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Progenex Recovery is a post-workout supplement that will help you feel less sore among other things. Fitness can fall into many different categories be it weight lifting, running, boxing, spin classes, or mixed martial arts, and each one can lead us to painful muscles that inhibit us from working hard every day. Extensive tests have been run on this product to ensure it will provide the results that are expected of it. With the best ingredients and strict supervision of all stages of development you can trust this product by Progenex is going to aid you and your muscles in growing and becoming more fit. The Amino Acids in this product are designed to absorb quickly giving you a faster recovery time. Not only do recovery times speed up you will be protecting the new muscle growth you have been working so hard to achieve. By doing this you will notice serious lean muscle growth due to the reduction of muscle tissue breakdown that comes from working hard. A post-workout supplement, like this one, can round out your supplements to ensure you are getting great nutritional balance and that your body has all the nutrients it needs to feel and look its best.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 130 - 150 Calories Per Serving
  • Excellent Taste
  • Great Consistency
  • Twenty-Three Grams Protein
  • Like A Milkshake
  • Expedites Recovery
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Noticeable Gainz
  • Pricey


Progenex is a brand that has every reason to be proud of their products. They use ingredients that are a step above the others available today. They understand that when you are sweating copious amounts because of the killer workouts you are trying to achieve sometimes you need some support to go the extra mile. Not only do they develop formulas that will give you real results they give you products that actually taste good. This makes your supplement drinking experience much more enjoyable. Increasing your overall health and wellness takes work. Progenex believes there is no goal you can't crush with the right diet, a great exercise routine, and superior supplements to help you along the way.


The general consensus is that this is one of the very best tasting post-workout supplements in this category. You can mix it with a variety of liquids and still end up with a great tasting drink that you won't dread trying to consume on a daily basis. The taste is not overly sweet nor does it leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth. This means they have an excellent balance of Sucralose in their formula. The balance of flavor is also very good. No matter the flavor you order you are going to get a product that actually tastes like it is supposed to. We are all used to the nasty taste of pre-workout supplements, Protein powders, and a variety of other powdered supplements. It is a great bonus that this one tastes great and you won't have to try and choke it down quickly.


Some of your favorite Milkshake flavors are available when you decide to go with this product. You will have four choices of different flavors. There is Loco Mocha, Tropical Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Smash. Belgian Chocolate is by far the front-runner for favorite flavor, based off of customer reviews. Falling to the least liked place would be the Tropical Vanilla. That is not to say that any of them are terrible as, honestly, customers seem to really like all four flavors. They all taste as you would expect them to and they are not so sweet that they are hard to swallow. You can mix this product with water, milk, or even coconut water to change the flavor and consistency slightly. This will help you find your perfect post-workout drink.


The consistency of this product will vary depending on what you decide you want to mix it with. You will want to use a blender bottle to get this to mix easily. With a shaker you won't have any problem getting this powder to completely dissolve, meaning you won't end up with a gritty drink and part of your supplement stuck to your bottle. It will thicken up nicely and leave you with a smooth, relatively thick drink that tastes delicious. You won't be battling clumps and trying to force down a drink that makes you want to gag every time you put some in your mouth. Customers agree that not only does this product have great flavor it also has superior consistency. Additionally, you won't be facing a chalky feeling after drinking it either which is something we simply expect to happen when using a product such as this.


Branched Chain Amino Acids are essential Aminos that our bodies need to repair our muscles, allow them to grow quickly, and keep soreness at bay after extreme fitness routines. We do not produce them naturally and therefore need to consume them through the foods we eat or the supplements we take. This product is exceptionally effective at keeping your muscles in top form. You will notice the decrease in soreness quickly after using this product. After continued use, you will see the gainz happening faster and faster as your muscles will be better protected and maintained. This means you will keep more of the new muscle growth you are working so hard for.


You won't see any proprietary blends on labels of Progenex products as they believe in transparency. The ingredient lists vary slightly based on what flavor you decide to go with but the basic formula is the same for all of them. You will be consuming a pretty simple formula made up of Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, Natural Flavoring, Fructose, Milk, Soy, and Sucralose. The protein in it will provide you with all of the Branched Chain Amino Acids your muscles need to keep you feeling great and building muscle easily. This basic formula works very well and keeps customers coming back for more. Sometimes simple really is the absolute best way to go.


This product contains six grams of sugar per serving. The sweetness of it comes from not only Fructose but also Sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener. Sucralose is not responsible for adding any of the sugar content to this product. It makes sense to us and to customers why this product tastes so exceptionally good, it actually contains sugar. Most nutritional supplements, including BCAA boosters, pre-workouts, and protein powders, use only artificial sweeteners to keep the sugar count at zero. This leads to some of the worst tasting supplements out there. This product certainly tastes better, as long as you have room in your diet for an extra six grams of sugar daily.


A crashing effect is commonly seen from products that carry very high sugar or caffeine levels. This product does not contain any caffeine and the sugar level is relatively low. What does this mean for you? You really won't need to worry about experiencing a crash after taking it. When you work hard and your energy boosting supplement wears off you can end up feeling completely drained of energy and as if you need to take a nap. Crashing is something we all want to avoid, especially if you are an early in the morning gym goer. Again, when using this product you have no worry of this awful side effect being a problem.


Looking through products ingredients lists, we have found it pretty simple to spot the ones that are using fillers. It is very easy to see when looking at this product that they are not using any filler ingredients. The formula is so simple that even if they wanted to it would be hard to hide these useless ingredients. Progenex has your best interest and optimal health in mind which is why they would not use filler ingredients in their products. They are successful because of hard work not because they told a good lie and were able to charge you more money for an inferior product. Trusting Progenex is to know that you won't ever be facing filler ingredients and you will only get high-quality products that work.


One serving of this product is two scoops or about thirty-seven grams. This may seem like a lot but it mixes up easily which makes the amount of powder being used a non-issue. You have two options when it comes to container size. You can buy this product in a thirty serving container or you can get it in single serving pouches. If you want to mix and match flavors the pouches may be the perfect way to go. Know you will be paying a bit more to buy them this way but some customers feel that it is absolutely worth it to have a variety of tastes. The thirty serving container will easily get you through a month and if you find you have a favorite flavor may be the best way to purchase this product.

Side Effects

Pretty much every supplement that we take has the possibility of causing adverse side effects. This product does contain milk ingredients and that means it could cause stomach upset, bloating, diarrhea, or cramping. If you are sensitive to milk products you may want to avoid this supplement. It has also been proven that consuming Branched Chain Amino Acids could cause you to experience fatigue, headaches, and possible confusion. These are uncommon and usually quite minor but if you find you are having any symptoms you may want to discontinue use and talk with your doctor about it.


This protein supplement will give you all the Branched Chain Aminos your muscles need to succeed. When you work out hard at home, running trails, or in the gym, you are sure to experience soreness. By adding a product like this one you will decrease that soreness and be able to perform better during your daily routine. Not only will you feel a reduction in soreness your muscles will be better maintained and protected from deterioration from overuse. This will allow you to grow new lean muscle more easily. With all of this, you will have an increase in your overall strength and endurance. While it may be minor we also feel like the superior taste of this product is a pretty cool advantage and something everyone can appreciate.


Finding disadvantages of this product is actually pretty challenging. When you look over all of the aspects it is truly a great product. It doesn't have many bells and whistles and for some, that may be a bad thing, depending on what other supplements they are taking. It does carry a sugar content which many others in this category do not and if you don't have room in your diet for this it could be seen as a disadvantage. Other than these two things there are really no other things to complain about. As you can see what we do have here is pretty minor stuff and for most very easy to get past. This is especially true once you see how great you feel once you start using it on a daily basis.


Value is not only about price but it is important to note that this product is quite expensive. Fitting it into your supplement budget may be easier said than done. If you order it in the individual servings you have better control of how much you spend but you may not be able to buy enough for one every day. Now, it has to be said that when you look at the benefit of using this product it makes the price a bit more understandable. It works exceptionally well and tastes even better. If you can work it into your monthly budget without killing your bank account you will be getting a stellar product made with the best ingredients, that really will help your muscles perform at the top of their game and grow more easily.

Bottom Line

Protein powders and Branched Chain Amino Acid booster do not taste great usually, however, this one really does. It will give your body what it needs to feel less sore and continue to develop your muscles. While you will be paying a bit more for it, it will provide fast results that you will start to notice after only a few uses if not after the very first use. Progenex provides superior nutritional supplements and is becoming a leader in this category across the globe. They keep their products relatively simple so it is very easy to see why they work so well. Consumers agree that you will not be disappointed when you use their products and this one in particular.