ProForce Combination Forearm Guard Review

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The ProForce Combination forearm guards will suit most fighters very well.  Whether you are just starting out or you have been training for years, they can give you the protection you have been looking for. They offer a lot of coverage and can make using hand wraps a thing of the past. You will be getting a decent level of protection for not only your forearms but also your hands and knuckles. They are very lightweight and offer better breathability than other options that are currently available to you. It is important to note that the padding in this item is one solid piece of foam. It is not hinged. This can make movement a bit inhibited while wearing these. In addition, it can make them feel a bit odd or uncomfortable.

There is a fairly large variety of size options available. The sizing can be a bit tricky so take your time when figuring out which one is the right one for you. If you order the wrong size you will not be happy with the fit. These offer no adjustability so the fit is really important. Obviously, you don't want your protective equipment sliding around. This could leave you open to injuries that are not only unwanted but also unnecessary. When you are training in hard-hitting sports like Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Karate you want to keep yourself protected. This affordable option will give you decent protection and fairly comfortable experience. Overall, people are pretty happy with the feel, protection, and performance they are getting from this option by ProForce.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Price
  • Decent Knuckle Protection
  • Nice Size Variety
  • Easy To Care For
  • Quite Breathable
  • Good Overall Protection
  • Loose-Fitting
  • Some Find Uncomfortable
  • Not Jointed


For around twenty-five years the ProForce brand has been bringing much-needed gear and equipment to boxers, wrestlers, and mixed martial artists across the globe. They have a huge variety of items to choose from. When you are in need of products that will suit not only your wants and needs but also your budget, this is a good brand to look towards. There are options for hand wraps, gloves, clothing, protective gear, training equipment, and other combat sports related items. They continue to research the products that are currently available to make sure they are going to stand up to the needs of today's fighters. Their prices are typically more affordable and sometimes this means the longevity of use that you will get form their products is less. However, for the most part, they have good quality options that will last you quite some time. Overall, fighters and trainers are pretty happy with this brand and the items they have for sale.


The design of this product is exceptionally simple. The materials that they use are going to offer decent durability. The outer material is made from an elastic cloth. This is going to give you quite a bit of stretch and that means that these are going to fit a wider variety of people. They use a single piece of high-density foam padding to provide you with protection. Some consumers feel that it is a bit thin, however, most people are pretty happy with the level of protection that it gives them. There are two elastic straps to help keep this item in place. One is around the hand and the other will be just below your elbow. These are really the only materials used in this product. As you can see, it is a very basic style with simple materials. Just because this item is simple does not mean that it is of poor quality. In fact, most people are very happy with the outcome they experience after using this item.


There are mixed reviews and concerns to the fit of this item. Many people have stated that they find them to be quite loose. This could be a major problem if they start to shift around. We say this because you are then opening yourself up to injuries like bruises, abrasions, or minor cuts to your skin. The sizing of this product is a bit tricky. While they offer a good variety of sizes pinpointing the one you need can be difficult. Take your time when determining which size you need and you should be happy with the fit. The elasticized material is going to help keep this item secure as long as you get the correct size. The consumers that have been able to find the right size are very happy with v this product provides. They have noted that it is quite snug and secure. It is not overly tight so you won't have to worry about it cutting off your circulation.


This item is going to give you a little bit better breathability than others that are styled the same. It is important to note that you will be covering most of your hand and your forearm which is going to leave to a hotter and possibly sweatier workout routine. The material that the outer covering is made of does breathe decently well. The amount of airflow you are going to get while using this item is higher than others. In addition, they have left the palm of this item cut out which will also help to keep you cooler throughout your entire training session. Keeping yourself cool plays a big part in staying comfortable and maintaining the ability to train hard. So, the fact that this item breeds a little better than other options is a bonus aspect that while we didn't expect it we do appreciate.


This item is going to give you a decent level of protection. Many people have stated that they find the piece of foam to be a bit thin. What this means is that you probably won't want to use these four armed guards during weapons training or you may end up with some nasty bruises. While you are working with a heavy bag, sparring partner, or with your trainer these will give you decent protection. You'll be avoiding the bumps and bruises that are commonplace during fight sports activities. This is especially important for beginners. When they are no longer afraid of being hurt they can give each training session they're all. The level of protection that this item provides will be perfect for many users. If you were an advanced fighter this may not give you the protection that you're looking for as devastating blows to this forearm guard will truly be felt. There are many other options available to you that will give you a higher level of protection just be aware that they are likely going to cost quite a bit more.


For the most part, people find these pads pretty comfortable. They slide on and off easily and are made of a relatively free the old material. They are not overly tight so you won't have to worry about them cutting off your circulation. Some people have complained about where the location of the thumb opening is. It's located more towards the center of the glove portion and some people find it to not only be odd but also quite uncomfortable. There are no pieces of material to separate your fingers and some fighters don't like this either. In general, when you find the correct size you will end up with a comfortable and secure fit. You'll be able to wear these forearm protectors for many hours without experiencing any major discomfort. You won't have to worry about the material rubbing your skin and it becoming raw and uncomfortable. Overall, we are fairly certain you'll be happy with the level are you experienced while using this product.


Let's face it, taking care of all the gear and equipment that is required for Combat Sports can be very annoying. Not only that, it can be very time-consuming. In today's Busy World the last thing we need is something else slowing us down. Taking care of these form guards is going to be barely an inconvenience. You'll simply be able to throw them in the washer with your other items. This is going to keep them fresh and looking great for every time you had to the gym. It is important to note that you will not want to put these into the dryer. You may find them to be completely ruined if you do. This would require you to buy an additional set. Overall, customers are very happy that they don't have to worry about purchasing extra cleaners or disinfecting sprays. Maintaining this option is much easier than others that are currently out there.


One of the biggest advantages in using this product is it's going to not only give protection to your forearms but also to the back of your hands and your knuckles. This can save you money as you may not need to purchase hand wraps. This level of protection is going to ensure the fragile bones in your hands stay protected which will allow you to continue on your path toward becoming the best fighter that you can be. These guards are also exceptionally easy to take care of. You won't have to worry about an arduous care routine like you would with something made from genuine leather. You will find that this product is suitable for just about every level of fighter. If you are extremely skilled they may not give you enough protection to completely avoid bruises, however, for most people they are going to work very well.


There are a few disadvantages associated with this product that you will want to take under serious consideration before purchasing them. The first thing that customers are not thrilled about is the fact that they use a single piece of foam. Most options in this category that offer hand coverage are jointed. The simply means there's a gap at the wrist. It allows for normal movement whereas this option may inhibit some of your range of motion. Another issue with this product is that some people find them to be uncomfortable. This is for a variety of reasons that we have discussed above. The only other issue that we have found in concerns to this product is the fit. If you're not careful when choosing your size you may find that they are quite loose and that they move around. If this happens you are absolutely leaving yourself open to injuries that would otherwise be easily avoided.


We would have to say that this product is an average value. There are many aspects that are very positive about it, however, some of the disadvantages are pretty major. While you'll want to take a decent amount of time and making the decision if this is the right pair of forearm guards for you or your fighter. these are going to work very well for some they are not going to work so well for others. In regards to the cost, they are very affordable. You'll be able to fit several pairs of these guards into your budget with ease. It is seriously not going to break the bank to call this item your own. The price of an item definitely plays a role in its core value however, it is not the only piece to consider. When you look over all of the varying aspects that are related to this item we feel like it's pretty easy to see why we say that it is an average value. Some people are having great success while others feel they are simply lacking.

Bottom Line

If you need a truly affordable option that is going to give you a decent level of protection for not only your forearms but also the backs of your hands and your knuckles this is a decent Choice. It is going to give you enough impact absorption that you should not be sustaining injuries while using them. It is true, finding the perfect fit can be tricky in regards to this item. However, as long as you're careful When selecting your size we believe that you'll be happy with the fit they provide. Most people find them to be quite comfortable. Others are not so thrilled with the level of comfort, however, this is not a major complaint or something we are seeing frequently. As noted, these are very easy to take care of. In addition, they are all so easy to put on and take off. Is an average choice. You won't have to spend a bunch of money and they will suit most Fighters needs fairly well.