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The Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale is much more than just a scale. This smart scale is a holistic weight management solution that helps balance eating, weight loss, workout, and daily activities. It offers up way more than your average smart scale. It's packed with features like goal setting, weight trends, BMI, multiple users, wireless syncing, the flow app, heart rate monitor band, and smartwatch compatibility.

Polar has built a whole smart technology ecosystem around this scale. Not only do you just have the compatible app like most smart scales, but they also sell a variety of smartwatches as well as heart rate monitors bands that sync with both the app and the scale to full track your stats and provide the best program for you. On top of all of that, the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale itself is very sleek, sophisticated and modern looking. Nothing that is going to look like an eyesore in your bathroom. Its offered in both white and black colors depending on your preferred color scheme.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Minimalist Design

Compatible App

Multiple Users

Bluetooth Sync


BMI reading


Lacking measurements


This Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale has a minimal but pleasing design, as well as being offered in both white and black. The scale top is glass which provides a beautiful shiny smooth surface to stand on. The underside is plastic which lends to durability as well as having 4 rubber feet for accurate weigh-ins and keeping it skid-proof. The battery door is also located on the bottom, which means its kept out of sight.

There is no pesky on and off button required, the scale will automatically turn on when it senses weight. It provides seamless user experience and less wear and tear on the plastic and glass from flipping it over. Also, no chance of a button breaking and making the scale useless.

It's not the thinnest and lightest smart scale I've seen on the market. Its 1.6 inches thick and weighs in at 4.6 pounds. Still small enough to stash away in a cupboard or travel with if need be. The front of the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale has a simple to read black LCD display. It can display in both lbs and kg, whichever you prefer. The single button on the underside controls which weight unit you would like to display and makes it easy to change if need be.

Last but not least it also shows if you have a Bluetooth device connected while you are standing on the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale. If you have a compilable smartwatch or heart rate monitor band you won't have any issues telling if its properly connected or not.


Features inside the actual Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale are not what this product boasts about. It's a pretty basic scale that doesn't try to overwhelm you with different measurements and stats. Most of what you are going to get out of this scale is going to come from the accompanying app and from the smartwatches they offer to pair with it. The only measurements it offers are body weight and BMI which is considerably less than most smart scales. But if you are not someone who is concerned with a bunch of potentially confusing numbers and stats and wants to keep it simply uncomplicated this might work in your favor.

By far this is one of the fastest smart scales on the market. A lot of scales will have a slight lag when you step on them, but not this one. It's lightning-fast the second you take your first step on it. The Bluetooth connection automatically syncs your measurements to the Flow app, which is arguably the best thing about the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale. The app has many different coaching features like diet, nutrition, and exercise.

However, if you don't want to track any of your stats or use the app, the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale also works perfectly fine as a standalone unit. If you are using it with the app you can keep a track of a total of 10 unique users which for most people is enough for the whole family. Do keep in mind that the maximum weight capacity for this scale caps out at 387.8lbs

App Features

The app is where this scale truly shines. The Polar Flow app offers you a chart of your daily weight so you can see how you lose, gain, or fluctuate over time. Overall the main focus of the app is coaching or working towards a certain goal. This can be to gain or lose weight, the app will show you where you started and provide specific recommendations to help you achieve them.

When paired with a Polar smartwatch it also tracks steps, calories burned, time slept, and most restful sleep. Along with that, it tracks how active you are in a day, the graph will show you how much time you spent laying down, sitting, standing, walking, and running.

Once it calculates all the data its been given and compares it to your fitness goals it will let you know if you are reaching your goals or not. If you happen to be slipping away from your goals the app will give suggestions as to what it thinks you can change in your daily routine to get back on track. It gives you suggestions on how many calories to consume or cutout and what food recommendations go with that.

For example, if you are trying to lose weight it might suggest 300 fewer calories and give examples of what foods that could be, like 1 less croissant or 2 fewer servings of pasta. Which for a beginner or someone trying to keep it simple is extremely helpful. It will also do the same for exercising suggestions if cutting food isn't quite your thing, it might suggest 40 most minutes of jogging or 10 hours more time standing up.

Overall I think the coaching element of the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale is really the focus and goes above and beyond what you are traditionally going to get out of a smart scale app.


Like most up to date smart scales, the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale has a single-piece glass top which adds to the stylish look, gives a great feel under the feet and makes it easy to wipe clean when you need to. The black plastic underside is smooth and durable and the 4 rubber traction grip feet help keep your scale from slipping all over the floor. Combine all of these elements and you get a very durable product that will survive being lugged around if you happen to travel with it.


Reviews on the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale are some of the highest on the market and have the least amount of issues when it comes to weight accuracy. Overall unless you get a scale where there was a manufacturing flaw the weigh-ins seem to be spot on. Though do keep in mind that most scales do not perform well on carpet and while it's not stated by the brand if the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale does perform well of not, it's safe to assume not. To get the most accurate weigh-in to make sure you are placing your scale on hardwood, laminate, linoleum or any other hard surface before stepping on it.


The Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale is slightly heavier and thicker than most other smart scales really lends itself to the durability of the product. While glass is not the most durable thing on the planet its stylish and fairly common material for a smart scale top these days. Unless you are being quite rough with it you shouldn't have any cracking or chipping issues. The plastic underside is the strongest part of the whole unit and is what can really take any rough and tumble activity. The 4 rubber feet on the bottom really take all the weight and shock absorption while standing on the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale, so no worries about potentially cracking the plastic while standing on it.

While it may not be waterproof the bonus of a glass top scale is that it is pretty decently splashproof which is essential if you are storing it in your bathroom. Water is bound to get on it via handwashing or if you have just come out of the shower or bath and decide you want to check your weight quickly.

Ease of Use

Right out of the box the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale screams user-friendly. Unboxing it for the first time is incredibly simple, the entire contents of the box are the scale and the user manual. No power cords, no crazy foam protective packaging, no hundred page long manuals just a scale and a small piece of paper. Do not that the package comes with batteries for your scale but if you are having trouble finding them they are conveniently already placed them inside your scale for you, which cuts down on unnecessary space and packaging.

Weigh-ins are lighting fast and you have your number within seconds of stepping on the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale. A wide variety of other smart scales have a small amount of lag between stepping on the scale top and it displaying your weight on the screen. Great for it you are on the go and want your weight fast.

Power Source

Remembering where you put that charging cord is something you don't need to worry about with the Polar Balance Connected smart scale. It's fully battery powered by 3 lithium-ion AAA batteries which conveniently come with and already inside the scale. Just pop off the battery housing door on the underside of the scale and you will see them already installed for you. Just make sure you pull the protective plastic tab the separates them from the conductive springs before you go calling tech support.

One big bonus with a battery-powered smart scale is that you can travel with it more easily. Because you can just pop the batteries out this enables you to be able to store it on both carry on luggage and in checked luggage too. But don't be throwing those batteries away when you travel because the 3 AAA lithium-ion batteries it comes with should last you a whole 12 months if you are weighing yourself 4 times a day. Because the average 1-2 person household probably isn't using their scale quite that much the batteries have the potential to last way longer.

Pairing Options

Polar has a whole line of smartwatches and heart rate sensor bands that work seamlessly with the Polar Balance Connected smart scale. They offer 10 different styles of smartwatch offering features like activity tracking, sleep tracking, activity goals, guidance, smartphone notifications, fitness tests, heart rate guidance, speed and distance, GPS, individual targets, training load, recovery status, running cadence, and advanced running metrics. As well as some models being waterproof and having interchangeable wristbands in a variety of colors. You can pair both the scale and the smartwatch with their heart rate sensor that comes in 3 different colors and is waterproof.

As a whole, the entire Polar system offers a lot if you are wanting to invest in other pairing options to go with your scale. Lots of other brands have compatible smartwatches and apps but not one made specifically by the same brand, which feels more seamless.

Bottom Line

Simplicity and options both come to mind when looking back on all of what the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale offers. The design and features the scale physically has are very simple and minimal. If you are looking for something that measures more than just weight and BMI this may not be the scale for you. If those options seem overwhelming and you want something a little more user-friendly the Polar Balance Connected smart scale is worth checking out. The app is what makes this scale worth it, its got some great personal coaching options and good tips on how to achieve your fitness goals. Paired with the smartwatch or the heart rate sensor you have a fully functioning no brainer fitness combination.

Overall if you are already a fan of Polar products and own anything else by them the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale is a great addition to the collection. If you are new to the brand and want something simple, seamless and easy to use this scale is a great option.