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Elderberries are better known as Sambucus berries. They are dark colored and full of several nutrients to keep you feeling great. Nature's Way Sambucus Elderberry gummies are only one option in a vast world of Elderberry options. This fruit is known for having the power to help you combat the effects of a cold or the flu. In addition, it inhibits viruses from replicating which can mean a much healthier feeling you much more quickly. It may also play a role in heart health, as well as, with pain relief.  So, what does this mean for you, fighters? Training takes dedication and when you are starting to feel under the weather or you actually become sick it can inhibit your ability to practice.

Naturally, this can have a major impact on your performance. Less training time means less precision and possible losses to your sparring partner or opponent in competition. If you feel a cold coming on taking Elderberry can help you feel better faster. Elderberries are naturally high in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Iron. These all play there part in why this berry is so good for you but they are only a piece of it. There are many options available to introduce Elderberry into your routine. Whether you prefer supplements that are powdered, in gummy form, or in pills you will be able to find it easily. There are many other ailments that Elderberry can help with and it is often used in holistic medicines.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ease Cold & Flu Symptoms
  • Many Varieties Available
  • Typically Affordable
  • Safe To Consume After Processed
  • Supports Immune Health
  • May Help With Pain & Inflammation
  • Good Source Of Fiber
  • May Increase Urination Frequency
  • Berry Itself Can Cause Stomach Problems
  • Uncooked Contains Harmful Chemicals

Key Aspects

The place that this berry shines the most is in supporting your immune system. It does this in a variety of ways. Yes, Vitamin C and B6 play their role but they are not the only reasons that this powerful fruit can keep you feeling great. You will be getting a healthy dose of phenolic acids. These are known for their antioxidant effects. In addition, you will be getting a good dose of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins not only have antioxidant properties but they are also good for reducing inflammation. This is great news for those of you that deal with swelling after long sessions in the gym or while working out at home. They also contain a good deal of fiber. Fiber plays a role in keeping things moving regularly and, in turn, keeping you feeling better than ever. No one wants to miss training sessions because they aren't feeling well and this can help you stay on track.


The biggest benefit of using a supplement that contains Elderberry is the fact that it will boost your immune system. When you notice you are starting to feel under the weather, regardless of if it is a scratchy throat, headache, or body pain you should start using a product that will boost your immune system. Elderberry has proven itself to decrease the time that you feel less than perfect. This can help you stay focused and edging towards your fitness related goals. When you put in the effort to hit the gym hard for boxing classes, MMA training, or other physical activities you need to feel your best. If you don't you will notice it in your performance and your ability to last the entire session. There are a variety of other benefits such as pain reduction and a reduction of stress toxins in your body that come along with this product. Some of the effects have been proven while others are just good guesses. Overall, you can count on this type of product to boost your immune health.


There are a plethora of ways that you can introduce Elderberry into your routine. It is important to note that you can find this item in the wild. Keep in mind that if you consume the berries, leaves, flowers, stems, or roots raw that they are poisonous and could lead you to a seriously upset stomach, vomiting, or worse. You only want to use this berry if it has been cooked or processed. With that being said, you can buy it in a great variety of ways. It is available to you in gummies, oils, pills, and powders. There are also supplements and syrups of other varieties that contain Elderberry. These are typically immune system boosting products as that is what it is known best for. This item is available pretty much everywhere. This means you can order it with your other dietary needs or head to the store and pick some up. It is barely an inconvenience to add this item to your arsenal of items that keep you in top form.


Elderberries are, in themselves, food. As noted, uncooked they are poisonous and should be avoided. However, there are a variety of ways to cook them and add them to different dishes. Cooking with Elderberries has become more and more popular as their ability to help fight off colds and flu became available to more people. It is used to make jams, wine, teas, and tarts. These are only a few of the many things you can use these versatile berries for. It is important to note that they are not very tasty on their own. In fact, they are quite bitter. Cooking them will transform the flavor into one that many people truly enjoy. This is a good thing considering the fact that if it is uncooked it will likely make you sick. So, whether you want this item in the form of food, pill, gummy, or syrup you will be able to have it that way with relative ease.


Whenever you start taking a new vitamin, mineral, herb, or supplement it can be a bit scary. Often times they can have negative interactions with not only each other but also the other medications you are taking. You do need to be careful when taking Elderberry as it can interact poorly with other medications. There are a variety of medications that are used to decrease a person's immune system. This is typically done for people facing organ transplants and other major medical issues. Using Elderberry could cause you issues as it can boost the system you are trying to dampen. For the most part, this is a very safe item to partake in, especially, when you are feeling less than your best. As with anything you are adding to your routine, you will want to check and make sure it's safe for you to take by contacting a medical professional.


Elderberries have been used for centuries to help reduce the negative effects we experience from the common cold and the flu. There have been a plethora of trials run to see if this is actually true. It does indeed help to boost your immune system. This, in turn, can help you feel better faster than with no treatment at all. It is said that it will do its best when you take it within twenty-four to forty-eight hours from when you first notice symptoms of a cold or the flu. It can shorten the timeframe in which you experience symptoms which can get you back into the gym faster. As you all know, a cold or the flu can make it hard to breathe, as well as, cause aches and pains that can limit what you are able to do. Shortening the life expectancy of these issues is a major bonus and Elderberry can help you achieve exactly that. Overall, people that use this fruit for three to five days notice a drastic reduction in the time they aren't feeling well. There are many other things that people use Elderberry for. This includes pain management and swelling reduction. It has also been linked in helping a variety of other ailments. There is no proof of these claims. Trials are still being run on Elderberry to unlock its true healing potential.


How much Elderberry, Elderberry Extract, or other Elderberry products you consume will vary widely depending on what it is you go for. If it is a gummy, you will typically take two once or twice a day for a few days. The syrups on the other hand, typically, suggest that you take two tablespoons. You can take it anywhere from one to four times per day. Most of the capsules and pills that are available are also served two at a time. Basically, all of the options out there can be taken up to four times a day. If you are wanting to use actual Elderberries than your dosage will differ depending on how you are preparing for it. There are a huge variety of books offering information on not only nutrition but also on what Elderberry can do for you. There are also a lot of online materials available that can help you come up with healthy recipes and excellent uses for not only the berry but the whole Elderberry plant.

Side Effects

When this item has been processed or cooked it comes with very few negative side effects. It is one of the safer items you can add to your routine for when you are feeling less than your best but still want to train or make it to your competition. With that being said, if you consume this raw you can be looking at a variety of different issues. The most common problems associated with uncooked or unprocessed Elderberry are nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach. You may also experience dizziness or weakness. Things can become much more severe if you ingest a lot of this plant raw. It is important to note that Elderberry and Elderberry extracts are typically only used for a short amount of time. There is not conclusive evidence as to what will happen if you use it over a long period of time. Most people use it to treat symptoms from a cold or flu virus so, there is not a long period of taking it required making safe for most to use intermittently.


This product can be a great value to those of you that like to lead active lifestyles. Including those that like to hit the gym, go for runs, go a few rounds with a heavy bag, or just have a lot on your plate. When you are feeling run down and like you are coming down with some sort of sickness, adding this item to your routine for a few days can make a huge difference. Regardless of which variety you decide to go with, they are all quite affordable. You, typically, get a month's worth of servings but will only need to take it for a few days. This means one bottle will last you quite some time. This goes with most of the varieties. From pills to syrups, this product is truly affordable for pretty much any budget. The people buying products containing this fruit feel that it is a great value as they have seen how much more quickly they recover from illness when introducing it into their routine.

Bottom Line

While there is still a lot to be learned about Elderberry, it has proven to be a great advantage in helping reduce the symptoms of a cold or the flu. When you are feeling less achy and tired it can allow you to participate in your normal everyday activities in your home gym or out and about in the real world. Consumers have had great success in reducing the amount of time symptoms hang on. As noted, be very careful that you don't just eat a handful of Elderberries off the bush in the backyard or you will likely end up sick. Products containing Elderberry are quite affordable and you will get plenty to last you quite a while. It is safe for most adults and children too. Overall, this item is growing in popularity and with continued testing we believe that we will see more of the advantages of using Elderberry soon.