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PowerBar Protein Plus offers a great amount of protein in every flavor that is available. They offer a broad range of flavor to suit a variety of pallets. You will not only be getting protein but also essential amino acids. These ingredients lead to accelerated recovery times. What does this mean for you? Over time, you will notice a huge reduction in muscle soreness after long, sweaty sessions at the gym. This product is also high in fiber which helps keep all things on track. You can easily use this product throughout your day, however, it is exceptional as a post-workout snack. Your energy levels will also be positively impacted when you have this as a snack. The improved energy levels will make accomplishing any task a bit easier. This truly healthy snack option will allow you to work out harder and longer at home or at the local gym. It can also help keep you on track if you are dieting. Losing weight is difficult so a healthy snack that tastes great is an obvious advantage to keeping on track. Overall, this is a trusted brand that offers excellent products designed to help you achieve your fitness and health-related goals.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Suitable Snack or Meal Replacement
  • High Protein Content
  • Soft Consistency
  • Gluten Free
  • Affordable
  • Soft Texture
  • Cost Varies/Flavor
  • Contains Sugar Alcohols


PowerBar has been in the nutritional supplement industry for more than 30 years. Whether you are looking for something to start your workout right, improve energy levels, increase recovery times, or enhance your overall performance they offer a high-quality product that will help you succeed. Using their products alongside a nutritious diet and frequent exercise routine will make reaching your goals simpler than before. From athletes to soccer moms, consumers are exceptionally satisfied with the overall result that PowerBar products have helped them achieve. They continue to rework their formulations as well as put money into researching and developing new products. What this means is that we can continue to look forward to stellar nutritional supplements and rely on this brand for all the boosts we need in life.


One advantage to a product that has been around for this long is that they have had enough time to refine the taste of it. Customers are quite satisfied With the overall balance of flavor that this product offers. There are no reports of it being overly sweet or leaving a terrible aftertaste in your mouth which is something we commonly associate with protein bars. This is a bit surprising due to the fact that they use artificial sweeteners in their recipe. While customers say these bars are quite flavorful they are not overpowering. It has also been commonly noted that the flavor reflects exactly what you would expect from the variety that you purchased.


You will have seven different options to choose from in terms of flavor variety. It is important to note some flavors are available in a reduced sugar option While others are not. You will have your choice between vanilla, chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, chocolate brownie, peanut butter cookie, chocolate coconut, or lemon poppy seed. the vanilla and chocolate peanut butter are available and both the reduced sugar and regular formulation. As you can see, this product will absolutely satisfy your sweet tooth. Many people say that a variety of these flavors remind them of candy bars that they truly love.


All of the options that are available here are soft. Some protein bars offer a bit of a crunchy consistency which a lot of customers really like. While some of the options do contain nuts overall they are very soft. They are also quite dense. There are not a ton of report stating that consumers feel that this protein bar is gritty. They seem to be very satisfied with the overall mouthfeel that it provides. It has been said that the consistency you get here is pretty typical of high-quality protein bars. These bars also seem to age a bit better than others and do not become dramatically hard as they near their expiration date.


The protein and amino acids that this bar provides your body are exceptionally effective in a variety of ways. Amino acids are the building blocks of our muscles. Between these and the protein, your muscles will experience accelerated recovery times and you will notice it in a reduction of overall soreness. When you feel less sore you are better able to effectively work out. These enhanced workouts paired with these two ingredients lead to seriously accelerated muscle growth. In addition, that muscle growth will be better maintained and suffer less deterioration even when you're working hard on a daily basis. This product is also Stellar at keeping you on track with your diet and calorie intake every day. It is a healthy snack that is simple to fit into your routine. It'll help keep you full and make it easier to stay away from unhealthy or snacking options.


The ingredient list for all of the flavor varieties available vary slightly but there are some common ingredients among them all. Each one starts with a blend of three different protein sources. They are calcium caseinate, soy protein isolate, and whey protein isolate. They also all contain maltitol, nonfat milk solids, salt, soy lecithin, flavoring, canola oil, chicory root syrup, water, and either fructose or Sucralose. The reduced sugar options will contain sucralose where the others will contain fructose. The proteins being used in this product are highly effective. They do an excellent job at promoting all areas of your muscles.


Most of the flavor varieties Available to You contain right around 200 calories. While there is a slight variation it is not drastic. There are, however, two options that yield quite a bit more. If you are looking for a meal replacement you will want to go with The flavor variety of chocolate brownie or peanut butter cookie. The chocolate brownie contains more protein at 30 G and also carries 330 calories. The peanut butter cookie variety has 280 calories per serving. Your snacks should be kept under 300 calories and most people like to keep them right around 200. This is the caloric value of most snack-sized protein supplements. They will hold you easily between meals but if you have to go a longer period of time or this is going to be your meal you'll definitely want to consider the higher calorie options.


Let's start by talking about the reduced sugar variety. These flavor options yield 3-g or fewer sugars per serving. This is, obviously, very low. They do contain sugar alcohols which do not constitute actual sugar value but aid and sweetening a product. The original versions carry much higher sugar contents. You could be looking at up to 20 grams of sugar per serving. This is, however, with the chocolate brownie option that has 330 calories. The snack-sized varieties have varying sugar content but honestly, it is not an exceptional amount. Most people won't have any trouble fitting the sugar content of this product into their daily routine.


This product will absolutely help improve your energy levels. With at least 20 grams of protein per serving your muscles will get what they need to be fueled through your entire exercise routine. Obviously, the calories that this provides will also help you in terms of energy. As previously noted, if you use this as a post workout supplement, it will help pick you back up after a grueling fitness routine. Your muscles will experience less fatigue throughout your training session due to the protein and amino acid contents of this product. You will not need to worry about experiencing any crashing type of facts as this product gives you clean energy and it is free of stimulants.


The snack size variety of this product is 60 G and one bar is one serving. It is important to note if you go with a chocolate brownie it is actually 93 G and the peanut butter cookie is 65 grams. These are obviously larger because they can be used as a meal replacement so they need to be. At 60 grams these bars are slightly bigger than average. Protein bars, typically, are right around 50 grams. You will have some option in terms of container size. You can order these bars as singles to give them a try before you commit to a larger box. They are also available in a 15 or a 120 Pack Box. You do save money when you order a larger quantity which is something truly appreciated about this brand and this product.

Side Effects

Basically, all nutritional supplements come with some sort of possible side effects. Products that contain whey proteins may cause you to experience gas, bloating, or an upset stomach. In addition, this product has had reports of it causing cramping and a majorly upset stomach. This is likely because it contains sugar alcohols, in the reduced sugar option. Sugar alcohols are very hard for some people to digest and lead to digestive issues. There is also a possibility that when using a protein bar you may experience an increase in the frequency of your bowel movements or nausea. Typically, the side effects are minor and for many, they don't appear at all.


This protein bar comes with a lot of advantages. Looking at it in terms of your workout routine it will play a key role in a variety of ways. You'll be getting a serious boost of protein which will allow your muscles to perform better than before. Your body will be able to better maintain your muscle which means they improve growth you see you'll get to keep. You will feel better on a daily basis because of reduced muscle soreness which can help motivate you to head to the gym again and again. These bars are very filling and can help to stay on track with your diet become something simple instead of a struggle every day. It offers you a decent amount of energy and you won't ever have to worry about the negative side effects of stimulants.


PowerBar Protein Plus bars have been on the market for quite some time. Due to this fact they are an exceptionally well balanced and well-formulated product. What does this mean for you? It means that there's not a whole lot to complain about. When looking through customer reviews there have been notes of people receiving expired products and while this could be a problem it is extremely uncommon. Some would like to argue that the fact that it carries side effects and contains sugar alcohols are major disadvantages. We disagree. These are typical ingredients and standard side effects that come with protein products. Overall, this is a great option and will a do in meeting your Fitness and weight-loss goals more easily if paired with a healthy diet and exercise routine.


In terms of price, this product is slightly more expensive than others you may have tried in the past. The price does vary based off of flavor variety which can be a bit of a frustrating aspect for some customers. This is especially true if you like the most expensive one. You do get options when it comes to container size so it can make it easier to fit into your budget. You can stock up or try something new every month. most bank accounts will be able to absorb the cost of this product, however, if you want to consume them every day it will be a bit more costly than if you went with a different option. Even though these are a bit pricier than some the common consensus is that these bars are an extremely great value. We, as well as consumers, feel this way because of all the positive aspects it has to offer.

Bottom Line

If you're struggling to hit your daily protein goals, this product can really help you get there. It carries a high value of protein that will allow your muscles to perform at their best. It is full of excellent ingredients that will give you energy as well as sustenance so you can make it through even the longest days a bit easier. They offer a good variety of flavors that are very well-liked among users. This brand has been around for a long time and this product has been trusted for almost just as long. People have been reaping the benefits of using this product in unison with their diet and exercise pattern and they are getting great results. We believe that if you give this protein-boosting bar try you will not be disappointed.