Best Muay Thai Punching Bags Tested and Compared

With so many Muay Thai punching bags on the market, finding the one that is right for you can be a real challenge. If you have already started to look around, you have probably noticed you can buy Muay Thai punching bags in a variety of sizes, materials and weights. You even have the choice of buying them filled or unfilled.

Many martial arts enthusiasts have punching bags in their homes for practice and training. It is important to note if you are just starting out in the world of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, or any other martial arts practice, you want to make sure you have good punching mechanics and form before you start training at home. If you don’t hit correctly you may end up with painful bruises, fractures, or broken bones. Injuries like this can take you out of your new passion for a seriously long count. In addition, when you are learning new moves or combinations, you are best to learn the correct way to do it at the gym with your trainer, before trying it out in your home gym.

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We have recently done a major overhaul in our guide to the Best Muay Thai Punching Bags. We did extensive research to provide the top 10 best on today's market. This includes the Outslayer MMA Heavy Bag, which ranks number one due to its quiet design and adjustable weight. In addition we have given affordable options like the Eyewalk Punching Ball. Awesome for beginners, improving hand eye coordination, and priced to please. There is an added section for the criteria we used to decide which are the best Muay Thai punching bags. We hope this not only gives you insight into why we chose what we did but also what to look for when purchasing a high quality bag. Lastly, we have included a section for frequently asked questions. The more information we can provide you the better buy you can make. Please continue to check back and we promise to keep you updated on the Best Muay Thai Punching Bags.

Featured Recommendations

Outslayer MMA Heavy Bagimg
  • Outslayer MMA Heavy Bag
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: See Here
Century Original Wavemaster
  • Century Original Wavemaster
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Quick Rebound
  • Price: See Here
Eyewalk Punching Ballimg
  • Eyewalk Punching Ball
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Simple Set Up
  • Price: See Here

Once you have spent some time at the gym and you are comfortable in your striking ability, training at home can really take you to the next level. Practicing with a Muay Thai punching bag helps the athlete in a number of ways. First, you don’t need a partner to practice on a heavy bag. This will allow you to do it on your own time. Schedules, in life, can be one of the hardest things to juggle. Especially, when trying to find time for another person to hold your pads.

Not only are Muay Thai punching bags excellent in improving your strike, if you need to work on your legs and kicks it will help you here too. There are many styles of Muay Thai punching bags and most of them can help you focus on your specific area of needed improvement. Improve combinations, speed, striking power, and more when you train at home with a heavy punching bag.



10 Best Muay Thai Punching Bags



1. Outslayer MMA Heavy Bag

Outslayer Professional Fight Gear, offers today’s boxer, mixed martial artist, and gym rats high quality equipment for a high quality work out. Based in California, this manufacturer believes in great customer service and products that won’t let you down. All of their products come with a 10 year warranty, which helps ease the burden of the cost of a high quality Muay Thai punching bag. Coming in number one in our guide for a reason, the Outslayer MMA Heavy Bag, offers 100 pounds of high quality, durable construction that will take your fighting to the next level. Excellent for a variety of training needs you are sure to love the Outslayer MMA Heavy Bag.
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Adjustable Capacity
Purchasing Muay Thai punching bags requires knowing what weight you will need. Purchasing one that is too light can send it flying through the air after an aggressive, hard hit or kick. You will typically want to choose a bag that is about half your body weight. The adjustable capacity of this Muay Thai punching bag, is delivered to you weighing about 100 pounds. As you and your ability grow, you may find you need to add weight to keep your bag moving naturally. The Outslayer MMA Heavy Bag allows you to add up to 200 pounds, maxing out at 300 pounds.

Sewn In Heavy Duty Straps + Optional D Ring
No chains required for this Muay Thai punching bag. The use of chains can wear your punching bag out. The Outslayer MMA Heavy Bag, uses sturdy straps that are sewn into the bag, this will help keep your bag in great condition for years to come. In addition to sewn in straps, you also get the option of adding a D Ring to the bottom of your bag. Doing this allows you to secure it to a sandbag or the floor. If training in a small space this can be a huge advantage.

Cost and Value
Buying Muay Thai punching bags can be a serious burden on your budget. Outslayer provides this awesome bag at a reasonable price. One of the most affordable in our guide, the Outslayer MMA Heavy Bag is durable and guaranteed for 10 years of use. Making an investment in a Muay Thai punching bag doesn’t have to be a hard hit and you don’t have to accept less than the best just to make it work in the numbers.
  • Adjustable to Any Weight Up to 300 Lbs
  • No Charge for Customization
  • Comes With Protective Outer Bag For Storage
  • Filling More Forgiving Than Sand
  • Quieter Due to Straps Instead of Chains
  • No Settling or Lumpiness Issues
  • Not Compatible with One Hook Stands

2. Century Original Wavemaster

With more than 40 years of experience, Century has been offering top quality martial arts gear that will help to improve not only your ability but also your life. One of the largest suppliers of martial arts, boxing, yoga, and physical fitness equipment, Century stands above the rest in reliability, innovation, and trust. The Original Wavemaster Heavy Bag will become your most trusted partner during training. Freestanding and made of vinyl and plastic, you will master the art of kicking and punching all while improving your coordination, balance, and stamina.
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Rounded Base
Relocating your heavy bag can be a real challenge considering the weight of them. The rounded base of the Century Original Wavemaster makes moving it easier than most and it also makes rolling away easier to practice and perfect. You can fill the base with sand or water, whichever you prefer and know it will stay where you put it, even if you move it every day. If you find you are unable to put in a permanent fixture for your Muay Thai punching bag this heavy bag may be a perfect solution to your problem.

7 Height Adjustments
This feature is one that we truly love and can not be found in many Muay Thai punching bags. Adjust the Century Original Wavemaster between 47 and 68 inches for practice at all levels. Training can be quite a bit different than your next big match up and the height of your opponent can require some adjustment in your form. With the ability to practice at different levels you will be able to handle a fight against any opponent without worrying if your kick will be high enough or if you will find the right point of contact.

Cost and Value
Falling into the middle of the pack when it comes to price, the Century Original Wavemaster is anything but mediocre. Decades of experience and high quality craftsmanship is what you will get when you invest in this Muay Thai Punching Bag. Easier than most to move around and excellent rebound time are two of the many reasons you will love this bag. Exceptional durability helps ease a bit of the cost and you can rest assured it will hang with you through the heaviest training sessions.
  • Will Hold Up to Daily Punishment
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Simple to Clean
  • Foam Filled Bag = Easy Adjustment and Great Durability
  • Won’t Swing or Ruin Your Ceiling
  • May Not Stay Up for Seriously Heavy Striking
  • May Move During Use

3. Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy

As with all Outslayer products, you will receive a 10 year warranty, experience, and truly great craftsmanship when you buy one of their Muay Thai punching bags. The Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag weighs in at 130 pounds and whether looking to improve your kicks, punches, or entire body workout, this bag will exceed your needs. 6 feet in length you will find kicking lower to be a cinch and an improved lower body workout. Durable construction, easy to clean vinyl, and a fill that you won’t have to worry about denting or hollow spots are some of the other features we love in the Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Punching bag.
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Machine Compressed Fabric Filling
If you are new to the world of Muay Thai training, you may not know how painful and difficult heavy bags filled with sand can be. Sand, after use, starts to pit and settle. This can cause exceptionally hard areas that can damage your hands or wrists during a fierce training session. If you are more experienced you may already know this, you may also know what a pain it can be to unmount your bag, throw it on the ground, and try to redistribute sand evenly. Outslayers use of machine compressed fabric filling provides consistent density and reliable use for your training. Muay Thai punching bags come with many fill options, we find the less pitting and hardened areas the better and Outslayer gives us a bag that never lets us down in this area.

6 Foot Height
Sometimes working your lower body and perfecting your kicks can become difficult due to Muay Thai punching bags that are too short. The 6-foot height of the Outslayer muay Thai Heavy Punching bag will allow you to get a greater lower body workout and improve your kicking skills at all levels. When training in any martial art, you will find it easier to work on low strikes when your bag isn’t short. Many fighters find this to be a common problem with a simple solution, buy a longer bag to begin with and save yourself the future investment.

Cost and Value
Outslayer has proven themselves time and again when we ask who makes the best products for all of our martial arts needs. A bit costlier than most on our list, you may need to adjust the budget to purchase this heavy Muay Thai punching bag. If you do decide this is the bag for you, rest assured you will be getting a durable, easy to install, easy to clean, made for feral hits and kicks bag, that will last you through years of training.
  • Excellent for Conditioning Hands, Wrists, and Shins
  • Maintains Shape and Condition Through Daily Abuse
  • Optional D Ring for Bottom Anchoring
  • Durable Construction and Material
  • Extra 6 Inches in Length When Straps are Extended
  • Perfect Hardness
  • Fabric Scuffs From Striking
  • Some Find Difficulty in Adding More Weight

4. Eyewalk Punching Ball

4. Eyewalk Punching Ball
Most of our guide consists of heavy bags used for serious muscle building and training practice. The Eyewalk Punching Ball is made for beginners and will not only help learn correct punching technique but will also help increase speed and strike accuracy. Muay Thai punching bags come in many shapes and sizes, this punching ball will bounce back, at a variety of heights, making the increase of your fighter’s speed and skill a cinch. Whether, looking to improve hand-eye coordination, specific martial arts skills, or just looking to get the heart beating quickly while doing something fun, the Eyewalk Punching Ball is an excellent choice.
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Spring Mounted Metal Stand
Making sure the bag you decide to punch stays in place is imperative to not only learning and technique but also safety. Overreaching due to a sliding base can cause your new fighter to lose their balance and trip which could lead to injury. The spring-mounted metal stand is sturdy and allows the ball to bounce back towards the person striking. The wide plate can be stood upon which improves its ability to stay in place.

Adjustable Height
With the ability to adjust the Eyewalk Punching Ball between 31 and 47 inches, you will have room for it to grow with your fighter. When learning how to punch, form and repetition are important. The adjustable height lets you start young and continue to work to perfection as you get taller. Investing in quality products that will adjust with the growth of a young martial artist is awesome and not only save you money but also save you time.

Cost and Value
The best value in our guide goes to the Eyewalk Punching Ball. Giving your child an entertaining way to exercise, play, and increase their skill is what you will find with this Muay Thai punching bag. Not your traditional heavy bag, with a slightly different type of training, this can be the perfect start or addition to your gym equipment. Made of durable materials and filled with air you don’t have to worry about replacing it frequently and your child is sure to enjoy their time spent punching this bag.
  • No Water or Sand Required
  • Superior for Beginners
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Stellar Price
  • Excellent Gift Idea
  • Seriously Improves Hand Eye Coordination 
  • May Not Stand Up to Older Kids or Heavy Hitters

5. Century Wavemaster XXL

5. Century Wavemaster XXL
Weighing in at roughly 270 pounds and an 18-inch diameter, the Century Wavemaster XXL, is built for the biggest contenders and heaviest hitters. Century is a powerhouse in the industry of Muay Thai Punching Bags and the Wavemaster XXL is the perfect reason why. The low profile base makes it exceptionally sturdy, which will help it stay put during your training sessions. If you are looking for the largest kicking and punching surface on the market, the Century Wavemaster XXL Muay Thai punching bag may be right for you.
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Low Profile Base
We commonly hear complaints about movement while striking in Muay Thai punching bags that are freestanding. The low profile base on the Century Wavemaster XXL provides excellent weight distribution and the oversized opening makes it easy to fill. You can fill the base with sand or water and breathe easy knowing the base will hold your bag steady during your fiercest sessions.

69 Inch Height + Large Punching and Kicking Area
Taller and bigger than most Muay Thai punching bags on the market, the Century Wavemaster XXL, can accommodate the tallest and heaviest hitting martial artists out there. When you want to practice hitting different strike zones and a variety of levels this bag will meet your needs. If you have been struggling to find something that can meet the needs of a big contender, and that can truly stand up to a hard hit or kick, this punching bag is made for you.

Cost and Value
This Muay Thai punching bag made for heavy hitters does come with a heavy price tag. Superior construction that is built to last blow after blow will take a piece of your budget and may require some savings to acquire it. Finding a bag with enough height and hitting surface to make your bag perfect will cost more but you will get a product made for you and that will stand up to the abuse it will take for years to come.
  • Simple Set Up
  • Big Enough to Work Out with Partner on Same Bag
  • Very Difficult to Knock Over
  • Exceptionally Durable = Years of Daily Abuse
  • No Mounting = No Damage to Your Home
  • Filling is Easier on Hands Than Most
  • Cost
  • May Slide if Filled with Water

6. Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag

6. Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag
With over thirty years in the fighting equipment industry, Ringside uses their knowledge and expertise to provide us with truly exceptional Muay Thai punching bags. The Powerhide Heavy bag is 100 pounds and ready to take substantial abuse in your home gym. Loved my beginners to advanced, trainers and gym owners alike, the use of this Muay Thai punching bag will elevate your skills, footwork, force, and accuracy. Find a superior hitting surface and solid stitching when you choose the Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag.
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2 Inch Foam Layer
The Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag is lined with two inches of foam liner making for an exquisite punching and kicking surface. If you are hitting a bag full of sand, we are sure you know how painful it can be. Annoying, brick hard, lumps form and if you strike these you could be looking at injuries, including broken bones. The two-inch foam liner used in this Muay Thai punching bag absorbs shock and distributes it evenly, keeping the pressure off you, your muscles, and bones. Reducing shock will keep you training longer and harder which in turn will increase your overall skill and physical condition.

Powerhide Construction
A synthetic blend that feels like real leather will stand up to the toughest trainers and is simple to clean and maintain. Durable stitching and superior material make this Muay Thai punching bag ready to take daily abuse. From amateur to professional you will see how the powerhide construction in the Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag will endure primal beatings day after day. If you need a heavy punching bag that will prove itself with the test of time, take a chance on this excellent bag from Ringside.

Cost and Value
Leading the pack in durability and supreme hitting surface, the Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag is also one of the leaders in cost. Muay Thai punching bags come in many shapes and sizes, they also come with a variety of prices. If you are looking for a versatile bag that is easy to set up, durable, offers great shock distribution, and is made by a company trusted by millions then making room in your budget for this bag may be well worth it.
  • No Tags or Patches = No Scratched Knuckles
  • Easy to Add Filling if More Weight is Needed
  • Dense Enough for Heavy Kicks and Strikes
  • Gym Quality at Home
  • Breaks In Nicely
  • A Bit Unforgiving in the Beginning

7. Everlast MMA Heavy Bag

7. Everlast MMA Heavy Bag
You get a one of a kind purchase when you buy the Everlast MMA Heavy Bag as it usually comes in a kit that includes a 70-pound bag, gloves, wraps, and a bungee cord for added resistance. While the extras are nice, we are here to talk about the bag. We love the Everlast MMA Heavy Bag because of its adjustability and awesome size for beginning fighters. The outside of this Muay Thai punching bag is made of easy to clean vinyl that will stand up to a serious beating. Easy to hang from a beam or a stand, who knew Muay Thai punching bags could be so easy to make fit into your small space.
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Height Adjustability
Controlling the height of your Muay Thai punching bag is crucial to learning proper technique and being able to train in punching as well as kicking. As far as Muay Thai punching bags go, this one is quite small and built with early starters in mind. Excellent for small hands the Everlast MMA Heavy Bag will grow with your fighter and give them years of training before needing a new one.

Synthetic and Natural Fill Fibers
Supremely resilient and excellent at absorbing shock the synthetic and natural fibers used to fill the Everlast MMA Heavy Bag will allow you to give this bag a beating daily. Excellent at absorbing and redistributing shock, when it comes to Muay Thai punching bags, Everlast has provided one that will keep your muscles and joints feeling better for longer. This will allow you to train longer and harder without feeling it for days after.

Cost and Value
The Everlast MMA Heavy Bag won’t take a chunk out of your bank account. One of the most affordable Muay Thai Punching Bags in our guide, this one proves you can find great quality for a reasonable price. If you find your child is taking an interest in the world of martial arts or boxing and you want to let them try it to see if it’s their real passion, this bag will allow that to happen without causing any financial burden.
  • Excellent Beginner’s Bag
  • Versatile Hanging Options
  • Great Introduction to MMA and Boxing
  • Sturdy Build for Continuous Use
  • Easy to Install
  • Superior Price
  • Settling Sand = Hard Bottom
  • Zipper Durability Issues

8. Century Body Opponent Bag

8. Century Body Opponent Bag
Often referred to as the Century BOB punching bag, when you use Muay Thai punching bags like this you will be able to hone in on strike zones and improve your hand-eye coordination. The anatomically correct punching bag allows you to train against a form that you will surely be facing in real life. Adjustable height and a slim base make this bag feel customized with that real-life fighting feel.
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High Density Foam Construction
Striking an opponent never felt so good. The Century BOB punching bag is made of a high-density foam that is forgiving and offers great impact absorption. Adjustable between 60 and 78 inches, you will be ready to practice against opponents at varying heights and ensure you are making the most impact in their sensitive strike zones. In addition to all of this, the high-density foam will stand up through years of abuse, ensuring you receive the best bang for your buck.

Low Profile Base
When using free-standing Muay Thai punching bags, it can be difficult to practice footwork due to bulky bases. The low profile base in the Century Body Opponent Bag will allow you to move easily around the bag and maintain footwork and correct positioning. It is important to note you can fill the base with sand or water. Sand does a better job at keeping your Century BOB punching bag stationary where water may give it additional movement.

Cost and Value
This anatomically correct Muay Thai punching bag will cost you more than most in our guide. While not the most expensive, it is close. If you want to guarantee correct striking spots at a variety of heights then an investment in this type of Muay Thai Punching bags may be just for you. Built with durable foam and experienced craftsmanship you will have a long-lasting bag that helps you train to the highest levels.
  • Holds Up to Elbow, Hand, Knee, and Shin Strikes
  • Practice on Specific Strike Zones
  • Adjustable Height = Specific Targeted Strikes
  • Realistic Training
  • Excellent for Technical Martial Artists
  • Durability Issues in Bolting System
  • May Need Assistance when Filling Base

9. RDX Punching Bag

9. RDX Punching Bag
RDX gives you everything you need to get your home gym started. If you or someone you love has recently entered the gym and fallen for Muay Thai, eventually training will need to happen at home. Muay Thai punching bags are expensive enough by themselves, add to that the need for hanging equipment and gear and what you have is a wish that may or may not come true. RDX keeps it real and gives you everything you need to get started. While added items are great perks let’s look at the bag and the reasons it has made it into our guide of the Best Muay Thai Punching Bags.
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RDX uses Maya Hide Leather that makes water slide right off. More often than not you find Muay Thai punching bags in your local or home gym. The ability to take your training outside may help increase your want to get out there and do it. Training in fresh air can not only keep your training interesting but allow you to soak up vitamin D which all of us need. Take some of those long sessions outside and don’t worry about ruining your bag when you try the RDX Punching Bag. It is important to note, the Maya Hide Leather is also exceptionally durable, add to that double stitching and you have Muay Thai Punching Bags that are made to last.

Twin Layering + Textile Filler
Double layering the shell and filling it with shock absorbing textile fibers and what you get is a punching bag made to keep you feeling great. Maya Hide Leather is awesome at absorbing shock on its own and when doubled, gives you added protection from the repeated impact your muscles, bones, and joints take. In addition, the textile filler is more forgiving and is less likely to have overly hard or pitted areas from settling. Continuing after years of abuse to offer great shock absorption and distribution is part of why we love the RDX Punching Bag.

Cost and Value
One of the best values in our guide, the RDX Punching Bag is built to last and is great for someone just starting their Muay Thai adventure. Versatility, style, and consistent reliability are what you will get when you try one of these Muay Thai Punching Bags. RDX knows not everyone can afford a huge investment and they want everyone to enjoy their chosen martial art with quality equipment at great prices.
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Comes With Added Equipment Perks
  • Great Indoors and Out
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Excellent Feel When Striking
  • Stellar Price
  • Durability Issues with Bottom D Ring

10. Ringside Body Snatcher

10. Ringside Body Snatcher
Different than the other Muay Thai heavy punching bags in our guide, the Ringside Body Snatcher is a soft filled 65-pound punching bag. If you need to work on punching, this teardrop-shaped heavy bag will help your precision with devastating blows. Built to handle even the heaviest hitters the Powerhide technology will stand up to serious abuse. Want it a little heavier? No problem, you can fill this bag up to 80 pounds, which is a feature we love in Muay Thai Punching Bags.
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Teardrop Shape
Form is so important in the world of boxing and martial arts alike. When you punch, if you want the maximum efficiency then you must have impeccable form. With proper form also comes speed and accuracy in your blows. Building your strength, speed, and stamina is simple with the awesome teardrop design in the Ringside Body Snatcher Muay Thai punching bag.

Adjustable Weight
Many of the Muay Thai Punching Bags in our guide offers the option of adding or removing weight. This is because as you progress in your training you will start to hit harder and your punching bag will react differently depending on its weight. Adding weight to the Ringside Body Snatcher will keep it in your home gym for years allowing for increased weight as you get stronger. We think longevity is important and when a brand offers a great product with room to grow with us, it is essential that we let you know about it!

Cost and Value
The price of the Ringside Body Snatcher falls in the middle of our guide. Allowing you to hone your precision in striking and lasting through your toughest training sessions are two factors that help us to understand the slightly higher cost of this Muay Thai punching bag. If you need a bag that will help your speed and accuracy with a moderate price tag, this may be the perfect addition to your Muay Thai Punching Bags.
  • Offers a Different Heavy Bag Workout
  • Great for Jab and Uppercut Practice
  • Solid Construction
  • Superior for Limited Space
  • Practice Footwork With Ease
  • Some May Not Find It Firm Enough

We know that finding perfect Muay Thai Punching Bags can be seriously difficult. Trying to weigh the pros and cons and reading hundreds of reviews takes time that not everyone has to invest. We hope this guide can help lead you to the best on the market. In addition to finding the best on the market, you also need to consider your space and training habits. Chains can be noisy and keep sleeping children awake or irritate sensitive neighbors. If using a free standing punching bag, too much movement in the base can also cause a ruckus. Adding padding underneath can help and noisy chains can sometimes be wrapped in soft cloth to quiet them down.

No matter your decision know that training in Muay Thai takes time and dedication. You should always be safe and know what you are doing when trying out new combinations and moves. Doing this with a trainer the first few times will ensure you avoid injury and can continue working on improving your fighting skill.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Muay Thai Punching Bags

Criteria Best Muay Thai Punching Bags

Free Standing VS. Hanging

When we first started looking into the best Muay Thai Punching Bags, we found that some people really prefer freestanding bags while others lean towards hanging bags. We asked ourselves what the real difference is and what are the pros and cons of each. Let’s take a quick look at the results of our search.

Free Standing

  • Pros
      • Easy Set Up
      • Easy Tear Down
      • Great for Ground Pounding
      • Increased Durability
  • Cons
    • Exceptionally Hard Strikes = Moving Bag
    • Decreased Sturdiness
    • Base Can Make Footwork Difficult

  • Pros
      • More Movement = Better Timing and Speed
      • Better Striking Experience During Training
      • Tend to be Sturdier
      • Built for Serious Abuse
  • Cons
    • May Take 2 for Installation
    • Difficult to Move After Hanging
    • Durability Issues where Bag Straps Attach

While there are pros and cons for both free standing and hanging Muay Thai punching bags, we have found that it really comes down to preference. It is important to note, depending on what area you need to work on, you may find one bag type superior. Hanging bags may be better for leg and lower body work. Whereas, an anatomically correct figure can help you with precision blows. Take some time and think about what you want to focus on before deciding which is right for you.



The filler in Muay Thai punching bags plays a critical role in the entire experience of training with a punching bag. Manufacturers use a variety of materials to fill their bags and they are not all created equal. Taking your safety into consideration, we took the time to research the best fillers and why.

Muay Thai punching bags that are too hard can lead to injury. Not only will you have added shock and pressure on your muscles, bones, and joints, you are also putting yourself in danger of bruising, fractures or even breaks. Injuries like these can keep you away from training for weeks or even longer.

On the other side, using a punching bag that is too soft won’t help either. If your bag is too soft it may move too much or topple over when hit hard. This can lead to its own problems in the category of injury as falls can cause all sorts of long-term issues. Making sure your punching bag is filled appropriately will help keep you on your feet and increase your ability, speed, strength, and footwork.

We looked into what works the best and discussed those. There are a huge variety of items that can be used in your punching bag, however, sticking to sand, compressed textile, and foam has shown to be the safest and best way to go.


Sand Best Muay Thai Punching Bags

Sand has been used to fill Muay Thai punching bags for centuries. It is easy to add, remove, pack down and is relatively affordable. In addition, sand is also very dense and with some work can be redistributed inside your punching bag for prolonged use.

Common problems with sand are settling and pitting. When pitting begins you will find your Muay Thai punching bag becoming lumpy. Upon striking those lumpy areas, it is like hitting a brick wall. When they pair textile and sand, the sand has a tendency to settle. This can give a completely different feel when striking. Every part of the bag could all have different densities. The outcome could be increasing your chances of injury. It’s important to take the time to redistribute the sand.

Compressed Textiles or Fabric

Compressed Textile Best Muay Thai Punching Bags

Compressed textile filler is exactly what it sounds like it should be. The use of supremely packed material offers great shock absorption and distribution helping you and your body feel great after grueling training sessions. Due to the added give you are less prone to injury when training with lightweight gloves or when kicking without shin guards.

Compressed Textile filler can be more difficult to work with. Depending on the type and size of material used, it can be exceptionally difficult to remove or add weight to these types of Muay Thai punching bags.

You will have less trouble with pitting and hard areas on your punching bag when it is filled with compressed textile materials. This can improve the quality of use, especially after years of abuse. If you need a bag with a softer touch you may like the textile filler.


Foam Best Muay Thai Punching Bags

High-Density Foam is being used more and more in today’s market. Not only is it durable but it is affordable and offers superior shock absorption and distribution. When you strike foam you don’t have to worry about injury. You may, however, end up lacking a bit in the real feel of a heavier filler.

Many freestanding Muay Thai Punching Bags use foam in their design. A heavy base filled with water or sand will keep your bag in place while a lightweight upper is easy to attach and adjust to your preferred height. Foam may not stand up to long-term abuse like a more traditional sand filled bag but the ease of use and simple transportability make it the perfect fit for your home gym.



Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Best Muay Thai Punching Bags

Q: I feel more comfortable working out at home. Is it safe for me to start Muay Thai training at home instead of at the gym?

A: Ultimately you can choose to do what makes you feel comfortable but having all the facts will lead you to the best choice. Working at a gym with a trainer when entering the world of Muay Thai certainly has its benefits. While working at home is appealing, your performance could really suffer. If you aren’t careful you may even sustain injuries.

Finding a non-judgmental gym is usually pretty easy because people tend to support fitness ventures and are on them themselves. Another great way to combat those nerves is to get a friend to go with you. You will see what a great workout you get and how much fun you can have beating a bag silly.

Once you find a great place to train, getting to know your trainer will help you exceed your goals. Participate in classes and hone your skills to master levels. We aren’t saying you can’t get a great martial arts sweat fest on at home, but if you want to master the skills it takes to pull off tricky Muay Thai combinations a trainer is the way to go.

It is important to note, if you are going to start training at home, do the research. Watch videos of proper punching technique and don’t hit with full force until you know what you are doing. Proper technique throughout all boxing and martial arts ventures is important to your enjoyment and safety.

Q: How much should Muay Thai Punching Bags weigh?

A: The weight of your Muay Thai punching bag honestly depends on your weight. Most often you want your bag to weigh roughly half of what you weigh. This will allow it to move naturally but stay put when you are really going to town on it. If half your weight is in between commonly found heavy bag poundage, you will want to go up five to ten pounds. A little too heavy is better than a little too light.

As your skill and strength increases so will your punch and kick power. Looking for Muay Thai punching bags that you can add weight to will save you time and money. Keep your bag working for you for years to come by making sure this is one of its features.

Q: Do I have to mount my Muay Thai Punching Bag to the beam in my ceiling?

A: No, there are alternatives to mounting Muay Thai punching bags to the beam of a ceiling. While many homeowners choose this method in their home gym and it is often preferred, if you rent your place you may not have this option. Other’s prefer not to put holes in beams period. Finding there are some great alternatives to get around this.

One option is to buy a Muay Thai punching bag that is free standing. Not only are free standing bags easy to set up they are easy to put away and store. Freestanding bags can be put anywhere. With adjustable base weights, you can firmly plant it where you want it or let it move a little. No holes and easy to deal with, a lot of renters have found this to be the perfect alternative to hanging their heavy bag.

Another option is to buy a premade bag stand for your Muay Thai punching bag. There are a variety of manufacturers and they are not all created equal. However, if you buy a top quality stand with added weights for stability you won’t be disappointed. Typically, they are easy to install and maintain while helping you save space and still have great training sessions.

Q: Do I really need to wear gloves for training with my Heavy Muay Thai punching Bag?

A: Yes, keeping your hands protected from the constant impact of striking is key to joint and bone health. Not only will a great pair of MMA gloves keep away bruising but they also keep you protected from breaks. These types of injuries can put your training to a stop for a long time. Especially important in the beginning of your venture into Muay Thai, is hand protection. When you are learning the correct form for punching, you need to protect your hands. If you strike too hard and improperly you could sustain serious and painful injuries.

In addition to your hands, it is important to note there is other gear you will want to consider when jumping into Muay Thai. Headgear, mouth guards, and shin guards are some perfect examples and depending on the class you may need other pieces. It’s an excellent idea to talk with your trainer about what gear you will need to ensure you are protected correctly and ready to train every day.