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The Otomix Stingray Escape shoes are a great option for a variety of different activities. While they are made to suit those of you that are into mixed martial arts, boxing, bodybuilding, or wrestling these shoes will be a great fit. They are more durable than many other options and this is for a few reasons such as sewn-on soles. You will have the traction you need to improve your footwork. When you spend a long time in the gym or working out at home keeping your feet comfortable is imperative. These will bend and flex with you which helps to keep you truly comfortable. While style is not the most important aspect of your ring-specific footwear, these ones really look great. They also offer a better range of motion which can keep you moving around the ring with ease. It is surprising that for as flexible as they are that they also offer a good level of support. they will not give you the same kind of support as a high-top boot option. The grip you have with these boots will work for everything from grappling to bag work. Consumers are more than pleased with the way this option fits and helps improve their footwork.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Stylish
  • Great Fit
  • Flexible
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Versatile Use
  • Excellent Design
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Pricey
  • A Bit Wide


Otomix has been providing the world with clothing, equipment, and gear for more than thirty years. They provide fantastic quality. While they make a lot of fight-related gear they also offer options for runners, Yogis, and simple people who are simply trying to maintain optimum health. They understand that using quality materials and sound designs lead to products that are not only functional but also superior to the competition. With better durability and true thought into their products, you know that you will be getting items that last. When you are wearing truly great gear and using superior equipment it is easy to see your performance improve. Overall, this is a solid brand you can trust or solid products.


Shoes that are made for the gym, typically, have no real insole. This is due to the fact that the less material between your feet and the floor the better. Our toes naturally splay and grip, with a thin layer of material your footwork will be more accurate. This option does not have an insole, which again, is very common in a shoe such as this. That does not mean that they are uncomfortable. In fact, it's quite the opposite. People are very happy with the feel of this shoe. How it cradles the foot is a great thing. The lack of an insole does make for a roomier fit. This could be a problem if you have very narrow feet. If your feet are sliding around in your boots it can really inhibit proper form and footwork. If you find this to be the case, adding a set of insoles can tighten them up for you.


The outsole of this shoe is sewn to the upper. This increases the overall durability of the shoe quite a lot. They are very thin, which is great for when you are working in the gym but they will not transition outside well at all. So, if you want a good term of use you should use these inside the gym or while working out at home. The material used for the outsole is rubber, which is one of the most common and best options for a shoe that you are going to wear on surfaces like canvas. It offers fantastic traction and grip on this type of surface. This brand has also put some thought into the tread pattern. The way they are designed will allow for easy sticking of your toe and pivoting. overall, customers are more than happy with the outsole this product uses.


When you decide to go with this option you will be wearing less than two extra pounds on your feet. They are exceptionally lightweight which should be one of your requirements when you are buying a pair of boots for boxing, MMA, or other high-impact fitness-related activities. When you keep your footwear light you will experience less fatigue during long training sessions. In addition, keeping them light helps maintain great flexibility, coolness, and fit. People are more than satisfied with the ultra-lightweight pair of gym shoes. There are options out there that are even lighter than these but all in all, they are a very lightweight option and customers are satisfied with the weight and feel of them.


You will come into a variety of different but great materials when you decide to buy these boots. The upper is made of leather and synthetic materials. The synthetic materials are used to create mesh panels to promote better breathability. The outsole is made of rubber which is great for traction when working on gym mats or in the ring. The eyelets that the laces go through are reinforced so you won't have to worry about how tight you need to tie them. As you could probably guess, there is a standard set of shoelaces that come with these boots. All of the materials that are used are very high-quality. They offer great durability and excellent longevity of use. They are all used to keep you comfortable and offer an exceptionally flexible fit.


The thin light-weight materials used in this product make for a great fit. These shoes are exceptionally flexible and this also aids in the overall fit and feel that they offer. Customers have commented that these boots are a bit wide and this can impact the fit. If you have narrow feet this could be a major problem. You can absolutely put a pair of insoles inside of them if you find that they are a bit wide. This will tighten up the fit and can lead to better performance as you won't be worried about your feet sliding around in your shoes. As with most boxing shoe options, the fit is quite snug in the beginning but after being broken-in you will be truly pleased with the overall fit. Most people are saying that the sizing runs true which is nice considering so many other options run in one direction or another and it can lead to a waste of time and money.


The materials used in this set of shoes are quite durable. They are built to last through long hours at the gym and through the toughest training sessions, you can throw at them. The rubber outsole is sewn to the upper of the shoe. This makes for great durability. Many sole options are glued onto the upper and this can be a real problem in terms of durability. Glue tends to let go and when your sole separates from the upper it makes the boots unusable. That won't be a problem here. You will want to be careful where you wear these. As previously mentioned, these will be great in the gym or while working out at home but because the sole is so thin you won't want to wear it with outdoor activities or on rough surfaces. Overall, you will be getting a very durable pair of gym shoes when you decide to try these ones out.


Otomix offers a very high-quality option with this product. The materials are of some of the best quality you can ask for. This leads to long-lasting comfort and use. They pay great attention to the details and it truly shows. Aspects like the sewn-in sole, are places that you will easily see the quality. This product is structured and lightweight. They can help you improve your footwork and overall fighting skill due to improved performance, reduced leg fatigue, and enhanced range of motion. this is one of the best quality boxing and fitness shoes available to you today. When you give them a chance you will be able to see right away that they are of great quality and craftsmanship.


The comfort level of these is pretty great. They offer a variety of features that help to enhance the overall comfort levels. The extremely thin sole is very flexible and also very comfortable. The upper combination of leather and synthetic mesh panels also help keep them quite comfortable. This is due to great flexibility as well. They breathe better than many others which, as you can imagine, also helps improve the comfort levels. You will, naturally, have some adjustability because of the lace-up style closure. This is nice in determining how much support you are getting while wearing them. Once fully broken in you will get a supreme level of comfort that is long-lasting. Overall, customers are more than pleased with the comfort level they get while wearing these, even if it is for long hours.


You will be getting a decent level of breathability when you decide to go with this option. In fact, they breath quite a bit better than most. Many boxing and gym shoes don't breathe because the upper is made of one solid piece of material. This one is not. Due to the fact that it has mesh panels placed throughout it, you will get better airflow and therefore better breathability. Keeping your feet cool and dry will make your workout routine more comfortable and safer for your feet. The conditions inside of your shoes are great for growing bacteria and fungus. They can also lead to issues like ingrown toenails and skin breakdown. The improved breathability of these boots will help to ensure you don't have to deal with any of these negative aspects.


This product is not as supportive as many other options out there. This is because they are a very low-profile shoe. The lower the shoe the less supportive they will be throughout the ankle. They are also lacking an insole which will not offer much support to your arches. This could be a major problem for those of you that have exceptionally high-arches. Now, this won't be a problem if you make a small investment into a decent pair of arch supports. The structured design does offer a decent level of ankle support. So, while it is not stellar it is ok. The lack of support does mean you will get some great range of motion which can make maneuvering around the ring easier than ever.


These shoes are a bit pricey. Some people will have trouble working them into their monthly budget and may end up needing to save for a while before calling them their own. It is not terribly surprising that they have a higher price, due to the fact they are great quality and offer excellent durability. Price certainly plays its part in the overall value of a product but it is not the only aspect that we should consider. The durability, comfort, and flexibility all play their part too. You will get great longevity of use when rocking this option and that definitely adds to the true value of this product. The customers wearing them feel that they are a great value. If you choose to make the investment in them you will also quickly see what a truly great value they are.

Bottom Line

Wearing shoes like these when participating in training for boxing, mixed martial arts, or other combat sports can seriously help you improve your footwork and form. Training hard on a weekly or daily basis requires durable and comfortable gear. That is exactly what you will be getting when you decide to invest in the Otomix Stingray Escape boots. Customers feel that they fit great and offer long wear comfortably. They work exceptionally well inside and outside of the ring while training for your chosen discipline. There are options out there that are more supportive and if that is a key feature for you, you may want to look for one that has an ankle strap or other features that offer great support. Overall, this is an excellent option and we feel you will be satisfied once you give them a try.