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The ProForce Cloth Shin Guards are a lightweight option that will be best suited toward youth fighters and beginners. They will take a fair amount of impact, however, they aren't going to give enough protection to those that are taking heavy strikes. You will be able to maintain this option better and easier than many others. Typically, all you can do is wipe down your gear with a deodorizer or disinfectant spray. With this option, you can remove the padding and put the outside material in your washer. This is going to keep them smelling and looking great for every training session.

The padding used in these shin guards is quite thin. You won't have to worry about an overly bulky piece of equipment when you choose this item from ProForce. The materials seen in its design are all quite durable. You will get good longevity of use out of them, even when you are training several days a week. Wearing protective gear is imperative to maintaining a great level of safety and avoiding injuries. This option is available in not only adult sizes but youth sizes as well. All of the fighters in your family will be able to use this for protection. Whether you are into Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, or other mixed martial arts this piece of protective equipment can help you avoid bruises, abrasions, and other common fight-sport injuries.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Affordable
  • Removable Pads
  • Accurate Sizing
  • Good For Bag Work
  • Exceptionally Lightweight
  • Strong Material
  • Limited Protection
  • Uncomfortable Seam On Foot
  • Not Very Breathable
  • Hard To Take Off


ProForce is a brand that is available across the globe. For almost thirty years they have been giving participants of high-impact sports all the gear and equipment they need. With their focus on continuing to develop their current products, as well as, come out with new ones, this brand is always surprising its users. Their items are exceptionally affordable and unfortunately, this means some of them are not as reliable as other leading brands. When you are just starting out in fight sports or you do it as a hobby their items may be right up your alley. They have options for protective equipment, gloves, uniforms, bags, and other training accessories. You will be able to find everything you need at a reasonable cost. For some people, price is key and they do offer many decent options for exceptional prices. Overall, people are pretty happy with this brand and the products they have made available. As they continue to develop and grow we will keep an eye on this brand


The design of this item is relatively simple. The outside sleeve is made from a thick and sturdy material. We searched for information on what they're actually made from, however, we came up empty-handed. It has been said from customers that it is soft and quite comfortable. It does not offer much stretch which allows for a secure fit. There is foam padding that slides into this item. It's relatively thin and only offers a slight level of protection for you and your sparring partner. Consumers have noted that all of the materials hold up well so you will get good longevity of use out of this item. These are really the only two materials used in this item other than the stitching. As you can see this is a very simplistic design. They have done a good job and making sure the materials will hold up to the constant abuse that mixed martial arts equipment goes through during training.


Consumers are very pleased with the fit this item has to offer. They have mentioned that they can be difficult to put on and take off, however, they do offer a very secure fit. They come up to your knee and will stay in place even while you are working through your training routine. Oftentimes, a downfall of products like this is the fact that they move around. This can leave you open to strikes and injury. Obviously, the better fitting your protective gear is the more successful it is going to be. So, when purchasing an item in this category you want it to be a good snug fit. This item offers that. Many find it exceptionally difficult to take these off especially. This is because once you are sweaty from working hard with your sparring partner or heavy bag the material is going to stick to your skin. This can be very frustrating, however, most people can get past it for the fact that they stay in place so well.


If you are looking for breathable pair of shin guards are going to want to look somewhere else. The general consensus is that this item does not breathe well at all. One consumer even said that wearing them is like having little saunas on your legs. The material they use for the outer covering does not breathe while. You will not get any sort of good airflow to help keep you cool and dry through your arduous training sessions. It is true, we don't wear protective gear for the breathability. However, it is a nice aspect when brands are able to build these features. Many shin guards have a strapping system in the back that will leave your calf bare and helped keep you cooler. If overheating is a problem for you, you're going to want to avoid this product and look for something that offers a higher level of breathability.


This item only offers a low level of protection. It does, however, give you a fairly decent amount of coverage. Your foot, and step, and shin will all be covered. The foam padding that they use for this item is relatively thin. This means that is not going to absorb nearly as much shock is some of the bulkier options. If you are looking for a higher level of protection you may want to look toward brands like Hayabusa or TITLE. If you are just starting out in the world of Combat Sports or you simply do it for fun this item will give you some protection. Many consumers have said it is fine for light use and many are able to use them while working with a heavy bag. If you are training seriously and delivering or taking heavy hits know that this product will not provide you with the protection you need to avoid bruises and other injuries that are associated. So, if you only need a low level of protection this item will suit you fine if you are an intermediate or an advanced user that is dealing with heavy blows this is not going to be the right choice for you.


For the most part, people find this item to be quite comfortable. There is, however, a point of contention that has cropped up several times throughout all of the reviews we have read. Consumers have mentioned that this product has a seam that runs on the underside of your foot. Where the seam finishes there is a ball of thread that in the beginning will only be a bit burdensome. As you continue to wear these throughout your training session and it's going to start digging into your foot. It could even cause skin damage if not taken care of. Many consumers have cut the small piece of thread off folded the material over slightly and restitched it for a flatter surface. This can be a bit an inconvenience, however, it can add to the overall level of comfort you will experience while wearing this item. The great fit of this item is part of the reason so many are happy with the level of comfort.


If you are looking for an extremely lightweight option, you have found it. This item weighs less than almost every other item available to you in this category. This has to do, obviously, with the lightweight materials that are used in its composition. The shipping weight of this item is only 4 ounces so, this means that the pair weighs even less than that. Naturally, when dealing with an item that is this light you are not going to get an extremely high level of protection. One of the benefits to using extremely like gear or is that you won't be weighed down. You will experience less muscle fatigue and you will recover more quickly after each round. Overall, the lightweight nature of this product does work in favor of the person wearing it. So, if you are in need of truly lightweight options so that you know your performance is always at its best this could be a good choice for you.


There are major advantages and wearing Shin protection as a whole. This item, in particular, offers a truly secure fit. When you are training what the sparring partner or with a heavy bag you won't have to worry about it sliding around leaving you open to injuries. This item is also exceptionally easy to maintain. You can simply slide the foam inserts out and throw them in the washing machine. They will handle it just fine and continue to smell and look great each and every time you wear them. One other aspect that is a true advantage to this product is how lightweight it is. He won't be slowed down or wearing out quickly due to heavy gear. When you are training in mixed martial arts disciplines like Muay Thai and karate you may find yourself wearing a plethora of protective equipment. The lighter-weight it is the better your performance will be in the less hindered you will feel.


There are some downfalls to this item that you really need to think about before deciding if it is the right purchase for you. This item only offers a low level of protection. If you are serious about fight Sports and you are taking heavy hits this item may not keep you from getting bruises or other injuries. There is also the fact that it has an extremely uncomfortable seem underneath the foot. This could dig into your skin and cause not only irritation but skin detriment. It can be rectified but it will take a bit of work. People are also a little less than pleased with the fact that this item does not breathe at all. It will be a hot and sweaty experience when you are wearing these throughout your training. The only other thing that customers are not pleased with is how difficult it can be to take this item off. When your legs are sweaty the material clings to you and it can be exceptionally frustrating to try and get them off.


The value of this item is difficult to determine. If you are only looking for a low level of support and you are not going to be involved in any heavy sparring sessions this item is up very good value. However, if you take fight Sports seriously and are working hard to give your heaviest flow these are not going to keep you well protected. The price tag that is associated with this item is insanely cheap. Any budget will be able to afford them easily. In fact, you could probably buy a pair for every member of your family and find it to be barely an inconvenience. Price, obviously, is not the only thing to look at when trying to determine value. Looking at the overall aspects of this product it is going to be a good value for some while it would be a not-so-good value for others. You'll need to spend some time thinking about how you will be using this item and how frequently before you decide if it is going to work well for you or not.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an extremely affordable set of shin guards that will offer you a bit of protection when you are just starting out or you practice MMA infrequently, this could be a decent option for you. As noted, if you are heavy into the world of combat sports these are likely not going to give you the level of protection you are looking for. This is even true for those of you that are used to taking some strikes on the legs. They are very easy to maintain and will give you exceptional longevity of use. They're not very breathable but they are quite comfortable. Overall, the reviews are mostly positive in regards to this item and most people are happy with a performance they get out of them.