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Oh Yeah! One Bar is a healthy option for a delicious snack at any point throughout your day. They pack a large punch of protein that will give your muscles what they need to perform at their best. There is not much sugar in these products making it simpler for everyone to fit into their routine and nutritional needs. As you start to feel hungry and your energy is draining, this stellar option can keep you on track with your diet. If you decide you need a boost before a workout, while running around, or honestly whenever, this is a great choice. They offer a plethora of flavor options which will help keep your routine interesting. Protein is broken down into amino acids. The amino acids promote faster recovery times. This means you will be less sore and able to crush it in your gym at home or anywhere else you decide to exercise. You will also experience better muscle growth when you pair this product with a frequent exercise routine. It will also help your body maintain your muscles more effectively. Finding healthy options that taste good and help keep you full can be difficult. Products like this one make it simpler.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 20 G Protein/Serving
  • 1 G Sugar/Serving
  • Excellent Flavor Variety
  • Convenient Snack
  • Superior Taste
  • Gluten Free
  • Good Fiber Source
  • Contains Sugar Alcohols
  • Pricey
  • Uses Artificial Ingredients


OhYeah has changed their name and is now known as ONE. They have been making protein products that are ahead of many others that are available on the market today. Their bars pack a huge amount of protein that is derived from high-quality sources. Their snacks will help keep you full and give you the energy to power through your routine whether you are at the gym, on the go, or running around the office. They want to give you products that don't make you feel ashamed of what you are eating. They do a great job at accomplishing this. Consumers are flocking to this brand because they offer some new and different takes on boring protein bars.


People really love the taste of this product. It has been said oftentimes that when you consume it you will feel as if you are eating a cheat snack. The cake flavors really remind the consumers of a slice of delicious cake. They say the taste is spot on with the flavor varieties available. It has been said many times that this product does leave a long-lasting aftertaste in your mouth. This is not the best thing to hear as it typically means they do not have a good balance in Sucralose content. We don't see many reports of people feeling as if it is overly sweet. This is a bit surprising as we expect this negative when people start talking about a protein bar leaving a bad aftertaste in their mouth.


With thirteen different flavor varieties, it should be simple to find several options that you really like the taste of. They offer a good range of flavors that will make satisfying your daily sweet tooth something you enjoy. The options continue to grow as this brand does. You will have your choice from Almond Bliss, Blueberry Cobbler, Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Brownie, Cookies & Cream, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Lemon Cake, Maple Glazed Doughnut, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake, White Chocolate Truffle, or Peanut Butter Pie. The flavor choice reflects the sweet treats so many people miss from their unhealthy diets. They help keep you on track by aiding you in crushing those cravings for cheat foods that trip you up.


There are very mixed reviews about the texture of this product. Some really like it and refer to it as soft and chewy. They are quite dense but that is to be expected. Other people say that this product is quite dry and crumbly. There are reports that find this product exceptionally hard and difficult to chew. As you can see, the reviews are quite varied. We are certain this is dependant on which flavor variety you choose. Some offer crunch bits throughout the bar while others are solid and soft. It has been noted that the White Chocolate Truffle is the lightest option and seems to be enjoyed the most among the group, in terms of consistency.


You will be getting a very effective product when you decide to give this product a try. It will crush your sweet tooth which in turn will help keep you on track with your diet, making avoiding cheat snacks easier than ever before. This will naturally keep you in line and losing weight. On top of this, you will be getting a serious amount of protein. Your body will use this protein in a variety of ways. First, your recovery times will speed up. This means the soreness you, typically feel after strenuous workouts will be decreased. With this effect, you will be able to work out more often and harder than before and this will lead you to improved results and performance. You will also experience less muscle deterioration when using this product as you will be better equipped to maintain your muscles. Lastly, you will also have improved muscle growth when you pair it with a great diet and exercise routine.


The basic ingredients used in this product are the same even though there are variations based on the flavor variety you choose. Regardless of which flavor variety you choose you will be consuming a blend of proteins that consist of Milk Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Isolate. They also contain Prebiotic Fibers, Maltitol, Vegetable Glycerin, Seed Butter, Palm Kernel Oil, Dry Milk, Natural Flavoring, Soy Lecithin, Tapioca Starch, Sea Salt, Sunflower Lecithin, Distilled Monoglycerides, and Sucralose. You can see the exact breakdown by checking out the brand's website. They offer full nutritional facts and ingredient lists for each one of their products.


When you consume this product you will be getting two hundred and ten to two hundred and thirty calories. For the most part, they contain two hundred and twenty calories per serving. This is a great amount for a snack. Snacks can be up to three hundred calories but most people like to stay well below that. You need to ensure you are eating enough that it will sustain you between meals. This is important in assuring you stay away from extra snacking and less than healthy choices. The calories you consume here will help fuel your day and the activities within it. When consumed prior to your gym time you will get a boost of energy that will help you start and finish strong. overall, this is the perfect amount of calories for a healthy snack at any time during your daily routine.


No matter which flavor you go with you will only be getting one gram of actual sugar. This is, obviously, exceptionally low. This will make it very easy for just about everyone to fit it into their daily routine. In fact, there are few that contain less and continue to taste as good as these ones do. It is important to note that they do use Sucralose in this product. As mentioned before, this is more than likely to blame for the aftertaste you experience with this product as it is common of this ingredient. It is surprising to us that people don't find them overly sweet but to be fair they are in flavor varieties that are based on very sweet products. So, it makes sense that this is not a complaint.


It's nice to know that the energy you get from this product will never leave you with crashing effects. There is very little sugar and it completely lacks stimulant ingredients like caffeine. This is not to say that this product lacks in energy-boosting ability. The calories you consume will, naturally, give your body energy. More importantly, for your energy, is the protein this product contains. Protein is fuel for your muscles which will enhance just about any activity you can think of, at least, where energy is concerned. This energy is natural and clean. It won't peter out quickly. You will find you feel full and energized. This is also much longer lasting energy than you get with items like pre-workouts and energy drinks. Overall, customers are really happy with the energy this product provides them.


One of these delicious bars is a serving and they each yield sixty grams. This is a bit larger than your typical snack-sized protein bar. For those of you that like a slightly bigger snack this is an advantage. Obviously, it will keep you fuller, longer which helps you stay on track with your daily caloric intake. There is only one option available in terms of container size. Like most other brands, you will get a box of twelve. This is enough to enjoy on and off throughout the month. If you want them every day you will need to buy multiple boxes and there does not appear to be any discount for this. If you want a few flavors they do offer a variety pack so you can try a few different kinds. The variety pack contains the best sellers and changes from time to time.

Side Effects

There have been a few reports of customers experiencing an upset stomach and becoming exceptionally gassy when using this product. These are two very common side effects of products in this category. It is important to note that these contain milk ingredients which could be why some are experiencing this. We haven't seen any other complaints about adverse side effects in regards to this item. There are a few other negative side effects you may experience when using any Whey protein supplement. You may become bloated, experience fatigue, nausea, or increased bowel movement frequency. These are few and far between. Most people will not suffer from any adverse effects when using this product.


There are some awesome advantages that come with using this product. The fact that it reminds a lot of people of actual cake and sweet treats are amazing in terms of keeping you away from the actual forms of these products. It contains a good amount of calories to ensure you stay feeling full and your energy levels stay up. Your muscles will truly benefit when you use this product on a consistent basis. The fast recovery time will all but eliminate muscle soreness and allow your gym time to go better than ever. The increased muscle growth will also be noticeable, not only to you but also to those around you. You will start to look and feel better all while enhancing your overall nutrition.


The texture of this product may be a major disadvantage for some of you. Depending on what one you choose to go with you may be less than impressed with the texture of it. There is also the fact that they need to work on their balance of Sucralose. The terrible aftertaste is lingering and if they get their recipe with this artificial sweetener corrected we will no longer need to endure it. This product also contains sugar alcohols which can be difficult for some people to digest. These are really the only downfalls to using this protein product. This brand cares about its products and we are certain they will continue to develop it and work out the kinks.


Oftentimes, we see a vast array of prices when it comes to this kind of product. Even within the same brand and the exact same type. This is due to the fact that they all contain different ingredients so they all cost different amounts to produce. This can be a bit frustrating when the only one you like is the most expensive option. That will not be a worry when you go with OHYEAH One Bar. They all cost the same amount. They have an average price tag for a twelve-count box. Most budgets will be able to afford them fairly easily. Overall, we and consumers feel these bars are a very good value and love the fact that the price is the same across the board.

Bottom Line

It's true that this brand needs to work on the consistency of their product but overall, it is a stellar option. It gives you a great amount of protein and doesn't contain huge amounts of sugar. The taste is very well-liked and the benefit to your health is certainly appreciated. Having a truly healthy option that helps keep your sweet tooth at bay is obviously advantageous in keeping you away from the unhealthy versions. Consumers are happy with their purchases as long as the product is not too close to its expiration date. This brand is trustworthy and uses high-quality ingredients. When it comes down to it, we do not feel as if you will be disappointed when you give this protein bar a try. Pairing it with an awesome diet and exercise regimen equals improved performance and satisfied cravings.