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The Nike Takedown wrestling shoes are being used at all levels of wrestling. Coming from a trustworthy brand like Nike, we expect that it will be above average and most users feel that they are.  There are a variety of features in this pair of shoes that help make them exceptionally flexible. With improved flexibility, you will find a better fit and more comfortable feel. When you spend long hours working on shooting, grappling, and takedowns you need a durable shoe that will hang with you. These shoes will last for a long time and provide you with a reliable footwear choice time and again. You will have excellent control when on the ground. It is important to note that the outsole does not come up very high on the sides of the shoe which may decrease grip in certain positions.  The level of support you get while wearing these shoes is better than many other options available to you in the market today. In addition to all of this, they also breathe exceptionally well to give your feet a comfortable environment. Overall, customers are quite pleased with this option by Nike and feel that they offer a great style and good longevity of use.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Breathable
  • Quite Supportive
  • Great Durability
  • Flexible Material
  • Durable Design
  • Improves Ground Control
  • Stylish Design
  • Pricey
  • Tight Fit
  • Long Break-In Time


Nike is a brand that is known across the globe. They have been relied on by generations of active people for everything from footwear to mouthguards. No matter what activity you decide to participate in you will be able to find quality gear to help you along the way. Whether you are into sports, fitness, lifting, or mixed martial arts there will be a huge variety of things you need to acquire to have the best experience possible. With a variety of price points and features finding what you need is a breeze. Also, with a lot of options in styles and features, you will be able to easily purchase the clothing, gear, and equipment you need. This brand has been in business for a long time and they understand that keeping their customers happy by providing some of the most reliable options in the market is imperative. They do this with pretty much all of their products.


Most wrestling shoes don't offer any sort of insole. However, this one does use a full-length midsole that reaches from the heel to the ball of the foot. It is made of a thin piece of foam that is covered with material. It will offer you a bit of arch support. It is not so thick that you will have to worry about it inhibiting the feel beneath your feet. Keeping the insole and outsole of your wrestling shoe as thin as possible is important and your overall performance. With limited material, you will notice a better grip and feel while you train standing or working down on the mat. the structure of the insole of this option will also help to improve your stance. Overall customers are quite pleased with the way the built-up midsole feels and helps them function throughout their matches.


One of the best materials to use for the outsole of a wrestling shoe is rubber. This is the material we see being used on the shoe. Rubber is an excellent choice because it provides Superior traction and grip on surfaces like mats. This slick surfaces can be a challenge for your average shoe but the flexible and lightweight nature of wrestling shoes, rubber outsole will ensure your feet stay where you put them. The outsole is split which improves the overall flexibility of the shoe. It also gives you more feeling through the midsole where it is covered with material rather than rubber. This gives you better control when you are down on the mat. Overall, consumers are very happy with the structure and design of the outsole seen here.


Keeping your wrestling shoes as light as possible will be advantageous in your overall performance. Wearing a pair of heavier shoes can lead to unnecessary fatigue. It is important that you are able to move quickly in any direction when you are trying to overtake your opponent. When you wear a truly lightweight pair of shoes it makes this much easier. Investing in this option by Nike will give you a great and lightweight shoe. They come in at just over one pound for the pair. Obviously, this is hardly anything and most people feel as if they're not even wearing shoes while sporting these ones. Consumers are more than pleased with the weight of this product. It is impressive that they offer the kind of structure and support that they do, even though they are so insignificant in weight.


Nike uses great quality materials in all of their products and they can be seen here too. The upper of this wrestling shoe is structured from a couple of different materials. They use large mesh panels to encourage flexibility and breathability. There are synthetic leather overlays to provide excellent structure and support for your feet. There is a synthetic leather strap around the ankle with perforations to improve the breathability there as well. As mentioned before, the outsole is made of rubber. There is also a synthetic suede leather strip around the bottom of the upper that attaches to the outsole. This helps to provide better grip and a variety of different wrestling positions. The design of these shoes is excellent and the materials are built to last even through endurance training sessions.


Finding a pair of wrestling shoes that truly fit wild can be difficult. Almost all of them have an exceptionally narrow fit. These ones are in the same category. What this means is that those of you that have wide feet may not be happy with the fit that these provide. It has been noted from customers at the break-in time for this option does take a bit longer than most. This is surprising because of the lightweight and flexible materials that they use. You may find that they are tight across your toes and this can be very uncomfortable, especially when you're wearing them for long periods of time. After a couple of weeks of use, they will be completely broken in and you will likely be more than pleased with the fit they provide. The nice thing about wrestling shoes is that they really will conform to your feet when given the appropriate amount of time.


This option from Nike is quite durable. You will likely get more than a season's worth of use out of these shoes and that is quite impressive. Oftentimes, because wrestling comes with an extensive amount of practice, you end up replacing them more than once in a season. This is an inconvenience and not something all budgets can absorb easily. The fact that you will get great use out of these even when you're wearing them every day is a majorly positive aspect. The way they are stitched you're not going to have to worry about the seams blowing out. Overall the structure of the overlays in the entire design of this shoe is made to ensure that you will get long-lasting use of it. Obviously, this is preferred when you are planning on making a fairly large investment into a quality pair of wrestling shoes.


We expect when buying from a brand as well known as this one that we are going to get high-quality items. When you invest in the shoe that is exactly what you will be getting. Nike has spent the time to develop these wrestling shoes to help improve your performance. That is not to say that they are perfect as they do have a narrow fit which could be troublesome for those of you with wide feet. The quality can be seen in a variety of aspects including the longevity of use you will get from this option. Smart design details like a supportive ankle strap that also locks down your laces are other hints to the true quality of this item. Overall, consumers are pleased with these shoes all the way around.


When you first start wearing these shoes you may not find them to be the most comfortable. Those of you with wide feet may not find them comfortable at all. The narrow and snug fit makes them not so stellar in terms of comfort until they are broken in. Once you have given them a few hours in the gym you will find them to become more and more comfortable. They will, naturally, conform to your feet which will give you a comfortable fit. The mesh panels offer good breathability and flexibility which also help to maintain your overall comfort level while wearing these shoes. The split outsole is another feature that improves the comfort level that you will get from them. In general, as far as wrestling shoes go, given time these will be quite comfortable.


Nike has done an excellent job creating a very breathable wrestling shoe option. The majority the upper is made from mesh panels that will allow abundant airflow to reach your feet. This will give them a cooler space that is also less sweaty. Maintaining proper foot health is important in your overall performance. If you are suffering from issues like athlete's foot it can be a major distraction from what you need to do to get the win. They even considered breathability when they developed the ankle strap. They've added perforation so that you will get good airflow throughout the entire design. Overall, this is one of the most breathable options that are currently available to you in the market today.


This wrestling shoe is actually better than most in terms of support. Typically, you'll find support in one place but not everywhere within the wrestling shoe. Let's start by talking about the midsole. The built-up design will help support your arches. It is not overly High which should make it comfortable even for those of you with flatter feet. Those of you that do have relatively high arches will still find comfort and support in this area. Next, we can look at the ankle support. The ankle strap used in this design helps to offer a good level of support to your ankles while locking your laces in place. The structure and design through the heel also help support your stance and keep your feet feeling great. Overall this is a shoe that offers a good level of support or many people need it.


It will be quite an investment if you decide that these are the wrestling shoes that you want to wear. Not every budget will be able to afford them easily. In fact, it may be a bit of a stretch for quite a few people. While we understand the price is quite high we do feel that it's important that you look at all of the aspects before deciding how you feel about the value. You will be getting a truly breathable and lightweight shoe that will conform to your feet. They do take a bit of time to break in but once you have them there you will be able to use them for quite some time. Consumers feel as if this product is a very good value and if you can make the investment we feel you will too.

Bottom Line

Coming from a brand like Nike, you can put trust in the fact that you will be getting a high-quality item. These wrestling shoes are well-thought-out. They are made to give you good Traction in all directions. This will make all of your maneuvers more controlled which can help lead you to victory. You'll be getting a breathable and supportive wrestling shoe that will easily handle long hours of training at the gym. The investment is a little bit steep which may have some of you looking for some cheaper options. This is understandable. Nike has paid attention to the fine details when putting this option together and it is easily seen. Customers are impressed with the overall look, feel, and performance they get from this item.