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MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen Reviewed Review Facts

MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen is a Branched Chain Amino Acid booster with something more to offer. Not only will it help your muscles feel better than ever before it will also help take your performance to the next level. With ingredients that support your performance no matter your walk of life, you will be able to rely on this product to take your routine to the next level. You will get a decent boost of energy as well as superior muscle building power with the clinically dosed formula used here. Athletes, weightlifters, sports stars, and soccer moms all agree that when using this product you are using something that gives you results quickly and easily. It comes in a good flavor variety and mixes up well. You will be able to stack this supplement with other's in your arsenal easily. Safe for both men and women, once you start to use this product in conjunction with an awesome exercise and diet plan, you will see your results skyrocket. If plateaus have become a burden, this product will help you move past it and on to different goals. Overall, your performance will increase and you will become healthier while using this BCAA supplement.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Caffeinated and Uncaffeinated Options
  • 25 Calories/Serving
  • Zero Sugar
  • 1 Gram Carbohydrates
  • Good Flavor Variety
  • Reasonable Price
  • Tastes Good
  • Mixes Simply
  • Increases Performance & Recovery
  • Exceptionally Sweet
  • Terrible Aftertaste


MuscleTech is an industry leader in the world of nutritional supplements. They are backed by customers all over the world. Committed to research and development, their products are rated higher than most others available today. They offer everything from pre-workouts to Creatine, so, no matter what you are looking for MuscleTech surely has you covered. In terms of the ingredients, they use only the best. By adding their products into your routine you will find your performance reach levels you never thought possible. Additionally, you won't have to worry about unclear labels that leave you confused about what you are actually getting with each product. Without the use of Proprietary blends, it is easy to see what you are getting and therefore easy to stack their products if you so choose so.


The taste of this product comes with some mixed reviews, as do most products like this. A ton of people say the taste of this BCAA booster is fantastic but there are others that completely disagree. This, of course, has to do with your individual taste preferences. It is important to note, this product contains Sucralose. There are two common complaints about this ingredient. They are that products containing it are overly sweet and leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth. You will probably experience both of these things while using this product. Some brands have found a much better balance to this than MuscleTech has. Overall, a little extra water can reduce the sweetness and a quick drink afterward can knock the aftertaste out of your mouth.


This product has eight different flavor options. Some of them are caffeinated and others are caffeine-free. Depending on what other supplements you take either one of these could be a great option. The non-caffeinated options you will have are Fruit Punch, White Raspberry, Watermelon, and Icy Rocket Freeze. Of these, the Icy Rocket Freeze seems to be the frontrunner of preferred flavors. Next, we have the caffeinated options. You can choose from Orange Mango, Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, and Grape. If you decide you want to use the version of this product that does contain caffeine be careful when pairing it with other products like pre-workout supplements or caffeine pills. You may want to look towards a pre-workout that is stimulant free if deciding to do this.


As long as you have at least a decent blender bottle, consistency is not going to be an issue with this product. There are customer reports stating that they had difficulty mixing it in a glass and that it led to the product not dissolving completely. This will leave you with a gritty drink and part of your supplement stuck on the bottom and sides of the cup. Our suggestion is to invest in a shaker bottle and you won't have anything to worry about in terms of consistency. It has also been noted that unlike most other BCAA supplements this one does not have a chalky feel to it. Something quite appreciated by users as it can be difficult to rid your mouth of this feeling.


One of the pluses to this product having a clinical dosage is the fact that it makes it exceptionally effective. You are sure to notice the difference in your soreness level after a workout of endurance. Additionally, you will notice better performance while exercising. You will get a better pump, more focus, and increased drive to crush it each and every day. Also, because of the Branched Chain Amino Acids that are included your muscles will be better protected and have the ability to grow more quickly. Consumers agree that this product works well and you are certain to see results with continued use.


As we stated before, you can buy this product with or without caffeine. It is the one ingredient on the list that varies other than flavoring. This product is comprised of four different blends, each one responsible for something different. First, there is the blend of BCAAs. They are L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine. Their values are in a 2:1:1 ratio which is completely standard for a BCAA product. They include Taurine, L-Glutamine, and L-Alanine to help you with recovery and circulation. To help you with your overall strength they include Betaine Anhydrous. Included also are a variety of Electrolytes that will help with hydration. They include Sodium Chloride, Coconut Water, Watermelon Juice, and Dipotassium Phosphate. Lastly, for the options that do contain caffeine, there is of course caffeine.


This product will help increase your performance in a variety of ways. When looking at BCAAs by themselves, you will have better protein synthesis while using it which means your muscles will grow more quickly and use Proteins more effectively for continued growth. Next, we have all of the added ingredients that help with circulation, hydration, and energy. These all help you perform at your top level. Rather than feeling tired you will be ready to kill it no matter what activity you decide to do for the day. Staying fit and active is difficult but as you continue to perform well you will continue to strengthen muscle and build confidence. With this will come even better performance and added appeal to continue use of this product.


The blend of electrolytes used in this BCAA booster will allow your cells to use the water in your body more effectively. This is not the only thing that will help you with hydration in this product, however. You will notice that it contains Coconut Water and Watermelon Juice. Both of these things will also help keep you hydrated as you work hard and sweat hard at the gym. The most obvious thing that is going to help in terms of hydration is the fact that you are going to mix this powder with water. The suggested amount is eight ounces per scoop but you can certainly use more water if you are trying to up your water intake.


There are a few ingredients listed that help with circulation. By increasing blood flow your body will receive added nutrients and Oxygen to the muscles. This will make it so you don't have to spend as much time recovering between sets while lifting, slow down for a breather as often while running, or have that feeling like your muscles have nothing left to give while heading towards the end of any type of fitness routine. Additionally, you will notice better pump and endurance in general. Increasing circulation is a big part of the reason pre-workout supplements work and why you may be able to replace your pre-workout altogether after giving this product a try.


Obviously, there are two options in this product, one with and one without caffeine. Each serving of the caffeinated variety has fifty milligrams of caffeine per scoop. This is exceptionally low. If you are someone that is used to a very potent pre-workout, you may want to consider adding a caffeine supplement if you are replacing your current pre-workout with this. Those that stay away from caffeine should not have any issues with this low amount. It is not enough to cause the annoying jittery or crashing side effects that are often associated with products carrying high caffeine counts. You can use up to two scoops at a time which may help those of you looking for a bit more energy than fifty milligrams is going to give you.


When lesser brands use proprietary blends, oftentimes it is to cover up the use of fillers. Filler ingredients are used to drive up the cost of a product by making it look like you are getting more product or one with higher nutrients than it actually has. MuscleTech is not a lesser brand and they avoid proprietary blends because they know how important label transparency is to most customers. By clearly laying out their ingredient list and amounts for each ingredient it is easy to see that they are not using fillers to inflate prices. Staying away from fillers is healthier for you and better for the brand as it always ends up coming out that fillers are being used. People trust that when buying from MuscleTech, they are not paying for the use of ingredients that no one wants or needs in their supplements.


This product does something a bit different in terms of serving size, they give you options. Depending on how potent you want it you can use one or two scoops equalling either nine or eighteen grams. Anytime you are starting a new product it is wise to start small until you know how it is going to make you feel. They do not offer any container size variety and you will get thirty servings per container. If you are using a single dose it will be plenty to get you through a month but if you believe you will end up doubling up you may want to double up your purchase as well. Taking into consideration how many days a week you use a product such as this may also be advantageous to your monthly supplement budget and save you from over or under buying.

Side Effects

One major advantage of this product is that with the thousands of reviews we have looked at, no one is complaining of experiencing adverse side effects while using MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen. The caffeinated variety doesn't hold high enough levels to give you jitters or unwanted crashing effects. The other ingredients when used in moderation, as they are in this formula, will also leave you with less likelihood of side effects. There is a possibility, however, when using any type of supplement that you will have some sort of negative reaction to it. If you find this product is making you experience something out of the ordinary you may want to discontinue use and speak with your healthcare professional.


There are some very obvious advantages to adding a BCAA booster into your fitness or weight loss routine. When you work your muscles hard they tend to get very sore, however, with this product that will become a thing of the past. Your muscles will also grow and maintain better while using this supplement. The flavor options are decent and you can get it in a version that contains no caffeine which is awesome for those that like to stay away from it. While we are used to seeing a giant list of side effects, with this product, not so much. Your performance will increase which means you will also see results in your physique faster while using this option than without.


Finding disadvantages in this product is a bit difficult. For those of you that like a very potent pre-workout and are looking to replace it with this you may find that it falls flat and you need to stack something for energy on top of it. They do use Sucralose which can make the taste of this product a bit off-putting. Other than these two things we really can't see where you can go wrong. Considering we don't take supplements for their taste and it is simple enough to stack something for energy with it we feel these are exceptionally minor disadvantages. Looking at them compared to all the benefits and it is very easy to see why millions have started using this product brought to us by MuscleTech.


The price tag that we see with this choice is minimal. Anyone that already has a supplement budget will be able to add this in easily. Those who don't really shouldn't have much problem either. Considering the fact that you are basically getting two supplements in one means that the value is even better. While we know the price plays a big part in value, it is not the only factor. We also take into consideration all of the pros, cons, advantages, and disadvantages. When looked at as a whole, we think you will agree, that this product is an exceptional value. You will meet your goals easier and feel better while doing it. It also comes from a trusted brand that doesn't try to hide behind misleading labels.

Bottom Line

This product is a good one and you really can't go wrong if you decide to add it to your supplement routine. It holds a clear label so you will know exactly what you are getting, making stacking other supplements with it a cinch. There is decent flavor variety and the taste isn't horrible. The ingredients that act like a pre-workout will take your performance to the next level and keep it there day after day. You will notice results quickly and not be left wondering if this thing is even working or if you are just wasting your hard earned money. Consumers across the globe agree that this is a safe and effective product that will exceed expectations in just about every way.