bit further. The gel cushioning will allow you to wear only these gloves during light sparring sessions or even while working with a speed bag. Some consumers have mentioned that they like to use them during their weight lifting sessions not only in the gym but also in their home gyms. It's nice to buy a product that can cover a variety of different purposes. In the long run, this saves you time and money. Overall, customers have found a variety of places that they can fit these gloves into their routine which makes them an exceptional bang for your buck. Especially, considering most wrist wraps will only be used for one specific purpose.


The design of these hand wraps is anything but traditional. We are used to seeing long stretches of material that we then have to take several minutes applying and hope we get it right on the first go-round. These are structured like gloves so they are easy to take on and take off. They do offer a long wrist strap so that you get the same sort of structure and stability that you come to expect from a gray pair of hand wraps. Due to the fact that they are structured like a gym glove or a mixed martial arts glove, they offer a lot of versatility that we don't often time see in a set of raps. Consumers are so pleased with the design of this item by Meister. Overall, we believe that you will be truly happy with the design. The only flaw that we can see is that the finger openings are a bit tight and may take some getting used to.


Consumers are actually pretty pleased with the level of breathability that this product offers. Most wrist straps will make you exceptionally hot and can lead to discomfort during Long training sessions. Meister has built mesh panels into these gloves to ensure that they breathe fairly well. Keep in mind, if you are wearing them underneath your kickboxing gloves their level of breathability will go unnoticed due to the thickness and layers of material that you are using. An advantage to the materials used in this glove is that the outside is made of neoprene. As previously mentioned, neoprene is excellent at wicking moisture away from your skin. This will allow a dryer and more comfortable environment. When your hands are in a dry and comfortable environment you will find that you are able to train longer and harder than ever before. Obviously, this is going to play a role in your overall performance.


You will have quite a few options when deciding how you want to take care of this item. They will handle going in the washing machine just fine. Obviously, when dealing with sporting equipment it is usually best to wash it on the delicate cycle. In addition, you could put them in a delicate bag to ensure that you don't detriment the durability of the material. You will absolutely not want to throw these gloves into the dryer. It can mess with the neoprene as well as the gel padding making them unusable. Not only may they become unusable if you can still wear them they may not offer the type of protection you are expecting. If you don't want to throw these in the washer and don't feel like hand washing them you could invest in a set of glove deodorizers. These are available in sprays, powders, sticks, or bags. They are a convenient way to dry out your equipment and keep it smelling fresh between training sessions. Overall, we're taking care of these is barely an inconvenience.


Finding the perfect fit in this option is not that difficult. You will want to take the time to measure before choosing the correct size. This can be a bit difficult. You will want to measure your hand around the widest part of the knuckles and then compare it with this company size chart to ensure you get a perfect fitting glove. It is important to note that even if you order the right size they may be quite tight around the fingers. In fact, they may be so tight that you start to lose circulation. Obviously, this is a major problem and something that you want to avoid. The overall fit is quite snug and that is to be expected. You want your wrist wraps and your boxing gloves to be relatively snug so that they stay in place and keep you well protected. In general, customers seem to be quite pleased with the fit, feel, and structure that these gloves offer.


Using a glove style wrist strap comes with a different set of advantages than using a traditional style. They offer better versatility than traditional styling. This means that you'll be getting a better bang for your buck because not only will you be able to wear them under your gloves you won't be able to wear them throughout several gym routines, even during light sparring sessions with a partner or coach. The gel padding in this option helps to absorb a great amount of impact. What this means is that your hands and wrists will absorb less shock. You will notice this when there is no longer any pain happening after completing a grueling training session. They also allow you better alignment during strike training. This means you will be less apt to incur any injuries. Overall, these are only a few of the many advantages that come with purchasing this item by Meister.


You actually won't be facing as many disadvantages with this option as you would with others in the same category. It has been noted, many times from consumers, that the finger openings are exceptionally tight. We have mentioned this before but it is exceptionally important to note. If you decide to wear them for quite some time you may be kneeling with numbness or tingling in your fingers and this is something you absolutely want to avoid. The other thing that consumers have noted that is less than pleasing about this product is that its kind of hard to find the correct size. As long as you take your time, measure accurately, and double check yourself you should be absolutely fine. As you can see, these are more inconveniences than major disadvantages but they are absolutely aspects you should take into consideration before deciding if this is the right product for you or not.


Consumers feel as if this product is a fantastic value. The price tag that they carry is a little less than average for items in this category. You will get excellent longevity of use out of them which makes the price seem even more affordable. If your bank account can't take a major blow this may be the perfect option for you. There have been notes from consumers over some seem durability issues, however, it is not being seen often. So, we don't believe this is something you really need to be overly concerned about. When you take into consideration the style, fit, and protection that this product gives you it is fairly simple to see why so many people believe that it is such a great value. When you decide to go with this item, we believe, that you will be truly satisfied with them. You are sure to notice how much better your hands and wrists feel when you use these consistently during your training sessions.

Bottom Line

My sister has put out a truly solid option in under glove protection. Unlike traditional wrist wraps you'll be able to use these for a variety of different purposes. They offer a fantastic fit as long as you are careful with what size you are ordering. They will be able to stand up to tough strike training which is required. How long your equipment lasts can play a major role in whether or not you will go back for another pair. We are fairly certain that with this option you'll be using them time and again. Consumers are quite satisfied with this option, overall. While it does have a few flaws they are not nearly as significant as the ones associated with other products that are very similar. We believe that if you decide to invest in this item you will not be disappointed. In fact, we believe that you I need a trust this brand for any and all of your training needs.