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The Nike Freek wrestling shoe offers more grip than pretty much every other wrestling shoe in the market. It offers a low profile design that will not inhibit your movement on the mat, regardless of the maneuver you are trying to pull off. A high-quality wrestling shoe needs to have several features to accommodate the moves seen in a hard-hitting sport like this, for example, takedowns and grappling. With a well thought out design, you will find all the aspects you need. When you go with the Nike Freek shoes you will get everything you are looking for and more. A major problem with this type of gym gear is the narrow fit they usually have. This option will fit a large variety of foot widths with ease. They are built to help support you in the areas you need it most. It is important to note that these shoes do take a bit longer to break in than most. While this can be a bit of an annoyance, once they are broken in, we are sure you will be pleased with the feel and performance they provide. You will be making an investment when you choose this option by Nike. Once you do you will have an awesome pair of wrestling shoes. They will keep you cool and comfortable through hours of training.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Superior Grip
  • Great Look
  • Durable Design
  • Fast Break-In Time
  • Fit Wider Feet
  • Excellent Durability
  • Stellar For Practice & Competition
  • Less Flexible Than Others
  • Major Investment
  • Sizing 1/2 Size Small


Nike is a powerhouse brand that offers a plethora of items to help you along the path to maintaining optimal health. When you live an active lifestyle acquiring quality clothing, shoes, equipment, and gear are important. This is especially true if you are a participant in activities like mixed martial arts, boxing, wrestling, or other high impact sports. You'll be searching for high-quality items to keep you comfortable and well protected during training and competition activities. Nike offers everything you are looking for and more. With items sporting a variety of different features and technologies, you are sure to get the best of the best. Putting your trust into this brand is a smart decision. Consumers have been relying on them for generations and we would expect this would continue for generations to come.


Most wrestling shoes do not offer any sort of insole. This is because the better your feet can feel the floor the more improved your performance will be. So, the less material between the bottom of your foot and the floor the better. The problem with not using any sort of insole is that there is not a lot of arch support. This item does have an exceptionally thin insole that does not take away from the feeling you get between your feet and the floor. It does add a bit of cushion and support. What this means is that you'll be getting a better-fitting and more comfortable shoe and you should not have to worry about putting in extra arch supports. It is important to note that if you have exceptionally high arches you may still need to add support in as this one does not offer an extensive amount.


There is a lot to be said about the outsole of this option from Nike. It is made of a single piece of rubber. It has built-in ventilation features to help keep your feet cool and comfortable. The tread pattern is amazing for wrestlers. The grooves and design are flexible to allow you better movement and traction when changing direction quickly. It is important to note that consumers have mentioned that the outsole of this product is quite stiff, especially in the beginning. This is likely due to the fact that it is not a split sole design. You will get better durability and supreme grip when using an outsole on a wrestling shoe like this one. Overall, this is a fantastic design for an outsole and it will help you plant your feet and move around the mat with ease.


The weight of this option is considered average. It has been noted by consumers that before they are broken in they actually do feel a bit heavy. Once they are broken in and conform to your feet it is like you are wearing no shoes at all. Coming in at just under a pound and a half you will be getting a very lightweight pair of gym shoes when you purchase these ones. When you have extra weight on your feet it can increase the amount of fatigue you experienced during long matches. In addition, it can slow down your footwork and make getting the wind more difficult. So, finding a truly lightweight pair of wrestling shoes, like these ones, will help you perform at your top level. With less fatigue and recovery time you'll be able to work out longer and harder which can improve your overall game.


Nike uses fantastic materials throughout all of their items. They understand that the quality of material can make or break a product regardless of how well it has been structured. As noted above, the outsole is made of rubber. The midsole of this shoe is made of a thin foam layer and suede leather. This offers exceptional shock absorption and durability. It also will help you maintain a grip on the sides of your feet. The upper of this product is made of synthetic mesh and suede leather. In addition, there is also synthetic material overlays to help provide traction and support. There is an extra piece of material sewn into a loop that closes with velcro. This is used to help lock your laces in place so you won't have to worry about them coming undone during a critical moment of competition.


Once you have these shoes broken in you will love the fit. In the beginning, naturally, they are a bit stiff and very snug. One of the major problems with the fit of wrestling shoes is that they are built very narrowly. For those of you with even slightly wide feet, you may have had a lot of trouble in the past finding a pair that fit well. It has been mentioned a plethora of time from customers that these shoes fit well on narrow, regular, or wide width feet. There was one mention that a customer felt as if they were a bit too wide, however, they also said their feet are exceptionally narrow. The way the toe box is structured on this shoe allows for better movement and higher comfort. It is a bit roomier than you may expect which is what allows all widths to be able to wear this option easily.


The construction of materials seen in this product is a very durable design. Each individual material is of the top of its class and offers a high level of durability. Even with frequent use, most people get more than a season's worth of use out of these shoes. Obviously, when you make a large investment into your wrestling shoes this is to be expected. There have been a couple of notes from customers that had issues with seem durability. This does not seem to be a common problem with this option from Nike. Overall, the way this Footwear option is structured and designed you will absolutely get a good term of use from them. Customers are very pleased with the longevity they get even when using them on a daily basis.


While with many purchases from major brands you are simply paying for a label and not actually getting a high-quality item that is not the case here. Nike is a brand that actually pays attention to the quality of their products as they know their customers depend on it. From the design to the construction and the materials used you can see quality throughout this product. It offers great longevity of use. In addition, they are lightweight and quite breathable. You can see through all the details of this product how much attention Nike has put into developing them. When you spend that type of time what you end up with is a great product that shines in terms of quality. We believe you will be more than satisfied with the quality of this product.


When you first start wearing these shoes you may not find them to be very comfortable. Many people have said that they are quite stiff. The break-in time is very quick, however. Once you have spent a bit of time wearing these around the gym and on the mat you'll be left with a truly comfortable pair of shoes. They offer features like extra ventilation to ensure that your feet are in a cool and comfortable environment. There are also aspects like the widened and contoured toe box. This stops pinching and numb toes from happening. While they are stiff in the beginning, once broken in, they're very flexible. What this means is that they will move with you easily around the mat and not inhibit whatever maneuver you are trying to pull off. Overall, customers are satisfied with the level of comfort they get while wearing these shoes even for long hours


In terms of breathability, this is one of the absolute best options available to you. The upper has large sections that are made of mesh which improves the airflow to most areas of your feet. Where we typically don't find any breathability is in the outsole. Nike has structured this designed to allow air flow even from the bottom. Ventilation built into the outsole is one of the smartest things we have seen on a wrestling show in quite some time. It will help keep your feet much dryer and cooler. This means you won't have to worry about typical foot health issues like athlete's foot. while it may not be as important you will also find that these wrestling shoes smell better than others because of their great breathability. They will dry very quickly between uses which means you can use them on a daily basis without issue.


The structure design of this product does make it a bit stiffer than others but it also makes it more supportive throughout the entire shoe. Looking at support means looking at a couple of areas individually. The heel of this shoe will help support your entire foot comfortably. Another important area is in the ankle. Ankle injuries are common among wrestlers. This product does not offer an ankle strap however, it does have a padded collar and the ability to lace it up quite high. You will get a decent level of ankle support while you are wearing these shoes. The last area we really need to talk about support it has to do with the arch. There is limited arch support in this product. This is good news for those of you with flat feet but maybe bad news if you have exceptionally high arches. Overall, this is not the most supportive option available in the market today but it will give you a decent level of support.


Consumers feel as if this product is a better than average value. We agree. They are extremely expensive and many budgets will not be able to absorb them without spending some time-saving. There is fluctuation in price depending on where you buy them, what size you need, and what color option you choose. This makes some of the options relatively affordable but they are still in the high end of wrestling shoe prices. When you take into consideration all of the positive aspects of the limited negative aspects of this shoe we can understand why people do feel as if they are a decent value. Overall, there are options available that are much cheaper but they are not going to give you the same kind of comfort and support that you get with this option. They will also not be as durable.

Bottom Line

It is true that there are many other options available to you that are more affordable than this one. That does not mean that they are going to offer the same level of comfort, support, and style that you get with these ones. Wrestling shoes are not typically the most durable Footwear options but this one will last you quite some time. When you need ultimate traction and grip this product is there to support you. The way they are designed you will be able to grip the man from any angle you find yourself in. Consumers are very pleased with this option and feel that it is one of the nicest that Nike makes. Overall, it is a solid choice even if it is an expensive one.