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The Nike Speedsweep VII wrestling shoe is made for your young athlete. Designed to promote speed, you will be able to perform advanced maneuvers better than ever before. Accurate foot placement and a great grip are required when you participate in wrestling. This option from Nike will do both of these things for you. You will be able to wear these for a variety of training exercises. The structured and secure fit will break in relatively quickly. You will have a great fitting pair of shoes during grappling, takedown, and shooting practice. They will also work well if you decide to dabble in boxing or you like to skip rope and go a couple rounds with the heavy bag. You will be able to plant your feet and feel secure that they won't go sliding from under you. When you are down on the mat, it can make the difference between a successful reversal or being stuck with a loss. This brand is well-trusted by generations of people and this is because they offer truly high-quality options that can help improve your performance. This option is a great fit for your budding wrestler. They will help keep them calm, cool, and comfortable even during long hours of training.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Breathable
  • Supportive Fit
  • Durable Design
  • Trusted Brand
  • Great Traction
  • Comfortable Sock Liner
  • More Affordable Than Many
  • Stylish Look
  • Sizing Runs Small


Athletes of all varieties have been flocking to Nike for generations. When you are looking for high-quality apparel, footwear, protective gear, or a variety of other sport-related items you know you can trust Nike to give you what you need. They offer a diverse conglomeration of products that will help support you throughout your active lifestyle. From baseball players to mixed martial artists, you can see Nike’s gear everywhere. They do their best to keep their customers happy. To do this they focus on research and technology to help improve their lines. They continue to strive and grow which, in turn, keeps them as leaders in their industry. Nike is absolutely worth putting your trust into when you are in need of items that will exceed your expectations. With a range of prices and aspects finding what you need to improve your routine is easy simple when going with this brand.


Thes wrestling shoes don't have an insole per se, but they do have a cushioning sock liner. This liner is made from an exceptionally thin piece of EVA foam. you will find that they offer a decent level of support in the material it is made of help to move moisture away from your feet. They don't offer the same type of support that a standard insole offers. It is typical of a wrestling shoe to not have any sort of insole. This is due to the fact that the better your feet can feel the floor below you the better your footwork and overall performance will be. Many wrestling shoes off for a raised midsole to help support higher arches. This does not feature that but the way the sock liner hugs the foot you may find that it offers enough support in this area.


The outsole of this option by Nike is made of gum rubber. Rubber is an excellent material to be used as an outsole for wrestling shoe. Gum rubber is even better. It offers superior traction and grip on the mat. obviously, this is needed when you are grappling, working on a reversal, or edging your way towards the win. The rubber used on the outsole is quite then which means they will not transition well to outside training activities. To get the best use out of them you'll want to wear them in the gym only. The thin material offers excellent flexibility which means these shoes will truly move with you. Overall, consumers are more than pleased with the structure and design of this outsole.


This pair of shoes weighs in at well under a pound. It is important to know that these are youth sizes so naturally, they weigh significantly less than an adult version. Wearing light wrestling shoes can help lead you to victory. They are more flexible and will truly move with you regardless of the position you find yourself in. Keeping your shoes light also helps improve the speed of your footwork and can help reduce fatigue. Naturally, a pair of heavy shoes will weigh you down and that is something you should try to avoid during this type of sport. The structure and design of this product are made to be light. Nike has done an excellent job of choosing top-quality materials that are not only light but also durable. We are impressed with the thought that went into this aspect.


When buying from a brand like this when you can expect that you will get high-quality materials. As soon as you come into contact with this shoe you will easily be able to see that it is made of some of the best materials you could ask for. The upper is made of a mixture of suede leather and mesh paneling. The mesh paneling used here offers great breathability while the synthetic leather gives structure and support to the design. At the ankle, there is a bit of padding in the caller and there is also a supportive strap. The strap is secured with a wide piece of velcro. As previously noted, the bottom of the shoe is made of gum rubber. They come with a standard set of shoelaces. Overall, the materials used are common but the ones Nike has chosen our some of the best quality of their type.


A narrow fit is to be expected in a wrestling shoe. That is what we see here. You want your wrestling shoes to be quite snug. This low profile shoe has an internal sock liner that will give you a snug and secure fit. It may take a bit of time for you to break these shoes in but once you do the fit will improve dramatically. Due to the flexibility of materials, they will easily conform to your feet after you have used them for a little while. Overall there are not many complaints about the fit that wrestlers are getting when they give this shoe an option. It is important to note that if you have very wide feet you may never find the fit of these shoes to be comfortable and you may want to look towards a different brand or possibly at adult sizes.


The durability of this item is better than average. Nike pays attention to the small details to ensure you will get long-lasting use out of their products. You can see this in features like the double stitching on the upper. Oftentimes when you are dealing with a combination of mesh and leather, durability can be a problem. The use of double stitching ensures that you will not be busting seems in the high impact area of your shoes. Another feature on this option that ensures great durability is seen in the sole. They are stitched on from the bottom so you won't have to worry about the soul separating from the upper. This majorly improves the use that you will get out of this shoe.


Consumers feel as if this shoe is exceptionally high-quality. This is not horribly surprising considering the brand that makes them. Nike always takes the time and puts in the energy to provide us with some of the best products available in their perspective categories. From the double-stitched seems to the assurance that your soul is not going to separate from the upper it is easy to see why so many people feel that they are such a great quality item. You will get excellent longevity of use out of this product which means you won't be inconvenienced mid-season with the need to replace your child's wrestling shoes. It is nice to know there are still brands out there that pay this kind of attention to the quality of their products. We're certain that if you make the investment in this item you'll be pleased with the overall quality of them.


This is a fairly comfortable option. As with most shoes, in the beginning, you may not find them to be the very most comfortable. This is because of their narrow and snug fit. Given some time they will become broken in. Once this happens you'll be left with a very comfortable pair of Matt shoes. The flexible materials will conform to the shape of your feet and offer not only a great fit but an awesome level of comfort. The EVA sock liner also plays its role in keeping you comfortable. It helps to remove moisture away from your feet which gives them a more pleasant environment to be in. Overall, consumers are satisfied with the level of comfort they have while wearing these shoes even for long periods of time.


The level of breathability that you get from this option is better than many others. While it is not uncommon to see mesh paneling through the upper of a wrestling shoe this one is structured slightly differently. It is a single layer of mesh that offers slightly larger holes. What you end up with his improved airflow and better breathability. You, obviously, want to keep your feet in a dry cool environment. This not only plays its role in your overall comfort but also in keeping your feet healthy and avoiding issues like athlete's foot. The leather pieces on the upper do not breathe as well, however, the well-placed mesh panels outweigh the areas that are covered with leather. Consumers are satisfied with the breathability that they get with this product.


You will actually be getting a very good level of support when you invest in this option. We will start by discussing ankle support. This wrestling footwear option provides an ankle strap that not only keeps your laces secured but also provides great support to your ankle. There is also padding through the collar of the shoe that enhances the ankle support that you get. As previously mentioned there is not a built-up midsole inside of this shoe which means it may be lacking some in arch support. However, many customers find that the sock liner used offers enough support to keep feet comfortable. The structure and design of this product are quite supportive overall and customers are pleased with it.


When you are looking for a solid pair of wrestling shoes for your young wrestler you know they are going to be hard on them so making a huge investment may not be advantageous. Going with this item means you won't have to sink a huge chunk of money into a great pair of wrestling shoes. they are more affordable than many other options of this quality. You'll be able to fit them into your budget more easily than many others. Obviously, this is not the only thing to take into consideration in terms of value. They perform very well and give you an excellent term of use. Consumers feel as if they are a great value. We believe that once you give them a try you will be able to easily understand why they feel this way and we believe that you will feel the same.

Bottom Line

Looking for a budget-friendly pair of wrestling shoes for your young fighter can be quite a challenge. This is especially true if you are looking for something that offers a great term of use and a stylus yet comfortable design. Trusting this brand with your needs is always a smart choice. You will be getting all of the aspects that are important to you and into ensuring you have solid footwork on the mat. You won't have to make a major investment which is, obviously, preferred when you know the person wearing them is hard on their footwear. Overall this is a solid choice and wrestling shoes and can help give you the traction, support, and speed you need to overcome even your toughest opponent.