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The Polar V800 activity tracker is a high-end fitness device that can help you understand your daily routine and then optimize it. This product is very durable and can hang with you through the toughest training sessions at home, in the gym, or out in the world. If you are enthusiastic about getting out and getting active this product can show you how you are performing and help motivate you to hit it harder than ever. All of the beloved basic features that are a must with a fitness tracker can be had when you wear this on a daily basis. Not only does it provide stellar basic features it also has some awesome advanced functions that really will help you improve your overall health and wellness. It offers a good battery life and is rated so that you can wear it while swimming. Athletes, gym enthusiasts, and everyday active people have found that wearing this fitness tracker is convenient and they have reaped great benefit from wearing it each day. You will be making quite an investment if you decide to call this one your own but we believe you will be truly happy with its performance and in turn, will be able to watch as yours improves in a variety of areas throughout your life.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Display
  • Very Compatible
  • Good Battery Life
  • Superior Run Information
  • Accurate Tracking
  • Easily Adjustable Settings
  • Solid Heart Rate Monitor
  • Very Expensive
  • Bulky
  • Difficult Connection For Charging


Polar has been in business for more than forty years. They produce products that can help take your training to the next level. Believing that if you understand what your body is trying to tell you, you can't grow leaps and bounds past your ultimate goals. From those who just are starting towards a truly healthy life to the ones that have been at it for years, they offer products that will support you along the way. So, regardless of if you are trying to enhance your performance in your chosen sport, lose weight, or just become a bit healthier they offer trackers and other electronics to help. Their technology is sound and they are trusted across the globe. Consumers are really impressed with this high-quality brand and the items they put forth.

Basic Features

Basic features of this product are what you would expect plus a little bit more. Naturally, you will be able to use this item to track your steps on a daily basis. This is where fitness-tracking starts for a lot of people. It also will give you information on how many calories you burned in a day. When trying to keep in control of calorie intake this can be a true motivator. You'll be able to easily see how far you've gone with a distance tracker. This option also gives you access to tracking for a plethora of different activities. While it is not always considered a basic feature, this product also has a sleep tracker included in it. These are very sought-after as it gives you a whole view on what your routine looks like. It can also give you valuable information about the energy levels that you experience throughout your day.

Advanced Features

The advanced features are where this product really shines. It has a GPS function so that you can see the exact route you're taking and switch it up as often as you please. You'll be able to set individual profiles for different sports which can make it much easier to analyze and look at. This product is also great for you swimmers. It is safe to be used in up to 30 meters of water and can help you keep track of how well you're doing during each swim. You will have access to the Cadence of your running and you can see it write on your wrist. You're looking to switch up your routine you can also have your Smartwatch find you new routes. the capability of showing you some real-time information on your performance, depending on the activity you are participating in. This can be a great motivator. In addition to all of this, you will also get notifications with this option. This includes information like text messages, phone calls, and updates from your favorite apps. The app associated with this is also quite Advanced and gives you a plethora of information to help you tweak your routine. Overall, these are not all of the features that this product has to offer but it is a good overview of them.


All of the reports from customers say the same thing, this product is exceptionally accurate. If you were going to make the investment into a fitness tracker buying one that is accurate is absolutely imperative. What is the point of collecting data if it is incorrect? Where fitness trackers are usually lacking is in the heart rate monitor and the sleep tracking aspects of their functionality. In both of these categories, it appears that you will be getting very accurate data. The GPS tracking is also very accurate and that is important when you are looking at this information on the go. Overall, you really couldn't ask for a more accurate tracker and that is something that customers are exceptionally pleased with in regards to this item.


Charging the battery of this product won't take an exceptionally long time. In fact, it will only take a couple hours to completely recharge your battery. Consumers have noted that they don't love the way this charger connect to the device. They say it is hard to get into place correctly in this could lead to your item not charging it all and leaving you with no activity tracker for the day. Obviously, this is a problem and something we hope this great brand will work on over the course of time. Not everyone has an issue with the charging system that this product uses. It is important to note that once your product is charged it does have a very good battery life that, depending on usage, can easily last a few days.


Pairing your smartphone, tablet, or computer to this device is as simple as can be. It offers exceptional compatibility. Regardless of if you are using an Android or an iPhone device you will be able to use this fitness tracker. This is great news for you iPhone users as typically Apple products have some trouble pairing with non-apple products. Customers are very pleased that they are able to get phone call and text notifications regardless of the type of phone they are using. It is important to note that if you are using a much older smartphone you may have a little bit of trouble. Overall it is very versatile and what you can pair it with and that is convenient in our daily lives.


In some ways, this smartwatch is exceptionally versatile and in other ways not so much. Where we feel that it is lacking is in terms of the band options that are available to you. They are not easily switched out which means you get what you get with this option. They are a bit bulky and may not transition nicely between your day and evening routines. Where it shines for versatility is in the features that it offers you. Not only will you be able to track a plethora of different activities and sports you will also be able to stay connected to your daily life. It is rated so that you can use it in the pool or even in open water. It will track your sleep as well as your wake time. When you can basically track every activity throughout your day is easy to see why so many people feel that this is such a versatile item.


People are very happy with the overall comfort of the bands this product comes with. Consumers have mentioned a few times they do find it to be a bit bulky but it doesn't make it uncomfortable. The way that it laches is a bit difficult however it does offer a very secure fit. It is not too tight nor is it overly loose. You will have so much just abilities so that if you are finding it to be a bit tight you can loosen it up or vice versa. The bands are made of silicon which is slightly stretchy and very soft. This is why so many people find it comfortable. So, why you don't have a lot of versatility in the bands what is available is quite comfortable.


This product comes with some pretty obvious advantages. Not only can It help you throughout your fitness life but also your daily life. You won't have access to information from your smartphone to keep you posted on what's going on regardless of what you find yourself getting into. More importantly, is the fitness aspect. Keeping track of information like your steps, distance, calories burned, and goals to make it really easy to adjust your routine for more success. Regardless of if you are trying to train for a marathon, lose inches, improve your health, or you just want to see how active you actually are this will give you a real view of that information. It is exceptionally accurate which means you can rely on it. With features like a heart rate monitor, you can make sure during those cardio exercises that your heart is in the correct zone. There are so many advantages to using a product like this it's unreal.


There really are no major disadvantages about this product. It is better than solid choice if you decide that you want to invest in a fitness tracker. The two most common complaints about this product have to do with the size of it and the charging. It is a bit bulky and for some people, this does not make it easily fit into their daily life and lifestyle. The other piece of it has to do with charging as we have previously discussed. Some customers do find it difficult to get a good connection but others have no problem at all. Overall, these are fairly minor complaints and we feel as if they are easy to get past.


This product is exceptionally high-quality. It is made of truly resilient materials that are built to last. For example, the screen is made of Gorilla Glass so you won't have to worry about scratches and dings. The software and the hardware are well researched and proven superior. The band quality is also excellent. While some people may wish it was more versatile it does not take away from the fact that they are high-quality. We, as well as customers, are very impressed with this product. This brand has such a good reputation in terms of quality that it is not surprising that this item is as nice as it is.


You will be making a serious investment if you decide that you want to purchase this fitness tracker. It does offer amazing capabilities and exceptionally accurate tracking. However, not everyone is going to be able to afford it. In fact, you may have to save for quite some time to make this part of your daily gear. There are a lot of other options available to you that offer very similar features and accurate tracking but with a lower price tag. For this reason, consumers feel as if this product is simply a good value. There are also options available to that offer even more features that also work very well but don't cost as much. This is something to keep in mind when making your decision on whether or not to invest in this item.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, this Fitness tracker is an excellent option. While it is quite expensive it does a superior job and is exceptionally easy to pair with a large variety of devices. Pretty much any activity or sport that you want to track you will be able to. Checking out the data is easy and customers really love the way their system functions. It is very sporty and lightweight but some may find it a bit bulky. Overall, you will be pleased if you decide to use this item as it does provide the features some of the most tech-savvy customers are looking for. Making the investment would not be unwise and this brand is worth putting your time and trust into.