Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner Reviewed

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The Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner is a fantastic option for those of your looking for a zero impact running experience. With joints at the knee level, you will get the true motion of running without the impact that leads you too sore bones, joints, and muscles. This item is great for those that are just starting to get into the world of running or for those of you that are seasoned marathoners. It will not only work great for those of you who love to run but people that participate in the training of all varieties of activity including boxing, weight training, and mixed martial arts. Maintaining a good cardio routine is important in every type of training. You will be able to easily adjust the resistance. This will help give you the feel of uphill running so that when you do hit the streets you will be ready for the challenge. In addition to all of this, you will also be getting a good arm workout as you run your way to better health. It will be quite an investment to make this piece of fitness equipment your own but you are sure to love the results you get from it when you pair it with a healthy diet. Overall, this product can truly help you obtain optimal health and wellness when used on a continuous basis.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Zero Impact Workout
  • Smooth Ride
  • Great For Injury Recovery
  • No Plug Needed
  • Low Maintenance
  • Exceptionally Quiet
  • Works Arms And Legs
  • Feels Like Real Running
  • Mimics Actual Running Motion
  • Insanely Expensive


Altogether Octane Fitness leaders have more than fifty years of experience in the fitness industry. They have placed their focus on elliptical machines and provide some fo the best options available. In addition, they provide the world with some of the top-rated zero impact running machines. They invest a plethora of time, research, and dedication to improving their products to help you improve your health. You will be making a serious investment when you purchase their products. They offer the best quality materials and designs to make sure your equipment will give you fantastic longevity of use. In addition, they offer fantastic customer service and support. If you run into any trouble with your products from them you will be able to reach out easily to get the help you need. Customers are truly pleased with their overall experience with this brand and their options in fitness equipment.

Basic Features

Due to the fact that this product is not structured like a standard treadmill, you won't be getting the same basic features that you may come to expect. This product does offer grips where your feet go to ensure that you don't slide around as you walk or run through your routine. It also offers a variety of different handlebar so that you can maintain great positioning. There is a media tray located above the console so that you can have a safe place to set your tablet or cell phone. This will allow you to catch up on your favorite shows or podcasts while you run, you can even listen to music if you so choose to do so. There are also several different points around this machine where you can clip resistance bands. This will allow you to do some strength training while working on your cardio routine. It is important to note that you will get resistance bands when you purchase this item.

Advanced Features

When you make this type of investment you expect that you'll get some pretty cool advanced features. This product won't leave you hanging. The frame is exceptionally sturdy and the running apparatus offers a knee joint to help promote the feel of real outdoor running inside of your home. It offers a decent sized display that will provide you with a variety of information. You'll be able to see how many miles an hour you are going as well as the distance you have traveled. It will also keep track of how many calories you burned which can help keep you motivated and working hard. You will also be able to easily adjust the resistance with the turn of a lever. This will allow you to do sprints at little resistance or crank it up to get that uphill run feeling. On top of all of these features, you will also have access to their app. It is continuously being worked on and there have been some complaints by customers but it is getting better with time. You will be able to access it and sync your data easily with Bluetooth. This is a great look at all of the things that this zero impact running machine can do, however, once you get using it you'll find more and more aspects that will benefit you in your fitness routine.


This product does not actually incline. You will be able to easily adjust the resistance levels. When you do this it will mimic the effect of adding an incline. You'll have to work harder as you increase the resistance level and it will feel as if you are running uphill. This will allow you to be better prepared the next time you're running outside. You'll hit those big hills and stride and realize that you can take the challenge on much more easily due to the fact that you can increase the resistance levels of your in-home trainer. Overall, customers are satisfied with the effect that the resistance level plays in their routine and feel as if it mimics and incline exceptionally well.


There are a variety of features that will keep you comfortable when you decide to use this machine. First off, you will have many choices of positioning for your hands. This goes from the groups that can take your heart rate that is stationary and in front of you to handlebars that are like an elliptical machine. They even offer grips that dangle from the back of the frame that will keep you in a proper running position. With this type of variety, you are sure to find a comfortable position for your arms throughout your entire routine. The joint towards the knee of this running apparatus also leads to fantastic comfort. It'll allow you the natural movement that is smooth and easy for your body to handle. Where your feet will be placed you will have great grip. This will help ensure that your feet don't slide around and in turn, will help you to feel more at ease and comfortable while using this piece of equipment.


You won't have to worry about setting your speed when you decide to use this zero impact running machine. The speed at which you travel will be solely based on you. It will give you information on your stride length. In addition, you'll be able to see how many miles per hour you are running. As your performance increases over time it will help to keep you motivated towards doing better and better. The fact that you won't have to worry about what speed you're setting this product on and that you'll be able to slow down or completely stop whenever you choose is a major advantage. Consumers are happy with the fact that the speed of this product is based on the level of effort they put into their workouts and routine.


This product is a fairly decent size. Obviously, you will want to measure where you plan on putting it to ensure that there is enough room to accommodate it in your home gym. The length of this item comes in at 63 inches. This is quite large, however, in comparison to a standard size treadmill, it is quite a bit smaller. The width of this item is 38 inches. this is pretty close to the standard width of an average treadmill. Some customers have noted having difficulty getting it through doorways and state that it would be advantageous to have a second pair of hands when trying to move this around. While the height of your treadmill doesn't usually play a major factor this one does come in at 48 inches tall. It can handle weights up to 300 lb which will suit most people. Overall, consumers are happy with the size of this item as it makes them feel secure while using it and it will fit nicely into most places.


Consumers have mentioned that assembling this product is fairly easy. It will take a few hours so you'll want to make sure that you a lot yourself enough time to read through the instructions before starting to put it together. Many customers have noted that they found it advantageous to watch videos online prior to and during assembly. There are quite a few pieces and to ensure that it functions properly you will want to make sure to proceed carefully through the instructions. As long as you do it step-by-step you should have no problem. Overall, consumers have not mentioned feeling as if they needed to purchase expert assembly to complete the task of putting it together.


Using a treadmill in your fitness routine comes with great advantages. This one comes with some pretty cool ones that are all its own. Due to the fact that it is a zero impact workout, you will be able to use this machine regardless of if you have sustained injuries or not. You'll be able to challenge yourself with a variety of resistance levels. It truly will help you become a more proficient runner. You will be able to easily track your stride length and your progress in terms of speed and distance traveled. It does offer you access to an app that will provide you with even more information. You can use all of this information to find the motivation and drive to continue to work hard as you tried to lose weight, increase your strength, or build insane endurance.


There are no major disadvantages in regards to this product. Consumers are not completely satisfied with the capability of the app. They have noted that the Bluetooth syncing is a bit buggy and can be frustrating when trying to gain access to your workout data. This brand continues to work on their app to ensure that you are getting great aspects all the way around. There were a couple of complaints from customers that had issues with the frame welding of their piece of equipment. They noted that it was exceptionally easy to deal with customer service and have the problem corrected. Due to this fact, we don't really feel as if this is a disadvantage. Overall, this product carries fewer disadvantages than most other products currently available in the same category.


This item is extremely expensive. In fact, it will take most people quite a bit of time to save up enough money to call their own. Many people choose to finance this item when possible. When it comes to the actual value of it, consumers feel as if it is a fantastic option. It will allow you to work out as long and as hard as you want without worrying about it causing damage to your joints. If you have had to stop running because of injuries or issues like arthritis this can be a great alternative. In addition, people find true value during the cold winter months when they can't get outside for a run. Using this machine will allow you to continue your training and it also provides a true challenge to any and all fitness levels. Due to these facets along with others, we would agree that this product is an excellent value.

Bottom Line

If you want to add a running option to your home gym that is not your standard treadmill this might be the perfect product for you. It offers a zero impact solution for those that have suffered injuries or deal with joint pain on a daily basis. Not only does it remove the thought of impact but it is also much quieter than a traditional treadmill. This is because it's powered by your efforts, not by a motor. It offers a decent amount of bells and whistles to ensure that you can track your workouts and see your performance improve as you continue to use it. You can do a variety of different training routines with the built-in programs found within the console. Regardless of the level of challenge, you are looking for or your preferred activity this product can help you perform better in all aspects of your active lifestyle.