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The Polar M430 is a smartwatch with a massive variety of features. It is quite an investment but it is truly versatile and can help you achieve your fitness goals, even the ones that are farthest off. Whether you love to swim, run, hike, or bike you will be able to get a great breakdown of each of your favorite activities. When you can see your performance during your activities it can truly help keep you motivated to do better. As you continue to improve you will see it in your weight, muscle growth, strength, and stamina. You will be getting a variety of great basic features and even more advanced features to help keep you connected to your life, fitness, and performance. The heart rate monitor associated with this option is better than your average and can help you maintain the correct heart rate zone to achieve your desired goals in cardio and other activities. The app is also very easy to use and provides you with a plethora of data to help you plan the most advantageous workouts possible. Overall, this is a very good product that makes keeping your health a main focus easier than ever before.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Silent Alarm
  • Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Large Screen
  • Customizable Screens
  • Keeps You Motivated To Move
  • Button Durability Issues
  • Syncing Issues
  • Pricey


For more than forty years, Polar has been providing customers with the technology they need to live truly healthy lives. From heart rate monitors to electronics they offer some of the most sound options that show pure innovation. Whether you are a dedicated athlete or someone who just wants to be healthy they will help support you in every way possible. Working hard to be your best self is made easier nowadays thanks to advanced technology and fun gadgets. Trusted across the globe this brand provides us with those gadgets and they make them a step above most others. Overall, this brand has been around a long time and will continue to be by producing stellar products that make attaining your fitness and health-related goals more attainable.

Basic Features

The basic features that you get with this activity tracker are fantastic. You will be able to keep track of your steps which is one of the main reasons that people start using fitness trackers. It will also give you an accurate look at how many calories you are burning during all of your active moments. Knowing what your calorie burn is for a day can really help keep you accountable with your diet and the continuation of healthy choices. This product also offers sleep tracking. Not every option considers this a basic feature, however, all of the top trackers offer it. It offers great compatibility options and it is very simple to sync and use. Consumers are happy with the app as well. You will be able to keep track of a huge variety of activities and get breakdowns on information like pace, distance, reps, and time.

Advanced Features

One of the advanced features that customers truly love is access to the Polar coach. This aspect can help keep you motivated and pushing hard to crush your long-term goals. You will also have access to a five-minute health test that utilizes the heart rate monitor to help give you information on your current health situation. This option will also be good for you swimmers as it has the capability to track swim-related activities. Runners will also majorly benefit from this choice. You will be able to tweak your routine to meet the goals you have set to kill the next marathon you decide to take on. It has GPS navigation which allows you to see your path with ease. There is continuous heart rate monitoring which helps provide a better view of your entire day. Honestly, these are not all of the features of this option because there are more than you can imagine. These are some simple highlights but you can see the complete breakdown by heading to the brand's webside.


Consumers are raving about the accuracy of this product. More often than not one of the biggest complaints about these types of devices is inaccurate heart rate monitors. That does not seem to be a complaint about this one at all. In fact, quite the opposite. Customers are very happy with the accuracy of this feature. It also does a good job of tracking your sleep patterns. This is another one of those areas that fitness trackers are usually falling short. The accuracy of the GPS and activity tracking is also spot on. Overall, there are almost no complaints in terms of its accuracy. Finding data you can rely on day in and day out can be difficult with so many options available in this category. Trusting this one is to know you will be getting accurate information no matter what you decide to track.


You will get a cord with your purchase that offers one end that is a USB end and one that is specially made to connect to your fitness tracking device. Then you simply need to plug it in and let it sit for a couple hours. A fully charged battery gives you eight solid hours of activity tracking. You will get much more than that if you are not tracking an endurance run or crazy long gym session. Many customers have noted getting more than a week's worth of use when limiting what they are doing with their tracker. Obviously, you will not get that kind of life if you are tracking a lot of activities, your sleep, and you have it syncing frequently. If you notice that your battery is draining fast you can change settings to help reduce battery consumption.


You will be getting an exceptionally compatible option with this device. Regardless of if you are using an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you will be able to sync up with this tracker. You will also be able to receive text and phone calls from either type of smartphone. This is not something we see often. You will be able to easily download the app to a variety of devices as well. The access you want can be had from computers, smartphones, and tablets alike. The fact that you can gain access to the results of your fitness sessions from just about anywhere is very advantageous in the busy world we live in today. Overall, there are very few complaints over the compatibility of this item.


You will be getting very good versatility when you go with this product. It will keep you connected to your most important apps including social media. this makes it easier when you are on long fitness excursions to keep in touch with the real world. You will also be able to keep track of a significant amount of activities. This includes golf, running, swimming, and yoga. These are only a few of the many activities you can keep up with. There is also the ability to access the Polar coach who can help motivate you when you are feeling sluggish. Need a reminder to get up and move? It's got you covered there. As you can see, when it comes to your health and diet this product can help keep you on track in a plethora of amazing ways.


Consumers are exceptionally happy with the overall comfort that this smartwatch has to offer. While it may look a bit bulky it is actually very lightweight. The bands are not interchangeable so you will get the ones that come with it and that is it. They are glued on which is a bit disappointing in terms of longevity as some customers have found that they deteriorate over time. The fit is very adjustable and the silicone bands offer a snug but not pinching fit. They are quite breathable which is great considering when you're working hard it can be a hot situation. There are two different thicknesses available in terms of the bands that you can choose what you prefer when you buy it. This does give you some ability to tweak how this feels while around your wrist.


As you can imagine, with all of the versatile things this option can do, there are a ton of advantages and wearing it every day. When you get a hold of you of your sleep pattern as well as your activity levels throughout the day it can help you make adjustments in your routine to crush those muscle gaining, weight losing, and overall health seeking goals. Where many fitness trackers are lacking this one is not. The data that it provides you is accurate and it Gives you more compatibility options than most others. Being able to easily connect to your smartphone or other electronic device is nice and can save you from having to invest substantially more money. Another cool trick this item has up its sleeve is a recovery time indicator. This will help you understand how long after a strenuous activity you need to let your body rest. Overall there are a plethora of advantages that come with using this item and it would be impossible to list them all.


One of the biggest disadvantages to this product is the lack of band availability. Due to the fact that they are glued on it is very difficult to fix them if they break. In fact, over time they are going to break which could require you to end up purchasing another fitness tracker. This is, obviously, a major let down when you spend a lot of money on a nice product. There have been a couple of comments from customers about the durability of the buttons on this activity tracker. It is been said that after a few months they no longer press down sharply and sometimes need to be pressed more than once to process the requested feature. This does not appear to be a major problem in these watches but it is definitely something to take under consideration. Overall there are only a few disadvantages to this item and we feel they are all fairly easy to get past.


The people who are using this product feel that it is a very high-quality item. It uses some of the latest and greatest technology to ensure that you stay well connected with the world all while having easy pairing and access to a variety of devices. The materials that make up this item are pretty good quality. The bands could use a little bit of work to ensure a better life expectancy out of them, however, the material that they are made out of is fantastic. There are very few complaints about the quality of this item. Another aspect that really shows the quality of this item is the accurate tracking that it provides. Now, it seems like this should be a no-brainer, however, a ton of trackers that are available are not accurate at all. So the fact that this one is spot-on and just about every category really says something about the attention to detail that this company has put into their device.


The price tag that this item carries is fairly average considering what you're getting. It is not nearly as expensive as some other options by leading manufacturers, however, it does offer just as many features. In fact, we see the value increase with this product as it offers better compatibility than most others that are out there. Consumers feel as if this product is fantastic value even though some may consider it pricey. You may have to do a bit of adjusting to work it into your budget but overall you should know for a tracker of this quality you're getting a very good price. Once you start to use it, we feel that you will be able to easily see why so many feel that this product is such a great value.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an option that can cover basically all of your activities this one is a great choice. It will be a bit of an investment for some bank accounts but overall, it is more affordable than some of the highest rated options that offer the same features. You will get seriously accurate tracking on everything from your heart rate to the way that you are sleeping at night. Making adjustments to your training schedule or your diet will be easier than ever when you have a better view of what your daily routine looks like. We feel that if you decide to invest in this item you're getting a pretty good bang for your buck and you will not be left feeling as if you should have gone with a different option.