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If you are serious about running, training, and technology then the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill may be just what you are looking for. You will have access to a personalized coach and a huge variety of programs. Being able to hone in on studio routines, cross-training options, and runs around the world, you will maintain interest and drive. With more options comes more motivation that will lead you to success in weight loss, muscle building, endurance enhancement, and overall better health. While this item has all of the basic and advanced features you would expect from a brand like this, it also has some things you won't find anywhere else. For example, it features a seven-inch touch screen display that will allow you to easily control your entire routine. You will also have access to Google Maps. This will enable you to run anywhere you choose. You can easily set up different profiles on this treadmill to ensure everyone in your house gets a customized session when using it. Not all treadmills offer the level of challenge that athletes like boxers and wrestlers need to succeed in their sport. With a great variety in speed and incline position, you will easily be able to find a position to push yourself harder than ever. Overall, customers are thrilled with this option by NordicTrack.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comes With iFit Membership
  • HD Touch Screen
  • Dual Fans
  • Fairly Quiet
  • Smooth Operation
  • Exceptionally Durable Design
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Stream Routines
  • Pricey
  • Semi-Difficult Set Up
  • Very Heavy


Roughly 25 years ago, the NordicTrack brand came to fruition. They began by building machines that mimicked what it was like to go skiing. Since that time, they have expanded their lines to accommodate a variety of different activities. Their expansions have included adding stationary bikes, treadmills, clothing, and more. Around the world, customers are putting their health and fitness needs into the hands of this brand. This continues to happen due to the fact that they pay attention to quality. With great research and innovation, they provide some of the most advanced fitness options that are currently available. You can put your faith in the fact that any product you buy from this brand will give you excellent longevity of use. When you pair their items with a healthy lifestyle you can see dramatic changes in how you look and how you feel.

Basic Features

Naturally, you'll be getting all of the basic features with this treadmill that you would expect. in fact, you'll be getting a few more than you would expect and you will notice that they are a step above the rest. it starts with something as simple as a fan. Most treadmills offer one fan that does not put out very much air. This treadmill offers dual fans that customers have noted put out a good amount of air. They truly will help keep you cool during your workouts. You will also be able to choose which side you would prefer to place your water bottle as there are areas on each side of the screen. There is an endless supply of programs that you can choose from due to the advanced connectivity of this machine. There is an emergency stop switch so that you can end your routine quickly if necessary. While not all treadmills consider this a basic feature on this one the heart rate monitor really is. You'll be able to Target whatever heart rate zone you are currently focusing on be it cardio, fat burn, or strength training. These are only an example of what this machine can help you do. Lastly, there is a tray that is built in underneath the console that can house a variety of different gym related items. It is there for convenience.

Advanced Features

The diversity of the feature seen on this treadmill is pretty outstanding. You'll be getting advanced features with this option that you are not going to find many other places. This is especially true considering the price point. you'll be able to easily control your workouts with a 7in touch screen display. It gives you access to things like Google Maps, fitness apps, and daily routines. Keeping track of your statistics happens in real time which can majorly improve your motivation towards working hard. With the free one-year membership you'll be able to set up for different profiles so that those around you can improve their fitness alongside you. You will have access to coaches, routines, and challenges. If you want to listen to music while working out that won't be a problem either. It does have an aux Jack so that you can listen to your favorite tunes as you work through your sweaty routine. While this is a fairly decent size to the treadmill you will be able to fold it up to save some room. It is designed with a system to make it easily folded. It is exceptionally heavy but simply folding it and not moving it can save you some room.


If you have not already noticed this is a pretty impressive piece of equipment. It continues to please users when they start looking at the incline features. You can easily adjust it between no incline or you can crank it up to 15%. This will give a great challenge to any and everybody. Regardless of if you want to push yourself harder than ever before or you want to go for a leisurely stroll on a rest day, this product will be able to accommodate. This is not the only trick that this item has up its sleeve. It also features an exceptionally special feature. You can actually use this item on a decline. It ranges from 0 to 3%. This will give you the feeling of walking downhill and allow you to target different areas on your body. We were really impressed to see this aspect in a treadmill.


There are a variety of features built into this model to help you maintain optimal comfort. It starts with the fact that it has dual fans. Most treadmill fans don't put very much are out because of limited power. That is not the case here you'll have a nice breeze through your entire work out which will help you maintain a more comfortable temperature regardless of how hard you are working. the deck of this treadmill is also meant for comfort. It is quite cushioned. Your Landings will be softer and your body will feel less impact. This leads to better feeling muscles and joints. You will also have a better kickoff which will give you a more productive workout. Some other features that play in making your rigorous workout more comfortable are the easy adjustments that can be made on the handles or on screen. They are extremely convenient and won't make you miss a step.


No matter what pace you are looking for this treadmill is going to be able to keep up. If you are just starting out on your fitness venture and you want to keep things light you can walk as slow as a half a mile per hour just to get up and moving. Looking for a bit more of a challenge has no problem at all. You can increase the speeds up to 12 miles per hour. This is quite fast and the most advanced treadmills offer these types of speeds. Between the rate at which you are able to run incline options, you will be able to find true challenges. There are programs that will give you different intervals of speeds to help you target a variety of zones as you workout. Overall, customers are pleased with the challenge and the speed variation that this product has to offer.


You are going to need a decent amount of space if you want to fit this item in your home gym. It is a bit larger than many other treadmills. Think about the ones that you use in your local gym or club and you'll be able to visualize the size of this machine. The length of it comes in at just over 81 inches. This gives you plenty of length and will accommodate you whether you are very tall or very short. The width of it is also quite a bit larger than others you may have seen coming in at almost 40 inches. Typically, the height of your treadmill does not matter but if you're curious it does come in at almost 71 inches high. This treadmill will accommodate users up to 300lbs. what this means is that most people regardless of if they are just starting trying to lose weight or if they are already physically fit will be able to use this treadmill knowing that it has great durability and will last through hard use.


Using a treadmill of this quality comes with some major advantages. This is especially true for those of you that are already extremely active. If you are in good physical form and you are looking for a piece of home gym equipment that can truly challenge you this one fits the bill. You'll be able to stay motivated with a huge variety of workout options. Targeting different zones is exceptionally easy and can help to keep your routine interesting. You cannot only work on an incline but you can also work on the decline which will enable you to Target different muscle groups. When you are into extreme physical activities like boxing, Taekwondo, mixed martial arts, running, or cross-training a strong cardio routine will help you meet your goals. This product will allow you one of the best cardio routines you could ask for and you can change it up as often as you would like. These are only a few of the many advantages that come with deciding to purchase this treadmill.


They're really are not a lot of complaints regarding this item. Consumers have noted that the setup process can be a bit difficult. There are quite a few pieces and wires to connect. If you do not take your time and double-check yourself you may end up with a console that does not function correctly. Customers also said that sometimes syncing data has a bit of lag time. This is not uncommon and really it is more of an inconvenience than a disadvantage. The other aspect of this item that complaints are made about is the weight of it. Once you have this item set up you are basically going to want to leave it where it says. You will be able to fold it up and free up some room if you need to but moving it around will prove to be difficult on your own.


Consumers feel that this product is a stellar value. The price tag it carries is a bit lofty, however, when you compare it to other models that offer similar features this one is actually quite a bit more affordable. In fact, this item carries more features than almost every other treadmill option but it does not carry such an astronomical cost. It may take you a bit of time to save up enough money to call this advanced machine your own, however, once you do we are certain you will not be disappointed. When you look at all of the aspects of this product and add them to the fact that the price is not totally outrageous it is easy to see why people feel that this item is such a great value. We believe that once you use it you will agree that it is well worth the money that you paid for it

Bottom Line

When you are serious about fitness, running, and improving your health adding a cardio routine on a treadmill can seriously help you in all of these areas. this product, in particular, well work well for those of you that are just beginning your Journeys towards Better Health as well as those of you that are in top physical form. You will never get bored while using this item as it provides you a plethora of different programs and entertainment features. Having access to maps from all over the world is something that runners truly loved and feel that this product does exceptionally well. The fact that you get access to iFit is also a feature that consumers are very happy about. You can truly make your routine your own when you use this item. The Improvement to your performance and overall well-being will be noticed quickly when you pair this with a healthy diet.