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The Outslayer Body Bag is more versatile than most grappling dummies. You can use this product as a heavy bag as well as a grappling dummy. This means it's good for striking drills, throws, submission moves. Generally speaking, it does everything both pieces of equipment do. This not only saves space in your home gym but also save you money in the long run.

Obviously, when you participate in combat sports you need items that are going to hold up. Outslayer does a nice job at ensuring you will get great longevity of use out of their products. With excellent materials and reinforced seams, you can get more than ten years of use out of this dummy. It's nice to know that you can still find exceptional quality in the world today.

When you receive the Outslayer Body bag it will already be filled. Unfilled dummies can be very difficult to fill appropriately. So, with this option, you will save time and frustration because of this. In addition, you will be able to start training with it right away.

It is important to note that the Outslayer Body bag does not come with the materials you need to hang and use it like a heavy bag. This is a minor inconvenience and will require you to purchase some extra pieces if you want to use it in this fashion. It is likely you can use the set-up you already have in your home gym to hang this heavy bag/grappling dummy option.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Use As Heavy Bag
  • No Sand Filler
  • Excellent Quality
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Superior Customer Service
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Insanely Durable
  • Large Stitched-On Label
  • Inconsistent Weight


The Outslayer brand has been taking the world of combat sports by storm. They have done this by producing high-quality options that cover a plethora of different activities. Whether you are into boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts they have all of the pieces that you will need to become your best.

Finding items that can withstand the tough nature of this type of training and competition can be difficult. When you need tough gear and equipment you can find it with Oustlsayer. You can find gloves, protective equipment, training pads, punching bags, and even rings when you look toward this brand.

You may find that you are spending a bit more money when you go with this brand but it will be well worth it. They stand behind all of their products with a ten-year warranty. This will ensure that if you encounter a problem it can be easily handled.


This brand is always good for using high-quality materials. When you make the investment into their products you will be able to easily see it. And the Outslayer Body bag is no exception. You will be getting top-quality materials and an excellent dummy.

The Outslayer Body bag comes pre-filled. Many grappling dummies are filled with a mixture of sand and shredded fabric materials. The sand can be a problem as it settles and leaves hard areas that could cause you injury during strike training. This option is filled with fabric only which means you won't have to worry about the hardened areas.

The outside material is made of heavy-duty Vinyl. Vinyl is, typically, not as durable as let's say synthetic leather, however, this is some of the best quality Vinyl you could ask for. It is insanely easy to care for and will give you excellent longevity of use.


Outslayer is a brand that is focused on quality. This is easily seen with the warranty they put with every single one of their products. It is nice to know that you can rely on this brand to do the right thing if there are any mistakes in quality.

You can see the quality of the Outslayer Body bag quite easily. The stitching is a place where it really shines. They reinforce all of it and this can set your mind at ease while training. If you are worried about your bag bursting open during a training session, it can be very distracting.

The material choices in the Outslayer Body bag are also quality choices. You will know while using it that it is built to last. So many consumers have made mention of getting ten years or more worth of use out of their body bags. This obviously happens due to it being of such good quality.


Oftentimes there are a variety of different sizes available so that you can find an option for youth fighters or for an adult. Unfortunately, when you decide to go with the Outsayer Body bag item it only comes in one size. This is going to make it work very well for some people while it won't work at all for others. It truly depends on what you're after.

It has a height of about four feet seven inches. Obviously, this is not the size of an average adult. This can make training with this dummy less realistic than when others. It does, however, help it to transition while between being used as a grappling dummy and used as a heavy bag.

Most people find that the height of the Outslayer Body bag is okay. It will work well for most users. Keep in mind, if you are exceptionally tall you might find that this bag is too short for you to work with. This does depend on what type of training activity you are planning on using it for.


As previously noted, the Outslayer Body bag only comes in one size. In turn, it also only comes in one wait. Most customers are very happy with the way that it carries and find that it offers a significant challenge. This can help to improve your overall strength and performance.

This bag weighs in at 100 pounds. Most people like to work with a grappling dummy that is at least 90 pounds. Obviously, a 100-pound dummy is going to be too heavy for youth fighters as they would be working with dead weight, not an actual partner.

If you find that you want the Outslayer Body bag to be heavier you can add material to it. It has a 300-pound weight capacity. This is going to make it more versatile for larger fighters that have a ton of experience and are looking for a true challenge during their training activities.


Adding another piece of equipment to your home gym can be a burden in terms of your care routine. Obviously, people are very busy nowadays. So, spending the extra time to take care of yet another piece of training equipment can soak up time that you don't necessarily have to waste.

If you decide to go with the Outslayer Body bag you're not going to have to worry about an arduous care routine. There are no special cleaners or conditioners that are required to keep this item looking great and in awesome condition. Realistically, you can use any disinfecting spray or all purpose cleaner that you prefer.

The reason the Outslayer Body bag is so easy to care for is that the outer material is made from Vinyl. Vinyl holds up really well to pretty much everything. It is not always the most durable material, however, this brand has used a very high-quality vinyl that will last you for years.


Finding high-quality gear that is going to stand up to the tough nature of combat sports can be difficult. There are a plethora of problems that people run into with products that are of inferior quality. The Outslayer Body bag is exceptional quality and therefore will give you great durability.

We can easily see this in the materials this brand has chosen in the construction. They are all going to last quite well. And not only are they very easy to take care of they can handle a daily beating if that's what you choose to do. So, when you take fight sports seriously investing in a product from a brand like this is advantageous.

Another aspect that plays a key role in the durability of the Outslayer Body bag is stitching. They have paid special attention and made sure to reinforce the seams so that you don't have to worry about them bursting. Busting seems is one of the biggest issues with grappling dummies and punching bags. So, as you can see the fact that this item is reinforced is going to ensure that you get excellent longevity of use out of it.


The extremely versatile nature of the Outslayer Body bag is one of the biggest advantages and choosing it over other options. More often than not you will only use a grappling dummy for groundwork practice. This option is going to allow you to do standing drills as well as ones that are down on the map. Obviously, this opens up a whole world of different training activities that you can do while using this bag.

Another advantage of choosing this brand is that all of their products are backed by a 10-year warranty. If there's something wrong or a flaw in the material they will stand behind all of their products. Their customer service is truly dedicated to helping you solve any issues you may run into.

The fighters using the Outslayer Body bag are also very happy with the exceptional durability that it offers. There are not many products nowadays that you can count on using for the next several years. Most consumers are getting more than 10 years worth of use out of each bag. Obviously, this means you'll be getting an excellent bang for your buck.


We always have to be prepared for the disadvantages. Basically, every product will come with at least a few. We were happy to see that there are not too many complaints against the Outslayer Body bag.

It has been noted by consumers that the large label on this dummy can be a bit annoying. This is especially true when you are working on elbows and knees. You may find that it causes abrasions to your skin if you make contact with it the wrong way.

Another complaint that some consumers have made is about inconsistent weights. The brand itself does state that each bag will weigh around 100 pounds. You have to keep in mind that around 100 lb is pretty subjective. Some consumers have received bags that were much heavier while some have received ones that are lighter. This can, obviously, be very frustrating when you're looking forward to using a 100-pound bag.


We believe that you'll be getting a truly good value when you decide to invest in the Outslayer Body bag. As noted, it is more versatile than many other options. This can relinquish the need to buy different pieces of training equipment as this one encompasses so many options. Consumers are truly happy with how many places they can work it into their routine.

In terms of cost, you will find that this item is more affordable than many other options in the same category. This was a bit surprising to us considering that it is of such good quality. Most people will be able to work it into the budget fairly easy. Keep in mind that it is still a bit pricey so it may take some people a bit of time to save up enough to call this option their own.

When you review all of the different aspects of the Outslayer Body bag we feel like it is very simple to see that it is such a good value. You'll be getting excellent durability. In addition, you're going to be able to rely on this product for years to come and it will fit into pretty much every routine easily.

Bottom Line

Making an investment into a new piece of equipment can be intimidating. This is because there are so many inferior products that make themselves out to be stellar. When you put your faith and money into the Outslayer Body bag we believe you will not be disappointed.

Paying attention to the fine details of something this brand has excelled at from the beginning. They listen to their customers and do their best to make all adverse situations right. Taking pride in their products and making sure that consumers are happy are two of the reasons that so many people keep coming back to items made by Outslayer.

We believe that you will be truly satisfied with the training experience that you get while using the Outslayer Body bag. While it may not be large enough for heavy enough for some users that will fit into a plethora of routines exceptionally nicely. There are amazingly positive reviews surrounding this product.