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Optimum Nutrition Pro BCAA gives you eight grams of the Aminos your body needs to recover fast after long, arduous workouts, help you grow new lean muscle effectively, and maintain all of your muscles against breakdown. There is a good flavor variety to keep it interesting and you will be getting a few extras that you don't always see in Branched Chain Amino Acid supplements. This one will support your immune system with a good dose of Vitamin C and offers better muscle recovery because of the extra L-Glutamine, which is an essential Amino Acid, included in the formula. This product is great for stacking with your pre-workout, Protein powder, or energy supplements as it doesn't contain a huge list of ingredients that may interfere with other products. We naturally produce some Amino Acids but Branched Chain and essential Aminos need to be ingested. Doing this solely through food can be tough and adding a BCAA boosting supplement can make it simple. Feeling great no matter if you are training for a marathon, a lifting competition, or just trying to be healthier than ever can be possible by adding a product like this into your routine.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 10 Calories Per Serving
  • 2 Grams Carbohydrates
  • No Artificial Colors
  • Zero Sugar
  • Contains Antioxidants
  • Use Any Time
  • Great Taste
  • Easily Stackable
  • Contains Soy
  • No Size Variety


Optimum Nutrition is a piece of the Glanbia umbrella which houses Optimum Nutrition and American Body Building. Between the two they provide the globe with top quality supplements that range from powders to pills and pre-mixed drinks to aid you in your fitness goals. For more than thirty years On has continually brought quality to the table in the form of superior formulas and the use of the highest quality ingredients. They test and retest their products to ensure they are offering you the best. Millions of people will agree when you trust ON you are trusting a brand that knows what they are doing and that will provide solid supplements for all walks of life. From Whey Proteins to energy enhancers this brand has you covered.


There are usually very few complaints when talking about the taste of Optimum Nutrition products. This BCAA booster is no exception. People really like the available flavors and are surprised that it is not gaggingly sweet and it does not leave the awful aftertaste we expect when using a nutritional supplement like this one. While this product does contain Sucralose, ON has found a great balance for it helping to taste quite a bit better than the rest. Another common problem with this type of thing is that they are usually quite bitter. Here again, there is a lack of this when using Optimum Nutrition Pro BCAA because of a very well balanced and researched formula.


Having some flavor variety keeps your routine interesting, especially when the taste of a product is good. There are three options in flavoring. They are Raspberry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, and Peach Mango. Consumers agree they are all quite good and taste as you would expect them to. You can also choose an unflavored variety. This is excellent for those of you that want to mix your Branched Chain Amino Acids in with other supplements like a protein shake or pre-workout. There are other brands that offer more in terms of flavor choices but their flavors may not be as well developed as these ones. You will actually like the flavor of this product and having less to choose from doesn't seem so bad when you can swallow it easily.


Spending the time it takes to perfect a formula is not something that all brands do, however, Optimum Nutrition does. The consistency of this product is excellent. You won't have any major trouble trying to get it to mix completely. In addition, you won't be left with part of your supplement stuck to your water bottle. No one appreciates a gritty or chalky drink and for some, if these two things are present, can make it a deal breaker. Finding a mix that dissolves completely can be tough but many people have relied on ON because of this very thing. Excellent consistency means more enjoyment out of your supplement experience.


Branched Chain Amino Acids are essential to healthy muscles and muscle growth. While our bodies produce some Amino Acids, these specific ones need to be consumed. Upon doing so, you will notice how great your muscles feel even after a long session at the gym. Improved recovery times means less soreness from day to day. You will also be giving your muscles what they need to reduce deterioration. Maintaining your muscles will allow added growth and of course plays its part in a reduction of soreness. You will also get a boost to your immune system because this product contains Vitamin C, a known antioxidant.


The ingredient list for this product is very common for a Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement that contains only a bit more than the Amino Acids themselves. You will get some Sodium and Vitamin C with this formula but that isn't what makes it work so well. ON uses a 2:1:1 ratio of L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine. This is the standard but can be found in different ratios if you are looking for something a bit different. They also use L-Glutamine to help with overall recovery times. Grape and Grape Seed Extract, along with flavoring, Potassium Chloride, Beet Juice for coloring, Sucralose and a couple others for taste and consistency are used. There are no proprietary blends and it is pretty clear to see we are getting a clean product.


This product will affect your performance in a couple of ways. First, because it is full of ingredients used to aid in muscle recovery times, you will notice a decline of sore muscles. In fact, you may completely do away with that soreness you have come to find as commonplace. The maintenance that BCAAs provide to your muscles will keep them in better repair and this will also not only help with soreness but also with growth. As new lean muscle builds and you are less sore your ability to last through the longest workouts will become easier and easier. Hence, your performance in and out of the gym will be impacted positively when using Optimum Nutrition Pro BCAA.


This product will help a bit with hydration because it contains sodium. When we are sweating we are losing this electrolyte that helps keep our cells using water effectively. Staying hydrated is a main component in not only muscle health but also in your overall health. While this product doesn't contain powdered Coconut Water to take hydration to the next level, you will be mixing it with water. If you take this product by itself, you will be introducing extra water into your routine and in turn, improve your hydration levels. It is important to note that taking this supplement at the end of your workout does help to replace lost electrolytes and may be the best time to take it.

Vitamins & Minerals

You will be gaining a bit in the way of vitamins and minerals in this supplement. It does contain Vitamin C and Sodium. Vitamin C is a proven antioxidant and helps to support your immune system. This, naturally, helps aid you in overall healthy living. As stated before, Sodium will help replace the electrolytes you lose when sweating up a storm. Other products put a plethora of vitamins and minerals in their products and this can actually be a problem if you are already taking a multi-vitamin. Some vitamins, like Vitamin E, can cause you harm if you have more than your body needs. Vitamin C is water soluble and your body will simply rid itself of the excess. Sodium you need to watch your salt intake with to ensure you aren't getting too much throughout the day.


There is no caffeine in this product. If you are looking for a boost in energy that is exceptionally noticeable you are going to want to look towards an energy supplement or a pre-workout. The lack of caffeine in this product is not necessarily a bad thing. Caffeine has many negative effects including headaches, upset stomach, the jitters, and increased anxiety. For those of you that are sensitive to caffeine or just don't partake in it on a daily basis the fact that this product doesn't contain any may be a blessing. Keeping caffeine out can be hard as it is included in a ton of products. Overall, BCAA boosters aren't usually known for containing caffeine and it is appreciated by many that this option doesn't.


Optimum Nutrition has been in the nutritional supplements business for a long time and has a huge following. They did not do this because of the use of filler ingredients. Lesser brands use these types of ingredients to fool us into paying more money for an inferior product. When buying from ON you can buy with confidence. They don't use proprietary blends and they don't use filler ingredients. You will get exactly what you expect when buying their product. Trusting this to be the truth is not difficult when you look at how long they have been around and again the sheer number of people that are using their products on a daily basis.


Serving size and servings per container are where this product falls a bit short. You will be using two scoops for one serving and that equals nineteen and a half grams of product. This is quite a bit more powder than others but that isn't really a problem because it does mix quite well. Where the real problem is, is in the fact that you only get twenty servings per container and there is no other size option. Wanting an entire month's worth of Branched Chain Amino Acids is common, as is using this type of product on a daily basis. You won't get what you need for a month but what you do get works very well.

Side Effects

This product doesn't carry an outrageous ingredient list, therefore, there are fewer side effects associated with it. In fact, we can't find any reports of this product causing negative side effects. We are not saying you absolutely won't experience any while using this product because there are some common side effects to using a BCAA booster. You may experience impairment in motor function, bloating, upset stomach, or muscle fatigue. It is important to note that if you suffer from any major medical conditions, are nursing, pregnant, or plan on becoming pregnant you should speak with your doctor before adding a Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement into your diet.


By adding a product such as this into your daily routine you will notice a huge decrease in soreness after long and arduous workouts. This is a major advantage when you think about the overall picture of a healthy lifestyle. You will be able to go longer at the gym and won't pay for it the next day. Then you will be able to do it all over again which makes growing your muscles and losing weight easier than ever. The taste of this product is also good and you can even get it unflavored so it is easily stackable with another supplement of your choosing. Your body will look and feel better and you won't dread taking this supplement on a daily basis.


The major disadvantage to this product is the lack of size options. With only twenty servings per container, you are not going to get a month's supply of the Branched Chain Amino Acids your body needs to maintain your muscles and recover quickly. If you are getting some other places, such as with your Protein supplement or through a diet focused on perfection, this may not be a big deal but for some, it will be a deal breaker. Other than this there really isn't too much about this product to complain about. Consumers agree this is more of an annoyance than anything and because most use several supplements, it can be overlooked.


This product is a bit more expensive than others in its class, especially when you look at the amount you are getting. It is a solid formula from a trusted brand and it will give your muscles what they need to feel great, grow, and maintain themselves. We must admit that there are many other products out there that will do this just as well and are more affordable. They do offer good flavors and a proven track record that does help in trusting this brand and their products. This is a pretty good value but we would not go as far as to say it is the best available today.

Bottom Line

Optimum Nutrition has made a name for themselves and it is trusted in more than seventy countries. You will be getting a great blend of ingredients that not only taste good but work hard to ensure you reap the benefits of a solid Branched Chain Amino Acid booster. The flavors are good and the consistency is great. You will be able to stack it easily if you so choose. It will cost you more money than others out there and performance wise will work just about the same. You aren't going to be disappointed with your results but again your budget may pay for it some overall and you can find some that are equally as good but not quite as expensive.