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ProForce Leatherette gloves are good for those that love to participate in boxing, mixed martial arts, or fitness classes that require gloves. This is a basic model that is formed to give you the proper punching technique. It is quite light and more flexible than many other gloves currently available. As with many others, this gloves thumb is connected to the mitt for added protection and punching structure. This glove stays in place very well. The fit is something customers are very satisfied with and they never feel like they are going to lose a glove in the middle of a bout. It is important to note that these gloves are meant for adults. There is a youth option available known as the ProForce Gladiator Boxing Gloves. There are a plethora of colors available in the ProForce Leatherette gloves which means you will be able to suit your style with ease. Overall, customers are quite happy with these versatile gloves and feel as if they are getting a great value. We agree that this is a good option for beginner and intermediate fighters. If you are advanced, you may not find that these gloves offer you the protection you need to maintain the proper levels of safety.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable From Beginning
  • Little to No Break-In Time
  • Excellent For Bag Work
  • Perfect For Beginners
  • Great Quality
  • Nice Fit
  • Easy To Care For
  • Seam Durability Issues
  • Foam Durability Issues


ProForce Leatherette Boxing gloves are made by AWMA. This stands for Asian World of Martial Arts. Whether you are just starting out or you are a master of your discipline they have a variety of gear options to suit everybody's needs. They offer protective equipment, clothing, wraps, gloves, and a variety of other pieces that can help you along the way to becoming the best fighter you can be. Their options are all high-quality and their base models are all relatively affordable. Many customers compare this brand to Everlast in terms of what they have available in fight gear and the overall quality of their products. So, if you have started a boxing class or mixed martial arts have piqued your interest, this brand has everything you need to succeed in your venture.


The padding in this glove is a piece of preformed foam. It is quite a bit more flexible than other gloves you may have worn in the past. This does not take away from its overall ability to keep your fingers, hands, wrist, and Knuckles protected. The phone they use is excellent at absorbing impact. This means that when you are working on striking exercises you will feel less of it. Keeping your hands protected with decent padding will allow you to continue training uninterrupted. If a glove lacks padding it could result in injury. Consumers have noted that the padding in this glove does break down relatively quickly. This is especially true for those heavy hitters.


They use a hook and loop style closure with this love. This is very common and gloves nowadays. It allows you to take your gloves on and off easily regardless of if you have a partner or not. You will secure this glove with a large piece of velcro that is attached to the end of the strap. This piece of velcro is quite a bit bigger than others we have seen on a variety of different gloves. What this means for you is it will last longer and hold your glove more securely. over time you may notice that strings and fuzz build up in your velcro. This can lead to them becoming less sticky and in turn, less secure. Making sure to clean the velcro of your gloves is important in maintaining you and your sparring partners safety.


You'll be getting a decent level of protection with these gloves. We would not say they are the most protective gloves available in today's market. However, when working a heavy bag, speed bags, your trainer's mitts, or participating in some light sparring these gloves will offer plenty of protection. If you are an advanced fighter that feels devastating blows you may not feel that these gloves offer enough protection, especially when spending time pummeling the heavy bag. keeping your hands while protective is imperative to maintaining your training routine. The foam used in these, as previously noted, does a good job with absorbing impact and dispersing it evenly. This will mean you will feel less while striking. So, as you can see, these gloves are great for beginners and offer plenty of protection to ensure your hands and wrists continue to feel great.


Consumers seem to be exceptionally satisfied with the fit of these gloves. They are snug but yet they're not too tight. You'll be able to wear hand wraps under them with relative ease. It is important to note that as you use these gloves they will break in. As they break in you will be offered a bit more room than what you start with. The hook and loop style strap closure offers a bit of adjustability which customers thoroughly like about this love. It makes it nice to be able to adjust them on the fly as sometimes what we want at the beginning of our workout is not the same as what we need at the end. Consumers with large and small hands all feel as if the fit of this glove is good. If you have ever worn poorly fitting gloves you know how important it is to find one that feels good straight out of the package.


The overall comfort level of these gloves is excellent. They fit well, right out of the package, which adds to the comfort level from the very beginning. Many gloves, especially when new, are very stiff and this in turn seriously decreases the comfort. The fact that these gloves are quite flexible helps with the level of comfort you get from them. As you do break them in they will become even more comfortable. This glove features a cotton liner on the inside which customers also find to be very comfortable. The durability of these gloves is not as good as others so, keep in mind that has the padding breaks down they will become less comfortable. Overall, people are quite satisfied with how these gloves feel and a level of comfort they get even when they're wearing them for extended periods of time.


The price of this glove can vary drastically. Depending on the weight that you purchase and the style you select you could be looking at a bit of a pricier glove. However, most of their options are exceptionally affordable. Your budget should be able to fit it in quite easily. The price of these gloves also differs depending on where you buy them. So, spending some time to shop around may be advantageous if you're working with a strict budget. Customers feel that these gloves are a great value. They base this off of the varying aspects of the glove. We would have to agree that this love is a great value. It is a fordable and offers beginner and intermediate users the type of protection they need to continue on their Venture towards becoming a better fighter.


The outer shell of this glove is made from a synthetic Leather that this brand refers to as Leatherette. It is more durable than most other synthetic Leathers. In addition, it looks and feels much better. You won't have that plastic look and feel when you decide to go with us glove. In addition to the outer shell, the strap is also covered in the same material. This glove also uses foam as it's padding which we noted previously. There is also a liner inside of the glove that is made of cotton. This helps with the Comfort levels and keeping moisture away from your hands. The only other material you will find in this glove is the large swath of velcro that is used to help keep the gloves secure. They are made of good quality materials. However, there are definitely options out there that use higher quality materials that may offer you more longevity than this club does.


When thinking of boxing gloves we did not Envision something that breathes extremely well. This is because your entire hand is encompassed in leather or synthetic leather shell that is padded. This leads to a hot atmosphere. These gloves do offer some breathability and way of perforations in the palm. This feature allows your hands a bit of extra coolness due to the improved airflow. It is important to note there are gloves out there that offer a mesh palm and they breathe much better. As previously mentioned, this glove does have a cotton liner. While this will not make them breathe better it will make a friendlier environment for your hands. The liner will help move moisture away from your hands keeping them dryer and cooler. Overall, we feel that you get what you expect to get in terms of breathability when you decide to go with his glove.


You will be able to use these gloves for a variety of purposes. It states that you will be able to use them in competition, however, this may not be the best option for that. They will work exceptionally well when doing bag work. Regardless of if you are spending time with your speed bag or heavy bag they will do just fine. They can also be used for fitness training like cardio kickboxing. When you are working with your trainer they will also suit you well. Due to the fact that you will be able to easily put these on and take them off by yourself, they are also great for use in your home gym. Lastly, these gloves are decent for sparring. You will not want to try and use them during grappling training if you are involved in mixed martial arts. They are a bit more flexible than other boxing gloves but they do not allow your fingers the freedom of movement needed to successfully practice grappling


These gloves are available to you and many more weights than what you see with most boxing gloves. They are available between 8 oz and 24 oz. Typically, we see gloves run in 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 oz options. So, the fact that they offer a much larger variety is awesome. Depending on what you're going to be wearing them for and how large your hands are will help you decide which you will want to order. They do offer a great size chart to help you make this decision. If you're struggling, talking with your trainer can help shine some light what weight you need. most glove weights are based on your body weight, however, that's not how the weight system of these gloves work. You can check out their size chart on the brand website or by heading to This again can help guide you in exactly what weight you need for this particular glove.


The quality of this glove is what we consider decent. You'll be able to use it for a variety of different things, however, the durability is not exceptional. When you look at the price of this glove in the materials that they're using we feel that it makes sense. This is a decent glove that will meet your needs. Depending on how often you use them will depend on the life you get out of them. In addition, if you're an advanced fighter that is consistently dealing devastating blows these gloves will simply not hold up. Customers are happy with the overall quality of these gloves. The only complaints we are consistently seeing are concerning seam durability and a breakdown in the padding over time.


You will be able to take care of these gloves fairly easily. The outside material is not genuine leather so, you will not need special leather cleaners and conditioners. You'll be able to Simply wipe them down and disinfect the outside to keep them looking great. The inside is made of a cotton liner which will absorb sweat. If you are trying to avoid odors you can use a glove deodorizer. There is a large variety of these available that can keep your gloves smelling fresh. You will also want to make sure you allow enough time between uses for your gloves to dry completely. It will help cut down on offensive odors and bacterial growth. If you are going to be using your gloves on a daily basis you may want to buy two pairs to ensure they have enough time to drive between uses.

Bottom Line

These gloves are a solid option for beginners or those of you that are not going to be using them on a daily basis. They offer a good level of protection and a vast variety of sizes and weights. they are quite affordable which makes people less concerned about the overall durability of this glove. It Offers a plethora of stylish options. They are very comfortable. When you want a glove that fits great right out of the box, this one is a good option. Customers are pleased with this item as a whole. So, while there are higher quality options available there are absolutely worse choices you could make. In addition, if you need a glove for a fitness class, pad work, or bag exercises this is a good option for the job.