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Muscle Milk Protein Powder Reviewed Review Facts

Muscle Milk is a name that is common among weightlifters, Boxers, Martial Artists, and athletes worldwide. You can use Muscle Milk Protein Powder at any point throughout your day. This includes before or after working out or as a snack anytime throughout your day. It packs a nice amount of Protein into every serving which will make attaining daily goals easier than ever.  Using this product will also help increase your daily fiber intake and you won't have to worry about Gluten or Soy. When you choose this product you will be purchasing a product that carries the highest approval score when it comes to quality. Looking for the best of the best is something that can be difficult but with the standards, this brand sets it's easy to see why millions love their products so much. Needing a product that will ensure quick recovery times while also ensuring your muscles are gaining strength at a great rate is not an impossible dream, simply try Muscle Milk Protein Powder and find that every box is checked on your list of the perfect Protein Supplement.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Dissolves Easily
  • Increases Energy
  • Superior Flavor
  • Airy Texture
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Low Sugar Content
  • Thick and Creamy
  • Less Chalky
  • Easily Digestible
  • Some Flavors a Bit Bland
  • Chemical Aftertaste
  • Quite Sweet


For twenty years Muscle Milk has been providing people with active lifestyles what they need to ensure great muscle recovery time and strength building. From those that go to the gym daily to the weekend warriors running marathons, Muscle Milk has you covered with products that not only taste great but also get the job done. Always bringing innovation to the table they provide the best products we could need to aid us in our search for a healthy and happy life. With a great variety of products to aid in various pieces of your fitness routine, you can be sure Muscle Milk has you covered. Protein is essential and they know the science behind it to ensure you get the Protein your body needs on a daily basis.


Muscle Milk used to have the best taste in town but a recent formula change has a lot of customers put off. While the majority of people still like the way it tastes some varieties have gone downhill and it is something you should be aware of if you have tried Muscle Milk in the past. The chocolate flavors are exceptionally well-liked as well as many others. Consumers are fond of the texture of this Protein supplement. It blends well and has a smooth mouthfeel without the exceptionally chalky after feel. Some flavors are overly sweet but most are average or above average. With all types of these products it does taste like Protein but overall it isn't nearly as bad as some found on today's market.


You get quite a variety of flavor choices when you decide to go with this brand. While some only offer four or five options, here you have your choice of ten different varieties. Naturally, you get your choice from the standard Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry and Cream, and Peanut Butter Chocolate. These are all quite common in the world of Protein powders. They do offer a few unique choices like Banana Creme, Cake Batter, Strawberry Banana, and Vanilla Creme. Of course, for those of you that are looking for a natural option, they also offer an All-Natural Vanilla and an All-Natural Chocolate. No matter what you want you can pretty much get it and this type of variety is sure to keep you enjoying your daily shake or smoothie break.


The consistency of this product is light and airy before mixing and after its smooth and thick. Many supplements leave you with gritty chunky drinks because of difficult mixing or difficult mixing processes. With Muscle Milk, you won't have those worries. Simply blend it in your favorite shaker or in your favorite blender and you will get a great consistency every time. It does become quite thick upon shaking or blending. This is great for some but others find it overly thick. Generally, people are happy with the consistency and the overall mouthfeel.


This product carries a good Amino Acid profile which means that it will certainly aid in recovery time. Your muscles will feel great after an insane amount of deadlifts and you will be able to go back to it the next day with minimal soreness. Additionally, you will find your strength and muscle growth improving with time. No Protein is going to make you into a superhero overnight but with consistent use and meeting daily Protein and nutrition goals you are sure to see results. This product will perform the way you expect. It is quite effective and will boost your energy levels.


The ingredients list for this product is similar to most but it is important to note it varies slightly between flavors. In general, it contains Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolates. Additionally, it contains Calcium Sodium Caseinate, Veggie Fiber, Maltodextrin, Mono and Diglycerides, Canola Oil, and Triglycerides. This product carries a lot of ingredients for sure, others listed on their label are Organic Oat Fiber, Natural and Artificial Flavors, and Calcium Phosphate. There are a few other items listed that are less than one percent and each flavor's ingredient lists can be found online if you want to find specifics.


This option by Muscle Milk offers thirty-two grams of Protein per serving. This is quite high compared to many other brands and will make it much easier to meet your daily Protein needs. Our bodies need a gram of Protein for every pound of our weight. This can be difficult to accomplish with food alone which is why many people turn to products like these to help ease the burden. Thirty-two grams per serving will allow you to reach those goals without batting an eye and in turn, your muscles will thank you and you will thank Muscle Milk for aiding in your growth and recovery from strenuous days spent on a gym mat.


The non-natural varieties of Muscle Milk use Sucralose as the sweetening agent. Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that is often used in this type of product. It is known for causing overly sweet powders. In addition, Sucralose is responsible for the bad aftertaste that is closely associated with any product using it as a sweetener. With some of the flavors offered this is certainly the case. Stevia leaf is used in the all-natural product choices. Stevia leaf is a natural sugar that is used in almost all natural Protein Powders. It is no better or worse than other natural sugars. The non-natural options carry between two and eight grams of sugar. You will want to check this out before purchasing a certain flavor as the sugar content may be higher than you are comfortable with.


For many of us keeping carbs low is how we lose weight or maintain without gaining weight. Some options carry a heavy load of carbs that can seriously throw off your diet for an entire day. When purchasing this product you will be facing about twenty-one grams of carbohydrates depending on the flavor that you decide to purchase. This is exceptionally high compared to other products within this category. A lot of people avoid this product because of the substantial carb count. Some don't worry much about it because carbs aren't a problem in their diet if this is you then this product may be perfect.

Amino Acids

You won't get the Amino Acid profile with this product that you often see in top-end products. Often we see an addition of Block Chain Amino Acids or essential Amino Acids. These are added because our bodies need a variety of these Acids to ensure our muscles recover and continue to grow. We naturally produce some Amino Acids but must get the others from the foods we eat and the liquids we drink. Protein powder companies add to what the body needs to improve recovery time and speed up the strengthening process. With this option, you will only have the addition of three grams of Leucine. While this is an Amino Acid you need you will need several others and they will need to be found in your food and drinks to ensure you continue to feel good.


There are varying opinions about what constitutes a filler. Some will tell you that flavoring is a filler and while there is validity to it as it is not something that is needed in the product it is our choice to want flavors. Where you need to be careful is with the gums used in this type of product. Gums are used to ensuring a decent consistency, without them, you would be left with a gritty non-mixing mess. Fillers are sometimes used to simply bulk the product up which adds to overall fat contents, carbs, and calories that are totally unneeded. There are differing opinions on this product and its use of fillers. While they claim to not use fillers it becomes questionable when looking at the carb count and other nutritional facts disclosed on the label.


You have to use a bit more of this than your standard Protein powder. A serving is two scoops rather than the pretty standard one. This means you will go through your canister a bit quicker than with others. Using two scoops does add to the overall good consistency. Muscle Milk offers its product in odd weight options. You can purchase it in a 2.47 lb container, 3.09 lb container, or a 4.94 lb container. This does give you some wiggle room in price and allows you a larger amount once you find that flavor you truly love. You will get about thirty-two servings out of the largest container which if only using once a day will get you through the month. This is something to take into consideration when looking at your daily powder use.

Side Effects

There are a few side effects with Muscle Milk that you want to keep an eye out for. First, the pumped up levels of Vitamin A and D can lead to nausea, headaches, and vomiting if drinking too much in a day as these vitamins are not soluble and our bodies don't process them fast enough. You may also notice excessive gas, bloating, cramping, general stomach upset, or increased energy. These are very normal side effects of these types of items. Obviously, if you have an allergy to milk or Lactose you will want to stay away from this product as the base of its Protein content is Whey. All of these things are typically minor but if you find you are having major problems you should discontinue use.


Muscle Milk Protein Powder has been trusted by athletes, go-getters, and in general busy people for years because it does aid in faster muscle recovery and gives you a huge punch of Protein whenever you need it. The flavors are decent and well regarded by current customers. It is quite affordable and comes in a good range of tastes to keep your pallet interested. The consistency is amazing and won't leave that chalky feeling in your mouth once you are done. You won't have to struggle with mixing as their formula mixes and dissolves easily regardless of what you are using it in. Heading to the gym or working out at home, heading to the office or running errands you will be able to mix this up quickly and easily for an any time of day Protein boost.


You will have to deal with a higher carb count than most other products like this which is a major downer for many. It also carries a higher calorie count. Depending on what you are using it for can be looked at as an advantage for things like meal replacement, however, using it as a snack may not be appropriate because of the increased calories. There are limited size options available. You have to purchase at least two pounds. This can be irritating if after buying it you try it and don't like the flavor. Lastly, this product's Amino Acid profile is very limited so the results you see are going to take longer than some other options on today's market.


While this product has its advantages and disadvantages the quality of the product is pretty good. They use ingredients that are fairly clean and it will help on your fitness journey. With consistent use, your recovery time will speed up and your muscle building and strengthening will also increase. Popularity doesn't always equal a good product but in the case of Muscle Milk, the sheer amount of people that have trusted it forever speaks volumes. When products are exceptionally poor, customers figure it out. The flavors are of a good quality and it offers one of the best consistencies that you can ask for.


This choice is a decent value. In terms of cost, it is pretty average in the world of Protein powders. It does vary depending on the flavor and size you order but most budgets will be able to afford it easily. Increasing its value is the fact that you do have a wide range of flavor options and you will get a mouthfeel like you haven't had with other Protein products. The lack of an awesome Amino Acid profile does decrease the value a bit. Additionally, the length of time to start showing results is a bit longer and may decrease your opinion of the value. This product is trusted and they are pretty clear with their ingredient list which is nice when looking for transparency.

Key Features

  • 32 Grams of Protein/Serving

  • 280 Calories Per Serving

  • Higher Carb Count

  • Higher Fat Content

  • Good for Meal Replacement

  • Gluten Free

  • Good Flavor Variety

  • Bottom Line

    Weighing out the advantages and disadvantages of this product is fairly simple and overall this is a pretty good choice. It carries a huge amount of Protein which will make meeting your daily goals simpler. When using it for meal replacement it will give you a good amount of calories but you will need to take the carb count into consideration. The taste is good with many of the options and the texture is loved by almost everyone that uses this product. It is quite affordable and with consistent use, you will see an improvement in growth and recovery times. You won't be disappointed when using this product and the variety will keep it interesting every time you use it.