Penetrex Pain Relief Cream Review

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Penetrex Pain Relief Cream is one of the most popular muscle rubs available in the market today. They don't rely on the cooling or heating sensations that most muscle rubs give you. Instead, they use a combination of ingredients that will penetrate your aching muscles and help to give you relief. When you are trying to lead an active lifestyle, aches and pains can really slow you down. This is especially true for those of you that love to participate in sports like Boxing, Karate, wrestling, and other combat sports. The hard-hitting nature of these activities can make it difficult to go back to it each day. Using a muscle rub can help ensure you will feel good enough to head to every training session.

This item is trusted by millions of people all over the globe. It is being used for not only muscle pain relief but also joint pain relief. Waking up in the morning sore and stiff can make it seem impossible to head to the gym. Knowing you have an option that is not a medication to help you get there is a pretty big advantage. This item is quite safe and can be used basically anywhere on your body. Some people will find they get relief almost instantly while others will need to give it much more time to work. Overall, the reviews speak for themselves in stating this product is effective and can absolutely help keep you working hard during training or competitions.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Light Scent
  • Non-Greasy
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Won't Burn Skin
  • Absorbs Quickly
  • Long-Lasting Relief
  • Pricey
  • Takes Time To Work
  • Varied Results


Penetrex is brought to us by Biomax Health Products. Biomax has been around for more than twenty years and in that time they have made a true difference in the quality of people's lives. Their products are used worldwide to help keep people feeling great. If you suffer from muscle, joint, tendon, or ligament pain, their products can help. Training in combat sports always leads to discomfort at some point. When you are in pain it can seriously impact your performance in a negative way. Athletes from every sports discipline count on products from this brand to help decrease inflammation and pain. Obviously, when your body is feeling better you are going to perform better. This brand truly stands behind their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you find their items to be less than stellar, simply reach out to them and they will work with you to make it right.


You're really only going to have two options and how to put this item on as there are only two styles of it available. The most common is the cream. You only use a small amount and you'll simply rub it into the area that is affected. They suggest that you continue to rub this item in for roughly two to three minutes. It will absorb completely. The other option that you have is a roll-on. If you don't like the feeling of lotions on your hands this could be your perfect option. You'll simply need to roll it over the painful area on your body and give it time to absorb. It has been mentioned by consumers that this item absorbs quickly and completely. You will not be left feeling sticky or greasy. Obviously, this is a pretty big bonus as most other options in this category can be an unpleasant feeling in after application.


Typically, we expect a very strong and noticeable sent when using a muscle rub. When you decide to go with this item you're not going to have to worry about that. Pretty much everyone is stating the same thing that there is barely any smell to this item at all. The slight smell that there is just smells like a typical lotion. This is great for those of you that have a sensitivity to strong smells. You won't have to worry about this one causing you discomfort. It is also been stated that the slight smell that it does have disappears very quickly. Once you rub it in completely it will basically be gone. As odd as it may seem, strongly smelling rubs can be a distraction. This is especially true if you're using them prior to a training session. It can also be a problem when you have to put gear over the top of the affected area. You won't be facing any of those things when you decide to go with this item.


For the most part, people are getting amazing results when using this item. When you have sore muscles and take the time to rub this all the way in people are noticing the effects right away. It is not going to be a cooling sensation and it's not going to heat up. Instead, it's going to penetrate your skin and get to the root of the problem. There are few consumers who have stated that this product has done nothing to help them. This is a risk with any and all products as not everything is going to work the same for each and every person. There is a slew of reviews stating how well this item works. For truly deep issues it could take several uses of this product before you noticed any improvement. Overall, people are seeing results very quickly and they're happy to be able to get back on their feet. Maintaining a great feeling body while obviously help you to perform better in any activity you decide to participate in.


It's amazing how many different uses people have found for this item. Whether you suffer from arthritis, tendonitis, or even plantar fasciitis this product can help to ease your pain. As noted, when you participate in combat sports it is going to lead to muscle and joint pain. It is not something that may happen it is absolutely something that will happen. Obviously, if your muscles are exceptionally sore or your joints are you're not going to be able to perform very well. You may not be able to perform at all. Taking breaks and rest is important but adding a muscle rub to your routine can keep you in the game for longer periods of time more comfortably. People are also using this item to help recover after surgeries, Springs, and strains. As you can see if you have any sort of pain or discomfort happening this item will likely be able to help you get through it easier.


There are not a ton of different size varieties when you decide to go with this product. If you want the lotion there are two different options. You can order it in a 2-ounce container or a four-ounce container. Depending on how often you plan on using it will help you decide on which size to get. It is important to note that you will save a bit of money by ordering the larger size. If you decide that you want to go with the roll on style it is only available in one size. It comes in a 3-ounce container. A little bit of this product does go a long way. This means that you're going to get wood longevity of use out of it even if you use it fairly frequently. This is a good thing as the price that is associated with it is a bit loftier than other muscle rubs that are currently out there. There are also combination packs that will give you a variety of sizes and even styles. They do try to make it convenient to work this product into your routine just the way that you want it.

Active Ingredients

Oftentimes, the active ingredients used in muscle rubs are Menthol and Methyl Salicylate. these are the items that are going to give you the cooling and heating Sensations. You will not find either of them in this option. They use a different set of ingredients that are going to penetrate the skin very nicely. They have used Arnica to help get your white blood cells moving and helping you to recover more quickly. They also use MSM which has anti-inflammatory properties that are long-lasting. In addition, it contains B6. B6 is known to help a variety of different aches and pains. As you can see, this is a very different set of active ingredients than we typically see and perhaps that is why so many prefer this item over other options in the same class. It truly is put together differently than what we are used to seeing and the astoundingly positive responses speak for themselves.


One of the people's favorite aspects of this product is the fact that the scent is very subtle. You're not going to walk around smelling like a menthol cough drop. Instead, it has a light scent that disappears almost immediately. Obviously, the absolute biggest advantage of this product is that it's going to help you feel better. It typically does not take a ton of time to kick in, however, different ailments will require different lengths of time before this product truly works. It is also extremely versatile. Regardless of the type of pain, you are having it is likely that this item is going to help you feel better. This is going to get you back into your training routine quicker than ever. Overall, there are a ton of different positive aspects in regards to this item and these are only a couple.


As with all products, we do need to discuss the disadvantages that are associated with this one. There have been notes at this product absolutely does not work for some people. The results do vary. Honestly, it depends on what you're dealing with. Minor aches and pains will absolutely be handled with this item, however, if you're dealing with something major it may not be enough to truly soothe you. Another issue that consumers have with this product is the fact that if you're dealing with a deep tissue or joint issue it can take a bit of time before you notice Improvement. Sometimes you will use this product in a work right away other times you're going to have to give it a few uses before you notice a difference. There are other options that kick in Faster, however, they do not give you the same amount of time of relief. This product is going to work for quite some time after being used.


We, as well as consumers, feel that this product is of Great Value. It's true, the price tag associated with it is a bit loftier than other muscle rubs, however, this product is quite different than others. They don't use the same masking ingredients that only keep you feeling better for a short amount of time. They have done the research to ensure that you were getting true pain relief. This item is extremely easy to use and it doesn't have the pungent Aroma that we associate with items in this category. You can get a bit of a discount on the price when you order multiples of it. In addition, it is more affordable to order it in a larger size. With that being said, some budgets are going to be able to absorb the blow of this item easily while others won't be able to. Pretty much everyone can afford it, however, if you are going to consistently invest in it can become a bit pricey. Overall, consumers feel that the money is well worth it for the amount of relief they're getting while using this product.

Bottom Line

If you spend long hours training in the gym a muscle rub is likely going to be needed at some point. Making the investment into this item is going to give you long lasting results. It may take a bit of time for it to truly work, however, most people get fantastic results. The price is a bit higher than others but it is a truly different formulation than what you are used to using. You may have a much better experience with this item than others. Unlike other options in this class, you will actually be able to use this product followed up by a heating pad or other supports like tendonitis straps without worrying about causing detriment to your skin. There are very few negative effects from this product. Most people can use it extremely safe and without the worry of any sort of negative reaction. Overall, this is a solid choice in muscle rubs that people have relied on for years.