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The Quardiobase digital smart scale is an all-around health scale to not only keep track of just your weight but your whole body. It takes readings like BMI and body composition readings such as body fat percentage, muscle, water, and bone mass. So you can keep track of your health far beyond just your weight. You are able to set goals with the intuitive and intelligent smart feedback mode. Equipt with Wi-Fi technology it can send your data to any iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, or Kindle device. The Quardio App is very simple to set up and will automatically sync all your readings and info the scale takes and sends it to the app. 

They have also included a pregnancy mode for any expecting mothers who want to track their health throughout the trimesters. Has multiple user recognition so everyone in the family can set up and account and track their weight and body composition.  This is a sleek and stylish addition to your bathroom that is available in both black and white color choices. The thing that really makes this scale standout design-wise is the round shape instead of a traditional square scale shape.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Body Composition Readings

Multiple Users

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Easy Setup

App Compatible


Sofware Issues

Connection Issues

Wobble Prone


Design-wise the Quardiobase stands out from all the rest. It leaves behind the traditional shape of a smart scale in favor of a modern-looking round design. This is one of the coolest things about the scale and is a huge selling point for anyone who is extremely picky about how their environment looks. It comes in both white and black color choices too so you really have total control over how it will stylishly fit in with your bathroom.
Its got a glass scale top which is very traditional with most smart scales these days. Its bottom is ABS plastic which lends to durability. It doesn't come with any attachable feet like most smart scales so make sure you use it on a hard surface and not on carpet. The digital display is quite unique on this product. Instead of having a place at the top of the scale contained in a square screen its smack dab in the middle of the scale with no screen borders. It's weight and readings display in a green text which is a fun color choice. The only downside about the design is that because the scale top is slightly larger than the bottom it can be prone to wobbling if you are not standing on it 100% straight.


This scale has many features similar to most smart scales on the market with a few exceptions. It will display your weight reading on the digital display in the middle of the scale when you stand on it. All of your other readings won't be displayed on the display screen but will be transferred to the Quardio app and stored there for whenever you want to view them. With the bioelectric impedance analysis feature of this scale, it can provide you readings such as body fat percentage, muscle, water, and bone mass. Body fat percentage is your overall percentage of body fat within your body, if you are trying to lose weightthis is a good number to focus on. Muscle mass is how much of your body is made up of muscle, this would be a good idea to focus on if you are trying to get stronger or just build muscle in general. Water percentage is how much water your body currently has in it, this can be a good indicator to tell if you are losing water weight or body fat. Last but not least Bone mass is how much your bones weight, everyone's is different.
Along with all of that, they offer a smart feedback mode for anyone who gets overwhelmed of obsessed with the number on the scale. If you set your Quardiobase to smart mode and set an overall goal instead of displaying your weight on the digital screen it will just display a system of smiley faces to let you know if you are getting closer to your goal or not. It holds multiple unique user-profiles and if you set everyone up with one the scale can automatically tell who is standing on it. Though they do not have any information on how many users the scale actually holds but it could be assumed it would be enough for one household. On the same vein as it being family-friendly they also offer you a pregnancy mode so you can track your journey and trimesters along the way and make sure your baby is growing at a healthy rate. They allow you to attach pictures to weights on your growing pregnancy chart so you can have memories along the way.


The materials of the Quardiobase are pretty typical among most smart scales these days. The scale top is made of a durable glass tempered glass, the underside of the scale is an even more durable ABS plastic, there is a metal circle on the scale top that is used for the BIA readings. The unusual part, however, is that it doesn't come with any attachable non-skid feet like most of its competitors.

App Features

You really unlock the full potential of this smart scale by pairing it with the Quardio App. If you don't download the app the scale just functions as a normal digital scale without all the perks you get from a smart scale. All of your measurements and readings in the app will be accessible to you in easy to read charts and graphs. At one glance it will show you your weight, BMI, and body composition readings. The BMI chart is color-coded so you can easily tell if you are in a healthy number range or not. You can add notes about your diet or exercise habits to your measurements so you can tell overall what was working and what was not. Once you step on the scale the wireless sync does the rest of the work for you.

The Quardio App makes it easy to set goals and will reward you if you are on the right track with a smile on the digital display when you are on track. You can also set up push notification reminders to weigh yourself regularly. The more you use the scale the easier it is to see if you are on the way to reaching your goals. Smart feedback is a feature where you can replace numbers with smilies. This helps you focus on long term goals easier instead of fluctuations. It's also very helpful for people that become number obsessed and just need to know they are on the right track. If you are expecting they also offer a pregnancy mode. It helps moms record their weekly progress so they know they're gaining a healthy amount of weight every step of the way. You can also add photos to specific weight markers so you can visualize milestones throughout your pregnancy.

Within the choose mode setting of the app is where you can control all of these features. If you are pregnant or have an implanted medical device it's not recommended to use the BMI body composition features of the scale as it can be bad for your health. Simply choose the weight only mode and you will be able to safely use the scale. This section is also where you can turn on and off the smart feedback and pregnancy modes.


This is one of the few smart scales where customers have not really complained about accuracy issues at all. Most smart scales will have some customers complain about inaccurate readings in some form or another. But the Quardio smart scale has been tested against other scales and the measurements are within a 0.2% rage of each other. Do keep in mind this scale is not for use on carpet or any soft surfaces so make sure you use it on a hard surface like hardwood or linoleum.


Like most smart scales these days that are made with a glass scale top some might think durability is an issue but the tempered glass top is actually quite a lot sturdier then one might think. This scale has a weight limit of 396 lbs so just as long as you are within the range you won't damage it at all by standing on it. The bottom of the scale is ABS plastic and will be able to withstand quite a lot of wear and tear. The only issue that might affect the durability is the scale can be wobble prone. As long as you are making sure that when you stand on the scale that both your feet are centered then you should not have any issues. The scale top is slightly larger than the ABS plastic bottom which is why it is a bit unstable.

Ease of Use

The setup for the Quardio digital smart scale is incredibly easy. If you do not want to use the scale to its full potential and simply just use it for weight then it's ready to go right out of the box. Just simply insert the necessary batteries which come inside the box and you are ready to start weighing. If you want all the body composition functions and other features you will need to download the Quardio App. Once the app is downloaded all you need to do is connect it to the scale via Bluetooth and then add your Wi-Fi network to it. From there all you need to do is fill out your user profile so it can calculate your BMI and you are ready to go. If you have a unique user profile set up the scale will automatically recognize who is standing on it and it will add your new data to the app automatically.

There were some customers that were complaining about setup software issues where they couldn't get it to connect with the Wi-Fi or it wouldn't transfer their data from the scale to the phone. If you have any of these issues make sure to contact customer service because you have a full 3-year warranty on the smart scale. Which is about 2 years more than most competitors.

Power Source

Most smart scales on the market are battery-powered and this one is no different. What does make it different however is the number of batteries it does take to run. You will need a total of 8 AAA batteries, the good thing is that they include these for you inside the packaging when you buy it. The only pain is that if you don't have a pack of AAA batteries on you when it runs out you will not be able to use your scale until you pop to the store to get some more. One upside about it being battery powered though is that its easier to take traveling on flights. With rechargeable electronics, they need to be stowed in carry on luggage, but if you just pop the batteries out of it this scale can easily but put in your checked luggage if you wanted to.

Bottom Line

Taking into consideration all the Quardiobase scale does, the weight and body composition features, Wi-Fi connection, Quardio App, pregnancy mode, smart feedback mode. This is one of the best and stylish smart scales on the market right now. This scale does have its connectivity issues but with all modern smart scales, these days its a pretty common thing that some customers will get a flawed scale here and there. The only other competitor would be anything from the Withings brand. If you have anything else by the Quardio brand I would highly suggest picking this smart scale for your weight and health needs.