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Orgain Organic Plant Protein Reviewed Review Facts

Orgain Organic Protein Powder is a simple Organic powder that goes well throughout your daily life. After a serious session with a trainer or while on your way to the store this choice will help you boost your Protein levels. You won't have to worry about sugar levels or high-calorie counts when trying this supplement. Additionally, it carries an exceptionally low carb count. This all-natural product does not come in a large variety of flavors. Likewise, it does not come in many size options. This is a fairly clean product and offers no GMOs, dairy free, Gluten free, it is Kosher, soy free, and contains no artificial ingredients. We want to nourish our bodies and fill them with clean healthy options. This product does help us attain that goal with all plant-based Proteins. If you are looking for a basic boost to your Protein levels and you want it to be something simple this could be an excellent choice for you. It is Vegan-friendly and fits in easily with your daily routine. When looking for something reliable and trusted by a huge amount of people you can't go wrong with this Organic Protein Powder by Orgain.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 21 Grams Plant Protein
  • Pretty Good Flavor
  • Low Calorie
  • Low Carb
  • No Sugar
  • Organic
  • Mixes Easily in Shaker Bottle
  • Excellent with Water or Almond Milk
  • Not Overly Sweet
  • Helps Curb Appetite
  • Best for Meal Replacement
  • No Amino Acid Profile
  • May Cause Stomach Upset
  • Bad After Taste


The founder of Orgain was affected by Cancer at a young age and it influenced him to find truly great and healthy products not only for himself but for everyone. Andrew Abraham spent a lot of time after Chemotherapy learning about nutrition. His doctors advised him to start drinking Protein shakes to gain weight, yet he knew he needed to avoid the unhealthy artificial additives found in most Protein shakes. He worked with his mother to make an exceptionally healthy and well-balanced shake that was perfect for meal replacement. After spending time as a doctor he realized that the public needed this type of product and they needed it bad. This is where the Orgain company was formed and Andrew started to share his passion for healthy options.


Overall most consumers prefer the taste of plant-based Protein powders as compared to the Whey options. This mixes well and does not leave an awful chalky feel to your mouth. It has been reported to leave a not so good aftertaste on your tongue, however, the actual flavor is liked. There are a few flavors to chose from and most of them are fairly well received. Some customers really hate the flavor but this tends to be common among people who do not like the taste of any Protein powder options. It is not overly sweet and this is due to the use of natural sugars.


Some varieties give you a ton of options and it can feel overwhelming. Orgain gives us five flavors to choose from which is enough to switch it up when you are getting bored but not so many as to make choosing difficult. You, of course, have your choice of Chocolate and Vanilla. Then, like many other brands, you can choose from Cookies and Cream and Peanut Butter. Now, this is where we get something just a bit different. Orgain offers an option in Vanilla Almond. This is not a common flavor and does very well with Almond Milk. The flavors are clean and most that give them a try like all the varieties that are offered.


There are several different gums in this product that really aid in the overall consistency. Many supplements like this will leave a chalky feel in your mouth and that is something we all wish to avoid. When choosing this you can rest assured that you won't have that awful feeling at the end of your shake or smoothie. It mixes easily in a shaker bottle and will become quite thick quite easily. Mixing it into a variety of options can be done without much effort and you won't have a gritty or chunky consistency when adding it to things other than smoothies. The general consensus is that the consistency of this choice by Orgain is excellent.


Plant-based Proteins absorb well and will certainly add to your daily Protein quota. This product contains the natural Amino Acids present in the ingredients used but there are no added BCAAs. Block Chain Amino Acids are needed for muscle recovery and growth. Don't misunderstand here, you will be getting BCAAs in this formula as they are naturally occurring in a lot of foods. It is simply that many other options offer more in this category. You will help keep your body green and boost the essential Amino Acids you need. There are low carbs and calories which is awesome, as well as zero sugar. When using this product as a meal replacement it works wonders. Using it as a Protein boost does work well but this product does not contain as much Protein per serving as others in its class.


Most all-natural products don't contain a long list of ingredients because they are simply not needed. For example, PBfit offers three simple ingredients. This option carries a slightly heavier ingredient list and this can be a bit burdensome to people looking for stripped down, clean products. Orgain Organic Protein Powder contains an Organic Protein blend which includes Brown Rice Protein, Chia Seed, and Pea Protein. It also contains an Organic Creamer base, Erythritol, Sea Salt, Natural Flavoring, Guar and Acacia Gum, and Stevia as the sweetening agent.


The entire point of using a Protein supplement is to ensure you are getting the right amount of Protein to aid in muscle recovery and growth. For some, it may be used for meal replacement as well as other things but mainly it comes down to the Protein. When using this brand you will get twenty-one grams of Organic Protein per serving. This is slightly less than others in today's market but overall it is not bad. You can use this more than once a day to ensure you are getting at least one gram of Protein for every pound of body weight. This mixes well and tastes good so adding it in throughout your day should be no problem and if using as a meal replacement you can seriously boost your Protein quickly.


Finding a great product that uses natural sugars is not as difficult as it once was but it can still be a challenge. Orgain uses Stevia to sweeten their products. Stevia is a natural sugar that is seen in a huge variety of products. When overused it can make a product exceptionally sweet, however, that does not seem to be the case here. A bad aftertaste has also been related to the use of Stevia and may be the reason consumers have reported a bad aftertaste with this particular product. If you are used to the flavor profile of Stevia this may not be a big deal and it is nice to know that a natural sugar is being used rather than an artificial sweetener. The product may be sweet but when it comes to actual sugar content, it is zero.


Weight loss often requires a decrease in carbs and the last thing you want is to add a bunch in with your daily Protein shake or smoothie. The net carbs in this choice are exceptionally low at only three grams per serving. This is not to be mistaken for total carbs. Net carbs are the total carbs minus the fiber content as the carbs from fiber are not absorbed into your system and thus are able to be negated.

Amino Acids

Our bodies naturally produce certain Amino Acids, however, we need to eat certain foods to attain other essential Amino Acids. Many supplements add Block Chain Amino Acids to ensure you get the boost you need for superior muscle recovery and growth. This all-natural product does not add and BCAAs to their formula and therefore you aren't getting as much of a boost as other products may give you. It is important to note, however, the ingredients used in this product do contain many of the essential Amino Acids that you need. You may not be getting a crazy amount or a variety that boosts these Acids all day but you will get what you need to ensure your muscles aren't as sore and continue to develop nicely.


As far as fillers go this product does contain several different types of gum. These are used to ensure you get a great texture and mouthfeel with their product. They are not put in just to take up space like many fillers found in today's products. This is encouraging because you know you will get a smooth consistency but you also know you aren't swallowing a bunch of useless fillers that tend to make side effects worse and can actually detriment your overall goals. When you are sweating it out at the gym every day you want to ensure you are putting products in your body that will help you succeed not inhibit you.


We are all used to a scoop being a serving in the category of Protein supplements. Orgain throws us off a little bit here because a serving is actually two scoops. This isn't really a big deal except for the fact that the containers don't come in very large sizes so you will find yourself replenishing often if you fall in love with this product. It only comes in two sizes. One which is just over two pounds and another that is just under three pounds. This is not really very much when you take into consideration that you need to use two scoops and likely you use this type of supplement every day.

Side Effects

Plant-based Proteins tend to not have as many side effects as Whey Proteins. That is not to say there are no side effects but typically they are mild. It has been reported that when using this product you may experience bloating, nausea, cramping, or gas. While relatively minor these types of things can be very burdensome to certain individuals and should be thought about before continuing use. These effects are mild and typically don't last long, especially once your body get used to this type of drink if you are new to adding extra protein into your diet.


The advantage of using an all-natural product such as this is easy to see. We want to keep our lives and our bodies healthy and part of doing that is ensuring we put clean products in it. This product is simply formulated and can certainly help boost the nutrients your body needs to make sure your muscles feel great after a grueling gym session and it will also help your muscles grow and maintain. It mixes well and offers good flavors that are not gaggingly sweet. You can add it to a variety of foods and drinks and know you won't have any gritty chunky pieces hanging around.


The disadvantages of this product are fairly minimal. One of the worst things about it is the small packaging sizes. When you use a Protein booster daily it can be frustrating to only be able to buy two pounds at a time. Additionally, a serving is two scoops rather than one which also adds to the inconvenience of smaller packaging. Obviously, you can order more if you are inclined to but that can become quite expensive. Lastly, this option does not offer quite as much Protein as others on the market. You will still be able to attain your daily Protein goals, it just won't be as easy as it could be with other products.


The founder of this company takes quality very seriously and when rated we would say this is a very high-quality product. The flavor profiles are complete and quite delicious. Additionally, there is no sugar, low carbs, and low calories. When you need to replace a meal this is a perfect choice and it will help keep you full for a while. It mixes easily and completely which is appreciated as no one likes chunks of undissolved Protein powder in their food or drink. It does what it says it will and boosts your daily Protein and gives you some of the Amino Acids your body craves. Overall this is a solid supplement that will help you meet your fitness goals.


A two pound contain is quite affordable. Most budgets will be able to absorb the cost with no issues. As compared to other products like this one it is on the inexpensive end. It offers great flavor and texture without that nasty chalky feel. You can add it to a huge variety of things and it comes in enough flavors that you can mix it up when you please. The fact that it is Vegan and Vegetarian-friendly also add to the overall value. You are sure to like this product if you give it a try and honestly while ordering it can be irritating due to small package size, it really is worth it.

Key Features

  • 100% Organic

  • Great for On-the-Go People

  • 21 Grams of Protein

  • 5 Grams Organic Fiber

  • 150 Calories Per Serving
  • Bottom Line

    This product is very well received by its consumers. It offers a good boost of Protein and is Organic. Most often you will find these things fail due to texture and taste. Not the case here as both of these categories seem to pass with flying colors. The lack of sizing options is annoying but not a factor to completely rule it out. The cost is affordable which makes ordering more easier to ensure you have enough to last the month. It is not chalked full of fillers that just take up space and it has been relied on by athletes for years. We are sure if you are looking for a Vegan option, this one won't disappoint you.