Optimum Nutrition Protein Cake Bites Reviewed

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Optimum Nutrition Protein Cake Bites are a great snack for any time of day that you get a craving for something sweet. There are very mixed reviews about the texture of this product, however, it does pack a powerful punch of protein that your muscles will thank you for. This protein is top quality and will help speed up recovery times after intense lift sessions or long endurance training. In addition, you will recover faster between sets while lifting which will lead to more productive exercising. This option does not have a huge sugar content nor does it contain any gluten or GMOs. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied when you decide to give this product a try and instead of hurting your diet it will help it. When you eat right and exercise daily it is nice to know there is a snack out there that will help satisfy your cravings and aid you in achieving your fitness goals. They offer a good variety of flavor options which will hopefully mean you can find a couple you like to keep your daily food intake interesting. Needing a snack to curb your appetite until your next meal is common. Finding one this healthy and delicious is not.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Convenient
  • Good Texture
  • Great Flavor Variety
  • High Protein Content
  • Promotes Muscle Strength
  • Increases Recovery Time
  • Proven Ingredients
  • Excellent Snack Option
  • Expire Quickly
  • Very Dense


Optimum Nutrition, better known as ON, is one of the leaders in sports nutrition. They supply nutritional supplements to people across the globe. They are one of the very best brands out there. They are stringent in making sure the ingredients used in their products are the very best of the best. When you are working out daily and focusing on your diet it is nice to know there is a brand out there that truly wants to help you accomplish your goals. From Whey Proteins to energy enhancers they have a product that will help you along the way. This brand offers products that you can rely on in terms of quality and consistency. ON has become a leader due to their hard work and dedication in making the world a healthier place through superior supplements.


When researching the taste of this product we came across a variety of opinions. Answer this product gets close to its expiration date the taste does change and not in a positive way. While many people enjoy the taste they say it is not what you would expect from a product that is supposed to be cake like. There are some that really like these products and feel as if it cures their craving for sweets quite easily. It is important to understand that each person has a different opinion on how a product tastes as this is an objective thing. As always, the only true way to know if you like the taste of something or not is to give it a try.


ON offers a pretty vast amount of options in terms of flavor variety. It is always a good thing to have several flavor options to choose from as it keeps you from getting bored when eating the same thing on a daily basis. There are eight different flavors that are available if you decide that you want to go with this product. With this sort of choice, you are sure to find a few that you truly like and will easily help supplement your diet. You will have your choice of Chocolate Mint, Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Gingerbread, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Frosted Donut, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Dipped Cherry. There is no clear front-runner for favorite flavor, however, there doesn’t seem to be one that is at the bottom of the pack either.


The consistency of this product is not at all what you expected to be. Customers are quite disappointed due to the fact that this product is exceptionally dense. It is stated to be cake-like and whipped, however, this is not the texture that you were going to encounter. Most have stated that it is quite chewy and again very dense. These are not qualities you expect out of something that is labeled as cake bites. ON has some work to do to get this consistency where it needs to be. It is also been noted that this product is quite dry and crumbly so you'll want to be careful not to make a mess depending on where you're eating it. while the consistency is not what you expect it does not change the fact that this is an excellent product that will provide your body and muscles with the nutrients you need to continue on your active lifestyle.


Optimum Nutrition has spent a lot of time and research to ensure that the products they provide you are exceptionally effective. This product does contain 20 g of protein per serving. What this is going to do for you is allow your muscles to recover more quickly between sets and also after exceptionally Long training sessions. This will lead to a reduction and soreness and increase your ability to work hard each and every day. It is also a very effective snack. It will help curb your appetite and allow you to avoid unhealthy snacks between meals. It will provide you with great energy. They use high-quality ingredients that have been proven time and again to be exceptionally effective. Consumers agree that this is a very beneficial product to add to your daily routine.


Obviously, the ingredients used in this product will vary slightly depending on which flavor variety you decide to try. There is a course of the basic list of ingredients that each of the flavors contains. You will be consuming a protein blend that is made up of Milke Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Isolate. They also include Glycerine, Chicory Root Fiber, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Salt, and Sugar. The proteins used are top quality as are the other ingredients. this brand is stringent in assuring you're only getting the best of the best. When consuming the best ingredients you will also receive heightened results.


Almost all of the flavor options carry the same caloric value. You will be consuming 240 calories per serving when you decide to give this product to try. Most people want to keep their snacks under 300 calories so this will fit well into your daily routine. It is enough calories to ensure that you will stay full between meals. This sweet snack helps curb your appetite and will ensure that your body has the fuel to make it through your day regardless of activity. For the majority of people, this amount of calories is easy to fit into their diet. Another plus is that each package contains three pieces so if you want it part now and part later you can curb your appetite easily at more than one point throughout the day without adding too many extra calories.


The maximum amount of sugar per serving that you will be consuming when using this product is 6 grams. However, most of them carry 5 grams or less. This is exceptionally low especially when you compare it to other products in the same category. We have seen options that include more than 16 grams of sugar per serving which is quite a lot and can be difficult to fit into your diet. Due to the fact that this product contains so little sugar each and every person should be able to work it in with ease. The sugar used in this as natural so you won't have to worry about the effects of artificial sweeteners. Overall, customers are satisfied with the sugar content of this product and are appreciative that it is so simple to add to their routine.


Maintaining good energy levels throughout your day is important and ensuring your body functions at top form. When we add extra protein to our diet it does increase our energy levels. Some people feel that you need to use a pre-workout supplement or caffeine pills to get a good boost of energy but that is simply not true. The calories and protein this product provides your body will give you a decent amount of energy. Your muscles will use the protein to fuel themselves. The faster recovery time between sets and decreased fatigue is also due to the fact that you are increasing your protein levels. When we're hungry our body naturally slows down so by consuming a healthy snack like this one, naturally, you are going to get energy from it.


Each package of this product contains 3 pieces and consuming all three equals one serving. This works out to 63 grams. You will be getting a bit more than you normally would from a protein snack. This will help fill you up a bit better than others you may have tried in the past. Each container holds 12 servings. This brand does not offer an option in container size which can be a bit frustrating for those of you that like to stock up or that like to give it a try before you decide to commit to a product. The convenient packaging will allow you to take your snack with you and again, you can break your serving up over to snacks to ensure you stay within your daily caloric intake goals.

Side Effects

Side effects are common among nutritional supplements. Protein bars carry fewer than most others and are one of the safest nutritional supplements available in today's market. It has been noted by customers that this product has caused gas, bloating, nausea, upset stomach, and diarrhea. This is likely due to the fact that it contains Milk ingredients. What this means is that if you are sensitive or intolerant to milk you will want to avoid this product and go for a plant-based one. Other than this small list we have not noticed any other side effects that you need to be concerned about when using this product.


For those of you with a sweet tooth, this product comes with some major advantages. Having a healthy snack option to enjoy throughout your day that helps you avoid eating candy bars is excellent. Staying on a strict diet can be difficult but when you have a tasty sweet snack to add into your mix it can be a bit easier. The protein this gives your muscles will enhance your growth and better maintain them so you continue to see that growth. As previously noted, it will also speed up your recovery times keeping muscle soreness and fatigue at bay. When you pair it with a good exercise routine and a healthy diet you will see better results and be more successful and weight loss and muscle gain.


The biggest disadvantage to this product has to be the consistency. They are supposed to be light, fluffy, and cake like. This simply is not the case. These bars are exceptionally dense and honestly, the texture is going to remind you of what you would expect out of a regular protein bar. Someone argued that the side effects list is a disadvantage. We don't feel this way as pretty much every supplement comes with some sort of side effects. The ones that you may experience from this product are easily avoidable if you know that you don't handle milk very well. Overall, this product has almost no disadvantages which are an aspect everyone can stand behind when trying to choose a superior protein-boosting supplement.


The price for this product varies based off of which flavor variety you choose to go with. They are a bit pricier than others that are available to you, however, they are pretty close to the average price for this type of item. Some budgets will be able to afford them easily, however, not everyone will. You also need to take into consideration that you will be getting 12 servings per box which if planning to consume every day will not be enough. You would need to then buy more and the price would escalate from there. Value encompasses a variety of aspects and not only the price. Taking the time to look over the features of this product shows us that it is a very good value. There are very few disadvantages in using this product and while the prices a bit high it does not take away from how well this product will age you and your muscles.

Bottom Line

Some may not be able to afford this product but for those of you that can, it is a solid option to boost your protein levels. It will fit into most diets exceptionally easily. You'll be left with a healthy snack that is sweet and delicious. Avoiding cheat foods is important in maintaining your diet and waistline. When you give this product a try you will find that your cravings are snuffed out and you feel plenty full enough to make it until your next meal. It will give you fuel to crush your workouts and any other activities you decide to try. You'll have a good variety of flavors to choose from and more than likely you will like more than one of the flavors available to you. Consumers agree that this product is a great addition to their lives and we feel you'll feel the same if you give it a try.