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MusclePharm Amino1 Reviewed Review Facts

MusclePharm Amino1 offers the muscle recovery your body needs plus some extra to help in terms of hydration and energy. You won't have to worry about the use of proprietary blends in this product as they use a clear, well laid out label that will show you exactly what is included. The ratio of Branched Chain Amino Acids is proven to not only aid in recovery but also help you to maintain and grow new muscle more easily. There is a lack of artificial ingredients which is something we like and so do many consumers as who wants artificial dyes when trying to lead a clean lifestyle? Whether working hard to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply crush it at the gym adding a supplement that supports your muscles can go a long way. Endurance training leads to sore muscles that don't perform as well as they could. Branched Chain Amino Acids will help take care of this. You really will notice the difference once you give it a try and we think you will be pleased with not only how you feel but also how you look as you continue to use this product.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 5 Calories Per Serving
  • No Carbohydrates
  • Zero Sugar
  • Promotes Hydration
  • Excellent Recovery Time
  • Affordable
  • No Artificial Dyes
  • Can Use At Any Time
  • Limited Flavor Variety
  • No Size Options


Becoming a leader in the world of sports nutrition is not an easy thing to do. Over the last ten years, MusclePharm has done just this. By providing athletes with supplements that will help take their performance to the next level they have built a following that is unparalleled. Backed by science, their products will help you attain your goals easier than ever before. From muscle building to overall health, they have something that will help support you and your efforts. Consumers are impressed, overall, with each and every supplement that MusclePharm has to offer. This company has been skyrocketing because of the positive feedback that reviewers are leaving and once you decide to give them a try, we think you will be one of those positive reviews too.


Pretty much every Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement has mixed reviews when it comes to the taste of it. These types of products are not known for being supremely delicious. There are not too many complaints about the taste of this product in particular. It does use the artificial sweetener, Sucralose, which is known for making pre-workouts, BCAA boosters, and Protein supplements overly sweet. When there is a solid formula being used you won't have that. Additionally, a well-balanced formula won't leave you with a terrible aftertaste in your mouth. The lack of these two common unpleasantries is loved by customers as they are so used to experiencing them with their supplements. Overall, the taste is good and you should actually enjoy drinking your post-workout recovery product.


A ton of BCAA products on the market today will offer you a vast variety of choices. This can be a great and terrible thing. Depending on how the formulas are balanced you may have twenty choices but they may all be so sweet you can't swallow them. With MusclePharm Amino1 you will have two flavor options. You will be able to choose from Fruit Punch and Cherry Limeade. While we understand this is not a lot of option, they are both very well-liked. Two options will grant you the ability to switch it up from time to time if you start to get bored with your go-to flavor. Due to the fact that they are both good in terms of taste, you should have no problem drinking them.


MusclePharm has got it right when it comes to flavor, they also have it right when it comes to consistency. By focusing on just a couple flavors they have been able to perfect several pieces of this type of product that are typically offputting. Consistency can be a major issue and downfall in BCAA products. If it doesn't mix well you will be left with a gritty drink and some of your serving left stuck to your blender bottle. This option mixes easily and quite well. You won't be left with an undrinkable gritty drink. You will, however, be left with a smooth, nice tasting drink that you will look forward to drinking instead of dreading the moment it is time. This type of balance is not commonly found in nutritional supplements and it is part of the reason so many people have switched to MusclePharm supplements.


This product is very effective in various ways. Naturally, a Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement is going to help keep sore muscles at bay, even after the longest workouts. Also, it will help with lean muscle growth and the maintenance of your muscles. This product is very effective in these regards. It will also give you a bit of energy and help to keep you hydrated. These are things that add into the stellar workout you are looking to have. You will notice better performance and therefore an overall better effect from your routine. It is important to note that this product also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. MusclePharm backs their products fully which helps encourage trusting them that this product really works and it works well.


While this product does not use proprietary blends they do break their ingredient list into different groups based off of what they do. There are some added vitamins and minerals in this product and we will take a look at them a little farther down. Let's start by looking at their ingredients that will help you with energy at a cellular level. This is done with Taurine and Arginine AKG. They then have their blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids, L-Valine, L-Leucine, and L-Isoleucine. The last two breakdowns are for recovery and hydration. For recovery, they include L-Alanine, L-Glutamine, and L-Glycine. Your hydration will be increased with the use of Coconut Water. There are some other ingredients listed which are used for flavor, consistency, and color.


Adding any type of BCAA booster into your routine is going to help with performance. Due to the fact that your muscles will recover more quickly than before you will be able to go longer and harder on a daily basis, hence improving your performance. You will also gain new muscle more easily. This product goes a step above this by including ingredients that will help you increase energy levels and keep your body more hydrated. Both of these aspects will help you take your performance to the next level which will also help with growing new muscle.


Maintaining hydration is crucial to keeping your body and muscles feeling great and performing their best. Not all supplements like this will help you in the area of hydration. This product contains two hundred milligrams of Coconut Water to promote proper hydration. On top of that, like all powdered supplements, you will be mixing it with water. Between these two things, your body will be better hydrated than before and you will be able to feel the difference. When you lack hydration you are more apt to experience extreme muscle fatigue and lethargy. With the increased hydration, your muscles will hang in there longer and feel better overall.

Vitamins & Minerals

As mentioned in the ingredients paragraph, this product does contain some added vitamins and minerals. You will be getting five hundred percent of your daily value of Vitamin C. It is water soluble so there is no worry of this being too much, your body will simply get rid of the excess. You will also be getting a big dose of Vitamin B6. Included in terms of minerals, are Magnesium and Phosphorous. These minerals are essential and can be found in a lot of the foods we eat. These added vitamins and minerals will support your body and increase the performance you experience while working out.


Caffeine is used to give you a boost of energy and can be found in everything from pre-workouts to fat burners. The problem with that is, caffeine has a variety of negative side effects. For many, it causes extreme jitters as well as bad crashing effects as it wears off. This product does not contain any caffeine, therefore, you won't have to worry about those effects or others commonly associated with it. The lack of caffeine does not mean you won't get any sort of energy boost while using this product. It won't give you a huge rush of energy but it will increase it enough that you will get a better than average workout even on your tired days.


Some like to claim that even the use of an artificial sweetener is adding filler ingredients to a product. This simply is not the case. When you see other ingredients listed they are used for things like consistency and flavoring. If you buy a flavorless product you wouldn't see some of these ingredients, obviously, if buying something flavored you are going to see these types of things. Fillers are used to driving prices up by making them look more nutritious than they are or to make it seem like you are getting a larger quantity. MusclePharm Amino1 does not contain any filler ingredients. The lack of proprietary blends helps us see this very easily.


One scoop of this product is just over fourteen grams or one serving. This is a decent amount more powder than other supplements like this one. Because it mixes easily the added product is really not that big of a deal. There is no variety in container size meaning you will only be able to order one that contains thirty servings. This is enough to get you through the month if using it once per day or less often. For many people, this can be frustrating and they would rather have the ability to buy a couple months worth at a time. Ordering more does usually give you some sort of discount making your supplement supply a bit more affordable.

Side Effects

There have not been any reports of negative side effects associated with this product but that does not mean you, personally, won't experience any. There is a chance you may experience nausea, bloating, or discoloration of your teeth because of the fact that this product contains Magnesium. Additionally, BCAAs come with their own side effects including upset stomach, fatigue when taken at too high of a dose, and a loss of coordination. Those that are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant should not add a supplement like this into their routine without first speaking with a doctor. It is important to note that if you are suffering from a major medical condition or take prescription medications you should also clear this with a healthcare professional.


Partnering this supplement with a great diet and exercise plan will help you achieve your goals regardless of if you are looking to bulk up, slim down, or just get healthier. When you work out hard for long periods it leads to muscle soreness and breakdown. Adding extra Branched Chain Amino Acids into your life will have a big impact on how your muscles feel. Likewise, they will be protected against breakdown and growth will be encouraged. Because of these things, you will see your body change quickly and with less effort. It also gives you a boost of vitamins and minerals. Your energy levels will be better and you will be better hydrated making your performance increase that much more. Working harder will give you better results and this product will help you do that.


There really aren't any major disadvantages to using this product, however, there are a few minor ones. You only have two choices in flavor and that can be a bit of a let down for those of you that like to switch it up and switch it up often. There is also the fact that there is only one size available which means buying more than one at full price or simply buying one container per month to keep it affordable. There are a few side effects but that is to be expected with pretty much any nutritional supplement and the ones this one carries are quite minor. Overall, this is a solid product that we have very little to complain about.


This product carries a price tag that is similar to one of a basic Branched Chain Amino Acid boosting product. Looking at what you get for the price it is very affordable. While we understand that price plays its part it is not the only thing to look at when discussing overall value. Looking over all of the aspects, pros, cons, advantages, and disadvantages, it is easy to see that this product is an exceptional value. Your budget should be able to absorb it easily and it will enhance your performance. This will allow you to not only set new goals but quickly move past them to newer and more challenging ones that you may not have considered to be achievable in the past.

Bottom Line

If you aren't getting the nutrients your muscles need to thrive from the food you are eating, a supplement like this one can really help. You will get a decent flavor, great consistency, and a product that truly works to help you gain muscle. On top of this, you will also be better hydrated which is good every way you look at it. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be very difficult and trusting brands you don't know much about even more so. MusclePharm is trustworthy and this product is too. Backed by extensive research and proven methods you are sure to see and feel the difference upon using it and once you do we believe you won't be looking back.