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The Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir is perfect for anyone who is looking for an easier and more convenient way to bring their water with them for their workouts. Whether you are hitting the gym or going on an outdoor adventure, it is crucial to stay hydrated. This product can help ensure you are getting the water you need without the inconvenience of carrying around water bottles. This bladder can fit easily into most hydration packs so you can carry the water right on your back. The bit valve makes it so much easier too. All you have to do is bite down on the end and take a sip. It is as easy as that. When you finish your drink, you can take advantage of the magnetic clip. You can connect the hose to your shoulder with a magnet that is in the valve. This can help prevent leaking as well as ensure your water is within arm's reach at all times.

Customers aren't too thrilled with the high cost of the Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir. It is not recommended for those who are on a budget. If you have the extra money to splurge, however, you won't be disappointed. The incredible durability and long life span make the bladder worth the additional cost. Yes, you can find cheaper options, but they might not work as well as this one.

Overall, customers love this bladder. It is easy to use and makes staying hydrated easy.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy to use

Magnetic bite valve

Two size options

BPA- free

Pour shield


Not budget friendly


Hydration is extremely important, especially when you are active. If you're heading out anywhere in the warm weather or while working out, you need to make sure you're drinking plenty of water. If not, then you run the risk of dehydration and becoming ill. That isn't something that anyone wants to experience. That said, sometimes it can be a bit annoying and create a hassle when you have to carry water bottles around with you.

Thanks to products like the Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir water is now easier to keep on hand for when you need it. This bladder fits easily into most hydration packs so you can head out with the water right on your back. Whether you are hiking, walking, running, biking, or anything else, bringing your water along with you has never been easier.

Customers love the fact that it has a sliding seal that makes filling the reservoir super easy. Additionally, it has a bite valve, so you don't have to worry about twisting caps off of a water bottle. You simply bite down on the valve take a drink and then let go when you're done. Easy as that. Additionally, the construction of this bladder is BPA free, and the FDA and EU regulations certify it, so you know that you are getting safe drinking water.

No matter where you're going or what you're doing, make sure you're staying adequately hydrated. This water reservoir paired with a hydration pack to ensure you've got water with you no matter what.


The Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to ensure optimal durability while still giving you the flexibility you need for carrying it around in hydration pack. The soft plastic can hold your water safely without fear of leaks or spells. You don't have to worry though, TPU is non-toxic, so it's safe to drink from. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that this bladder is BPA-free. In fact, it has met both the FDA and EU regulations, deeming it safe for water consumption. Not only is it safe to drink, but it makes your water taste just a little bit better, Giving you a pleasant experience with each step you take.

Customers can greatly appreciate the use of this type of material in their hydration bladder. Thanks to the TPU it's going to be able to withstand some extreme temperatures. Unlike some of the competitor's products, you can freeze this bladder. If you're going to be heading out on a more extended trip and you want to try to keep your water as cold as possible, then you're in luck. You can toss the bladder into the freezer and when you're ready to leave put it in your hydration pack. As the water starts to thaw, you can take a drink, and it will remain cold for longer.

It can handle more than just the cold temperatures, however. It's also going to be safe to use for a liquid up to 140 degrees F (60C). This isn't a feature that a lot of customers will need to take advantage of, but it's nice to know that you have it. Sometimes if you're camping on a cold night and you're trying to stay warm, you can fill up your hydration bladder with hot water, and use it as a heating pad. Sometimes sleeping it under your blanket or sleeping bag can help keep you a little warmer add more comfortable.


The Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir actually comes in two different sizes, so you can choose the one that's going to work best for you. You can choose from either the cheerleader or the three-liter options, depending on where you're going and how much water you're going to need. Sometimes if you're going on a short trip by yourself, the two-liter bag will be just fine. However, if you're planning on going out for a little bit longer, you might want to opt for the larger size.

For the most part, customers are happy with the option that they have for their size. It will fit nicely in the most hydration packs with no problems at all. The two-liter bag has dimensions that are 14 x 6 x 3 inches whereas the three-liter bag has 15 x 7 x 3-inch design. Additionally, the smaller bag weighs about 10.6 ounces, and the larger one weighs about 10.9 ounces. Keep in mind all of these measurements are for an empty container, and once you add liquid to chill which the wage and size are going to change.


One of the best and more critical parts of a water bladder is the valve. This is where you are taking your drinks from so you want to make sure that it's easy to use and isn't going to leak. Thankfully for many customers, the Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir has a fantastic valve that is going to make your outdoor adventure just a little bit easier.

The bladder feature is a magnetic valve that you bite on to release water. This is going to let you control the flow of the water, so you don't have any accidental leaks along the way. You don't have to worry about having to pull out a water bottle and twist off the lid, you just put this in your mouth by down and take a drink. Customers love the league free design that they get with this product, letting them stay hydrated without the hassle of carrying extra water bottles.

Additionally, the valve has a magnetic clip that lets you connect it to a spot near your shoulder. This is going to make sure that you can keep your water within Arm's Reach at all times, and you can grab it whenever you need it. It's also going to help make sure that there aren't any unnecessary leaks. Sometimes the valve could get caught on some of your other gear or on a tree branch which could cause your water to leak if you have the valve clipped to your shoulder that's going to eliminate those accidents.

Overall, customers love the valve on this product. It lets them swig their water easily and hassle-free, always keeping it within reach.


The Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir is a bladder and will generally sit inside of a hydration pack. Therefore, the comfort level will rely heavily on what you are carrying the product inside. That said, this bladder is an ideal size, so it is not too heavy, even when full. This can contribute to the overall comfort level since you won't have to lug around too much extra weight.

Thanks to the bite valve with the magnetic clip, your comfort level is going to be slightly increased. Since you can simply grab the hose and bite the tap when you need to take a drink, you will be slightly more comfortable. It makes your trip and staying hydrated just a little bit easier which can drastically increase your comfort level.

Ease of Use

When it comes to your water reservoir, you want to try to find something that is going to be easy to use. Thankfully, you will get that ease with the Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir. Not only is drinking your water easy but so is filling it. Some of the competitor's products can cause frustration when it comes time to fill the bag, but this one makes the process simple and easy, much to the appreciation of consumers.

As mentioned above the bite valve is extremely easy an convenient to use. All you have to do is bite down on the tap and take a sip. It is leak-free, so you don't have to worry about spilling your fluid and getting yourself and your gear wet. Additioanlly, the magnetic clip that connects to your shoulder is instinctual and easy to use. You just place the valve over a magnet located on or around your shoulder, easy as that.

It is also effortless to fill the bladder. No more worrying about spilling water and making a mess everywhere when it comes time to fill it. This product features a pour shield for added convenience and ease during the filling process. What this does is increases the length of the collar, so you have a little bit more control when adding the water. Additionally, it is going to a little easier if you have to dump the contents for any reason. If you want to fill up a pot, container, or cup, you can do so easily.


When it comes time to make a purchase, you want to make sure that your choice is durable and well made. You don't want to be stuck with something that isn't going to be able to handle the wear and tear of your active lifestyle. This is especially true when talking about a water bladder like this. Thankfully, this isn't something that you will have to worry about with the Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir. It is built tough enough to handle whatever your adventures throw at it.

Customers can appreciate that they won't have to worry about replacing the reservoir anytime soon. More importantly, you won't have to deal with the frustration of having it leak everywhere — no need to worry about spending your trip with wet clothes or gear and no water.

It truly has a durable design that you will appreciate.


When you compare the Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir to some of the other products on the market, you will notice that this one has a higher price tag than most. In some cases, the cost of the bladder is almost double some of the competitors. This can turn consumers away, especially if they are on a budget. Sometimes you just can't justify spending this much money on a product when you can find something similar at half the cost.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that this one is highly durable and will last you quite a while. You are going to be spending a lot more money upfront, but you have the potential to save even more in the long run since you won't have to spend that extra money to replace the item in the future. That said, a lot of customers can't afford that initial investment and would prefer the cheaper and more affordable option.

The customers who splurged for this, more expensive, bladder were not disappointed. Is it worth the extra cost? It is hard to say. However, customers do not regret their purchases and love the product.

Bottom Line

The Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to carry their water around with them with ease. It's super easy to use, whether filling it up and taking a sip. Customers can appreciate the convenience of keeping their water pack right on their back.

Staying hydrated is important. Let this reservoir help you keep your water within arm's reach. There is no longer any need to carry around water bottles or canteens. This bladder is all you need.