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The Otomix Ninja Warrior boxing boots can be used for much more than practice inside the ring. Whether you love to lift weights, participate in boxing classes. or you just like to stay active around the gym these boots will suit you just fine. They offer a nice flat bottom and offer a great grip no matter what surface you find yourself on. This option does not have much in the way of arch support but they are wide enough that you can slide some inserts in if you need to. They offer good durability from the outsole to the upper materials. This product is the most recent in their line and it is a great choice. You will find them quite stylish as well. They will fit into your routine with ease. The fact that you won't have to change your gym shoes frequently will save you time which is an added convenience in today's busy world. Wearing proper footwear in the gym and in the ring can help you improve your footwork, technique, and form. Consumers are very happy with the overall look and feel that these boots offer. So, when you need an excellent and relatively affordable pair of boxing boots these are a stellar option.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent For Lifting
  • Average Price
  • Lace Securing Closure
  • Great Grip
  • Good Range of Motion
  • Very Flexible
  • Padded Ankle
  • No Arch Support
  • Glue Durability Issues
  • Difficult Sizing


For just over twenty years, Otomix has been making great footwear as well as other gear for fighters. This is not only for boxers anymore but also for those of you who participate in mixed martial arts. Their products are a bit pricey but they offer great quality and longevity in use. Their lines are truly versatile and cover needs for fighters as well as yogis, people trying to lose weight, and those of you that are just trying to stay active and fit. They have a huge following all over the globe because their products are a step above many of the best available. This brand is worth trusting because they pay attention to the fine details and ensure that you will be able to get the equipment and gear you need to meet all of your goals in and outside of the ring.


This boxing boot does not really have an insole so to speak of. While this may seem like a major downfall it really isn't. Most boxing shoes do not have much in the way of an insole. This is so that you can feel more with your feet and toes. This leads to better footwork and movement while in the ring. So really, this lack of insole is a good thing in terms of your performance. If you have high arches this could be a problem as a lack of insole means a lack of arch support. This can lead to a lot of foot pain and even possible injury. If you do have high arches you may want to invest in a pair of inserts for these boots to ensure your feet continue to feel great. If you find the fit to be a bit wide because of the lacking an insole you can go ahead and pick your favorite ones and slide them in to improve them.


The outsole of this boxing boot is very thin. This is due to the fact that the less material between your foot in the floor the better feel and reaction time you will have while in the ring. The material used for the outsole is rubber. Rubber is probably the most common outsole material for a boot like this. It offers excellent traction and grip. This will allow you to move quickly and easily without any worry of slipping. It is important to note that the thin outsole at this uses will not work well for exercise routines off of the mat or canvas. You'll be able to use them for your bag work but you're not going to want to wear them to run laps. Overall, this is a great outsole and it sports a very good tread pattern to ensure your feet stay planted firmly where you put them.


We were unable to find the exact weight of this shoe. However, that does not change the fact that all of the reviews and the brand's website say the same thing, these shoes are exceptionally lightweight. If we had to guess by looking at their design we would say there are probably roughly around two pounds. This is a standard weight for boxing shoes. When you keep your footwear exceptionally light it will allow you to improve your speed and the quality of your footwork. In addition, you will notice a reduction of leg fatigue when you go from a heavier pair of shoes to a pair like these. Reduce leg fatigue will allow you to work out harder and longer which in turn helps to improve your overall performance. Consumers are very pleased with the weight of this option by Otomix.


All of the materials used in this set of boxing boots are exceptionally high-quality. The upper is made of synthetic leather and polyester mesh panels. These two materials together have been double-stitched and offer great durability, support, and comfort. As previously mentioned, the outsole of this product is made of rubber. This is also an exceptionally durable material that will last through a long period of abuse. The islets are reinforced to ensure that no matter how tight you pull your laces you don't cause damage to your shoes. There is also a flap that houses a piece of velcro. This is there so that you can tuck your laces underneath it and you won't have to worry about them coming untied in the ring. Overall, customers are more than satisfied with the materials used to construct this option.


Customers are really impressed by the overall fit that they get while wearing these boxing boots. This style has a slightly wider toe box which will accommodate a variety of feet nicely. It allows room for your toes to display and grip. This will improve your footwork and your reaction time while moving around the ring. If you find that the fit is a bit too roomy you can add an insole to tighten them up some. Obviously, the shoelaces will give you a great deal of adjustment and tightness and this plays a large role in how these fit. Naturally, the fit will improve once these shoes are broken in. They do not take very much time at all to break in which means you'll be looking at a fantastic fit very quickly.


These boxing boots are actually quite durable. The place where you are going to see the least amount of durability is in the outsole. While rubber is a very durable material the outsole is exceptionally thin to allow your feet to better feel the canvas underneath you. due to the fact that the outsole is very thin, you will not want to wear it on rough surfaces or you risk causing detriment to them. They will give you great longevity of use if you are only using them inside the ring or while training on a mat. The upper materials are very durable and the double-stitched seams ensure long-lasting wear without the worry of high-pressure zones busting out. Overall, this is a durable design that will give you a great life expectancy.


In terms of quality, these boxing shoes are better than many others that are currently available to you. The materials used R all some of the highest quality in their class. For example, the synthetic leather that is used in the upper is soft and pliable. It is not like many others which feel like plastic. You can easily see the quality in the details of this boxing boot. The double stitching is a great sign that they have put time and effort into the quality of this item. Another feature that shows it is the fact that they included a secure closure that will keep your laces tucked in. Customers are raving about the overall quality of this option and feel that Otomix has done a stellar job at constructing this item. When you decide to give them a try we think you will agree that they are exceptional quality.


What these boxing boots you are not going to have an exceptionally long break-in time. Prior to them being broken in, as with most shoes, they will not be at their top level of comfort. After getting them broken in you'll be left with a truly comfortable pair of boxing boots that you will be able to wear for hours on end without pain. They are super lightweight and the materials used are also very flexible. These boots will move with you. The slightly larger toe box also adds to the overall comfort of this option. In addition, there is padding around the collar of the shoe which adds comfort to your ankles. When it comes down to it, this shoe is built for comfort and will provide it to you even during long use.


With many boxing shoe options, great breathability is not something that is easily done. This is partially due to the fact that many available options are made of a solid piece of leather. When you go with this product you will have much better breathability then with others you may have tried in the past. The mesh panels that are located throughout the upper of this shoe allows air to flow through them quite nicely. This airflow will help keep the environment that your foot is in much cooler. It is advantageous to ensure you are wearing boots with great airflow because it will help to keep your feet in top form. Boxing boots that don't breathe can lead to a plethora of foot related issues. This includes things like athlete's foot, blisters, and fungal infections. Overall customers are pleased and impressed with the breathability that this item offers.


When talking about support there are a couple of different areas of a boxing boot that need to be discussed. One of the main areas has to do with ankle support. These boots will give you better-than-average ankle support. While they are not the highest option nor do they have an ankle strap they do use padding to help support the ankle. The lace-up design and the way that they lockdown will give you a pretty good amount of support throughout the ankle. The structure of the shoe also helps with this. The other place that supports really matters has to do with your arches. The lack of an insole means a serious lack of arch support. If you have high arches you'll absolutely want to add a pair of good supports into your boxing boots to ensure that your feet continue to feel great while you train.


Depending on what color and size you choose the price of this product can vary pretty drastically. It does carry what we consider to be an average price tag for a boxing boot of this quality. Some budgets will have a difficult time squeezing it in and it may require you to do some saving before you can make them your own. There are a large variety of aspects that should be considered when determining the true value of a product. Consumers that are wearing these shoes feel that these are a stellar value. That is because they offer great flexibility, comfort, durability, and style. There are many more positive aspects about this product the negative ones. When combined it is simple to see why they feel as if this product is such a great value.

Bottom Line

When you take fighting seriously and you're planning on working with punching bags, sparring partners, and other varieties of training inside the ring or on workout mats you really do need a stellar pair of boxing shoes. This option is a seriously good one. You will get a great fit and a level of comfort that is hard to match. There are options out there that are more durable but they don't offer the same flexibility. One of the features on this boot that people love the most is the roomier toe boxes that they sport. It allows better comfort and improved performance. When you are moving around the ring these will help you maintain proper form and footwork which will enhance your end results. Overall, we feel like this is a great option if you can afford them.