NordicTrack T 7.5 Treadmill Reviewed

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The NordicTrack T 7.5 treadmill is a great option for all levels of fitness. Whether you are just starting on your path towards better cardiovascular health or if you are a seasoned marathon runner this product has what you need. All of the basic features you desire are included, with aspects like simple controls, fans, and water bottle holders. In addition, you will have the benefit of some truly amazing advanced features that we don't often see, especially, with treadmills in this price range. You will also be getting a better warranty with this product than you would with many others. This will give you peace of mind in knowing that if something goes wrong it will be handled quickly and easily.  You will also have access to a coach to help keep you motivated during your routine. The touch screen display pivots to provide you with an exceptional experience while using this piece of equipment. Cardio is important to all activities including things like Yoga, boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts. Using this treadmill is sure to help you improve in any and all of the activities that you participate in. Overall, consumers are more than satisfied with their purchase of this treadmill. It will fit seamlessly into your weekly routine and provide you with a great training session regardless of the weather or timeframe you have available.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lifetime Warranty On Frame & Motor
  • Free iFit Membership
  • 7" Touch Screen Display
  • Good Option For All Fitness Levels
  • Adjustable Cushioning
  • Quiet While In Use
  • Foldable
  • Challenging Assembly
  • iFit Issues


NordicTrack brand has truly grown in the last twenty-five years. This company started out making fitness equipment that gave you the feeling of going skiing in your home. While this was a great workout and a good place to start, they realized that if they wanted to continue to grow they were going to need to expand their product lines. In the 90s they started to work towards this goal. Introducing a variety of incline trainers, treadmills, clothing, and stationary bikes they were now able to meet the needs of more people. As time has gone on they continue to grow and offer more and more options to aid you in life's fitness ventures. Across the globe, people have trusted this brand to offer them high-quality equipment with cutting-edge technology. You may make more of an investment when you go with NordicTrack but you won't be disappointed.

Basic Features

You get a few more basic features with this product than you will with other treadmills. Naturally, it does provide you with a couple of different water bottle holding options. This will allow you to easily reach for hydration no matter where you are in your workout. It also provides you with easy controls to adjust your incline and speed. You can do this with a touch of a button, however, if you're working through one of the program's it will adjust automatically. Obviously, this is a major convenience throughout your routine. This item also offers a storage tray under the console. You'll be able to keep a variety of items like your cell phone and towel in this area for easy access. Naturally, there is an emergency stop key so if you need to end your routine in a hurry you can. While it is not always considered a basic feature this product also gives you access to a call sensor so that you can easily keep yourself and your preferred target heart rate zone. This treadmill also provides you with a cooling fan that actually offers enough power to improve your comfort while running.

Advanced Features

Not only will you have access to great basic features but you also gain access to exceptional advanced features when you go with this product. It uses a 7-inch touchscreen display that is adjustable so that you can easily change your routine and keep your mind occupied as you work through different challenges. You will also have access to a fitness trainer that will help you push towards your best workout ever. You really will get an endless supply of training options when you go with this product. Giving you options for Studio workouts, boot camps, yoga, and CrossFit training you'll be able to find whatever challenge you want. There is also the fact that you will gain access to iFit for a year. This will provide you with a plethora of different workouts to choose from. Another awesome Advanced feature about this product is the fact that you can adjust the level of cushioning you experience while running on it. What you will find is that this provides you with a much more comfortable run and you will notice the difference in how you feel after completing it. This is only a look at the many features that this product provides. Once you receive it and really start delving into its capability you will find more and more advanced features that are not often time scene in treadmills today.


When you are using a treadmill and looking for a true challenge adding incline to your routine can provide you with just that. There are a vast array of options in terms of incline. Some treadmills only offer to manual incline positions While others offer a plethora. This product can be inclined up to 12%. This is a pretty significant incline and will offer a true challenge to those of you that are quite physically fit. It will also allow those of you that are working on your Fitness to increase the challenge dramatically over time. This will lead to improved results in weight loss, strength enhancement, and endurance building. The incline is easily adjusted with the press of a button in there are a couple of different places on the machine which you can do it from. In addition, when you are working through a program or with one of the coaches the incline will be adjusted automatically so you won't have to worry about breaking your stride.


Comfort features are plentiful when talking about this piece of fitness equipment. One of the most important features that add to your level of comfort during use has to do with the deck. This product uses something referred to as FlexSelect Cushioning. What this will do is allow you to reduce the impact that your muscles and Joints take while running. If you prefer feeling like you're actually running on the road you can do this too. Consumers are exceptionally excited over the fact that they can adjust the level of cushioning the experience while using this item. It is not a feature we have seen many other places. This product also has a built-in fan that will give you a decent level of air flow. Maintaining a cool temperature while you're running can improve your overall performance and drive to go the extra mile.


Finding the right speed to truly challenge you is a breeze when you go with this item. It offers a better range of speed options than many other treadmills available. You can adjust the speed of this product between 0 and 12 miles per hour. Obviously, this is going to give a wide range of options to suit any and all levels of fitness. Adjusting the speed is exceptionally simple and can be done with the Press of a button. As mentioned in the incline paragraph, when you are working through a program or with one of the fitness coaches the speed will adjust automatically depending on where you are in the routine. All levels of fitness will be able to find a comfortable speed to not only challenge them but help them achieve their goals. Overall, customers are happy with a transition as the speed increases and decreases. They feel as if it offers plenty of challenge.


While this treadmill is not quite as big as some of the club treadmills and gym style ones that we have reviewed it is still fairly large. You may have a bit of an easier time fitting it into a cramped space because it does have the option to be folded, however, you are definitely going to want to measure your area before deciding to go with this item. Consumers have noted that folding this treadmill up is exceptionally easy and it does help save some space. The length of it comes in at 78th and 1/2 inches. This is slightly shorter than the others in the same class but not significantly shorter. The width of it is about average coming in at 35 and 1/2 inches. This treadmill can accommodate weights up to 300 lb which makes it appropriate for most users.


There are mixed reviews on the assembly process of this product. Some customers found it to be pretty straightforward and simple While others struggled a lot. If you are not mechanically inclined and may be advantageous to pay for the service to come in and set it up for you. Due to the fact that this product is quite technologically-advanced getting the console setup correctly can be difficult. If you do this wrong you may be left with a treadmill that does not function correctly. It is also been noted from customers that if you are going to set this product up yourself you are likely going to want to enlist an extra set of hands. Overall, most people will be able to devote a couple of hours into the assembly process and end up with a properly functioning treadmill.


The biggest advantage of buying this treadmill over others is the ability to continuously change up your routine. Not only can you choose from pre-programmed options but you can also connect through the app to find a variety of different training options. With a plethora of workouts on demand, you can find a new and exciting challenge frequently. The ability to keep your routine fresh will help you maintain your motivation towards better health. There are also daily workout routines that you can choose from that can help to keep it interesting. When you improve cardiovascular health you will notice it in all aspects of your life. Not only will you notice weight loss you will also see an improvement in your strength, drive, and endurance levels.


As with all products, this one comes with a couple of disadvantages. The first has to do with the assembly process. There are a lot of pieces to be put together when assembling this item. Some people will find it exceptionally difficult. You can always pay for assembly service but, of course, this is going to be an extra charge. When you're already making a large investment this can be a major frustration and disadvantage. The other place that we see some complaints has to do with the iFit application. Consumers have noted that it crashes frequently and sometimes the sink time is exceptionally long. This again is more of an inconvenience but it can lead to a lot of frustration. The way they provide the free year's membership is also frustrating to some people. You will end up paying for it up front and then being reimbursed at the end of the year.


Consumers feel as if this product is a superior value. We would have to agree. It provides you with an outstanding number of basic and advanced features. The price tag that it carries is surprising with everything that it can do. With technologies that will allow you to pick the level of shock absorption, you experience as well as truly challenge you it is simple to see why people feel as if this product is such an awesome value. Don't get us wrong, it will be a pretty major investment to call it your own but it will be well worth it. When you want to be able to truly challenge yourself and switch up your routine frequently this may be the perfect item for you. We truly believe that if you make the investment into this product you will not be left disappointed.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for an advanced option in treadmills this is a great one. The durable design and sturdy build will accommodate a large variety of shapes and sizes. While it is still pretty large it is smaller than many other options which will make it easier to fit in a cramped space or small home gym. It carries all of the technology you could dream of and makes training exceptionally convenient. The weather will no longer matter or have an impact on your cardio routine. When you are trying to lose weight or you are looking for an extreme challenge this item will suit your needs. Consumers have given rave reviews about this item and it is easy to see why. NordicTrack has, yet again, provided a stellar fitness option.