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Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Reviewed Review Facts

Optimum nutrition amino energy pre-workout gives us something not every supplement like this does. You will get a great blend of Amino Acids when you use it. This will allow your muscles to not feel as sore after hitting the gym hard and will aid in recovery times. This product does not carry a huge caffeine content but will give you a decent burst of energy. On top of that, you will be more focused and be able to push harder and longer. They offer a great variety of flavors and it doesn't contain a bunch of calories, carbs, or sugar that you are going to have to try and work into your diet. Whether you decide to use this in the morning, afternoon, or before an early evening session at the gym, you will get the energy you have been looking for to do your best. Taking performance to the next level is no easy task, however, with the added boost of a pre-workout supplement, you should have no problems seeing the improvement quickly. People across the globe trust this as their daily workout support supplement and if given the try we are sure you will see it too.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great Flavor Variety
  • Limited Caffeine Content
  • Good Taste
  • No Jitters
  • Even Energy
  • Helps Rapid Recovery
  • Decent Pump Increase
  • Contains Artificial Flavors & Dyes
  • Some Flavors Overly Sweet


Optimum Nutrition is a name that is known throughout the nutrition and supplement industry. For over three decades they have proven time and again why they are a powerhouse. Bringing new and innovative products to the market for beginners all the way to the pros, those using their products truly stand behind them. They offer top quality ingredients and manufacturing processes to ensure you are getting something made to help you not harm you. They offer great flavors and superior quality that you can't find as easily elsewhere. ON will continue to work towards your goals of a healthy life and fit body with superior products like their pre-workouts and protein powders, as long as you continue to allow them to.


The majority of people agree that they like the taste of this supplement. While a few flavors, some find overly sweet, most are very well-liked. It has also been noted that they basically taste like they are supposed to. They offer a nice variety to keep it interesting and many people have several different ones that they like above the rest. It does leave an aftertaste in your mouth with again some varieties but it doesn't seem to be as bad as others nor is it as difficult to get rid of. The great taste of this product will have you wanting to come back for more and make drinking your pre-workout something you can enjoy instead of just trying to choke it down.


Flavor options are a bit interesting when talking about this product. It comes in several different forms and each form has different options so depending on what you like. Be it a powder, pre-mixed liquid, or individual serving pack you will have different flavors available. Between them, you can choose from Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Lemon Lime, Orange Cooler, Pineapple Twist, Fruit Fusion, and Orange Blast. The Fruit Fusion and Fruit punch are very similar as are the Orange Cooler and Orange Blast. When making the decision know what you like and know that they all taste pretty much just as you think they should. It is important to note that most customers find the Watermelon to be overly sweet.


Consistency is often a topic that makes people worried when discussing pre-workout and protein powder supplements. They are known for not mixing well and leaving you with a gritty mouthfeel that can make your drink hard to swallow. Additionally, they tend to leave a residue on the side of your shaker bottle which means you aren't getting the whole serving. With this product you won't have to worry, you can order it pre-mixed but if you prefer a powder it won't be a problem easier. Consumers agree it mixes easily and doesn't show any signs of servings left behind or a gritty feeling when trying to drink it.


In terms of effectiveness, it really depends on who you are and how much experience you have with pre-workout supplements. This product doesn't carry much caffeine and is missing other ingredients that more potent options carry. So, for beginners in the world of pre-workout supplements, this is a great place to start and it will give you the energy, drive, and focus you need to kill it at the gym for quite some time. Like many things in life our bodies adjust and over time this product may become less effective which will require you to try some different things. Overall, this product will help give you some pep in your step and allow your performance to increase but it may not take you quite as far as others.


Something we don't love to see when looking at supplement facts is proprietary blends. This product uses them and it doesn't make it clear how much of each ingredient you are getting. This brand is well known and trusted which does make it a bit more acceptable. They use two different blends. Starting with their Amino Acid Blend, which consists of all Micronized items and are as follows: Taurine, L-Arginine, L-Leucine, Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, L-Valine, L-Glutamine, L-Isoleucine, L-Tyrosine, L-Histidine, L-Lysine, L-Theanine, L-Methionine, and L-Phenylalanine. This is a great blend of Amino Acids to help your muscles recover more quickly and easily. Then we go into the energy blend. It consists of Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, and Green Coffee Extract. These provide clean energy for your body. There are a few other ingredents involved for taste, flavor, and coloring.


In a standard serving, you will get two hundred milligrams of caffeine. This is easy to reduce making it acceptable for those that are not used to any amount of caffeine. Two hundred milligrams is less than a cup of coffee so for some, you may want to increase your dosage as it has been reported that this product is not exceptionally potent with the ingredients they use. Having a mild pre-workout is not a bad thing especially for those of you that are not used to using something like this. A lower caffeine count also means less chance of adverse side effects like a serious crash or a bad case of the jitters.


So many of us do our best to keep our sugar counts to a minimum and many of today's diets require it. When using this product you won't have to worry about increasing your daily sugars or making them fit in from adding a pre-workout supplement. This product uses Sucralose which is an artificial sweetener and it does not add sugar to your product. Sucralose is to blame for those flavors that are overly sweet and those that leave a poor aftertaste in your mouth. This brand has a decent formula with some good balance and most of the flavors this is not the case with. The aftertaste goes away quickly and easily. Overall, this is a tasty drink that will fit into your diet easily


When people talk about having serious pumps from a pre-workout supplement it is because of the increased circulation. L-Citrulline is a common ingredient that does this. It expands your blood vessels allowing added nutrients and Oxygen to get to your muscles. This allows you to recover after reps faster and will allow you to pump longer and harder than before. Watching your endurance and strength grow with the first use is amazing, especially if you haven't taken a supplement like this before. Brands that are more potent do offer better levels of pump to help you seriously crush any lifting session but be advised the stronger the product the more apt you are to have unwanted side effects.


This product does not have any reports of causing any major crashing effects. Products such as this that carry higher than normal caffeine counts are typically to blame for feeling a crash. When we talk about the crash, we mean that feeling you get at the end of your hardcore gym session or shortly thereafter, where you feel 100% drained of energy. If you work out in the morning this can be devastating for the rest of your day. Those of you that are sensitive or never consume things with caffeine in them will want to be careful adding anything that contains caffeine into their diet. It is a process that should be taken slow and with reduced serving sizes, can ensure you don't feel off after drinking your pre-workout.


ON is not a brand that you need to worry about nasty filler ingredients. They keep it pretty simple and are very trusted in categories like this. Lesser brands are known to use fillers to make it look like you are receiving more product than you actually are. Also, they add them to their products to try and fool third-party testing clinics into thinking the product contains more nutrients than it actually does. Both of these things allow these crook brands to charge you more money for an inferior product. Millions of people trust this brand because they have been in business for many years and do not include filler ingredients for any reason whatsoever.


Two scoops or nine grams is one serving of this product when it is in powdered form. Because you can order this in powder or a pre-mixed form there is a slight difference in servings. When purchasing the pre-mixed variety you will need to drink the whole bottle to consume a full serving. There are optional size varieties available as well. You can order this product in a six pack of one serving tubes, in pre-mixed drinks that come in a twelve pack, or in containers of either thirty or sixty servings. Depending on your preference this will allow you some variety and you will be able to try different options to see which one suits you best. Keep in mind each flavor is not offered in every variety of form.

Side Effects

Pretty much all pre-workout supplements have the same list of side effects and they are usually the effects that are related to caffeine. This product depending on how much you use can cause jitters, nausea, headaches, or an upset stomach. Again, these are all common in supplements that contain caffeine. This product also has Beta-Alanine in it. This is the ingredient that causes a tingling sensation in your hands, feet, face, and chest as your pre-workout starts kicking in. There have been very few reports of this which makes us believe the content of Beta-Alanine is very low. We can't give you the exact content because of the use of proprietary blends, however, the lack of reporting on this effect helps us surmise that it must be low.


This product is superior for beginners in the world of pre-workout supplements. The scoop size is half a serving so decreasing the initial doses is simple enough to do. You will get a decent boost of energy without the crash that can ruin your whole afternoon. Then there is the fact that you will gain good energy and focus. This will help you succeed in meeting your weight loss, muscle growing, or overall fitness goals. There have been very few reported side effects. An added bonus is the great flavor options that are available. You not only get to choose from a variety of flavors they actually offer size and consistency options as well. This is uncommon for this type of product but does make it more convenient than most others.


Those who use pre-workout supplements that are quite potent may find this product falls a bit flat. Keep in mind that you can use up to three scoops to increase the potency which may be better suited for those with pre-workout tolerances. The other side is for those that are new to using this. It does contain caffeine so you may experience some negative side effects if you are not used to drinking beverages containing caffeine. Other than this there are a few flavors that are overly sweet, such as the Watermelon. These are all minor things and should be able to be gotten past fairly easily, especially with the results you are going to see from using it.


Optimum Nutrition strives to offer the highest quality products. This one is included. Being an exceptionally trusted brand is a hard thing to do. By paying attention to everything from consistency to effectiveness and taste they offer a truly high-quality pre-workout supplement. Achieving your goals can be more convenient with increased performance results when you decide to give this supplement a try. Consumers agree that it will last with you and you will have better workouts while using it. As you start to tolerate it you will be able to increase the dosage and continue to reap all of the benefits this product has to offer.


Value has at least some to do with price and with this product you will have some choices to make. The different options, such as individual tubes, or a canister of powder each come with different prices. For an exceptionally low amount, you can order the single serving tubes and give this product a try before you decide to buy a couple month supply. Adding to the value is the fact that the brand is trusted and uses high-quality ingredients and a solid formula to produce products that really work. Best for beginning supplement users this product will really amp up your fitness routine and you are sure to notice results quickly.

Key Features

200 Milligrams Caffeine/Serving
Zero Sugar
1 Gram Carbohydrates
5 Calories Per Serving
Does Not Contain Creatine

Bottom Line

Overall, this product is solid and will most certainly help you improve during your weekly fitness routine. The flavor options are vast and quite delicious. You won't have to worry about becoming bored with your daily pre-workout supplement. It doesn't have major reports of crippling side effects and won't impact the rest of your day if you decide to drink it in the morning. It is affordable and you can order a small quantity to give it a try without worrying about wasting money and product. We are sure if you decide to go with this product you won't be disappointed and remember that it carries a lower caffeine content than many others available today.