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Finding an affordable exercise bike for your home gym that is durable and can challenge you in a variety of ways can be exceptionally difficult. The ProGear 100S exercise bike is a great option that will not completely break the bank. This product offers all the basic features you could want and it also has some pretty impressive advanced features. It can handle up to two hundred and fifty pounds which will accommodate most people. One feature that consumers love, is the ability to pedal forwards as well as backward. This gives you the ability to work different muscle groups and gives you a more effective set of workouts for your routine. When you decide to invest in this product you will also receive a one year warranty. You will get a ride like you are cycling on the road when you take this product for a spin. This is because of the way the drive is built. Whether you are training for a competition or devoted to a sport that has nothing to do with bikes, like boxing or Taekwondo, this product can be an asset to your training routine. There are multiple resistance levels so you will be able to challenge yourself as much as you like.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy To Follow Instructions
  • Affordable
  • Sleek Design
  • Great Quality For Price Point
  • Very Adjustable
  • Easy To Move
  • Simple Features
  • Superior For Beginners
  • Small Water Bottle Holder
  • Some Find Seat Uncomfortable


ProGear is brought to us by Paradigm Health & Wellness. Based out of California this brand produces products under several different labels. They strive to help you live your best life in the best health possible. With great solutions to satisfy your home gym, you can find anything you need to meet your goals. Continuing to develop items that are great quality this brand is growing larger every year. They have not been around for an exceptional amount of time but they have built a large following. With affordable options for everyday people, it is easy to see why so many have taken a liking to them. They are very well rated among their consumers which is a big part of the reason they have been so successful. Overall, if you are looking for affordable options with smart features trusting this brand is a good place to start looking.

Basic Features

This exercise bike has the basic features you would expect for an exceptional ride. You will have an easy to reach cup holder located on the front of the bike. Many customers have noted that it is quite slim and a bit flimsy. this means you will only be able to use a small water bottle and you will need to be a bit gentle with the holder itself to ensure it stays in great condition. You will also get great adjustability in the seat and in the handlebars. The seat moves not only up and down but also forward and backward to give you the perfect position to pedal for hours. There are cages around the pedals to help lock your feet in place. There are also multiple positions that you will be able to hold your hands in to optimize your level of comfort.

Advanced Features

We were pretty impressed with the advanced features seen with this product, especially considering the cost of it. It offers an LCD display that will allow you to easily keep track of a variety of information. This includes aspects like the number of calories you have burned, how many miles you have gone, and how quickly you have done it. This exercise bike also has a pulse monitor that will give you information on your heart rate. This is advantageous when you are trying to keep yourself in certain heart rate zones to improve your cardio, weight loss, or strength goals. There have been questions from customers regarding the accuracy of this monitor but overall it appears to be quite accurate. Consumers are pleased with the extra features they get when they decide to give this product a try.


Other than the fact that you need to be careful when putting these pedals on, customers are very happy with the structure and design of them. They will work nicely with a variety of footwear and will fit a variety of foot widths. There is a built-in toe cage. This is adjustable with a strap that goes across the middle of your foot. A toe cage is a nice addition to this bike as it will help keep your feet in place. It will also allow you to thrust harder while you are peddling. This will lead you to a more effective workout which in turn, will give you better overall results. They are quite durable and will allow you to spend long hours exercising comfortably and securely. There have been no major complaints from consumers about the pedals of this indoor exercise bike.


The comfort level of your exercise bike will play a major role in how often you use it and how long you are able to use it for. Obviously, if riding your indoor cycle causes you pain you are less likely to do it. Consumers are, overall, happy with the level of comfort that they get while riding this option. For most people, the seat that comes with it will give you hours of use before you start to feel uncomfortable. If you find that this is not the case and you do not feel that this seat has enough padding you can easily add a cover to improve the level of comfort. The seat is also adjustable forwards and backward as well as up and down. This will allow you to find perfect positioning for those arduous routines. There are multiple positions that you are able to hold on the handlebars. Overall, you will be able to find your perfect position for short rides or ones that last for hours.


This product offers a good variety of resistance levels. It is not clearly marked by numbers as we commonly see with other options in the same category. It is simply a knob that you will turn to increase pressure on the wheel and in turn increase resistance. If you want it to back off you simply turn it the opposite direction and it will let up. This product also offers a feature that we find to be pretty cool. There is an emergency stop so that if you need to quickly and your routine you can. You will simply need to press down on the tension knob and it will stop the front flywheel from moving. It has been noted by customers that have you increase the resistance you may notice a smell from the pressure the pads are putting on the wheel. You will be able to get a stellar workout and challenge yourself with a type of resistance that this product provides.


A chain drive is used in this product. Many times we see a belt drive on indoor exercise bikes. While they are a good option they are not as durable as a chain driven product. In addition, using a chain gives you a more realistic ride. You will feel as if you are out there on the road while you challenge yourself in your home. This type of drive offers excellent durability. It powers a cast-iron flywheel. This flywheel and drive system offers you a quiet ride. In addition, it is very smooth and stable. Overall, this is one of the best drives that you can ask for an exercise bike in terms of longevity. Consumers don't have any complaints about this aspect.


For many of us, finding the space for an exercise bike in the home gym can be difficult. Space in many apartments is limited. You will be happy to know that this bike while offering a big workout doesn't take up much space. It is only 40 inches long and 22 inches wide. As you can see, this is quite small and will not take up much space. It is fairly tall. The height of it is 46 inches. It can accommodate weights up to 250 pounds. It is important to note that this product is able to be easily moved. There are wheels on the front of it that will allow you to simply tip it up and relocate it for storage or opening up space for other activities. Consumers are pleased with the compact nature of this item.


Whether you are mechanically inclined or not you should have no trouble putting this exercise bike together. It is a little time-consuming. Consumers have noted that it takes anywhere from half an hour to two hours to complete the assembly process. It is also been said that you may want to use your own tools like the ones that come with them are not the best. There are only great reviews about the instruction booklet. It is the general consensus that it is very well laid out and easy to follow. Not everyone is great at putting things together so it's nice to know there are options out there that are simple for everyone. You'll be able to quickly get this put together and add biking into your routine.


Adding an exercise bike to your home gym environment comes with a plethora of advantages. No matter what your favorite activities are adding an exercise like this to your routine can help improve all areas of your life. You'll find that this type of exercise makes losing weight easier, it is very low impact, and building things like strength and endurance can also be achieved. This item is exceptionally sturdy. You will be able to easily relocated if you need to free up some room for a different activity in your home. Keeping track of your pace can help keep you motivated and working towards a variety of goals. Due to the fact that it's exceptionally quiet, you can enjoy music or TV while working out which can also keep you working out longer than before. Overall, in terms of fitness, this product has major advantages.


It was surprising to us how a few disadvantages come along with this product. While it is understandable that there are pros and cons to everything we purchase in today's world it is uncommon to find one that only has a few disadvantages. One of the major complaints about this product is the size of the water bottle holder. It is quite narrow and a bit flimsy. It is not going to accommodate larger bottles, however, this is really a minor inconvenience. There have been customers that find the seat to be very uncomfortable. They have been able to rectify this by adding a seat cover to allow extra cushioning. Overall, these are the biggest complaints that we have seen about this product and they are really quite minor.


This is one of the more affordable indoor cycling bikes available today. It will still be a bit of an investment for many budgets but compared to others it is quite reasonable. Consumers feel as if this product is an outstanding value. We would have to agree. You'll be able to kick your workouts up a notch and truly challenged yourself which, in turn, will give you better overall results. It is durable as well as quiet. You won't have to worry about it taking up a ton of space. When you look at these aspects along with the fact that the price tag is not outrageous it is simple to see why so many people feel as if it is such a great value.

Bottom Line

This is a great option, especially for beginners. Those of you that are into advanced spinning may not find that this bike offers enough features to suit your needs. When you need an option that is not going to take up a ton of space but we'll be able to challenge you each and every day this is a solid choice. The setup is fairly simple and pretty much everyone should be able to handle it. Putting your trust in this product will be advantageous whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or you're simply just looking to switch up your routine. We believe, that if you make the investment in this product you will be pleased with your purchase from the very first use and for many more to come.