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MuscleTech Phase8 Reviewed Review Facts

MuscleTech Phase8 Protein Powder offers several features that are unique to this brand. It gives you a variety of Proteins that absorb at different rates. Why is this helpful? Stretching your Amino Acid absorption over the course of eight hours will allow your muscles to continue recovery and strengthening long after the sweat fest in your home gym. They use a blend of seven different Proteins and due to their processing, it contains about half the fat of other leading supplement brands. You will be able to use this product at any point throughout your busy day because it digests at different rates. This is exceptionally convenient in a world of inconvenience. There is also the added benefit of Block Chain Amino Acids. These are essential Amino Acids that promote ultra-fast recovery and increased muscle building. They use 97% Whey Isolate which is the best you can ask for as they are the Proteins we really need and they contain the least amount of fat. There is a limited variety of flavors but the taste and consistency are unmatched. This will make it easier to drink and should help keep you interested in one flavor or another for quite some time.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great Taste
  • Superior Texture
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Fast, Medium, & Slow Digestion Rates
  • Excellent Recovery Time
  • Little Report of Stomach Upset
  • Contains BCAAs
  • Great for Appetite Suppression
  • A Bit Chalky
  • Exceptionally Thick
  • Difficult to Dissolve
  • Super Fine Powder


MuscleTech is one of the best selling brands in the world of high-impact sports, weightlifting, and people that lead active lifestyles. They hold some of the highest standards in the business when it comes to their supplements which is why so many customers come back time and time again. Striving to continue their research and development is part of the foundation of MuscleTech and a very real reason as to why their products continue to top the market and lead people to their optimum health. Additionally, they know what goes into a product will make or break it and they make sure to only use top ingredients to aid you rather than inhibit your growth towards an overall healthy lifestyle.


When looking at taste this product has mixed reviews. Most seem to think it is good in terms of taste as most Protein powders are not super tasty. The general consensus is that it is a bit chalky and that is regardless of flavor. It is also quite sweet which for some is a bonus and for others, it is a negative. This, of course, depends on personal preference. You won't have to worry about it being runny as this thickens quite easily. Many believe it is the perfect thickness and others think it is way too thick. There are reports of the artificial taste that we find in products like this that are not all natural. Overall, we feel that you will have to try it to see if it is up your alley.


You get a very limited variety of flavor choices when going with MuscleTech Phase8 Protein Powder. Typically, brands offer five or more choices to try and allow you to mix it up and not get burned out on a certain taste. This brand only offers four choices which are exceptionally limited. You can purchase it in Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Cookies and Cream. These are standard options and when you look at the benefits of this supplement a lack of flavor choice may not be a big deal to you at all. The flavors that are available are fairly well received and finding you love one may make the lack of choice acceptable.


This product is chalkier than others you may have tried in the past. It has also been reported that it is a bit difficult to mix, however, after mixing you will have a smooth shake or smoothie. The consistency of the powder before mixing is exceptionally fine which does mean you will be more apt to make a mess with it. It also tends to stick to the sides of your shaker because of the very fine grain of the powder. Upon mixing the thickness is well-liked. Some find it too thick but those customers are significantly less than the ones that believe the thickness is perfect. You will need a good shaker bottle to ensure even mixing and a great mouthfeel.


The level of effectiveness in this product is higher than many of its competitors. When you are rocking your gym time and sweating up a storm you don't want to rely on a product that doesn't work. MuscleTech Phase8's staggered release times increases the effectiveness exponentially. Your recovery times will shorten a significant amount due to the fact that those much-needed Amino Acids are digesting at varying rates. Additionally, this also increases the strengthening and building that your muscles will be doing. Lengthening the breakdown time of the Proteins is exceptionally smart and you will notice the difference quickly after you start using this product.


As with most products such as this it all starts with their blend of Whey Proteins. This includes Whey Protein Concentrates, Isolates, and Micellar Casein. These are excellent forms of Protein that will digest throughout your day. It also contains a variety of Natural and Artificial flavors depending on which option you choose. Additionally, it contains Maltodextrin, salt, a gum blend, silicon dioxide, acesulfame-potassium, Sucralose, and soy or sunflower lecithin. This is a pretty large ingredient list and contains a few items that may make you raise an eyebrow. Overall it is a decent combination of ingredients and you will get the results you have been searching for.


Each serving of this product will give you twenty-six grams of Protein that releases over time. This is a fairly good amount compared to other products on the market. The Protein comes from mainly Isolates which are the best Proteins you can ask for. Ensuring you get a gram of Protein for every pound you weigh, every day can be exceptionally tedious and a burden depending on what your daily routine looks like. Getting enough Protein from our food and beverages alone can be nearly impossible. Adding a product like this will make is much simpler to hit that daily goal and boost your Protein levels to exactly where you need them.


Sucralose is the sweetener used in the options of MuscleTech's Phase8. Sucralose is an artificial sweetening agent that is exceptionally common in products such as this. It is known for the bad aftertaste it leaves and the fact that it can make a product overly sweet if the formula is not a good one. MuscleTech seems to have a pretty good grip on their formula and only a few find it to be overly sweet. Due to the fact that they use Sucralose, you will only get one to two grams of sugar per serving, depending on your flavor choice, which is exceptionally low.


Regardless of which flavor you choose you will get about eight grams of carbohydrates per serving. This is significantly more than other products in this category. That is not to say there are not products that carry more as there certainly are. If you are on a diet where counting carbs is a huge piece of it you may want to look for an option that isn't packing so much in the way of carbs. The content will increase your energy and you may be able to step your workout routine up because of the added energy. This would mean that a few extra carbs are really not a big deal but it is important to take into consideration before deciding if this is the product for you or not.

Amino Acids

We naturally produce some of the Amino Acids our muscles need to grow and continue to feel great. The rest we need to get from the foods we eat and the beverages we drink. Adding a Protein powder in is another great way to ensure you are getting all the essential Amino Acids that the body craves. When using this product you will get almost six grams of Block Chain Amino Acids which are essential Amino Acids. This is a pretty good boost and falls in the middle of the pack when looking at other products in this same category. With this boost, your recovery time will decrease leaving sore muscles as a thing of the past. Likewise, you will notice an increase to the lean muscle that you start to build.


Fillers are used for a variety of reasons. Some of them are things like bulking up the product so it looks like you are getting more and adding them to ensure you get a great consistency. This product contains Maltodextrin which is one of the biggest offenders in terms of fillers. Maltodextrin is typically made from corn in the United States and is used in a huge variety of products. When it comes to our Protein Supplements there is really no reason to add Maltodextrin and it is certainly a red flag when we see it on our supplements ingredient list.


Just like most others in this category, one serving is equal to one scoop. There are a few sizes available including a 2.2-pound container and a 4.6-pound container. These are very limited sizes and some may find that to be a bit frustrating. The smaller option gives you roughly twenty-four servings while the larger options give you about fifty. The smaller container isn't going to get you through a month of daily use but it does allow you to try the different flavors and you would just need to purchase more than one at a time to ensure you have at least a months supply. The large container will obviously last longer and get you through the month with ease.

Side Effects

Overall this product is safe for young and old. As with any Whey Protein, you may run into some mild effects. These include headaches, increased frequency of bowel movements, nausea, gas, bloating, excessive thirst, reduced appetite, and possible cramps. Oftentimes these symptoms are exceptionally mild and most can get past them, however, on occasion, they can be severe and you may want to discontinue use. This is a milk based product so anyone that has an intolerance to Lactose will want to avoid it. Like other products containing Milk and Whey Proteins if you are intolerant you may experience extreme stomach upset, bloating, and cramps.


The biggest advantage to using this product is the fact that the breakdown time is extended. You will get a full eight hours of digestion and absorption time. This really will keep your muscles feeling strong and good regardless of the difficulty of your fitness routine. It also holds a good amount of BCAAs which exponentially help in recovery and muscle growth time. The flavors are decent and the texture is good. Sugar content is also very low with this product and consumers appreciate that all in itself.


When using this product you will have to get past the chalky feeling it leaves in your mouth. There are many other options that aren't so chalky but they won't give you the extended release that MuscleTech Phase8 gives you. There is also the fact that it contains Maltodextrin and quite a decent list of gums. These are not proven to be filler ingredients but likely they are as they are not needed to produce a good product. Gums are used for texture and only become concerning when there are several of them being used. Flavor options are exceptionally limited as well as the size varieties and this can be a problem for some.


The Protein blend and the Amino Acid content of this product are good. MuscleTech does not skimp when it comes to the quality of the ingredients and the science behind their formula. Finding a supplement in this category that lasts you throughout your entire day is rare and MuscleTech does it very well. It may be lacking in some areas but overall you are getting a high-quality product that will aid you in quick recovery time. With continued use, you will also see your muscles grow and maintain as you work it at the gym.


This product carries a larger price tag than others in the same category. While it does give you extended release times it will take a bigger bite out of your budget. Ordering it in a small container will cost a bit more than the larger option. If you want more than a month's supply you will save money and have more with the large container. The extended release is the biggest selling point for this product. Additionally, it does contain a decent amount of Amino Acids which are just what we need to decrease muscle soreness and increase growth potential. They also use high-quality research when formulating their products and the proof is in the results that you will see upon using this product regularly.

Key Features

  • 7 Protein Sources

  • Multi-Phase Digestion

  • 26 Grams of Protein/Serving

  • 97% Whey Protein Isolate

  • 5.6 Grams BCAAs

  • 150 Calories Per Serving

  • Low Fat

  • Bottom Line

    This product is a pretty solid choice. While we wouldn't say it is the best on the market it is well received by the people who use it on a daily basis. Again, the fact that the release is delayed is a major advantage that is not easily found in the world of Protein powder. The flavors could stand to be expanded and it would be amazing if they offered a natural option for Vegan customers. The price is a bit higher than others but still rather affordable. You are sure to see results if you use this product on a daily basis. It will give you a great consistency and a blend of ingredients that will stick with you throughout the course of the day.