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PowerCrunch Bars are a crispy wafer bar that will aid you in optimal nutrition and provide you with added protein. Your muscles will benefit from this punch of protein. The time between exercising will no longer be filled with sore muscles that you have to nurse until your next workout. This product will reduce it and improve recovery times overall. With a reduction in soreness, you will be able to work out longer and more frequently. Obviously, this will lead you to improved muscle growth. This great absorbing protein will also improve the maintenance to your muscles. So, when you are working hard daily, the overuse of your muscles will lead to less deterioration. This product comes in a good variety of flavors. Making it easy to find several that you really enjoy eating. This will help keep you on track with your diet and will also satiate your sweet tooth. You will not be facing the typical protein product that is full of sugar and artificial ingredients when you decide to give this one a try. Whether you are trying to lose weight or enhance your muscle growth and performance this product can help you along the way.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Low Sugar Content
  • Fast Absorbing Protein
  • No Artificial Dyes
  • Crunchy Texture
  • Vast Flavor Options
  • Great Texture
  • Improves Muscle Growth
  • Variety Packs Available
  • Very Sweet
  • Melt Easily
  • Odd Aftertaste


PowerCrunch brand does protein a bit differently than others you may be familiar with. They have been in business for fifteen years and have spent an exceptional amount of time developing their products. They use a special High-DH Hydrolyzed Protein made from Whey. Anyone that is looking to add extra protein to their diet and loves cream filled wafers can benefit from using this brand's products. This brand not only supports you on your journey towards better health and fitness but also gives back to the community through several different charities. They continue to develop their products and produce new lines to ensure they can aid you regardless of your goals. From losing weight to maintaining a healthy diet, they offer a delicious treat that will make it easier to attain what you have been chasing.


The reviews on the taste of this product are almost all positive. Naturally, there are a few people that really don't like it but that is to be expected with any product. Consumers agree that these bars remind them of wafer cookies, especially the Wild Berry option. Many find that they love them so much they need to be careful as to not over consume them. There have been mentions of it leaving a bit of a bad aftertaste in your mouth but seems to be easily washed away with a drink. The flavors are not overly strong but prevalent enough that they taste as they are supposed to. There have been a few reports that people feel it is overly sweet but they seem to be limited. Overall, customers are very pleased with the taste of this product.


This protein-boosting product comes in a wide array of flavors which helps ensure you will find several that you love the taste of. Having this type of variety makes your routine much more interesting. Without the worry of getting bored with your supplements, you will be able to truly enjoy this delicious snack at any point during your day. There are ten options to choose from. The flavor varieties available are Salted Caramel, Wild Berry Creme, French Vanilla Creme, Peanut Butter Fudge, Mocha Creme, Peanut Butter Creme, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Red Velvet, and Cookies & Cream. As you can see this offers a taste to suit just about any pallet. There is no clear favorite or least favorite among the group.


People are absolutely in love with the consistency of this product. It is light and very crispy. This is not at all what we expect from our protein products. Oftentimes, protein bars are exceptionally dense and so chewy it can hurt your jaw. As you can surmise, the fact that this product is airy and crip is an excellent change from what we expect. Like all wafer cookies, they are quite dry but this is to be expected. The creme inside is smooth and soft. It is important to note that these are quite crumbly and they make a bit of a mess wherever it is that you decide to consume them. In general, people are very happy with the surprise that is the texture of this product.


This product will do an excellent job of boosting your protein levels. The ingredients used are of the highest quality available. The protein is easily digested and absorbed to ensure your muscles can reap the full benefit of it. This will be shown through a serious decrease in overall muscle soreness. Likely you will also notice less fatigue while lifting at the gym. Proteins also help you build muscle when you stick to a strict exercise regimen. As previously noted, your muscles will maintain themselves more effectively too. This product will also help keep you on track in terms of dieting. When you have a sweet tooth it can be easy to fall off of the diet train. This item will help crush your sweet tooth while still allowing you to stick to a healthy meal plan.


PowerCrunch Bars have a great list of ingredients that are quite effective and will help you stay on track with your nutritional needs. Obviously, the list will vary slightly depending on which of the ten flavor varieties you decide to choose. The basic breakdown consists of hydrolyzed whey protein, Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate, Enriched Flour, Palm Oil, Sugar, Palm Kernel Oil, Canola Oil, Fructose, Soy Lecithin, Natural Flavors, Salt, Maltodextrin, Baking Soda, Monk Fruit, Ammonium Bicarbonate, and Stevia Leaf Extract. While not all of the options contain tree nuts, it is important to note that they a made with equipment that processes them. This will mean those of you with nut allergies will want to stay away from all of these.


There is a bit of range in caloric value based off of which flavor you decide to go with. When you go with this product you will be consuming somewhere between two hundred and two hundred and twenty calories. You can see each flavor's specific nutritional breakdown by visiting the brand's website. Keeping your snacks under three hundred calories is critical in helping you maintain a healthy diet, especially if you are limiting your calorie intake because you are trying to lose weight. Most protein bars or boosting products carry right around two hundred calories which, as we have said, is perfect for a snack at just about any point during your day. The calories you get from this will help fuel your workout and keep you feeling full between your regular meals.


All of the flavor varieties, except for Red Velvet, have five grams of sugar per serving. The Red Velvet option has seven grams of sugar per serving. This is an average amount when comparing it to other supplements like this one. This is not a ton of sugar which means you won't have to worry about it causing any crash-like effects. For the most part, people are able to fit this value into their daily routine very easily. The use of real sugar is part of the reason this product tastes as good as it does. The fact that it is too sweet for some and leaves an aftertaste in your mouth is probably from the natural sweetener Stevia. While not as common for complaints as Sucralose, these are still effects associated with this ingredient.


A huge part of the reason we get hungry is that our bodies are running out of energy. We use the calories we consume to fuel us for the day. The calories you consume from this product will do exactly that. This, however, is not the only reason that this product gives you energy. The protein your body gets will also help provide your muscles with energy. So, when you consume this before your workout you will find the drive to start and finish strong. The energy you get from this product is long-lasting and will never lead to a crash as it is not energy gained from stimulants. Pre-workouts, energy drinks, and caffeine pills are infamous for giving you a huge boost in energy and then making you feel completely devoid of it when your supplement wears off. The fact that this product contains no stimulants and you don't have to worry about this devastating effect is appreciated greatly among users.


One cookie is a serving and they are equal to forty grams. This is a bit smaller than average. Most protein bars are about fifty grams and some are even closer to sixty. What this means is that you may not get as full from this product as you would other ones. You can only purchase this product in a box of twelve. There is no other option and you do not receive a discount for ordering multiple containers. This is a let down for people that like to stock up as many brands offer at least a small discount for ordering multiples. While a twelve count box is average for this type of product, consumers really do wish they had a variety to choose from. They have noted several times that they wish it came in individual sizes so you can give it a try before you commit to a certain flavor. Hopefully, this is something we see in PowerCrunch Bars in the future.

Side Effects

Protein products have fewer side effects than many other nutritional supplements. There are a few reports of this product causing customers to experience an upset stomach but they seem to be far between. There are no other reported side effects being caused by this product. For some people, however, others may crop up. Common side effects for protein-boosting products that contain Whey proteins are nausea, excessive thirst, fatigue, nausea, bloating, cramps, increased bowel movements, cramps, or headaches. These are all typically very minor but for some, they can make this product unusable. It is important to note that while this may seem like a lot of side effects more often than not you will not experience any.


This product packs quite a few advantages when you decide to add it to your routine. You will be getting a delicious sweet snack that will help satisfy your sweet tooth and avoid less than healthy options. The protein that it provides will impact your everyday life as well as your exercise routine. Your muscles will perform better because they will feel less sore on a daily basis. You will also experience less fatigue while doing your circuit at the gym or while working out at home. The improved workouts and increased protein will lead to better muscle growth. As previously noted, you will also be better able to maintain your new muscle growth. This product will also help provide you with sustained energy that can help you at any point during the day and with any activity.


There are really no major disadvantages when you decide to add this product to your diet. There are a couple of things that we could consider minor disadvantages but overall they are pretty easy to get past. The first thing that is a bit of an inconvenience is the fact that there is no option in container size. You aren't able to order a single bar to try them or multiple boxes at a discount to make stocking up simple. This is a bit annoying but again, easy to get past. There is also the fact that it may cause a variety of side effects. We believe this is minor due to the fact that pretty much every nutritional supplement has the probability of causing adverse effects. Overall, these are the only things we can find to really complain about in terms of this protein product.


Looking at the price of this product and comparing it to others we feel it is a very good value. It is more affordable than many others. Considering they give you about the same amount of servings as others it is nice that they are more affordable. If you want to stock up for an entire month, obviously, it will cost more. It may make this a no go for some budgets. We also need to take into consideration the other aspects of a product to derive its true value. The benefits it will give your diet and overall health make many feel as if it is an even better value. As you become healthier and more physically fit by pairing this with a stellar diet and superior exercise regimen you will see how great of a value it truly is.

Bottom Line

This is an excellent protein product that will aid your overall health and wellness when you combine it with healthy food choices and frequent time spent working out. There are a plethora of flavor options that will help keep this healthy, sweet snack interesting when you are eating it daily. Your muscles will feel and perform better regardless of the activity you decide you want to participate in. It is affordable for most people and gives you the energy you need to make it through your day with more pep in your step. PowerCrunch was founded by a concerned father and has grown into a concerned business that has a mission to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Consumers are very satisfied with this product and if given the chance we believe you will be too.