PBfit All-Natural Peanut Butter Powder

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PBfit All-Natural Peanut Butter Powder Review Facts

Anyone that is trying to stay active and healthy has probably worked hard to make sure they are meeting their daily protein and fiber needs. Powdered Peanut Butter has become exceptionally trendy and for a very good reason. Take all of the health benefits of Peanut Butter and remove a ton of the fat, what you have is powdered Peanut Butter. It is exceptionally versatile. You can use it in shakes, mix it into a Peanut Butter like consistency for spreads, add it to your pancake mix for protein peanut butter pancakes, or add to just about anything you would add Peanut Butter too. The health benefits of using a Powdered Peanut Butter are pretty obvious, it contains about eighty-five percent less fat than regular Peanut Butter, yet a tablespoon still gives you roughly four grams of Protein and one gram of Fiber. In addition, it tastes great and is typically low in Sodium and sugar. As Peanut Butter Powder becomes less of a trend and more of a staple the flavor has gotten much better and there is a decent variety in brand choices, all in all, if you love Peanut Butter and are looking for a boost to your health this could be a great investment for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Significantly Better Than Previous Version
  • Only 70 Calories Per Serving
  • Great Tasting
  • Use Anywhere You Use Peanut Butter
  • Reasonable Price
  • Excellent Replacement for Fatty Peanut Butter
  • Good Texture
  • May Leave Odd Aftertaste
  • Some Find It Too Sweet


PBfit is made by Better Body Foods. They offer alternatives to some of our favorite things and they help them taste great while being healthy for us. PBfit All-Natural Peanut Butter Powder has everything you are looking for plus more. As with all of their products, you will not have to worry about GMO's and you can count on the fact that you will be able to read the entire ingredient list because they only use natural items to create their products. Another focus of this brand is taste. Peanut Butter Powder, in particular, is not created equally when talking flavor. PBfit actually tastes like Peanut Butter, this is because Better Body Foods knows if you are to stick with your fitness journey it is all about the flavor.


Exceptionally versatile and actually tasting like Peanut Butter is one of the most important reasons people love this brand. If you take the time to mix it correctly you will end up with a wonderful and healthy alternative to regular Peanut Butter. While some powdered Peanut Butter products seem chunky or chalky, you will not run into this when you spend your money on PBfit All-Natural Peanut Butter Powder. You can use it with smoothies, shakes, pancakes, as a spread or more. Realistically anywhere you use Peanut Butter you can use this. Again, you want to ensure that you follow the instructions for consistency and make sure to stir it long enough. If the consistency is thin you may need to add a bit more and certainly stir it some more.


When making the purchase of PBfit you will have your choice of original Peanut Butter flavor or chocolate. Many customers agree the original flavor is exceptionally better than the previous version. It is smooth and tastes like real Peanut Butter. Often times you will find reviews from people talking about a variety of brands and the terrible bitter or synthetic flavor, with PBfit this is not the case. A good balance of sweet and salty is what you will get and the taste of actual Peanut Butter. There are mixed reviews about the chocolate option. Commonly it is seen that the Peanut Butter flavoring greatly outweighs the chocolate and therefore it does not taste like chocolate at all. If you are expecting extreme chocolate flavoring, PBfit will fall short.


As with most powdered Peanut Butter options, the consistency will thoroughly depend on how you mix it and what you are using it for. You can mix it with a variety of liquids if you want to use it as a spread. Runny consistency will need to be stirred more as this product does thicken with time. If you reduce the amount of liquid you use to make a spread, naturally it will become thicker. This will give you an amazingly quick Peanut Butter consistency. Additionally, PBfit does not have that chalky feeling that many powdered Peanut Butter products have. When added to drinks it does add quite a bit of thickness but again you aren't going to encounter that chalky coating in your mouth like you would with other products.


If you are looking for an added boost of protein and want to get away from all of the fat in regular Peanut Butter this is the perfect option. It helps curb your cravings and sticks with you the way regular Peanut Butter does. For Peanut Butter junkies that worry about their caloric intake, this again is an amazing option to enjoy the foods you love without all the extra calories. With great flavor and an affordable price, this product will help you with your fitness goals and help to ensure you are meeting your daily Protein goals.


One of the most loved things about PBfit All-Natural powdered Peanut Butter is the fact that it is made with three simple ingredients, Peanuts, Salt, and Sugar. This is part of the reason that the flavor is so spot on. Knowing what is in the products we are using to promote our personal health is exceptionally important. Many brands only show us pieces of the information when it comes to what is in the items we are consuming. You can trust that PBfit stands by their word and only use these ingredients in each container of their powdered Peanut Butter.


Buying powdered Peanut Butter can be a great way to add in some much-needed protein in your daily life. PBfit gives us six grams of Protein per serving. This is roughly the same as regular Peanut Butter. With the ability to add this to pretty much anything you choose will make adding Protein into your routine exceptionally easy. We need to consume roughly one gram of Protein for every pound we weigh. This can be difficult, however, with all the opportunities to use Peanut Butter in a day, it can be accomplished much easier.


Sugar can cause a lot of problems for a variety of people. Too much sugar is not only bad for Diabetics but in excess will keep weight on and can make losing it difficult. While we don't want to completely cut sugars out of our diets, it is something we need to keep an eye on. PBfit contains two grams of sugar per two tablespoons. This is quite minimal. Depending on your daily sugar intake this, of course, will play a role in how much of this product you will want to use.


Keeping our carbs low is another amazing way to promote weight loss and overall health. PBfit only contains four grams of carbohydrates. This is quite minimal and can be fit into a low carb diet without a problem. Counting carbs can be frustrating especially when you start looking at foods that are supposed to be healthy. With PBfit you will be able to have the things you love with not nearly as many carbs.

Amino Acids

Amino Acids are the foundation of not only Protein but also your muscles. Adding Protein means adding Amino Acids which will keep sore muscles feeling decent and allow you to head to the gym every day if that is what you choose to do. This is not to say you will have no soreness if you increase your Protein but you are sure to feel the difference. There are a variety of Protein additives on the market that are severely lacking in Amino Acids. The use of real Peanuts ensures you will be getting extra Amino Acids and your sore muscles are sure to thank you for it.


You never know what a brand is going to put in their mix to fill extra space. You could be looking at ingredients anywhere from thickeners to Gluten. With PBfit you will never have to worry about what is being put into it because of the simplicity of their recipe. Using only Peanuts, Sugar, and Salt makes it pretty clear and simple to see what they take as a priority. Offering healthy, understandable ingredients to produce an amazing product.


When purchasing this product, like many others, you have some options in size. You can receive this product in containers as small as eight ounces up to thirty-two ounces. Depending on your love for Peanut Butter and how much you want to invest, there is a pretty wide range in sizes. Looking at the actual servings, you will get two tablespoons per serving. This, of course, will vary in how many uses you get out of a container depending on how much you use it and if you follow the manufacturer's recommendations for mixing and adding it into your food.

Side Effects

Due to the fact that this product only has three ingredients, there really is not much worry about side effects. Obviously, if you have a Peanut Allergy you are going to want to avoid this product. As with most Protein enhancers, you may suffer a mild case of diarrhea. Other than this and mild stomach upset there have been no reports of adverse reactions to PBfit All-Natural Peanut Butter Powder.


Not only are you cutting out some major fat by using this product you are also reducing your caloric intake as compared to regular Peanut Butter. Boosting your Protein and giving your body the Amino Acids it needs to get through that Boxing class three nights a week, is one of the main advantages to using a product like PBfit. For all those health conscious Peanut Butter lovers you will no longer have to worry about the extreme amount of fat found in regular styles.


There really aren't any disadvantages to adding this product into your daily routine. Some customers find it a little gritty but all in all the flavor is well liked and it does offer a boost of Protein. You may be looking for a Protein boost that will give you a bit more than PBfit, however, if you love Peanut Butter and are finding Protein in other area's of your diet this can be a great addition.


PBfit is simple and natural. When it comes to quality there are little that can beat it. It is a reliable product that does exactly what you want it too. It provides you with extra Protein and tastes great. The boost to your Amino Acids allow you to keep working hard day in and day out with less muscle pain. It is important to note, not only will it help with muscle recovery it also enhances focus and helps you maintain a balanced diet.


PBfit has an exceptionally reasonable price tag. Most budgets will be able to afford it fairly easily. It is convenient to use and offers a good mouthfeel as well as flavor. If looking for something to supplement your Peanut Butter habit, this is an affordable and much healthier alternative. The price does vary depending on the size of container and flavor that you decide to purchase.

Key Features

  • Three Simple Ingredients

  • Large Variety of Uses

  • Excellent Replacement for Peanut Butter

  • Superior Peanut Butter Flavor

  • Six Grams of Protein in One Serving
  • Bottom Line

    Overall, this is an excellent product to help add some extra Protein into your diet and exercise regimen. It is quite affordable and can be used for anything from Shakes to Pancakes. The texture is nice and smooth as long as you mix it correctly and it is sure to help you continue to feel great day after day. There is a reason this brand is taking the fitness world by storm. We are certain if you like Peanut Butter and you give this a try you will like it.