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The Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir is a hydration system designed to remain a low-profile water reservoir that is sure to maintain it's shape and not get bulky when filled. This water reservoir truly is a great way to remain hydrated while staying active and on the go!

The bite valve offers an attached and easily locked leak guard which can be switched from on to off with the turn of the tube from left to right. It's also very simple to fill up the bladder with just one hand. The opening is equipped with a pinch-able neck for one handed filling. Cleaning this product is a breeze! With quick access to the drinking tube for removal and silver-ion fused within the plastic of the product the clean and taste-free drinking water is sure to keep you hydrated with a great taste-less experience.

The bladder of this product also comes in your choice of three different sizes. All sizes and styles of The Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir hydration system are likely to fit into most backpacks and can be clipped in by the seal of the bladder and the drinking tube may be clipped onto your backpack or yourself for easy access. This hydration system is a nice touch to any travelers, hikers, mountain climbers and backpackers set of favorite gear.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Leak-proof bladder, tubing and valves.

Bite valve offers a shutoff position.

Made of hard and durable plastic.

Pinch-able grip for one-handed filling.

Easily Cleaned with silver-ion integrated to protect against mold and bacteria.


Bite valve may produce air bubbles

Plastic piece prevents flipping


The Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to offer hydration regardless of the length of your adventure or your water flow preference! The drinking tubes are available in two different styles the largest providing 50% faster water flow the EVO fast flow which offers a 5/16-inch drinking tube while the other option available and the smallest providing a slower flow is the Lp standard flow which offers a 1/4-inch drinking tube and a more discrete design.

The bladder of the water reservoir is available in three different sizes. The smallest being 1.5-Liters measuring 8.5 x 13 inches; Medium size is 2-Liters measuring 8.7 x 15 inches and the largest being 3-Liters measuring 9 x 17.2 inches.

All sizes and styles of The Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir fit most backpacks.


Providing you have purchased a 90 degree connector piece that must be purchased separately you can interchange the drinking hose with other hydration, water filtering products.

Because the drinking tubes attach on the top of the bladder instead of the side like a handful of other products you may find it slightly difficult to work with, especially when interchanging pieces.
The bite valve is also interchangeable with other products if you are not keen on the bigger bite valve the product comes with.


Though the plastic divider inside the bladder helps keep the product shape low profile while it's full and prevents the bladder from shaping into a round tube, it does make cleaning the reservoir's bladder a bit more difficult. Using a cleaning brush or wand to reach inside is an alternative to your hand or a dish sponge.

Using the clip to hang the bladder upside down may help with the drying process.
Platypus has a cleaning kit available for purchase for cleaning the drinking tubes/mouthpieces for those who find that general cleaning may not be efficient.
The cleaning process doesn't appear too difficult and should be done with care to prevent causing any holes or tears in the material of the bladder.

The Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir does not appear to be dish washer friendly! Please do not attempt to put any of the water reservoir's pieces into a dishwasher. General dishwashing only and wash with care!


Made in the USA this reservoir is made up of food-grade certified materials, is BPS-, Phthalate-free, and BPA-. The plastic of this product is Infused with silver-ion for protection against mold and bacteria. The Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir is sure to provide an easy, taste-free and clean drinking experience. The plastic used for this product is one of the most commonly used, polyethylene.


The manufacturer does offer a limited lifetime warranty for this product. You can make use of the products warranty through contacting the company you purchased your Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir from or you may contact Cascade Designs regarding the product. This warranty seems to cover most splits, tears or rips in the bladder due to product default and broken or missing parts of the mouthpiece and drinking tubing. Though it is worth noting that you must pay shipping fees to send the water reservoir back to the company.

Key Features

There's several neat key features about The Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir, such as it's leak-proof design, plastic baffle in the center to encourage the low profile style that fits most backpacks. The product has a zip-lock like closure method sure to keep the water safe within the bladder. The one-handed pinch-able grip makes filling the bladder a breeze! Protected against mold and bacteria with silver-ion fused into the product itself, this water reservoir truly offers a clean-tasting alternative to plastic water bottles. Easily cleanable with a clip attached to the drinking tube that attaches to your backpack to spare the trouble of digging around in your pack. Your drinking tube will clip neatly onto most packs allowing for an easy sip on the go!.


Though the product is made from a thicker plastic it is not recommended that this water reservoir be used during extreme and/or rough conditions. Product may rupture, rip under pressure or rugged conditions.

This product is quite durable when used correctly and will keep the traveler hydrated during even the longer trips. Use with care to prevent accidental bladder ruptures and leakage.

Hydration Pack Opening Type

Similar to a zip lock bag The Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir offers a zip top which can be sealed by pressing it shut in a similar manor to a zip lock bag. For extra security the product also is equipped with an attachment clip that goes over the zipper on top and doubles as a clip to secure The Reservoir in your backpack.

Bite Valve Size

Though the bite valve can be changed out if the bigger size isn't necessarily something that's comfortable for you. It has been mentioned that some may have issues with drawing water out with the bigger bite valve or that the bigger bite valve may causes air bubbles while you drink. With that in mind one of the best features about this product remains the shut off valve attached to the bite valve, simply hold the bite valve in your mouth securely and twist the valve to the off position and you've got a sealed mouth piece.


The maintenance of this product should be fairly easy. This product is not stated to be dishwasher friendly therefore it is strongly suggested the bladder, tubing and any other parts be lightly washed with care. The company also offers a cleaning kit available for purchase designed for the drinking tubes for that extra burst of clean if desired.

To dry this product thoroughly it's recommended the owner hangs the bladder upside down until completely dry. Another recommendation is to place a small towel inside the bladder and around the piece of plastic (The baffle) to keep the back and belly separated from each other while it drys out completely. If there is a malfunction with this product, the place of purchase should offer the limited lifetime warranty. If necessary contact the company that manufactures the product for replacement pieces or repair. Warranty does not include shipping prices.


Not only is this water reservoir easy to carry within your backpack it's specifically designed to stay low-profile even when the bladder is full. There's a plastic divider also known as the baffle in the center of this product that attaches the belly of the bladder directly to the back of the bladder keeping it from becoming bulky.

The lightweight design is sure to appeal in weight and size to almost anyone looking to maintain their hydration on the go! This hydration system fits most backpacks and the drinking tube has a clip that keeps the bite valve where it may be easily reached while remaining active and preventing needing to dig around in a backpack for a drink when needed.

Family Use/Multi-Person Use

With this product only having one bite guard it is not recommended that it is shared between multiple people, though the 1.5 Liter bladder could sustain more than one person for a short time frame and the bigger bladders available could sustain more than one person for longer time frames. If this product is intended as emergency gear for a family the bigger 3 Liter bladder may be more ideal.


You will find regardless of the size or style you purchase the design of The Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir is made to be low-profile and remain as such when full and may fit into most backpacks. The weight of the1.5-Liter is 56 ounces; The 2-Liters reservoir weighs 6 ounces and the 3-Liters reservoir weighs in at 6.5 ounces. Light weight and easy to carry in your backpack regardless if the bladder is full or half full carrying it should remain light weight and easy to haul around for extended periods of time.

Rating the product

The rating for The Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir falls in at a 9.2, the locking bite valve and double locking one handed filling makes this water reservoir stand out above the others. This product is worth trying out and the price is comparable to other decent hydration systems.

Bottom Line

To sum up all of the information before you about The Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir regardless of the style and size desired this product is all around sturdy and appears as if it's worth the purchase. The bladder coming in different sizes is ideal to a variety of adventurers. From those seeking a light bike race to those who enjoy the thrill of a long hike along the mountains, this water reservoir is a necessity when it comes to truly having a nice hydration system. This particular water reservoir isn't meant for rugged or rough conditions and is likely to rupture if too much weight is placed upon the bladder. The company does offer a limited warranty that lasts a lifetime which also adds to the perks of this product! Along with the many other above standard key features this water reservoir has to offer with the shut off valve attached to the bite valve being by far one that helps this water reservoir stand out above the others. The only recommendation is to handle with care and to be sure the product is thoroughly tested out before it's desired use date. This product would make a great addition to any adventurer's must haves!