Quest Nutrition Protein Bars Reviewed

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Quest Bars are one of the most well-known protein supplement bars available in today’s market. These bars are not only high in protein but also high in fiber. They avoid all those ingredients that are not only unwanted but also unneeded, like soy and gluten. So many protein bars include a ton of carbs or added sugars making them more like a candy bar than a nutritional supplement. That is simply not the case when you decide to go with Quest Bars. When you spend long days striving for superior fitness it can be hard to find a brand to truly trust in helping you along the way. Millions trust this product because it is clean nutrition that will pair well with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Unyielding excellence is the vast majority of the reason why this has been the favorite among protein bars for so long. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, achieve a goal, or just trying to be a bit healthier this product can absolutely aid you along the way. It is important to note that consumers not only love the effect this product has on their daily routine but also the taste that it offers.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Flavor Options
  • 21 Grams Protein Per Serving
  • Filling
  • Provides Decent Energy
  • Helps Muscle Growth
  • Speeds Up Recovery Times
  • Trusted Brand
  • Very Pricey


Quest Nutrition has based its brand on some very simplistic values that lead to some of the most trustworthy products in the nutritional supplement business. They want to provide each and every person products that taste better than you expect and that work better than you intend them to. Today’s world consumes a variety of unhealthy things because they like the flavor, whether it is good for them or not is often neither here nor there. Quest saw that we needed to aid our diet and exercise habits with products that taste great so that people can look forward to eating them. This leads to healthier choices and will allow you to reach your weight loss and fitness goals more easily.


Taste can be a difficult subject to tackle as every person have a different pallet and different preferences. Overall, this product is loved in terms of taste. There are a good variety of options. There are some reports that this product leaves a bit of a chemical aftertaste in your mouth and that certain flavors taste of chemicals in general. Obviously, this is not the best thing, however, it only seems to be present in some of the flavor options. On the whole, people really like the taste of these products and do not find them to be overly sweet. Quest will continue to tweak its formula and we bet the taste will continue to get better as this brand continues to grow and develop.


Flavor variety is a big deal for a lot of people due to the fact that they consume these types of supplements on a daily basis. When you are consuming something every day it is natural to want to switch it up. Quest gives you a plethora of options for flavor varieties and they are all fairly well-liked, in general. You will be able to choose from Blueberry Muffin, Birthday Cake, Maple Waffle, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Brownie Smash, S’Mores, Cookies & Cream, Mocha Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie, Apple Pie, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coconut Cashew, Cinnamon Roll, Double Chocolate Chunk, Mint Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Supreme, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Lemon Cream Pie, Rocky Road, Vanilla Almond Crunch, Strawberry Cheesecake, and White Chocolate Raspberry. This great variety should be able to suit just about everyone’s flavor preference.


The consistency of each bar depends slightly on the variety you choose. For example, the White Chocolate raspberry has chunks of white chocolate in it that will change the mouthfeel. Overall, they are chewy and soft. They may crumble a bit but not nearly as bad as other protein supplements you have tried in the past. Protein bars, like pre-workouts and protein powders, are known for leaving a chalky feel in your mouth after you consume them. This may be experienced when you decide to go with this product but it has been noted that it is easily washed away. The consistency you get with this product is just about what you expect when eating a protein bar.


The protein blend used in this product is exceptionally effective. It will give your body an increased protein level that will be turned into Amino Acids. What this means for you is that you will experience faster recovery times between sets and when recovering from endurance training. This will reduce your overall muscle soreness and make moving between exercises easier than previously experienced. In addition, Amino Acids are the building blocks of our muscles and you will experience better muscle growth while using this product. Not only will they develop more easily but your body will better be able to maintain them. What this means is you will not lose mass due to overusing your muscles during your fitness routine. With increased muscle growth also means you will experience better performance in just about everything you decide to participate in.


The ingredients lists for each flavor are slightly different. This makes sense since there are so many flavor varieties. The main set of ingredients used in this product are a blend of proteins made of Whey Protein Isolate and Milk Protein Isolate These are two of the best ingredients available today in terms of packing a protein punch. You will also be consuming Soluble Corn Fiber, Natural Flavors, Steviol, and Water. This is a pretty average ingredient list as far as protein bars go. It is important to note that it is made in a manufacturing facility that handles Peanuts, Wheat, Soy, and Eggs. So, if you are allergic to these ingredients you may need to avoid this product.


When looking at caloric intake, this product will give you one hundred and eighty to two hundred calories per serving. This is not enough to use this product as a meal replacement but it will work exceptionally well as a snack. Due to the fact that it has a decent nutritional value, it will do well in the morning, afternoon, or evening for a snack or small meal when paired with other healthy snack options. Fitting these calories into your daily routine is not typically a big deal and for most people, it does help suppress their appetite. It will help fill you up and keep you full because of the ingredients used and the rate of digestion. The calories in this will also help keep your energy levels up which is, obviously, appreciated among users.


Most of the flavor varieties available contain only one gram of sugar per serving, however, there are a couple that have two grams per serving. This is not very much at all and most people will be able to fit it into their diet routine without much issue. It is nice to see that this product is not strewn with added sugar as so many others rely on that for decent taste. Quest has a good formula that is well balanced and it is easily seen in their sugar content. It does add sweetness to the product without making it unbearably sweet and difficult to swallow. It is important to note that some people do not feel this brand is quite sweet enough and that is probably due to the fact that they keep the sugar content so low.


Some of the energy you get with this bar is from the four net carbs and calories you get from consuming it. In addition, the protein that you will be getting will give your muscles added energy. This energy will be noticed throughout your fitness routine regardless if you decide to lift weights, go for a run, or participate in a Kung Fu class. The increase in muscle energy will also help you get through your endurance training exercises easier than before. There will be less muscle fatigue and an increase in performance. This energy is clean, long-lasting energy that will help you throughout your day, not just the time you spend at the gym.


One bar, as will all protein bars, is one serving and it equals out to sixty grams. This is a bit bigger than your average Protein bar and consumers comment that it helps fill them up better than others they have tried in the past. You have the option of buying a twelve count box. There are no other box sizes available which will mean if you want to consume them on a daily basis you will need to order more than one box. You can order straight flavors per box or you can get them in variety packs. This will allow you to try them all before you decide which one you like the best and which one you want to buy a whole box of.

Side Effects

Side effects lists are something we are all familiar with, especially when we start considering adding a new supplement into our diets. This product may have some adverse side effects. It is important to note that, as far as supplements go, protein bars carry fewer negative effects than most others we come into contact with. Due to the fact that this product contains milk ingredients you may experience upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, bloating, or excessive gas. There are also sugar alcohols in this product which can be exceptionally difficult for some people to digest and can cause severe stomach cramping and pain. While more often than not the side effects experienced while using this product will be mild it is important to discontinue use and speak with your doctor if they seem extreme.


Adding a Protein bar to your daily life comes with several advantages. First off, you will be consuming a healthy snack that helps your body feel better and in turn, will help you look better as long as you keep crushing it at the gym. When paired with a healthy diet and exercise routine your muscles will be able to grow more easily and they won’t hurt as bad. You will find that your appetite decreases as you can eat this as a snack any time throughout your day. The ingredients are high-quality and effective in providing you a boost in your bodies protein levels. In addition, your muscles will be better able to maintain themselves which will show you improved muscle growth as you won’t be losing any due to overworking detriment caused by hitting the gym hard on a daily basis. Obviously, this is all going to aid you in weight and fat loss.


There is still a bit of work to be done on some of the flavors available to you. However, overall these bars taste good and most people look forward to eating them on a daily basis. Some would argue that the list of side effects is a major disadvantage, however, we would have to disagree. As previously stated, basically, all supplements come with side effects of one variety or another. Protein bars carry fewer than pretty much all others and this is why we don’t really see this as a disadvantage. Overall, there are not many things that we can find that are true disadvantages and that is amazing compared with other products we have reviewed in the past.


These protein bars are quite pricey when compared to other varieties that are available to you. As a matter of fact, when you consider you only get twelve per box will need several boxes to get through a month, they become downright expensive. This will make them completely out of reach for many budgets. If you can afford them you will be getting a top-quality product full of nutritious ingredients that will help you along your fitness journey. Consumers agree that it is a decent value and they are willing to pay more because it comes in so many flavor varieties that they find delicious. Overall, we agree it is a good value based on the aspects and not just the price alone.

Bottom Line

As far as protein bars go, this is a solid option. It is expensive but it also comes from a brand that can be trusted to give you high-quality ingredients and help you avoid excess sugar and carbohydrates. When you can afford it and decide to give them a try you will see that the flavors taste as they should and you won’t dread eating them often. The advantages to your muscles health are clear and the proven ingredients in this product will help you reach your goals more easily than ever before. You really can’t go wrong if you decide to give them a try, they make a great snack, help keep you full, and help reduce soreness and fatigue.