Best Muay Thai Punching Bags Tested and Compared

What are Muay Thai Punching Bags?

Muay Thai bags are types of kickboxing heavy bags that are used by Muay Thai practitioners. It’s one of the best training tools one could use to improve his (or hers) punching and kicking skills. These bags are extremely useful for those situations when you need to train solo since most contact sports require a partner for practice and drills.

In this review, we’ll talk about the perks of thai bags, the types of thai bags, some of the reasons why you should consider buying a thai bag, and, of course, the best thai bags on the market.

Our Top 3 Picks

Outslayer 130 Pounds
  • Outslayer 130 Pounds
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High-quality
  • Price: See Here
Outslayer 150 Pounds
  • Outslayer 150 Pounds
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Incredibly durable
  • Price: See Here
Combat Sports Bag
  • Combat Sports Bag
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Affordable
  • Price: See Here


What’s the difference between a Muay Thai Punching bag and a normal heavy bag?

Well, apart from the name, there are various differences between these two punching bag types. In order to avoid possible confusion, let’s break this question down to two:

Standard heavy bag:

  • It’s traditionally 4-foot long and very wide;
  • Filled weight approximately 100-130 pounds;
  • Ideal for Boxing;
  • Not so good for clinch and kicks;

Thai bag:

  • Usually 6-foot tall and quite slim;
  • Various weights (100Ibs+);
  • Ideal for Kickboxing;
  • Perfect for kicks;

Why should you consider owning a Muay Thai Punching Bag?

There are several reasons why you should at least consider these bags, and most of them are based on the difference between a thai bag and a standard heavy bag:

  • There are punching bags in every price range

If you’re on a budget, you could always order an unfilled bag and fill it yourself. These bags often come at a very affordable price and their quality is beyond satisfactory. However, if you’ve saved up some cash and want a premium-quality bag, there are brands that offer them at excellent prices.

  • They’re perfect for practicing solo

Can’t find a partner to train with? A Thai bag can be your partner any time – just put your gloves on and knock yourself out.

  • A must-have if you’re a kickboxer or a Muay Thai practitioner

As I mentioned before, there are thai bags that are available for everyone’s pockets. If you’re training Muay Thai or kickbox, you should definitely have a thai bag at home, just in case you miss out on a training or you feel like you need some extra.


Perks of Muay Thai Punching Bags

The benefits and perks of owning a thai bag revolve around “you punching it”. It’s a wonder how such a plain thing can offer you such a vast array of advantages, so let’s see what they are:

  • Strengthen your knuckles & shins

Knuckles, shins, elbows, and knees are your tools of the trade as a martial artist. You need to polish your skills and use your tools as often as possible, and thai bags provide you with an opportunity to do that whenever you want.

  • Develop your timing skills

Timing is crucial in Muay Thai fighting – if you don’t see a kick coming your way and you may end up in a hospital. These bags are bouncy, and you will have the feeling as if you’re fighting a moving target that has taken a defensive position.

  • Improve your combos

Combinations are everything, and they’re very hard to practice in thin air or during a sparring session. Just punching the air may get you the hang of a combo, but you should try it out on a thai bag before you know if it works or not.

  • Step-up your footwork

If you execute every move, hit, and kick in a proper manner, your feet are bound to get sore really quick. Thai fighters move their entire body, even during the most basic of punches, so you ought to step-up your foot game as soon as possible.

  • Great for cardio

Punching, kicking, and running will get your heart pumped like nothing else. Needless to say, the thrill and euphoria of punching an object that won’t cause any material damage is something we all want to do every once in a while. With thai bags, you can do it all day, every day.

10 Best Muay Thai Punching Bags


1. Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag (130 Pounds)

Here we have an awesome Banana Muay Thai punching bag by Outslayer. It comes at a great price, and it’s one of the best thai bags in the price range.
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You might not be thrilled with this if you’re on a budget, but it’s always better to spend some extra cash rather than pay for refills, repairs, or a new bag later.

This thai bag is made of heavy-duty Vinyl – it’s very beautiful, soft to the touch, and it’s highly durable. The proof of that is the 10-year warranty – if anything happens to your thai punching bag during your training (with the exception of damage by severe weather or sharp objects) during the 10 years after you’ve purchased it, Outslayer will give you a new one.

As for the design, Outslayer’s Muay Thai punching bag is 6 feet tall and it weighs 130 pounds. It’s safe to say that it’s one of the heavier bags on the market, but that’s precisely what you need if you want those low kicks to improve.

Considering the design, Outslayer’s professional thai bag is comprised of a long black vinyl material with red hook straps on the top. At the very bottom, you can see beautiful circular engravings, the Outslayer™ logo was inscribed along the bag, and it’s pretty awesome all in all.
  • A moderate price – Outslayer’s heavy punching thai bag comes at a moderate price.
  • High-quality materials – this thai bag is made of heavy-duty vinyl which gives it premium durability
  • Ideal for kick combinations – this thai bag will give you the upper hand in combat with low and middle kicks
  • A guarantee of durability – a certificate on 10-year warranty is included with the package
  • Requires assembly prior to using

2. Muay Thai Punching Bag 6ft 150Ibs Unfilled

Another great product by Outslayer, this Muay Thai punching bag is also a Banana thai bag (6 feet tall).
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When compared to the previous model, this one is a bit heavier – the first Outslayer’s thai bag we’ve mentioned was 130 pounds in weight, and this one weighs 150 pounds.

Design is essentially the same – it’s also made of heavy-duty vinyl that boasts incredible durability, it looks exactly the same, along with the circular motives and the Outslayer™ logo. It was specifically designed for semi-pro and professional use of Kickboxers, Muay Thai fighters, and MMA fighters.

The 10-year warranty certificate is supplied (same as with the previous Outslayer thai bag), and it also excludes the cash-back in the case of damages caused by sharp objects or severe weather conditions.

What’s different?

This Outslayer punching bag comes unfilled – you can choose whatever filling material you want, but you’ll have to go through all the trouble on your own. This is maybe one of the reasons why this thai bag costs significantly less when compared to its filled counterpart. This model belongs to the “affordable” price point category.

If we are to compare the performance of these two Outslayer thai punching bags, we could easily notice the difference in experience – the first model in our review comes “Filled” which gives it the upper hand. The professionals which made this bag used premium-quality filling materials, and a regular Joe might not be so crafty.

Anyhow, it’s a great bag for the cash, it’s ideal for the majority of contact sports practitioners, and it’s pretty durable.
  • High-quality materials – this thai bag is incredibly durable
  • Perfect for most contact sports practitioners – MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, even Karate – it doesn’t matter. This bag is perfect for everyone
  • Very heavy – Outslayer’s 150-pound bag is incredibly heavy. Once installed, you don’t want it down
  • It comes unfilled – this might be a pro or a con, it depends on you. If you have the skills and knowledge of how to best fill your punching bag, it’s a pro (and vice versa

3. Combat Sports Boxing MMA Muay Thai Fitness Punching Heavy Bag

Combat Sports is one of those brands that excel in quality, and the fighters know it.
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You may see a lot of their punching bags in most professional gyms, and this model is not an exception. Actually, this may be the best thai bag in the market, so let’s see what it can do for you.

Considering the cost, it’s one of the less affordable punching bags, but it’s still not extremely expensive. This bag doesn't cost much, you could easily throw a couple dollars more and get yourself a premium-quality thai bag, but Combat Sports punching bag will suffice if you’re a semi-pro.

It belongs to the top border of the “affordable” category, but there’s a manifold of better bags that are in the next price range. It’s made of synthetic leather which is very, very durable, but it often smells quite unpleasant when it’s unpacked. Don’t worry though, the odor will disappear after you’ve kicked and punched this bag for a while.

One of the features that will make the process of hanging this thai bag easier is the complementary feature – a heavy-duty chain. Now, some manufacturers supply chains with their products, but it’s a real bummer when they don’t – you need to take exact measurements, inquire about supportive-weight capacity, buy it on your own, and such.

The weight of this thai bag is 100 pounds – it’s not super-heavy, but it’s not lightweight either. Once kicked (or punched), it will bounce off a bit which is great – hitting a moving target will improve your experience.
  • Quite affordable – this thai bag is incredibly affordable for a high-end punching bag
  • Satisfactory height and weight – Combat Sports thai bag features the size of 13” by 72” and it weighs 100 pounds
  • Comes with a complementary feature – the heavy-duty chain is included in the package
  • Great durability – Combat Sport’s Thai bag is made of synthetic leather
  • The leather might smell a bit after you’ve unpacked this bag

4. Ringside Powerhide Boxing MMA Muay Thai Punching 100 Ib Heavy Bag – Soft Filled

Ringside has a wide catalog of high-quality sports/fighting gear, and their Powerhide 100-pound thai punching bag is one of their best products.
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It actually has more in common with a standard heavy bag, mainly because it has a very soft hitting surface, but we’ll get to that later.

Concerning the size of this punching bag, it’s specific dimensions are 14” by 42”. This size is pretty nice, and it gives you plenty of surface to hit. It’s a large punching bag that can be purchased at an affordable price.

As for the design, Ringside’s Powerhide punching bag features a 2-inch foam liner that provides an incredibly soft hitting surface. Whenever you land a low kick or a punch you won’t get staggered back as much as with other punching bags.

Lastly, this incredible punching bag comes with a set of complementary features – it comes with a Heavy Chain and the Swivel. Ringside’s Powerhide thai bag isn’t perfect, though – the only downfall is that it requires assembly before you can let off some steam.
  • Very comfortable to hit – Ringside’s Powerhide thai bag comes outfitted with a soft 2-inch liner that provides a smooth hitting surface
  • Large and heavy – this thai bag is 42” tall, 14” wide, and 100 pounds heavy
  • An affordable price 
  • Complementary features – the swivel and the heavy chain come with the package
  • Requires assembly before you can use it

5. Everlast Muay Thai Bag, 100 pounds

Everyone knows about Everlast. If you never heard about it, you saw people sporting their hats or clothes, at least in movies.
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You might have watched the “Southpaw” with Jake Gyllenhaal, he wears the Everlast boxing shorts in a couple of matches. If that’s not the case, you’ve definitely watched Rocky – even the big man himself wore Everlast gloves.

I won’t bother you with details further, let’s talk about Everlast thai bags. We’re looking at a Banana punching bag that’s designed in a pretty plain and straightforward way. Concerning the outward appearance, the black synthetic leather (reinforced with special webbing) and the Everlast™ logo are all there is to it.

The bag itself is incredibly durable, but you’re going to love the part about the price – it’s actually quite cheap (for a high-end product). Everlast is known for their steep prices, and they have all the right to be expensive – their products are absolutely the best!
  • An awesome bag from a reputable brand 
  • High-quality materials – this thai bag is made of premium-quality synthetic leather that was reinforced with special webbing
  • An amazing price – Everlast is usually expensive, but this bag is an exception
  • The bag might doesn’t bounce when hit – prepare yourself for stationary target training

6. Fairtex Unfilled HB6 – 6ft Muay Thai Banana Bag Black

Fairtex is one of the brands that holds a substantial amount of renown among the Boxing/Kickboxing community. Their products aren’t exactly top-notch, but they’re pretty great overall.
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Concerning the Fairtex HB6 thai Banana bag, it’s a standard Banana 6-foot thai bag that weighs approximately 35 kg after it’s filled. That may be the only downfall of this bag – it comes unfilled, so you have to do the job yourself. Anyhow, it’s quite cheap, it’s really durable, so you might as well give it a try if you’re on a budget.
  • An exceptional budget thai bag – this is one of the best thai bags in the price range
  • Great dimensions – this bag is 36cm wide (in diameter) and 180 (6 feet) tall
  • Lightweight – after you’ve filled it, it will weight approximately 35 kg (77 pounds)
  • Comes unfilled – you have to fill this thai bag yourself

7. Muay Thai Heavy Bag 6ft 130Ibs Filled

We’ve already reviewed two Outslayer™ punching bag, and this one can be considered as an improvement of their original design. Nearly all of the features are exactly the same as with the earlier versions – standard weight and height, durable materials, and the usual outward appearance.
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This bag is made of premium quality heavy-duty vinyl materials which provide an excellent durability rating. It features a standard design which includes the white ornaments at the bottom and the Outslayer™ logo along the way. It weighs 130 pounds and it’s 6-foot tall.

Now, for the part of what’s different – this bag features an extra strap at the bottom, so you can affix it both top and bottom. This will give you the means to practice your kicks without the bag moving at all.
  • Superior durability – this punching bag is made of heavy-duty vinyl materials
  • Great weight and height – it’s 6-foot tall and 130 pounds heavy
  • An improved version – features an additional strap at the bottom for easy adjustments
  • The improvement is not substantial
  • The price went up

8. Contender Fight Sports 100Ib Thai Bag

We’ve reviewed some budget thai bags so far, but Contender Fight Sports bag is somewhat different from the rest. It’s obviously cheap, but it also has a full set of advantages you can benefit from.
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This thai bag is made of special military-grade vinyl that was reinforced with nylon – this made the bag exceptionally durable, but also very pleasurable to the touch (or to punches, more specifically).

Contender Fight Sports thai bag measures 13-inches in width (diameter) and 72-inches in length, it weighs 100 pounds, and it’s a pretty balanced bag overall. Some bags are not filled properly, some feel quite odd in the beginning, and some even reek of fresh leather. You won’t have those problems with this thai bag.
  • A budget thai bag – this punching bag belongs to the “budget” price point category
  • Durable materials – Contender Fight Sports punching bag is made of special military-grade vinyl which was reinforced with nylon
  • Standard measurements – 13” in diameter, 72” in length, 100 pounds of weight
  • This might not be the best for your punching sessions

9. Muay Thai Punching Bag 6ft 150Ibs Unfilled

This is the last Outslayer™ thai bag in our review – the Yellow Unfilled model is decently affordable, its measurements are standard, and its design is quite appealing.
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Same as the previous models, the Outslayer’s Yellow Unfilled thai bag is phenomenal for MMA, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing practitioners.

This thai has a great price value and it’s one of the best thai bags in the price range. It features the same design as the rest of Outslayer’s thai bag products, and standard measurements – 6-foot tall Banana bag that weighs 150 pounds.
  • Very beautiful – Outslayer’s Yellow thai punching bag features a beautiful yellow design
  • An affordable price 
  • Enormous filling capacity – even though this bag should be filled up to 150 pounds, the filling capacity exceeds this value up to 300 pounds
  • The only difference between this and the standard Outslayer punching bag is that it’s yellow

10. Windy Thai Filled Heavy Bag

The last thai bag in our review is Windy’s heavy thai bag. It’s a classical banana punching bag that comes with complementary heavy chain and hanging clip, it’s quite wide (for a banana bag) and it weighs 150 pounds.
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The only thing that separates this thai bag from the rest is the material of which it is comprised – Windy’s thai bag is made of thick leather with special triple-stitched seams. It’s definitely one of the most durable thai bags, but it’s also very expensive.
  • Superior durability – Windy’s thai bag is made of thick leather with triple seams
  • Big and heavy – This thai bag measures 16-inch by 38-inch and it weighs 150 pounds
  • Complementary features – the package includes a heavy bag chain and the hanging clip
  • Very expensive – this thai big costs quite a lot