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The Michael Kors Access Sofie is a beautifully elegant option for ladies that love a nice piece of jewelry but also want to keep track of their health. It is completely customizable with a large variety of faces and straps to suit your every style. Whether you are an Android or an iPhone user, you will be able to sync to this tracker with ease. When you lead a busy lifestyle its hard enough to make healthy food choices on the go but keeping track of your activity level is impossible. There are a plethora of reasons to invest in a fitness tracker. This appealing option will help you maintain focus and learn the areas where you can improve your routine and your life. It is important to note that this product is not waterproof so you will want to be careful when participating in activities that include water. The battery life is better on this smartwatch than most others available to you today. This item is powered by Google. You will be getting some of the best technology available when you go with this product by Michael Kors. With a trustworthy system and a great brand, we are quite impressed with this fitness tracker overall.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Beautiful Design
  • Large Face
  • Exceptionally Long-Lasting Battery
  • Very Accurate
  • Excellent Software
  • Keeps You Connected
  • Call & Text Notification
  • Pricey
  • Weakness At Hinges


Michael Kors is known for a variety of high-end items that are beautiful and luxurious. This includes clothing for all occasions, electronics, purses, and more. This brand is world renowned and produces items that are truly great. Wanting to help you with your every need, Michael Kors has expanded their lines to assist you in all facets of your life. When you are leading a healthy and active lifestyle, finding pieces that truly fit your upscale fashion can be difficult. This brand makes it easier than ever and can give you what you are looking for in terms of fitness clothing and accessories to help keep you motivated, driven, and looking great. The high-end quality of their items is easily seen and part of the reason so many people have supported this brand for almost forty years.

Basic Features

There are some features that are absolutely expected when buying a smartwatch, especially one of this quality. You will have everything you want and need, in terms of basic features. Tracking your steps is easy and accurate. As you may know, keeping track of your steps can help keep you accountable and focused on your fitness goals. You will have access to a variety of different tracking options for most of the activities you like to participate in. This includes running, biking, climbing, and cardio workouts. You will have access to the time and weather of your area. This will show you all of the information you need to ensure you can stay on track with your diet and exercise routine. Overall, this product gives you the ability to track a variety of common routines.

Advanced Features

You will get some seriously cool options to track when wearing this extremely stylish option by Michael Kors. Staying connected to your most important apps is a breeze regardless of if you use an Android or an iPhone. You will get your text messages and phone calls. It has a built-in fitness tracking system that can help keep you accountable. You will have access to google and it is powered by Android. It is important to note that this product can handle a bit of water but is not made to take for a swim. You will also have all the motivational music you need to make it through that grueling workout at the gym or outside right at your fingertips. It also has the capability to track your sleep patterns which can help you understand your energy levels during the day.


There are mixed reviews from customers about the accuracy of this smartwatch. While it is beautiful and offers a variety of styles to fit your needs it may not provide you with accurate heart rate monitoring. It does a great job at tracking steps which is one of the most important basic features of a smartwatch. After reading reviews, it appears as if it tracks activities fairly well too. The battery does not last an exceptional amount of time which means you may be stuck in the middle of a gym session and your battery dies. This is, obviously, a problem is you are trying to keep excellent track of the activity you are participating in. Overall, it appears as if the accuracy is decent depending on what you are using it for. It seems as if customers are satisfied and feel it continues to get better as Michael Kors continues to develop this product.


Charging this smartwatch is a bit different. With most options, it hooks into a port that is then connected by USB to a block and this is how it charges. You won't have to worry about this process if you decide to go with this item. You will simply place your watch on the charging disk and a few hours later it will be fully charged and ready to go. Consumers have noted that the battery lasts about eight hours. This is not as long as other options but it is typically enough to keep your activities well tracked. The life of your battery, of course, depends on what you have connected and how you are using it. It is important to note that consumers have said it does not stay on the charging disk easily which can lead to it falling off and not charging.


This smartwatch is really quite compatible. Whether you are working with an Android or an iPhone you will be able to quickly connect through Bluetooth, download the app, and start tracking your fitness progress. Some customers have an issue getting it to sync when using older smartphones. If you are using a newer phone it will be a cinch. The app is easy to use and consumers seem to be very pleased with it. It has been said that iPhone users have a bit more issue connecting and setting up this device. This makes sense to use because this item is powered by Android. Overall, the compatibility is good and people don't really have too much trouble getting it hooked up with their phones.


This watch does not offer as much versatility as other options you have from brands like Apple and Fitbit. You will be able to track a variety of activities and exercises accurately. The ability to keep track of your sleep patterns and your social media accounts are also excellent pieces of versatility. You will be lacking if you are interested in water activities. The other problem that many have with this option is the fact that it is quite fancy. This will make it inappropriate during some sports activities and what not. You can wear it to the nicer places in life and you will get many compliments but it may not be durable enough to survive a tough home gym session. The bands come off easily and could lead it to falling off and breaking.


You may need to do a bit of work to make this smartwatch as comfortable as it can be. Due to the fact that the band is made of metal, you may find that it is too big when you receive it. This will require you to remove links from it so that it fits your wrist. To do this you will want to take it to a jeweler as removing links can be difficult. Once you do, you will have a truly great fitting watch that will be quite comfortable. You can replace the bands so that you have variety in what you are wearing but you won't have nearly as many options as you may with a brand like Fitbit and the products they produce. This options is majorly about style and not so much comfort. Customers feel like it is pretty comfortable to wear on a daily basis.


You will find that wearing a fitness tracker comes with a lot of advantages. One of the biggest ones for this product is the fact that it is so beautiful. It offers great style to suit your above average life. More importantly, you will be able to keep track of your fitness levels and reach your goals more easily when you are accountable for your daily activities. You can track your steps and exercise ventures to ensure you are burning enough calories and keeping your heart rate in target zones. This is amazing for those of you that are on a weight loss plan or trying to continue the journey of great health. This option also keeps you in touch with the world of social media and other important parts of daily life with the ability to connect with your favorite apps. This includes receiving text messages and phone calls. The ability to control your music is also something we feel is a great advantage. This can help keep you motivated while working out without worry about dropping your phone while running on the treadmill.


While there are many nice things to say about this option there are a few downfalls too. The battery life on this is not so great. Michael Kors says it can last up to twenty-four hours but customers say differently. Charging it is not difficult but it does not use the best charging system. This can lead to an incomplete charge and overall frustration for the user. There is also the fact that this option is pretty basic. For something from such a huge brand, it does not have the capability that other options have. It is linked to Google and powered by Android which is amazing but customers are expecting a little more than what they are getting. This watch is beautiful but it is also a bit bulky because of the large watch face and some people find this to be uncomfortable and inconvenient.


The quality of this item is pretty good. You will get many different faces that you can use on the watch and a variety of styles. This makes fitting it into your wardrobe easy. The materials used are also high-quality. The OS of the electronic piece of the watch is solid and won't fail you. While it is not made to swim in a bit of water won't ruin it and that is something important in today's messy world. Consumers have noted that the options that have rhinestones on them tend to start losing their gems over time. This product is decent and while it does not offer as many advanced features as other available to you, it does give you fairly accurate information about your activity levels. This tracking is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and this option can keep you looking great while you are at it.


The price of this product varies widely depending on where you decide to purchase it from. It would be advantageous to do a bit of price shopping before throwing it in your cart and buying it. The cost of it is quite steep. This is partially due to the stellar look. Working it into your budget may not be the easiest thing to do and for many people, some saving will have to occur if they want to wear this on a daily basis. The tracking systems are decent and you get a lot of capability with Google but they are not as great as others we have reviewed in the past. Consumers feel as if this product is a decent value and we would have to agree. There are surely some places for improvement but overall it is not a terrible option in the world of fitness trackers.

Bottom Line

This is probably not the product for those of you that are on a budget. You will have to make a pretty big investment to buy this smartwatch. If you can afford it you will be getting a piece that will truly stand out in the crowd. It is very appealing to the eye. The information it provides you with is pretty basic but it is the foundation of most fitness trackers. There are a few advanced features that are pretty cool and work into daily life easily. This watch is quite durable. You will be able to wear it daily and be ready for any type of event you are participating in. So, this watch does leave some to be desired as far as fitness trackers go but overall it is a decent option that can help you maintain better health and wellness trends in your life.