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Nutrex Outlift Amped Reviewed Review Facts

Nutrex Outlift Amped is one of the newest products in Nutrex Research's supplement line. When you are looking for a product that will give you exceptional energy to power through that marathon run, wrestling training session, or Boxing class you will find it right here. They have spent the time and done the research to ensure you will get the best ingredients to aid you in not only focus but also the drive to crush your daily, monthly, and yearly goals. This version of Outlift is taking it to the next level and it really will amp you up. You will get fast results and notice the difference in your performance from the very first time you use this product. Your strength, power, and energy will increase making every day at the gym your best day at the gym. Fatigue will become a thing of the past as you get great pump from this. Additionally, you won't have to worry about proprietary blends that leave you confused as to what you are actually getting out of your pre-workout blend. Overall, consumers love this product and that is why it is growing in popularity. When given the chance it will prove to you too how great a pre-workout supplement can be.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Clean Energy
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Super Pumps
  • Fast Results
  • Seriously Fast Kick In Time
  • Decent Taste
  • Clinically Dosed
  • Improved Formula
  • May Increase Heart Rate
  • Limited Servings/Container


For sixteen years Nutrex Research has been bringing some of the most innovative products to the market. They pride themselves on things like the fact that they were the first company to bring liquid capsules to the market. Instead of stopping there they continued to develop and research an entire line of fantastic supplements to support you no matter your fitness venture. Their one-of-a-kind products are sought after by many. They continue to improve on their already proven formulas to make sure you get the latest and greatest in your supplements. Whether you have been using supplements for years or you are new to this type of thing, they are sure to offer a product to fit your needs. From soccer moms to mixed martial artists your overall health can be increased by trusting this company to provide you with products that are high-quality and actually work.


This product's taste is not the best on the market. Many customers will agree it's not terrible but it certainly isn't wonderful either. There are limited flavor options and the taste for all of them is very strong. Now we understand that the taste of your pre-workout is not the most important factor but it does play its role. If you can't swallow it, it won't be doing you any good. The taste isn't so bad that drinking it will be a major burden. However, for some, the taste will be off-putting and may leave you wanting to look for a tastier option. There are at least a few reports of people really liking the flavor and relating it to candy. This is one of those things that you will have to try it for yourself and decide what you think about the taste.


Nutrex Outlift Amped comes in three different flavor varieties. There are a lot of brands out there that offer significantly more but there are also brands that offer less. You will have your choice between Fruit Candy, Cosmic Burst, and Peach Pineapple. The Fruit Candy seems to be the most well-liked flavor and many say that it really does taste like you are drinking candy. While there is not a lot of choices there are at least a few and that should make it so you find one that you really like. Also, having the ability to switch it up is nice. Getting bored by drinking the same pre-workout flavor all the time happens and the ability to switch it up is welcomed.


You may have a bit of a harder time mixing this pre-workout then you would with other choices. It mixes best when using blender bottles rather than a water bottle. The thing that saves the consistency is that, with enough shaking, it will dissolve completely. This means you won't have to worry about part of your serving sticking to your bottle. Additionally, you won't have to worry about swallowing a drink that feels like it is full of sand. Once mixed you will have a smooth drink that will go down relatively easily.


In terms of effectiveness, this product has you covered. You will gain the stamina to crush your daily goals from beginning to end. The energy level it gives you is off the charts and you won't have to deal with a hardcore crash at the end of it. The ingredients are clinically dosed and scientifically proven to help you persevere through the toughest sessions. You will gain an excellent pump and again that effect will last. Wanting killer drive and focus is not too much to ask, you simply need to rely on this pre-workout supplement to help get you through the tough days and to take the not so tough days to an entirely different level.


We love the fact that this brand lays out their ingredients clearly. They don't use proprietary blends that can be misleading. When looking at the label you will know exactly what and how much of each ingredient you are getting. This product contains Magnesium and Sodium. The Amped blend consists of Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine, Betaine Anhydrous, Creatine, Taurine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Choline Bitartrate, Caffeine, Theacrine, Piper Nigrum Extract, and Rauwolscine. This is an excellent blend of ingredients to help you gain results. There are some other ingredients including natural and artificial flavor, Silica, Sucralose and Potassium.


Nutrex Outlift Amped carries a higher caffeine content than many others available today. You will get three hundred and fifty milligrams of caffeine per serving. This is great news for those of you that have been taking intense pre-workout supplements. For those of you that are new to the pre-workout game or are sensitive to caffeine, this is bad news. Don't get this wrong, just because it carries a high level of caffeine does not mean you can't use it if you are sensitive to this ingredient. It simply means you will want to start with a smaller serving size to ensure you don't experience the negative side effects that come along with high caffeine levels.


Sucralose is used to make this product sweet. What does this mean to you? It means you won't have to worry about adding any sugar to your diet. For those of you that are on a sugar restricting diet, like Keto, for example, will be able to use this pre-workout without worry. You should be aware that if you find this product overly sweet and leaving a bad aftertaste in your mouth it is because of the Sucralose. Those are very common complaints about products that use it for sweetening. There have been reports of both of these things in this product.


Increasing your circulation is a huge part of the reason pre-workout supplements work. By increasing your circulation your muscles will get extra Oxygen on top of extra nutrients. When this occurs you will notice that you can work out longer and harder than ever before. Not only that when you are looking for truly amazing pumps from the beginning to the end of your routine, increased circulation is what will make that happen. Users agree that you get stellar stamina and pumps when using this brand's supplement. They know how important it is to keep the blood flowing and have placed emphasis on it to ensure you get the best sessions day in and day out.


While there haven't been any major reports of this product causing a crash a few hours after taking it, it certainly has the potential to cause one. Crash is when your supplement wears off and you feel completely drained of energy. This can seriously impact your entire day if you head to the gym early in the morning. It is typically caused by high levels of caffeine. As previously stated this product does carry a good amount of caffeine hence its potential to cause crash. If you have any sensitivities towards caffeine you should seriously consider reducing the first few doses that you take to give your body time to adjust.


There are a ton of brands out there today that use filler ingredients to try and fool you. They use them to make it look like you are getting more product than you actually are. Additionally, when being tested by outsourced companies it makes the product look like the nutrient levels are higher than they actually are. Lastly, by doing this and making the product seem better they can charge you more money for a lesser product. When you trust this brand you won't have to worry about filler ingredients. The clarity of their ingredient list proves it. Top brands like this one don't have the need to add fillers because their products rate very well without them.

Serving Size

You won't have an option for size when you order this pre-workout supplement. Each container is just under sixteen ounces and yields about twenty servings. A standard serving for this product is about twenty grams or one scoop. This is significantly more than others that are available. This is a feature that people don't love about this product because there is no way twenty servings will get you through thirty days and most people use their pre-workout supplement every day. After trying it if you decide you are truly in love with the way it makes you feel you will want to take servings into consideration when stocking up for the month.

Side Effects

Pretty much all pre-workout supplements come with the same list of side effects. This one is no different. You do have a better chance of experiencing the jitters, headaches, and an upset stomach because of the very high caffeine content. Also, associated with products like this are increased bowel movements, heightened anxiety, trouble sleeping, and an itchy tingly feeling in your face, appendages, and chest. The nomenclature of our bodies doesn't always like the ingredients included in pre-workout products. While most of these symptoms will be minor if you feel they are more than you can handle try reducing the serving you are taking.


When we buy pre-workout products we expect a certain list of things. This includes superior pumps, killer focus, heightened drive, and stamina that lasts for days. This product will give you all those things. It has been tested and approved by users from all walks of life. Whether you have been lifting for forty years or you just started a Boxing class, this product will take your performance to the next level. You will see results quickly. By this we mean your strength will increase, your ability to work hard throughout your entire routine, and the energy to keep it going day in and day out. Overall this product will give you what you need to succeed in reaching your fitness goals.


The major downfall of this product really is geared towards those that don't do so well with caffeine. The high caffeine count may cause a major crashing effect or a variety of other not so nice side effects. Other than that it does have limited flavors and the ones that are available don't taste so good. Lastly, you don't have any option to order it in a larger container. Yielding only twenty servings you will have to buy more than one to ensure you have enough to make it through the month. This does make the monthly cost to buy this product significantly higher than other options you may have purchased in the past.


Users feel this product is a very high-quality product. This brand is very clear about what they have included in it and it really does work well. You won't be struggling at the end of your fitness routine because your pre-workout peters out too early. the ingredients used are backed by scientific evidence stating that when combined they will give you the performance you have been looking for in other products like this one. We are certain that if you give it a try you will agree that in terms of quality, few matches this one. It is why so many people have switched to it and will continue to come back for more.


Looking at all of the advantages that Nutrex Outlift Amped offers it seems to be a pretty good value. We do feel that the limited serving size and the need to buy two containers to get through a month decreases the value a bit. It makes the price a little less affordable because one just simply isn't going to be enough unless you are using half servings which most people don't do. It will give you fast results and upon your first use, you will notice the difference. Again, looking at all of the pluses we feel it is a good value and you will be pleased if your budget can afford to keep you in supply of it.

Key Features

350 Milligrams of Caffeine
8G Citrulline Malate for Great Pumps
3.2G Beta-Alanine for Increased Endurance
50mg Theacrine for Focus
2G Creatine for Strength

Bottom Line

While this product may not taste the best, come in very many flavors, and gives you no size option it really does a great job with its intended purpose. You will get all the benefits that are important in a pre-workout supplement. Some may not be able to afford it as easily as other but it will build your strength and keep your endurance going day in and day out. Overall, this is a solid choice for this type of supplement. Additionally, this is a very trustworthy brand that will continue to grow and provide top-tier supplements that you will be able to rely on time and time again.