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The ProForce Forearm Only Guard is an affordable piece of protective equipment that will help all fighters avoid bruises and abrasions. When you are working with beginning fighters in combat sports like kickboxing, krav maga, or Muay Thai they may be scared to strike with full force. Adding protection to their routine can help them quit worrying. You will be able to encourage them really go at it. Obviously, this is going to help to improve their performance during training sessions and competitions. In addition, if you are working with advanced fighters, these can aid them in avoiding unwanted and unneeded injuries.

Maintaining this option from ProForce is exceptionally easy. After use, you can simply throw them in the washer to keep them smelling great. The materials used are quite durable and should stand up to washing quite well. You won't want to throw them in the dryer, however. Laying them out to dry is the safest bet. These are going to give a good level of protection to everyone using them. You will be able to do 360 drills, work on your heavy bag, or even participate in weapons training without worrying about injuries. The fighters and trainers using these pads are quite happy with them on the whole. Overall, they are a solid investment that really won't break the bank.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Good Impact Absorption
  • Exceptionally Versatile Use
  • Simple To Maintain
  • Helps Build Confidence
  • Great Durability
  • Nice Size Variety
  • Limited Breathability


The ProForce brand has been around for just over twenty-five years. In that time, they have learned what active people need to be successful. They offer a wide variety of items that will suit fighters, as well as, fitness enthusiasts. You are able to find their items being used in homes and in local gyms around the world. There are a large variety of options to choose from. This means you will be able to find the gloves, clothing, protective equipment, and other combat sports related gear that you need all in one place. People are happy with the fact that this brand is constantly working to come up with new products. Not only that they strive to improve the products they already have available. Their prices tend to be more affordable than others. They understand that fight sports require a lot of gear and this can become expensive. Not every budget can handle that but fighters need to be comfortable and protected. You can find great options at varying price points which is a pretty big advantage in choosing this brand.


The materials used in the construction of this product are very simple yet they are also quite effective. There is a fairly large piece of padding that will run from your wrist to your elbow. It is a half of an inch thick and provides a pretty good level of shock absorption. Obviously, when you are participating in strike training you will likely take a blow to the forearm. This padding is going to help protect you from bruises. The padding sits inside a cloth sleeve. This sleeve is quite comfortable and most people find that it offers a good fit. It also is very easy to maintain. You'll be able to simply throw this option in the washer and it'll be ready to go for your next round. There is an elastic strip located at each end. There is no type of straps so there is also no adjustability in this option. The elastic straps will offer a fairly secure fit so you shouldn't have to worry about your protective equipment sliding around.


People are really impressed with the fit of this item. There are multiple size options available to you. You will be able to find the perfect fit for youth fighters all the way up through adults. The cloth sleeve is quite snug and the elastic straps at each end help to ensure this product does not move around while in use. You may notice a bit of movement, however, it shouldn't be that much. Keeping your gear in place is very important in maintaining an optimal level of protection. Obviously, the fit of each piece of gear plays a major role in this. So, the fact that you will be able to find a pair to fit your particular forms nicely is a major advantage in keeping you safe. It is important to know that you will not want to put these into the dryer. If you do they may shrink or become deformed. This could cause a major problem with the fence that you experience.


This item is going to cover your entire forearm. Due to this fact it is not going to keep you extremely cool. The cloth material that they use does not have a high level of breathability. In fact, customers have mentioned that the breathability level of this product is very low and they can become very hot while wearing them. They are not made of the material that will wick moisture away from your skin. Many other options use materials like neoprene that can help to keep you cool through long training sessions. It's simply going to absorb some of it. Overall, they have a bit of work to do in terms of breathability and this item. Obviously, we don't wear protective gear to maintain a great level of coolness, however, it is nice when Brands take this aspect into consideration. There are other options available to you that will strap to your forearms and can keep you cooler if this is a major problem.


You're going to be getting a pretty good level of protection with this item. Many people have stated that this product is going to keep you protected during striking drills, while working with a heavy bag, during 360 drills, and even during some weapons training. The half inch thick piece of high-density foam is going to absorb quite a bit of impact. It should help you to avoid nasty bruises and skin abrasions. Obviously, we don't want to sustain injuries during training. This is especially important when working with young fighters. They are often times scared and adding protection to their routine can help them stay focused on learning and becoming better. Protection is important, regardless of what level of fighter you are. This item is going to be able to take a hit and you weren't going to majorly feel it. Overall, the fighters wearing this item are very happy with the level of protection that they are getting from it.


Most people find wearing these for armed guards to be very comfortable. The material that they are made out of feels nice against the skin. You won't have to worry too much about them sliding around which is also going to improve the level of comfort that you get. It is also going to help keep your mind at ease. When working through striking exercises you won't be focused on avoiding injuries. Obviously, this is going to make you more comfortable throughout your entire training session. It has been noted by a few people that the elastic straps around the wrist and near the elbow can become uncomfortable over the course of time. This becomes especially true once you are sweaty. The material may rub a little and become uncomfortable. There aren't a lot of complaints concerning this, however, there were enough that we thought you should take it into consideration before deciding if this is the best caption for you and your routine.


When you live a busy lifestyle taking care of another piece of equipment can be a burden. When you decide to go with this option you are not going to have to worry about an inconvenient care routine. As this piece of gear starts to get a little smelly you'll simply need to throw it into your washing machine. It will clean up nicely and handle washing exceptionally well. This is going to keep your gear smelling clean and looking fresh forever use. You won't have to make the investment into special cleaners or disinfecting sprays. Customers are very happy with how simple it is to take care of this item. We have stated this before, however, you want to make sure to not put this item in the dryer. You can seriously cause detriment to them by doing this. In fact, if you do you may end up needing to replace them.


There are a lot of advantages to using forearm protection. For youth fighters, it is going to help breed confidence during striking. They won't have to worry about becoming injured or the pain associated with taking a skin on skin blow. This is going to help their performance, overall. These pads are also quite durable. They are going to be hand delaying heavy blows on a frequent basis so durability really does matter. Regardless of the type of training, you participate in these should give you very good longevity of use. The fact that there are a wide variety of sizes available is also a pretty big Advantage. Whether you are looking for a set of four armed guards for your youth fighter or you are looking for a pair for yourself, they have everybody covered. This piece of equipment is also easier to maintain than many others. You aren't going to have to spend very much time at all and taking care of them.


Overall, people are really happy with the fit, feel, and performance that this product offers. In addition, they are pleased with the level of protection that they are getting from it. It was actually quite difficult to find any major disadvantages that are associated with it. Some people do find that they are difficult to take off once you are sweaty. This is very common for protective gear that you wear that is of a cloth-like material. The only true complaint that we found is that this item is truly lacking in breathability. If you are going to be wearing them for long hours they're going to be very hot. This can lead to discomfort. There are absolutely other options available and different styles that can keep you cooler during longer training sessions. For some people, this is not a problem at all but for others is the fact that this item is quite hot will be a deal-breaker.


When you decide to go with this item you will be getting a truly awesome value. The price that is associated with it is seriously minimal. Most budgets would be able to afford to buy several pairs if they so chose to. It was very surprising to us that this product offers very good durability when you take a look at the price. Typically, things that are this affordable are just going to fall apart, however, that is not the case with this product. You are going to get a good level of protection and a nice fit if you decide that this is the set of four armed guards that you want to invest in. People are very happy with most of the aspects surrounding it. There are very few disadvantages. When you're looking for a price friendly option that is going to suit every level of fighter this is a solid bet.

Bottom Line

Finding affordable gear and equipment for mixed martial arts training can be extremely difficult. That is, however, unless you are looking for a poor quality option. This item is not only high-quality it is also going to fit into everyone's budget. When you need a high level of protection this item is going to suit you well. It can help to enhance fighters confidence, as well as, keeping a good level of protection throughout all of the different training activities they may be participating in. They're even going to help advanced fighters. This is due to the fact that you won't have to worry about sustaining nasty bruises during hard-hitting training sessions. They also offer a good level of durability. The material is going to hold up well not only to training but also to the care routine. Overall, it's a solid investment in for arm guards when you decide to go with this option.