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MuscleTech Shatter SX 7 Reviewed Review Facts

MuscleTech #Shatter SX-7 is one of the strongest pre-workout supplements on the market today. It has gone through a superfluous amount of testing to ensure that it will help you gain some serious lean muscle and increase your strength like none other. This product does not contain creatine but it does contain a stellar blend of ingredients that will give you a gym session like you have never had before. No matter if you like to run on a treadmill at home, hit the gym every morning before work, or participate in sporting activities this pre-workout will help you raise the bar to heights you never imagined. This pre-workout will give you more focus, pumps, drive, and strength than any other you have tried in the past. They use a unique blend of ingredients that you won't find being used in other products within the same category. Giving this product a try will give you a sensory experience like you have never encountered and you will be packing on the lean muscle quicker than you ever have before. Overall, we feel you won't be disappointed with the results and you will probably make this your daily choice for years to come.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Unique Ingredients
  • Transparent Ingredient List
  • Trusted Brand
  • Clean Energy
  • Gives Great Focus
  • Excellent Taste
  • No Crash
  • Affordable
  • Container Larger Than Needed


Backed by extensive amounts of research, MuscleTech is trusted all over the world because of their superior products. They offer some of the highest rated supplements on the market today and have for generations. Regardless of if you are looking for a stellar Protein powder or a pre-workout supplement you can take solace that this brand has you covered. The ingenuity in their blend of ingredients is superior compared to others. You will be able to attain your overall fitness goals more easily when you add one of their products to your daily routine. This brand is honest and prefers to let you know exactly what they put in each and every product they produce. Transparency in labels is something they are proud of and something we truly appreciate.


The consensus about the taste of this pre-workout supplement is that it is awesome. Not too sweet and not too sour, consumers really like it. There are not a ton of flavor options but it mixes up well and doesn't leave the terrible taste in our mouth that we expect when using this type of product. Looking forward to drinking your pre-workout is not something most people are used to. You will be surprised after giving this a try because you will have a better experience with taste then you ever had before. You can use this pretty much whenever you want to and because it tastes great you may find you want it more often than you need it.


You won't get a lot of option in flavor if you decide this is the pre-workout for you. You will have your choice of Fruit Punch or Blue Raspberry. Both flavors are very well-liked. They actually taste as they should and won't leave you with a gaggingly sweet flavor left in your mouth. You also won't have to worry about it being so sour that it makes your lips pucker. MuscleTech has found a great balance in their formula that allows you to actually enjoy your pre-workout supplement. Limited flavors can be a problem for some who get bored easily but we feel with the superior flavor that this offers you won't be feeling as bored as you would with others.


So many pre-workout products are nearly impossible to mix and get them to dissolve completely. This leaves you with a chunky drink that feels terrible in your mouth. Additionally, it means you aren't getting the entire dose because part of it is left on the sides and bottom of your water bottle. Choosing this brand's products means you won't have to worry about these things. It mixes up really easily and dissolves completely. You will know you are getting a full serving and you won't have to try and choke it down or follow it with a different drink because of a bad mouthfeel. The consistency of this product is a welcomed change from what many have experienced in the past.


The reason so many people have switched to this product is that it really works. You will find it to be very effective in a variety of ways. If you are looking to build muscle faster, it will help you with that by increasing your strength and stamina. Your focus will be enhanced making the vision of your goals so clear you will be crushing them in no time. Users agree that the pumps you get while using it are amazing and if you skip a day you will certainly notice it in your overall performance. By making this part of your daily gym routine will take that same performance and increase it tenfold. You won't have a huge list of side effects to deal with but you will have an outstanding product that helps you achieve real results.


Looking at the ingredient list for products like this can be frustrating because they use proprietary blends which don't help us in understanding what we are putting in our bodies. That isn't the case here, MuscleTech lays it out clearly. Their formula starts with their muscle building and pump complex. It contains Beta-Alanine and Adenosine 5. then they have a complex for increased energy and focus. It contains Caffeine, Myristica Fragrans, Brown Algae Extract, Holy Basil Extract, and Grains of Paradise Extract. They also include a few other ingredients for flavoring and sweetening. This is not the standard ingredient list that we associate with pre-workout powders. While it is different it works really well and the proof is in the reviews from customers. You can see how well it works when you decide to go for the uncommon and try something new.


You'll be getting one hundred and sixty milligrams of caffeine per serving when you use this product. This is not nearly as high as other options out there. Don't fret over this, you will get an extreme energy boost because they use a blend of ingredients to ensure you get the needed pep in your step. The plus to not overloading a product with caffeine is that a wider variety of people can use it and you won't have a problem with a major crash. You will be able to take this supplement even if you aren't all about caffeinated drinks without much issue. If you are sensitive to caffeine, even with this lower amount, you may want to decrease the first few doses to see how you are going to react to it.


Using this pre-workout means you won't have to worry about adding to your daily sugar intake. Their formula uses Sucralose to make it sweet. This is an artificial sweetening agent that is made from actual sugar. MuscleTech has found a stellar balance in their formula while using this. Many brands use it not only in their pre-workout but also in their Whey or Vegan Protein powders. It is known for making this way too sweet. It is also known for leaving a terrible chemical-like taste in your mouth after you consume it. You won't face either of those things when using this product. Which is something that everyone can get behind.


A common ingredient used to increase circulation and give you stellar pump is Beta-Alanine. This is what is used in this product to give you this effect. By increasing, blood flow Oxygen and nutrients can reach your muscles more easily. What does this mean for you? It means you will be able to not only attack your workout at the beginning of your gym session but also at the very end. Your stamina will increase as will your strength. Becuase of this you will notice a gain in muscle more quickly then you would with other products or no pre-workout at all. Everyone that has used this product agrees that you will get a stellar pump and the results will come to fruition quickly.


There are no reports of this product causing you to crash a few hours after taking it. With many pre-workout supplements, you will experience a feeling like you hit a brick wall and need to go lay down for a rest. This is oftentimes due to exceptionally high caffeine content. The blend that is used to create this product doesn't solely rely on caffeine to give you an energy boost and it is why you won't have that hard crash like you would with others in its class. Not only is a severe crash annoying it can make the rest of your day unbearable if you workout in the morning. All agree that the lack of crash is a huge advantage in this product.


Another great thing about a label that lays out exactly what is in it and the amount of each ingredient is that we don't have to worry about filler ingredients. This product does not contain any fillers. Many companies use fillers to make it look like you are getting more product than you actually are getting. In addition, they use them to make the nutrient counts look better when their product goes through testing. Lastly, they will also use them so they can increase the price, making their product look better than it allows them to make more money from it. The fact that you won't have to worry about any of these things when using MuscleTech Shatter SX 7 pre-workout is awesome and appreciated among the people buying it.


A serving of this supplement is six grams or one scoop. This is actually less than most other brands as their scoop is typically ten grams. You will get thirty single servings per container which means if you stick to the recommended serving you will have just enough to last a month. Those that are exceptionally sensitive to caffeine can reduce the amount and get a bit more than a month out of one container. Finding yourself needing more than six grams will mean you need to purchase a little more if you want to make it through the whole month without the need to reorder a fresh supply. The lack of size variety is annoying to some people but it is pretty easy to get past once you start to see the results of using this option.

Side Effects

If you have been taking pre-workout supplements you know they come with some pretty common side effects. So what happens when the ingredient list looks totally different than other options on the market? Well, you get a different set of side effects. While some are the same others are quite different. You will run the risk of paresthesia which is the itchy, tingly sensation you get in your face, arms, legs, and chest shortly after drinking a supplement like this. This is common and not really a big deal. Some other things you may encounter are low blood pressure, nausea, or chest pain. These are not quite as common. Additionally, you may experience headaches, increased heart rate, stomach upset, or increased levels of anxiety. While these are all possibilities, in the research we have done we haven't seen reports of any of them other than stomach upset and paresthesia.


We have all had that product that we are excited to try, show up at the gym, get changed into our gym clothes, take our supplement just to find it has no effect at all. This is not only frustrating but makes us feel as if we completely wasted our time and money giving it a try. You won't feel that way if you try this product. You will gain energy and focus like you have never had before. Consumers agree that this product is a step above other pre-workout supplements. It will give you great pump and the motivation to go the extra mile. Clinical trials have proven that this product will help you gain a ton of lean muscle quickly. While it isn't as important as the overall effect, there is also the fact that it actually tastes good.


The biggest disadvantage to using this product is the uncommon list of side effects. There are some effects we expect from our pre-workout products and they all tend to be minor and not worth worrying over. Because the formula of this particular choice is so different you may end up with some side effects that you don't expect. There is also the fact that the flavor options are super limited. This isn't a huge deal for many people but for some, it could be a deal breaker. Needing to switch things up is natural and it may lead you to want to find a different product that offers some flavor and size options.


MuscleTech is known for their exceptionally high-quality products. Their ingredients go through stringent testing to ensure they are the best of the best. The flavor is excellent and the formula is laid out very clearly on their label. This leaves the guesswork out and makes it easier to stack this product with other supplements. You can rest assured that when you trust MuscleTech you will be getting products that are of some of the best quality available today.


This product is quite affordable and the value of it is great. You will get enough to last the month if using a standard serving size and it will taste great every day. The increase in your drive and focus add a ton to the overall value. Then there is the fact that you will watch your performance increase from the very first day you take it and every day thereafter. When you look at all of the advantages of using this supplement you will be able to clearly see why we feel like this is a superior value. Your budget won't take a heavy blow and you will get real results. What more could we ask for in a product like this one?

Key Features

20 Calories Per Serving
4 Grams Carbohydrates
160 Milligrams of Caffeine
No Proprietary Blends
Proven Results

Bottom Line

If you want a product that has quite a different formula and has proven results this may be a great option for you. While it does have a few downfalls, overall it is a great product that is produced by a brand that we all know we can trust. You will want to watch out for side effects but you will also love watching your strength and drive increase every day that you decide to use this option. Consumers agree this is an excellent supplement that will help you achieve your fitness goals. You won't be dissatisfied after giving it a go and we believe it will quickly replace your current favorite pre-workout supplement.