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The Nike Hypersweep wrestling shoes are a competitors dream. They are more supportive than most others because of the advanced technologies that Nike incorporates into them. It is seen in aspects like ankle support that happens because of Flywire technology and internal strapping. You will not only get a greatly supportive shoe, but you will also be getting a very durable one. The durability does mean you will be dealing with a longer break-in time. After a couple of weeks of use, you will be left with a mat shoe that you truly love. It will offer you fantastic grip from every angle. What this means is that regardless of the maneuver you are trying to pull off, you will have the traction you need to accomplish it. When you spend hours in the gym and training on the mat you need a pair of shoes that will work hard with you. This could be your perfect option. They will be a bit of an investment but they are well worth it. Worn by beginners all the way to advanced level wrestlers this shoe has what you need to succeed on the mat. Overall,  you will be getting comfort, style, grip, and support from these shoes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Nike's Most Advanced Option
  • Great For Practice & Competition
  • Exceptional Grip
  • Excellent Flexibility
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Stellar Ankle Support
  • Many Repeat Purchases
  • High Price Tag
  • Longer Break-In Time


Nike is a brand that is known in a plethora of households across the globe. a leader in their industry they produce reliable products with some amazing technologies used in them. This brand is dedicated to researching and providing products that help to improve your everyday life. Whether you are looking for clothing, shoes, accessories, or equipment they have a high-quality option for you. Sports stars, athletes, and active people alike put their trust in this brand because of the proven impact their products can have in helping you achieve your fitness goals. When you are invested in an activity such as wrestling, yoga, boxing, weightlifting, and many more it is likely you will require some sort of gear to help you along the way. You can trust that Nike has an option for you that will meet all of your needs and will be of great quality.


As with most wrestling shoes, you are not going to find an insole inside this one. Limiting the amount of material between your feet in the mat is an advantage to wrestlers. It allows you a better feeling and will enable your feet to react naturally to your situation. This is excellent news for those of you that have wider flatter feet. You won't have to worry about uncomfortable arch support digging into your foot. Now, for those of you that have higher arches, this could be a bit of a problem. The fix is simple enough. Because these are a bit roomier you will be able to slide a pair of arch supports into them to accommodate your feet. If you prefer an insole to improve the level of comfort you can always purchase a pair and slide them in.


The outsole of this shoe is made of rubber. This is the standard material for the outsoles of wrestling shoes. It is important to note that not all rubber is created equal. The rubber is used in this design and the pattern that is seen is exceptionally grippy. You will have excellent traction regardless of the position you find yourself in. The outsole comes up quite a bit higher on the sides of the shoes to improve the angles in which you get the best traction. They are also stitched onto the upper which improves the overall durability of the outsole. It is constructed of a single piece which makes it more stiff in the beginning. This is a big factor in the break-in time required for this item. Overall, the structure and design of this outsole are stellar and it will provide you with an excellent level of grip.


The shoe is considered Ultra-lightweight which means it comes in at 1 pound or less. What this means is you will not have to worry about weighing yourself down while wearing these shoes. When wearing heavier shoes the speed of your feet can be decreased and this can have a major impact at pivotal moments during competitions. In addition, the heavier your shoes are the more fatigued your body will experience and you may notice longer recovery times. So, keeping your shoes as light as possible is, obviously, advantageous. Consumers have mentioned many times that once this product is broken in it feels like you are wearing nothing at all. This is because of the lightweight nature of the materials and construction seen in this model.


You expect high-quality materials when purchasing from a brand like Nike. When you invest in this shoe that is exactly what you will get. Starting from the outside, as noted, the outsole is made of durable rubber. While it is thinner than many other wrestling shoe options it is also quite durable. The upper is made of mesh paneling, synthetic overlays, and synthetic leather. There is a velcro piece located on the tongue that is used to lock your laces in place. Within the shoe are some unseen materials. Nike uses its Flywire technology throughout the construction of this design to help with support. There is also an ankle strap located inside of the shoe which is also to help with the overall fit and support.


When you first start wearing these shoes you may find that they are a bit snug and a bit stiff. However, once you break them in, you are sure to love the fit. These shoes do offer a slightly wider fit than most others. Part of this is due to the lack of an insole. It is important to note that in the beginning, the fit of the shoe is very snug and may seem narrow. They will take a bit of time to break in because of the solid construction of the outsole. You will have a good amount of adjustability throughout the shoe to ensure you are getting a proper fit. It has been noted by customers that this option runs about a half size small so you may need to order up to find V that you are truly looking for.


Consumers are noting that they are getting more than one season's worth of use out of a single pair of these shoes. They are a bit of an investment so it's nice to know that they are also quite durable. The way the outsole comes up around the sides and is stitched to the outsole does offer better durability than many other options. From the overlays to the suede leather patches durability has been taken into consideration at every turn. Wrestling shoes take a serious beating and they need to be able to stand up to it. When you make the investment into this pair you will have footwear that will help you stand against your toughest opponents. Overall, consumers are more than pleased with the durability that they get from this option by Nike.


It is not surprising that people feel that these shoes are exceptional quality. All of the details have been paid attention to. With solid construction and smart use of technology, we find that these are one of Nike’s very best wrestling shoe options. The materials chosen are also all high quality and that can be seen easily after you see them for the first time. when you are serious about wrestling, it is not uncommon to invest a decent amount of money into your gear. When you do this, obviously, you want to invest in the features that will help promote your success. This shoe well easily checks off all of the boxes of your wants and needs list for a wrestling shoe. Overall, we are sure you will be more than satisfied with the quality of them.


Be totally honest, in the beginning, these are not the most comfortable wrestling shoes. The solid sole construction is durable and in turn quite stiff when you first start using them. The break-in time is a bit longer than others you may have experienced in the past. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Within a week or two of consistent use, you'll be left with a truly great fitting and comfortable pair of shoes to wear on the mat. The materials are all quite flexible and will move with you which improves the level of comfort. It has been noted by customers that also comfortable around the ankle and does not dig in. So, when given a bit of time we believe you will approve of a level of comfort you get while wearing the shoes.


The breathability of this option is average. The upper does have mesh paneling that uses larger holes but is also a double layer. They do breathe quite well but the overlays in higher outsole may make them a bit hotter. Obviously, you want your feet to be as cool and dry as possible as this is how they will be the most comfortable. In addition, keeping your feet cool and dry plays a role in overall foot health. No one wants to have to deal with issues like athlete's foot because their shoes are wet and sweaty all the time. The truly lightweight nature of these shoes does help with the overall breathability. They will drive very quickly which makes them excellent for daily use.


Discussing support means looking at a couple of different areas of your wrestling shoe. First, let's take a look at arch support. Due to the fact that this product doesn't have an insole, it is certainly lacking in arch support. For those of you with high arches, you will likely want to invest in a thin pair of support to help maintain optimal comfort levels while wearing these shoes for long periods of time. Moving back the heel is well structured to help support your feet and the use of their Flywire technology help support your feet and ankles. The ankle area of this option is also very well supported. There is a strap on the inside that is adjustable and provides you with a good level of ankle support. Overall, this is one of the more supportive options available in wrestling shoes.


Consumers feel as if this product is a really good value. When you first look at the price tag that's a little hard to believe as it could cause some sticker shock. Working these into your budget may not be the easiest thing and for some, it may be completely impossible. It is important to understand there is a variation in price depending on where you purchase them from, what size you need, and what color option you choose. So, obviously, but some are more affordable than others. The reason that we, as well as consumers, feel as if these are such a good value has to do with all of the aspects that complete them. You'll be getting a very advanced pair of wrestling shoes that offer a good level of support, comfort, and the best quality you could expect. Overall, if you can invest in these shoes you won't be disappointed.

Bottom Line

The Nike Hypersweep shoes are a great option for those of you that take wrestling seriously. They will be quite an investment. You will get excellent longevity of use out of them which is important when you're sinking a decent chunk of money into a product. Once you get them broken and you'll have a pair of shoes that fit more comfortably than you would expect. On top of this not only will they give you a great fit but they will also keep you well supported. Nike has done a lot of research and development on this product and it shows. The smart use of technology and materials are easily seen. In our opinion, this is Nike’s best wrestling shoe. If you are able to make the investment it will be well worth your time.